Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 587

Chapter 587: Tender Sentiments And The Opportunity To Kill
Chapter 587: Tender sentiments and the opportunity to kill!
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Ning Wu Qing's face turned green and his eyes were fuming, "Jun Mo Xie, you are really stubborn! You, one fine day you will regret!

"Even if the Jun family is tarnished or has collapsed... Even if I give birth to a mystical beast... Ning Wu Qing, what has it got to do with you?"

Jun Mo Xie stared and asked frustratedly, "Ning Wu Qing, you aren't my son nor my grandson, why are you so worried? Are you qualified to worry? How weird, you guys are not doing what is more important and choose to worry about my family affairs... Are you so freaking bored?"

Ning Wu Qing's body was shaking and suddenly roared, "You are killing me with anger!"

"Oh, I know, I understand...Ning Wu Qing, is it because your wife has died and you are going to be single for the rest of your life so you want everyone else to be single forever too?", Jun Mo Xie said critically, "But there are still a lot of normal people in this world, everyone wants to nicely cuddle their wife under their warm blankets. There definitely not many who are like you who refuse their own wife and choose to visit brothels after earning money... Ning Wu Qing, how are you shameless enough to say I'm unfilial and won't have any offsprings! After Mei Xue Yan and I get married, even if we give birth to mystical beasts, they will take the 'Jun' surname; but you? After you die, will you have any children carrying your surname? How pathetic. If will probably be difficult even to find a mystical beast to bury you!"

Ning Wu Qing was so angered by Jun Mo Xie's words until he was shivering and his face turned pale as his eyes seemed to be ranging mad!

Jun Mo Xie continued to wrap his arm around Mei Xue Yan's waist, lowered his head and adoringly pinched her little nose, and gently laughed, "Wifey, how is it: Is it satisfying for me to scold this old thing? Do you feel like you've released some anger? Hmm? If you don't think it is enough, I will continue to scold. This is your hubby's specialty, even if I'm not the best in the world, I'm definitely in the top three."

Mei Yan Xue held back her tears and gently smiled as she laid her head on his chest as she used her slender fingers to draw circles on his chest gently, and softly said, "Do you mean what you said?"

Jun Mo Xie seriously said, "If they were in anyway a lie, I will be struck by lightning and thunder! I will die a terrible death, with no full...", he had not finished but his mouth was already blocked by a small soft hand with a light nice smelling scent. He looked down and saw Mei Xue Yan's eyes filled with tears, rolling down her cheeks one by one as she looked at him deeply with her big watery eyes and said sharply, "I-Believe-You!"

Jun Mo Xie smiled and finally relaxed. He used his forehead to lean against Mei Xue Yan's forehead and gently said, "Since you trust me, I have nothing to fear... You looked so troubled just now, my heart was aching so badly; if you leave me, I really cannot live on, without you, what meaning is there to live..."

Jun Mo Xie sensitively felt that Ning Wu Qing's words still left deep scars in Mei Xue Yan's heart so disregarded his own life just to dispel her worries even if it was too mushy but women are still very willing to listen to these...

Mei Xue Yan sniffed as her tears rolled down like pearls, soaking Jun Mo Xie's cotton top on his chest area and whimpered, "I...won't leave you...", Jun Mo Xie was relieved, lowered his head and gently kissed her forehead, Mei Xue Yan's body shivered a bit and she lifted her head to look into Jun Mo Xie's eyes then smiled while holding back her tears...

They were surrounded by enemies and yet this pair of young lovers could still lovingly stay in their own world...

Ning Wu Qing finally recovered and hollered, "What an overboard and shameless immoral couple! Everyone attack and eradicate these evil spirits for humankind!"

Jun Mo Xie hugged Mei Xue Yan and whispered into her crystal-like ears, "Wifey, how are you? If you haven't calmed down, go and watch by the side, look at how your husband is going to fight this bunch of them, don't force yourself!"

Mei Xue Yan chuckled and looked at him, and said, "I am not so weak! So long you... So long you... So long you don't change, how will I be beaten by others? Leaving it all to you... I will be worried!"

Saying those last few words, she could not help but to lower her head in embarrassment.

Jun Mo Xie laughed out loud as he heard yelling sounds behind him together with the sound of swords slicing through the air. The two of them looked at each other and actually smiled. Two white bodies simultaneously lifted into the air and intersected causing two blinding rays to light up; Mei Xue Yan's Sword for the King and Jun Mo Xie's blood of Yan Huang simultaneously emerged!

Both soared sky-high!

After several sounds, the rays dimmed then lit up again while Jun Mo Xie's rapidly moving white shadow disappeared into the blinding ray out of the blue until the sword's ray disappeared. By then, Jun Mo Xie had disappeared without a trace!

Mei Xue Yan moved at the speed of light and could even find the only small space amongst the thousands of aggressive swords to easily escape through just like a shapeless gust of wind. Even though she occasionally came into contact with the swords, she could easily slide past the blades... However, the Sword for the King she had was not gentle at all and it directly slaughtered throughout the way!

