Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 588

Chapter 588: Miscalculated
Chapter 588: Miscalculated!
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Mei Xue Yan heard Ning Wu Qing's words and could not help but laughed, "Ning Wu Qing, you are such a shameless protector of the practice, you really try all means! Not counting sending so many people and trying the rotational method, you even prepared hidden weapons... Xunshi Immortal Palace is indeed a reputable big sect, the way you guys do things are indeed open and honest. You guys even blatantly use despicable means! I really look up to you guys!"

As she spoke, her body lightly spun and dodged from the seamless attack. Conveniently, she swerved her sword four times and pushed her four strong opponents away one by one.

Her words angered many of them!

Before these people entered the Xunshi Immortal Palace, any one of them already had years of experience in practicing martial arts, ventured around the world and were independent experts. After entering Xunshi Immortal Palace, their abilities were furthered and their status was elevated but in this battle, they had to come in a large number, use the rotational method and even had to prepare hidden weapons...they were ashamed!

Ning Wu Qing snickered, "Supreme Mei, you can't trick me. This lame method of yours is useless! All of us are doing this for the rest of the world so naturally, we need to protect ourselves in preparation for the heavenly battle in the future! If we seek to be a hero and die in your hands, that would really be a waste! For the sake of the mainland's future, I, Ning Wu Qing, live up to my conscience!"

"Living up to your conscience!", Mei Xue Yan heaved a long sigh and suddenly loudly laughed, "Not bad, not bad! Indeed the style of the Xunshi Immortal Palace! Such a conscience can only be lived up to by killing you after hearing this!"

Before Mei Xue Yan finished her words, she pulled out her sword, maneuvered it in a circle and a bunch of bright pitahaya appeared, just like peonies at their first bloom, in all directions; one more stretch and one more circle followed, and another bunch of pitahaya flew out. Although she was holding a sword, in most people's eyes it seemed like fireworks, one bundle of sparks after another as the bright, crystal-clear pitahaya were endlessly shot out. Hu Meng Long and his three sworn brothers were rendered helpless and instantly, were in danger, feeling extremely pathetic!

Without any doubt, Ning Wu Qing's shameless words have angered Mei Xue Yan and so there was no more room for kindness!

At that moment, Hu Meng Long and his three sworn brothers could not do anything but to dodge. In their predictions, since they had already abandoned their swords to use their palms, then exactly how high was Supreme Mei's status? Why would she put herself down by using a sword to fight the empty-handed them? This was an issue of a top-notch expert's face and demeanor! If Supreme Mei also kept her sword, then the four of them would be able to find an opportunity to go on an all-out fight with her!

With every second longer they held, it was a victory! Internal injuries were susceptible to violent shakes! Even if Supreme Mei was not injured, limb contact with the palm would consume the most Xuan and core energy and so every bit they took from her counted!

However, they miscalculated!

They did not think that although the four of them kept their swords and use their palms, Mei Xue Yan was not bothered by the demeanour of an expert; she continued riding on the advantage of her superior sword and attacked them furiously, breaking through the dense energy from the opponent's palms. She even scared the four of them so much that they could not wait to escape from this dangerous situation!

Ning Wu Qing was not wrong. If they used weapons, they could not just go all-out and fought; Mei Xue Yan's sword was too sharp, too impressive, and would probably slice their weapon before they could start to fight; how could they just fight all-out? However, they could go all-out and fight with their palms... However, she was still using her sword which was all over the place and so no matter how tight their palm power was, it could not withstand one slice, putting them in an even more awkward situation!

Was it possible to use a palm made of flesh and blood to go all-out against an extremely sharp superior sword? Won't that be seeking an even faster death?

However, they did not know that when Mei Xue Yan saw them abandon their swords to use their palms, she did consider to keep her sword too in order to fairly determine the battle's results; but at that moment, Mei Xue Yan's ears heard a voice from Jun Mo Xie, "No abandoning your sword! They know you are injured, this is a misunderstanding but once u abandon your sword, they will find out the truth! Why are you so dumb, it is also beneath of their status to surround and attack you, and yet you are still mindful of your morals..."

Jun Mo Xie's voice was overbearing! However, Mei Xue Yan's heart softened and followed his orders, and continued to use her sword to attack. She indeed stood a great advantage! Although it was beneath her status, it was also because of these words that the corners of her lips lifted into a sweet smile.

Jun Mo Xie who was in invincibility looked down on them exceptionally... They knew that their opponent had a precious sword that could cut through gold and jade, and yet still chose to use their palms...how stupid!

What status?

What demeanour?

Were these more important than a life?

Furthermore, since Xunshi Immortal Palace was so shameless, why should we be bothered about the morals and rules of the martial arts world?

I am the rule!

"Supreme Mei, you are the head of Tian Fa and yet you are using your sword to bully empty-handed people, how unfair, I'm feeling ashamed for you!", Ning Wu Qing saw what was happening and started to panic. He also did not think that Mei Xue Yan would be thick-skinned and continue to use her sword as in his memory, this was not her style of doing things...

