Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 585

Chapter 585: The Fourth Book Chapter 191 Again Defend And Kill
Chapter 585: The fourth book Chapter 191 Again, defend and kill!
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"Secondly, it is to remove the ill-feelings that have manifested within. With these ill-feelings, having the intention to injure and kill others is paving the way to your own death. Experts can sense these ill-feelings. So, to be a successful killer, you have to look even more ordinary than ordinary men and women on the outside. Those who have a murderous look and are putting up a cold front are not worth paying attention to. The way I release stress and manage my ill-feelings is different from the others. It depends on your character, whether you are someone cynical or someone living life frivolously. All in all, as long as I am able to release stress, I will make a successful balance. It doesn't matter how designed is the tactic. A designed tactic to release stress allows the killer to be aware of the opponent's flaws. It is the opponent's deadly flaw."

"So, the type of killer who we can identify at the first look is no different than a fool! Those who form the stereotypical impression of killers, having a murderous look and appearing stern, are a bunch of retards! They are idiots whose stupidity knows no bounds!"

Jun Mo Xie laughed.

"But I am confident that nobody will recognize that I am a killer when I'm not killing. Furthermore, I am a super killer. For this matter, I think I am successful. This foundation is built on the fact that I am a carefree, dandy scoundrel. Do you understand me when I put it this way?"

"No, I don't understand, and you are making it harder to understand!" Xue Mei Yan furrowed her brows, "Reasonably, I can understand and comprehend the killers, whom you mentioned, possess a murderous look. But the one thing that I can't understand is how are you a killer? And a super-killer? Why do you always look at problems from the perspective of a killer? You are obviously a prince of a noble family, being fed with a silver spoon. And you are only eighteen this year. Your experiences as a noble prince is seen by everyone. How does all these make you a killer?"

"I" Jun Mo Xie was speechless.

A while ago, I was happily talking and spilling out everything. How can I be so forgetful? How do I explain this this time?

"If I kill someone before, doesn't that make me a killer?" Jun Mo Xie forcefully reasoned his thought and cleverly switched the subject topic, "Xue Yan, based on your opinions, should we move on at full speed? Or should we just be comfortable and take our time? If we move on at full speed, we should be able to take the lead and be in front of Xiao Wei Cheng and his people. If we go slower, I'm afraid that they will take over us. By then, how do we go about resolving it?"

Mei Xue Yan spitefully rolled her eyes at him. She knew that he was changing the subject topic, but she did not expose him, and continued on,

"This time, Great Golden City has incurred a great loss. Based on their usual way of open strife and veiled struggle, I don't think they will report the actual situation to the ones taking over. They may even misinform and misguide them."

"Isn't that better? Isnt this favorable and giving us a chance?"

Jun Mo Xie had a laugh, thinking to himself.

"Chance? What chance?"

Mei Xue Yan was really smart. She understood what Jun Mo Xie meant instantly when he asked,

"You meanpretend to get hurt?"

"That's right. Hide your true ability so that your opponent will be complacent and then deceptively, but comfortably secure the win. This are the true words of a champion!" Jun Mo Xie patiently and sincerely advised, "When, out of the many accidental escapes, you surprise your opponent with a deadly attack at the crucial moment, you will then feel a greater sense of accomplishment."

"Haha, you humans are so sly" Mei Xue Yan laughed.

Here is, once again, another mountain's opening.

Although it was not too steep, but it was the only road ahead.

This was no doubt another perfect location to ambush!

At the moment, Elusive Land of Immortal's leader Ning Wu Qing was standing at the valley's crossing. Wearing a snow-white robe, his long hair was blowing off his face. He had a face of righteousness and outstanding divine spirit. Behind him, there were twenty-eight Ultimate Experts in two rows, quietly sitting behind a tall mountain. Surprisingly, they had no intentions to hide their movements, only allowing the mountain to block them. For these experts, it was easy for their knowledge and observations to go undetected, which felt like hiding from the wind.

When Ning Wu Qing thought of Xiao Cheng Wei who just walked past, he gloatingly gave three laughs. Great Golden City had currently gathered thirty people, thirty Ultimate Masters. But after the big battle, there were only thirteen remaining, with the leader Xiao Cheng Wei badly injured. Although he tried to disguise his emotions, but his pale-white face was an indication that the battle was interpreted to be a fierce one.

The more pathetic the opponents were, the better we would feel! Thumbs up to you!
The more miserable they were, the more advantage we would get.

Ning Wu Qing pretended to show concern through words, but was actually enquiring on the battle's situation, only met with Xiao Wei Cheng's ill remarks, "Wait till you see Venerable Mei, then you will understand! Wishing you success for the battle!" And he rushed off soon after.

Ning Wu Qing felt really good!

Is it a must for Old Madam to see Venerable Mei in order for her to understand? It was actually quite clear as of now. You had lost a whole bunch of people. Although Venerable Mei's skills was exceedingly good, but to think of a strategy or even a tactic for the entire group to come out unscarred was impossible!

Also, it was no doubt that the injury would be terribly serious! The sacrifice from five Beyond Supremes and the death of ten Beyond Supremes! Even the winner of San Xing Wang Zuo, Xiao Wei Cheng, was badly hurt. In return for such a big price paid, there would be no excuse but to see Mei Xue Yan's badly injured as well. If not, there would be no logic to it and it would be a joke!

