Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 586

Chapter 586: The Fourth Book Chapter 192 What I Want Is True Love
Chapter 586: The fourth book Chapter 192 What I want is true love
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Mei Xue Yan looked around to assess the situation, and she laughed faintly.

"It is still the same few people. Ning Wu Qing, you did not ask for help, but to depend on solely these few people, you still hope to stay as a Supreme? Are you being too unrealistic?"

Ning Wu Qing replied adequately.

"If it was the usual battle, these few people would have not been enough. But for now, it should suffice. Venerable Mei, I think you will not disagree with what I said."

He turned around to look at Jun Mo Xie, and spoke gently.

"Prince Jun, that day at the Aristocrats Hall, Old Madam had showed her favoritism to you, owing you a big favour and she took a Quenching Pill. At Jun family's house, Ling Mentor had also spared our lives. I, the person who's name is Ning, will remember his kindness by heart. For us, the Elusive Land of Immortals, had never wanted to form bad ties with Ling Mentor. I, the person whose name is Ning, has some heartfelt words, will Prince Jun be interested to listen?"

"What words?" Jun Mo Xie looked at him cautiously, and spoke a little nervously, "You speak!"

Right now, he possessed an extremely anxious demeanor, looking like a young lad who had sacrificed everything to protect his lover, realistically portraying the character. Even Mei Xue Yan almost burst into laughter when she looked at him.

This guy is a total brain-box! He can pretend to be anything he wish, and it looks absolutely real!

"The prince is cultivated and came from a rich family. You own a favorable title and is definitely the heir to the throne. Based on your societal status, your family is remarkably noble, and this is beyond doubt! I can say that your future is bright and limitless and once you are matured enough, you are definitely an exceptional and has the ability to soar high!"

Ning Wu Qing used a sympathetic tone and said truthfully.

"If the prince is looking for a good match and a virtuous wife, women of exquisite beauty can be easily found on this earth once you beckoned. Why would the prince sacrifice your bright future for the Xuan Beast who is so different from you? There will never be a good ending. Although she appeared as beautiful as a fairy, but she is inherently a Xuan Beast."

"What do you mean?" Jun Mo Xie was a little confused, "Do you mean that I can't marry her? Will it become a sin if I marry her?"

"It is not only a sin, but you have disappointed the ancestors of the Jun family!" Ning Wu Qing continued to persuade him, "Prince Jun, for millions of years, we hear countless stories of Xuan Beast transforming into human beings, but we have never heard of a Xuan Beast who marries a human being."

"It has actually never happened before. But, if it does not happen in the past, it does not mean that it will never happen now or in the future. The things that happen are often unpredictable, but there are always plans for it. Everything is ultimately under our control. Man is the master of their own fate!" Jun Mo Xie raised his brows, "Then let the prince, myself, have the honor of creating a new history by being the first, will this be a problem?"

"The problem is not merely a yes-no answer, but it concerns the family's bloodline." Ning Wu Qing continued in a serious tone, "You must know that when a couple get married, it is natural for them to give birth and have offspring. The same applies to a married Xuan Beast couple, who will give birth to a Xuan Beast. This is the mechanism of evolution, nobody can change it. But when a Xuan Beast and a human being get together, what will they reproduce? A Xuan Beast or a human being?""

"To be honest, now that Venerable Mei had transformed into a human being, she is ravishingly beautiful. I am worried and also pity the people who may not be able to resist her seduction. But Prince Jun must never forget that even if she had continued to practice for another three million years, she is inherently a beast still, and not a human being at all. She will reproduce offspring that are possibly Xuan Beasts, and definitely not any normal infants. You should have gotten rid of her the sooner the better, why are you still keeping her alive?"

Mei Xue Yan's face changed completely and had gone as pale and white as the snow. Her dainty self began to wobble lightly.

Ning Wu Qing's words was meant to cause a rift between the two, to hurt Mei Xue Yan further. However, what he had not noticed was that his words, whether it was intentional or otherwise, was precisely what Mei Xue Yan was fretting over!

Although she knew that his aim was to cause a rift between them so that they would break up, and hurting her eventually, but she could not help but to be completely stunned.

Ning Wu Qing had always been at the losing end when it came to love and was single for his whole life. But yet, he deeply knew the essence of love. He could definitely do great harm to others!

Mei Xue Yan had practiced arduously for hundreds of years and had never came across the idea of any form of intimate love. She thought that her mind and heart is as still as still water, determined and unwavering. But the truth was that for these people, they would be helpless once they were in love.

Like the saying goes, when you set an old house on fire, you can do nothing but to only watch it burn before your very eyes.

If Ning Wu Qing was able to persuade Jun Mo Xie to leave Mei Xue Yan, even if Mei Xue Yan was not physically hurt, she will not be able to escape from being irrational and emotionally unstable! She may momentarily lose her ability to compete drastically and may even declare her own defeat before the battle.

And especially now that she was severely injured!

Ning Wu Qing observed the colour change on Mei Xue Yan's face coldly. Then, he burst with innate joy, he knew his words had hit the nail right on her head, hurting her.

"Do you still have anything to say?"

Jun Mo Xie calmed himself down and regained his composure. He looked at Ning Wu Qing cooly, hands placed behind him, his tone was one without emotions.

