Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 589

Chapter 589: The Fight Of Thunder And Hell
Chapter 589: The Fight of Thunder and Hell!
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"With limited outlook and experience, you don't know how big the world is. If I don't give you a taste of my power, you people will get more daring!" Mei Xue Yan chided. In an instant, she flew higher into the air and did an elegant spin. Her head faced towards the ground while her legs towards the sky. Her hand that originally held one sword, now held two as she fiercely aimed the sword towards the ground.

The strike startled everyone.

A siren rang without warning and instantly, a wall of silver light appeared in front of the seven masters. This straight away showed them the abilities of Mei Xue Yan.

Although it was a simple strike made from a sword, the coverage of this technique covered the whole battlefield. At that moment, the seven masters felt terrified. Her sword was something that they wanted to hide from but it was not something that they could escape from.

The only way to deal with it was to stake their all and go head to head with Mei Xue Yan.

Sacrifice a life, to take another life, was the only option.

To use such a terrifying technique, a person must accumulate lots of power before they can perform.

But, when it came to Mei Xue Yan, whatever logic does not apply.

With just a leap, she easily threw out her sword.

How can this not be shocking to everyone?

The seven masters shouted and exhaled. They assembled all the energy that they could release to attack. Hu Meng Long stood at the front, and instantly released all the power he had, without holding back and dashed towards the silver wall of light. He did not wish for victory and only hope to die with Mei Xue Yan.

He shouted wildly with a heart full of vengeance. Together with his sword, he dashed forward, putting the whole world at the back of his mind, and only thought about his revenge.

His sword was like a shooting star, vanishing in an instant.

Everyone convulsed in fear as they stare at the first astonishing move. This approach was definitely a risky move. If Mei Xue Yan really had an internal injury or if she had used up most of her energy then this blow would determine how the fight would continue.

Whether it's to run away or but, no matter what, all of them had to mentally prepare themselves.

They cannot be defeated when victory is just within their grasp. Everyone held their breath and focused on the event that happened in front of them. They also kept a close watch on every path that Mei Xue Yan could escape from.

With a thump, a long cry was heard from Hu Meng Long. Together with his sword, he ran into the silver wall of light.

Pop! Pop! Pop!

Three clear sounds were made. Hu Meng Long's sword broke into three pieces and disintegrated into dust. His body slowly disappeared as if he was swallowed by a monster. First, his right arm which carried the sword vanished, followed by his head, shoulder, upper body, hip..and then feet.

It was as if there was a ferocious wild beast that slowly but steadily ate Hu Meng Long.


The remaining six masters attacked together and for once they came into contact with Mei Xue Yan's sword. It was as though there was a sudden clap of thunder and millions and millions of cold light shot through the whole field.

What flew out at the same time was the bodies of the six masters. All of them had their flesh lacerated as blood continued to flow out of their body. The swords that were in their hands disappeared and they cried in despair while spitting blood out of their mouth.

At that moment, none of them had the demeanour of a master. They fell helplessly onto the ground, landing themselves in an ugly position. All of their energy had been used in their previous burst but only to receive a rebound of an even stronger energy.

At that moment, spinning to control their landing speed was impossible, when they could not even move their fingers.

After all the fighting and total victory, Mei Xue Yan inevitably had to retreat. Her white robe was stained with fresh blood just like the red plums in the snow, gruesome to the eye. Her face turned from pale white to pink and with a cry, she vomited a mouthful of blood.

A concurrent attack by the seven masters was stopped by a sword of Mei Xue Yan.


Six figures landed on the floor. The crowd stood still just like wooden puppets as they could not believe what they saw. The six masters rolled in the snow uncontrollably, leaving blood stains everywhere.

Screams and groans were heard, but among the six, three of them rolled over twice and never made a sound again. They had clearly passed away.

Some broke their hands while others broke their leg. But, even though their hands and legs were broken, they still had a life. Some were hit with seven to eight swords and probably would not survive.

"Tian Fa Heaven's Sword!"

Everyone could not help but fear this sword technique. It was a skill that Tian Fa's Lord used to defeat a tribe during the heavenly battle. For ten thousand years, no one had used it on humans, until today. The hegemony of this sword made everyone's heart beat faster. A sword technique that can defeat seven supreme masters.

Such a terrifying sword technique!

This is a sword technique unmatched of any other.

It was such a miracle and that miracle happened in front of their eyes.

Just when everyone was being flabbergasted by what they saw...

Suddenly, another silver light with a tint of blood colour appeared.

If Mei Xue Yan's previous sword technique was like the ninth heaven sound of thunder then this sword technique was a calling from hell. One deafening and shocking, the other, quiet without any presence.

A silver light shined from behind the crowd. It was hardly noticeable but yet powerful. An attack was made just when everyone was trembling from the previous attack and was still defenceless.

The assassination came one after another.

The precision of the timing to attack was very accurate. It would not be possible unless it was done by a top assassin.

This attack was to deal with masters of a supreme level and beyond.

The destroying force of it was monstrous.

Conquer every obstacle!

God's sword, the blood of flaming yellow!

At that subtle moment, the generation of evil lord finally pulled out an unpredictable but powerful sword.

The sword silently passed through the first master's waist followed by another master but this time with blood stains on it. In a blink of an eye, a third master had been stabbed in the waist.

The third master finally made a mournful cry but suddenly stopped. What he wanted to do most was to remove the sword from his body. His hand was already on the sword but just when he pulled it out and was ready to fly and attack, he realised that both his legs were still on the ground. What flew up was only his upper body.

He was shocked and started to panic. He used his all, to circulate the energy in his body but as he started to rush, he realised that his five viscera and six bowels were gushing out from his opened body.

He fell hard onto the ground. He instantly used his long sword to support himself and 'stood' up just like a wooden stake, he stood flat on the ground.

He glanced around uneasily, looking for the culprit, but could not find anything. The silver light had vanished as if it had never appeared at all.

He wanted to speak but just as he opened his mouth, he vomited out a mouthful of fresh blood, as well as his last bit of it.

Being a master beyond supreme level allowed him to keep the last bit of his vitality but as time pass and his biological essence quickly escaping, he was already on his way to death door.

He let out a last sigh before collapsing onto the ground. His eyes laid wide open like a dead fish, hollowly looking forward as if he was suspicious of something...

The other two supreme masters who were standing beside him instantly turned white out of fear. They subconsciously touched their waists and their face immediately became devastated.

They suddenly felt a gush of warmth in their stomach making them feel very comfortable. The warmth made them want to sleep, forever and never wake up.

It was a tempting invitation to the soul...

This kind of 'comfortable' feeling can only be felt when the body is bleeding a lot. Boiling fresh blood had escaped from their blood vessels and flowed towards their stomach. Using their own warmth to warm their five viscera.

This kind of extreme comfort was an omen of death.

The two masters had their eyes wide opened in fear. They could not believe themselves as they looked down at their waist ...

The next moment, blood rushed out from their waist escaping whatever that was blocking it. The three of them stood weirdly as blood continued to pour out of their waist like a water fountain. Even though the blood flow seemed to be thin but it was rushing out powerfully, splattering everywhere.

Red circles of blood were formed around them. There was even a stench of blood in the mist and it was all from their body.

Strange, yet magnificent red circles.

With the shadow of death lingering and horrible killings happening near them, it was as if the door to hell had opened.

The two masters suddenly understood what was happening and started to scream. But, they did not dare to move because once they moved their upper body and lower body would be separated.

But will their upper and lower body stay just because they did not move?

After all, whatever had happened to them was irreversible.


He who always had rigorous schemes and deep foresight and was always known for his calmness suddenly turn red in anger.