If we were to return to the past, Old Madam and her people were almost killed by ten people! That had happened in the past, what about now?

I had the military might, backed up by a well-trained army, conditioning for the next battle. On the other hand, Venerable Mei was badly injured, weak and worn out.

After Ning Wu Qing surveyed the terrain, he realised that it was pointless to plant an ambush and it would even lose Elusive land of Immortal's might and magnimousity. The place was not small and there were plenty of opportunities for fast-packed actions and tactics, we just needed an ambush till we see Mei Supreme!

With her poorly injured body and having to defend the attacks from these people, there was no doubt that Gai Shi Qi Gong would be left in my hands! No wonder the gaze that Xiao Wei Cheng gave to Old Madam before he left was oddly strange!

So that was a combination of jealousy and hate!

Hence, Ning Wu Qing was relieved. There was nothing to worry about anymore.

If he could, under his lead, succeed to kill Venerable Mei

Then, there would not be any big concern regarding whether Yu Yi Ban was dead. Furthermore, to me, it would mean removing a competitor.

This was simply a proof that the gods were on my side!

Reflections of people from the two sides could be seen as they were gradually approaching.

Mei Xue Yan and Jun Mo Xie were gradually approaching!
Once Ning Wu Qing waved his hands, everyone momentarily hid themselves.

Ning Wu Qing stood behind a rock, calm and composed, staring coldly at the two, observing them closely. Finally, a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

It can be seen that Jun Mo Xie was not injured. How was the natural, less competent Jun Mo Xie, able to please the Supreme Masters? But he had a good mentor and therefore, no one would dare to lay a hand on him.

Mei Xue Yan seemed to look perfectly normal. There was not a single scar on her whole body, and even her clothes were white bristle and her face was rosy red. But Jun Mo Xie would time to time looked at her in concern, while he was at the side. He looked worried. It was obvious that Jun Mo Xie had purposely slowed down his pace.

This would then count as reasonable.

Based on how Mei Xue Yan carried herself, no matter how serious her injuries were, she would not have lost composure on the outside.

This was where the dignity of the Ultimate Master lies, this matter could not be changed!

If Mei Xue Yan came with shabby clothes, pale face and scars on her entire body, Ning Wu Qing would have otherwise, suspected if her injuries were part of an act. Only under such composed situation that he would be able to expose the flaws using his sharp-razor eyes. Then he would be able to believe

The woman who was prestigious for her entire life had really gotten herself injured!

If she was not injured or had not sustained a comparable degree of injuries, based on her capability, why would Jun Mo Xie be so concerned and worried?

At this time, Ning Wu Qing was heartily assured.

The two of them had already reached the mountain's opening.

"Venerable Mei, our paths have crossed, and we finally meet. After such a long time, hope that you are well?"

Ning Wu Qing laughed loudly, his white clothes flowing. Standing on a rock, his sharp-razor eyes beamed with smiles, looking at the man and woman at the front, a few feet away. It was certain that everything was under control!

Jun Mo Xie and Mei Xue Yan stopped moving suddenly. Xue Mei Yan looked at Ning Wu Qing coldly, suddenly laughed,

"Ning Wu Qing? You really haunt me constantly! Do you really think that I will let you off forever? The heavenly battle acts as your amulet very well, but the amulet will also reach its limit in terms of effectiveness."

"Venerable Mei's achievements are unrivalled and she's ruthless. I, the person who's called Ning, and Venerable Mei are not really friends and thus it is natural for Venerable Mei to be merciless and to kill willingly. Based on this point, I, the person who's called Ning, has never been lucky."

Ning Wu Qing laughed softly, angled himself to look at the worried Jun Mo Xie at the side, and shook his head,

"But since Supreme is so assured, why is your lover looking uneasy then? Could it be that Venerable Mei, you, have actually gotten injured?"

As he spoke, he muttered, "Oh", and continued, "This is weird, now as I mention. Great Golden City had lost seventeen experts at once, I think Venerable Mei is also feeling worried about this But, you actually have the capability to kill seventeen current Ultimate Experts. Such peerless ability had truly won people's respect! I, the person who's called Ning, has no chances to gain favour at all."

Jun Mo Xie had the look of worry and frustration. He moved forward, looking impulsive, gritted his teeth and spoke in an unrelenting manner,

"Great Golden City is despicable and unscrupulous, and did not leave any foot prints behind. They plotted to kill Xue Yan secretly. But sadly, what goes around comes around, in the end, it had gotten itself a bad retribution, returning home defeated and in low morale. Ning Wu Qing, do you really want to use the reputation of Elusive Land of Immortal and the title of Beyond Supreme to take advantage of people during such precarious situations?"

"Prince Jun, you have not realised that I, the respectable, have not taken advantage of people."

Ning Wu Qing said warmly.

"Old Madam is only taking advantage of the cruel at precarious times."

He looked at Jun Mo Xie pitifully and spoke softly.

"Prince Jun must never forget that the gorgeous beauty in front of you is inherently a beast! Prince Jun was born a famous master, and has a bright future ahead, but yet, was bewitched by her beauty. You have truly disappointed me, the person who's called Ning."

Jun Mo Xie's face reddened as he panicked. He stepped forward, in front of Mei Xue Yan, and opened up his arms. He spoke in exasperation, "No matter what you said, I do not allow. If you dare, kill me first then!"