These top-notch fighters from Xunshi Immortal Palace all have been practicing martial arts for their entire lives with their individual specialties and very well-versed in them. In fact, that day at the Jun Family, they already got to witness that Mei Xue Yan's sword was a rare impressive weapon. Some of them even suffered great losses, losing not only their weapons but even an arm, resulting in a sharp decrease in their battle strength which had not recovered, leaving only half of what they had!

At that moment, they saw Mei Xue Yan use the same tactics once more and so who dared to touch her? Instantly, all their sword positions changed to become defensive but simultaneously, they saw that it was of no use and so one by one, they quickly retreated.

Mei Yan Xue controlled the battlefield. Her white dress flew according to the wind as her sword seemed like a dragon, easily fighting in all directions. Due to her undefeatable reputation and incredible sword, everyone retreated step by step and soon, Mei Yan Xue was able to daunt the masses alone, looking impressive.

Mei Xue Yan could achieve such battle results was not only due to her great abilities and sharp weapon. It was also because there were too many people on the other side so she did not have a specific target. Once she moved her sword, all around were enemies. All she had to do was fight.

Although there were twenty-nine top-notch experts in the Xunshi Immoral Palace, only at most three to four of them could be fighting with Mei Xue Yan at the same time. When there were too many people, they would be hampering one another's ability to act!

Ning Wu Qing saw that the battle was not going well and his expression turned tensed but he understood what was going on, and immediately yelled, "Hu Meng Long, lead your three brothers to attack; the rest of you step aside for now! Form groups of four and take turns to attack; once the situation becomes critical, act immediately! Once the second group acts, the first group must immediately step back! Those not involved, surround the battle area to prevent her from escaping. Watch for an opportunity to use your hidden weapons!"

Screams were heard in the battleground and most of them flew backwards, leaving only four people surrounding Mei Xue Yan to continue the battle! Four shiny swords were like a well-knitted cloth, layer over layer; moving like a lightning through space, attacking from all four directions.

Mei Xue Yan was in no hurry. Her body softly floated around, executing easily and with chic, not showing any signs of anxiousness despite their rotational tactic.

"Use your strength to fight on! Clash with her! We have the quantity advantage, tiring her out is to our advantage!", Ning Wu Qing screeched from outside the battlefield, "Hu Meng Long! Have you become dumb? She just fought a great battle with the Supreme Gold City, she must have some serious injuries but even if she doesn't, her core energy would have been depleted; why aren't you attacking with your weapons? Just use your palm strength! Use your Xuan strength! Force her to go all out! Deplete her energy faster, torture her and trap her to death!"

Hu Meng Long was an above-Supreme level expert of the Xunshi Immortal Palace. The three who were fighting alongside him were his sworn brothers as they realised that they got along and shared similar goals after entering the Xunshi Immortal Palace, and since then, they often trained together for nearly a hundred years and have telepathy in addition to the extreme chemistry amongst one another!

Just then, the four of them attacked simultaneously but shockingly felt a restricted, astonishing the four of them! Although everyone knew that Mei Xue Yan was Tian Fa's top King of the Beasts and had extremely strong abilities, they did not think that it would be to this extent!

It has to be understood that Hu Meng Long's abilities were way beyond Supreme-level; although his three sworn brothers' abilities were not as high as his, they were definitely extremely close!

Twelve grades of Spirit Xuan, one step at a time towards the top! Spirit Xuan's fourth grade and below were only normal Spirit Xuan. Once one reached the fifth grade, his or her abilities had a great leap and was of the Supreme level; Spirit Xuan's ninth-grade onwards exceeded the Supreme category! It was for beyond Supreme level!

However, if they exceed Spirit Xuan's twelfth grade, it was a whole new level, to become an Extreme Supreme! This was Mei Xue Yan's level! At this level, one was already unformidable, at the peak of the world's possible abilities!

While there is an end to life, there was no end to learning martial arts!

This was applicable to any world! If a martial arts genius could have an unlimited lifetime, then no one would be able to explain clearly to what extent his practice would reach!

That person need not even have to be a genius, so long one had an unlimited lifespan, anyone could achieve incredibly strong abilities!

What a pity the human's lifespan eliminated this possibility!

Hu Meng Long roared and flew up and his sword returned to its sheath. He spread open his arms, shook the surrounding with a raving palm strength. His body kept changing positions in the air and left huge imprints of his two palms across the sky, blocking the sunlight, spiraling around, then crashing down!

Obviously, he listened to Ning Wu Qing's words! It was not the time to be the hero. Even if he had to swop injury for injury, he was not afraid so long he could increase Mei Xue Yan's internal injury, even if it was just a bit, it would be helpful to their big plot!

Under the motivation of such thought, the other three also did the same, abandoning their swords to use their palms, opening and closing, furiously sending attacks down! When the four experts acted together, they were frightening, using their extensive palm strength, forcing Supreme Mei to take advantage of her best skills!