"As a genuine piece of advice, although it is something you do not like to hear, I, the person who called himself Ning, still have to say. Prince Jun has the duty to consider carefully, you have to know that the Jun family has a strong reputation. Jun family is a noble family in Tianxiang. If people knew that the only successor is marrying a Xuan beast as his wife, it might be a big joke! If you two are lucky enough, you may give birth to a child with exceptional abilities. But what is more frightening is the possibility of giving birth to a vixen or a cub after a year or so of a blissful marriage. It will highly damage Jun family's reputation and result in a disheveled state of life! Prince Jun, how are you going to face the ancestor of the Jun family?"

Ning Wu Qing pretended to look at Jun Mo Xie with deep sorrow and seemed like he had already seen the problematic plight of the Jun family. He gave a long sigh.

"Passing down from one generation to another, among the children and future generation, there are the three most unfilial acts, the most severe being the inability to reproduce. Prince Jun, you must think carefully before you act. If you insist on stubbornly, and it becomes a topic that people laugh about Prince Jun, it is not that my words, the people who's called Ning, that are terrible to hear. Me, the person who's called Ning, is wholeheartedly thinking for Prince. Try asking yourself, if Prince marries the beast, how is this different from marrying your own pets and reproducing?

"Do you mean that I still need to get the approval of the Three Holy Cities on who I want to marry?"

Jun Mo Xie scoffed at Ning Wu Qing, coldly.

"Ning Wu Qing, are you senile?"

Ning Wu Qing was not angry, but he painfully sighed.

"Still the same old advice, even though these words may be unpleasant, but they are beneficial to you. I am considering fully for Prince, and for the future of Jun family! Everyone knew Old Madam was sincere. But even though Prince may not realise it now, or even dislikes the idea to a large extent, but you will definitely understand her pains in the future."

Mei Xue Yan's body started to tremble. She gave a despondent look to Jun Mo Xie, and her vision went a little unclear. Ning Wu Qing's words was no doubt deadly and caused a huge blow to Mei Xue Yan!

She even felt her own heart, instantly broken into pieces, and her lover was leaving her step by step.

Based on the words that Ning Wu Qing spoke, his frosty look, and also how Jun Mo Xie was stiffing up, Mei Xue Yan had given up all her hopes internally.

Reproducing and nurturing are blessings to people on earth. But it is unacceptable to any family on earth once you gave birth to a beast. This is completely absurd and a strange discussion! How will this be an exception to Jun family, Jun Mo Xie?

Even before, he was purely seduced by her beauty, and there were only good feelings between the both of them. But once he understood the future possibility of the relationship, it will be difficult for Jun Mo Xie to make other decisions.

Once a 'rational' decision is made, it therefore meant that

Mei Xue Yan could only feel a cool chill up her spine. She felt alone in the entire world. She no longer had anyone to depend on and count on.

Ultimately, this was not the world which I belonged to. Still, I am a Xuan Beast. I should return to Tian Fa Forest

Although the love had been sweet and tender, and I am terribly unwilling to give it up, but ultimately it does not belong to me

Mei Xue Yan lost her senses and her mind went completely blank, unable to defend

Jun Mo Xie laughed, loudly.

"Ning Wu Qing, you are right! I am moved by your reasons and advice."

Mei Xue Yan opened her eyes wide in shock and glanced at him.

Had he declared his stand?

Only to hear Ning Wu Qing said, pleasingly.

"Prince Jun knew how to mend his ways after realizing his errors and before it is too late. This is worth respecting and admired for!

Jun Mo Xie shook his head, and said in a cynical manner.

"Your thoughtful words, are full of sincerity and I believe is able to touch the hearts of many people and swayed the majority. Unfortunately, you still do not understand the Prince, myself, and his character."

He took two steps back, slowly, and held out his hands. He embraced Mei Xue Yan, whose frail body was trembling, lovingly, and hugged her tightly. He spoke in his deepest voice.

"How could you not trust your husband, I? When the matter rests, I will discipline you at home."

He spoke extremely fast such that it sounded stern and fierce. But Mei Xue Yan, although her body was trembling, was revitalized and tenderly lay in his embrace. Her heart lightened, and she no longer felt disorientated.

The embrace, was as usual, warm.

Suddenly, tears slowly trickled down her face, like strings of pearls. Fear lingered in her and she trembled, like her heart that seemed to experience a trauma, aches

Jun Mo Xie supported Mei Xue Yan's thin and frail body, very lightly and gently. He turned his head to look at Ning Wu Qing, and said coldly.

"Do you think that I have not understood this problem earlier than you do? I have longed considered this problem. But today, your honest opinions had enlightened me and allowed me to finally set a determination."

Jun Mo Xie gave a tender look to Mei Xue Yan, who was in his embrace. He looked up and said in determination.

"I am an unscrupulous loafer and a worthless prodigal son. I do not care less about human's opinions of me. I, Jun Mo Xie, was never someone who regarded Humans, Beasts, beauty, wisdom or capability as highly important!

Jun Mo Xie smiled proudly, and said resolutely.

"What I regarded as important is true love! So what if you are a human or a beast? If there is true love, I, the Prince, will care no less about the rest. As long as Xue Yan can bear my child, regardless of what it is, it will be the descendant of I, Jun Mo Xie. If she really gave birth to a little Xuan Beast, then that is also my own, Jun Mo Xie's! I will still nurture him and take responsibility as the father! Ning Wu Qing, honestly speaking, if I had a son that is as despicable as the Three Holy Cities, I will rather Xue Yan give birth to a rascal, so that I can at least save the energy that I wasted on anger!"