"Ning Wu Qing, to be fair, how about a one-versus-one ultimate battle? Even if you send a hundred people on rotation it will still be one of me with one sword, fighting till the end!", Mei Xue Yan gave a cold laugh and said, "How dare you mention fairness. You only see that I am using my sword, how about you guys having four against me?"

Ning Wu Qing was speechless and after a long while, he said, "Supreme Mei, seems like you've learned quite a bit from your little lover... However, this is just the two of you being rash and infatuated, one day you will regret it and when that day comes, and you, the head of Tian Fa, is chased out by the Jun family to become an abandoned wife, don't say that I have not warned you."

He had no more tricks to use so he used this method, attempting to anger Mei Xue Yan once more to create an opportunity. However, little did he know that his hurtful words really aroused Mei Xue Yan's boiling desire to kill!

"Despicable!", Mei Xue Yan's brow lifted and with a sharp sound, pitahaya rolled continuously from her sword, just like the Yangtze River, as her attacks became fiercer!

Hu Meng Long and his sworn brothers started feeling afraid, secretly scolding Ning Wu Qing for his horrendous idea as by then, they no longer had the opportunity to pull out their swords... Why did he agitate her for no reason?

Ning Wu Qing remained shocked and unsettled!

As he watched the ongoing battle, he was monitoring Jun Mo Xie's situation!

For a crafty, experienced man in the martial arts world like him, how could he neglect any factor that could influence the future of the battle but he still could not understand why did Jun Mo Xie suddenly disappear and so out of a sudden, so unpredictable!

In his mind, he clearly remembered that Jun Mo Xie did seem as though as he merged into one with the sword in the air, emitting thousands of light rays but that did not attack anyone around and yet, when the rays disappeared, Jun Mo Xie also disappeared!

This was weird!

Jun Mo Xie's abilities seemed to really have taken after his master! It was time to re-evaluate this lad!

In addition, there was a need to be careful and in defense in case he ambushed them!

Hu Meng Long let out a long shrill in despair! One of his brothers had been slashed once by Mei Xue Yan's unformidable sword, leaving a deep bloody wound from his shoulder to below his ribs, revealing his bones! This was under the circumstance that Mei Xue Yan could not expose too much of her strength and thus, did not try her best. If she did, this barely-Supreme Xuan practitioner would not have survived!

Ning Wu Qing's expression did not change and coldly ordered, "Hu Meng Long, you guys step back! Next group up!"

Hu Meng Long yelled, "I won't leave! I want to take revenge for my third brother! Leader Ning, my brother's fresh blood is still warm here, how can I leave? If I don't take my revenge, I won't give up!"

He clearly saw how his own brother was profusely bleeding below his ribs, his wound area totally crushed by pressure and his internal organs rushing out while at the perimeters were cold-white ribcage bones broken, leaving him in shock!

Mei Xue Yan gently moved her sword, making it look harmless but who knew that within the gentle-looking sword was filled with sword energy, not revealing its capabilities until only exploding later, completely opening that person's abdomen area, rendering him unsavable! Although he would not die immediately, there was no hope for him to live on with such a severe injury!

Ning Wu Qing sharply reprimanded, "Hu Meng Long! I order you to step back!"

Hu Meng Long roared towards the sky, yelled, causing his eyes to be bloodshot; he ignored Ning Wu Qing's order and screamed as he charged forward! The painful death of his brother caused him to lose his sanity and acted like a crazy demon!

Suddenly, the expert that had his abdomen cut open sharply yet painfully said, "Big brother and brothers, I shall take my leave first!"

That injured expert knew he was not far from death but shockingly saw his big brother taking revenge for him, disregarding his own life, only crazily attacking the enemy. With his last breath, he was determined to not heal his injury but collected his remaining Xuan energy causing his body to emit black smoke, then he howled, without dodging or giving others a chance, he pounced towards Mei Xue Yan!

He just allowed his stomach and intestines to hang outside his body as he dashed across!

Although his injury was fatal, after all, he had the abilities close to a beyond-Supreme and thus, when he gave his all, ignoring his own safety, his power was impressive!

Mei Xue Yan's eyes froze and with a piercing sound from her sword, it already accurately pierced through that person's heart but yet, the person did not retreat. Instead, with his last breath, he widened his eyes, spread his arms and charged forward as though he wanted to hug Mei Xue Yan!

Mei Xue Yan did not let her guard down, she flew backward, turned, flew up on one leg then almost without any notice, kicked his chest. This then sent this already thoroughly dead body out, releasing overbearing core energy all over the place and that person's body exploded in mid-air, sending blood splattering across the air.

However, that person's sacrifice was not in vain as behind Mei Xue Yan, there were already seven swords simultaneously charging towards her! The first group had not retreated but the second group had already joined the battle!