Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 591

Chapter 595: Chapter 201: Xue Yans Concerns
Chapter 595: Chapter 201: Xue Yan’s concerns
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From the bottom of his throat, Ning Wu Qing let out a sound similar to a sigh, struggling as he whispered, "Th… Thank you."

With a drop of his head, one of the the strongest warriors of this generation had left this world!

Perhaps, in another world, he had already reunited with his family, living jovially with his family. There, he was free from hate, free from separation, free from death... Free from regret and reunited with his family, he could enjoy his peace and joy from then on…!

Jun Mo Xie sucked in a deep breath. For some inexplicable reason, he sensed that his mood was a little heavy. Slowly, he stood up and said softly, "Originally, I had so many things I wanted to talk to you about , but how you met your end was unbelievable -- unbelievably heartless! I hope that in your future life, it won't be an ending as cruel as this… I'll make sure that on your resting place, 100 feet underground, there will be nobody who will disturb your peace. Rest assured that you can lay here in peace!"

Finished with his sentence, Jun Mo Xie's body slowly rose up. Following his body, the soil under his feet collapsed continuously as it buried Ning Wu Qing's body deeply underground, 100 feet below the ground.

A blinding light entered his eyes as Jun Mo Xie finally emerged. In that moment, he felt like he had just returned from the netherworlds to the human world… The illusory words that Ning Wu Qing had uttered right before her death brought a wave of emotions over Jun Mo Xie...

The ground regained its uniformity, and nobody could tell that under this patch of soil, a ground-shaking, abnormal fight had taken place. And it was where a warrior of Beyond Supreme level would be buried forever...

"Mo Xie! Where are you?" From afar, Mei Xue Yan's worried voice echoed. Jun Mo Xie's face broke into a radiant smile; Raising his voice, he called out, "I'm here." With that, he fell, seated on the ground.

Even though Jun Mo Xie had a glorious victory over Ning Wu Qing just before, the losses he had suffered were not shallow either. Unleashing all of the energy within his body, the soil around him loosened and began to float up around his legs. Midway, he had to deal with ambush by some assassins as well. Even so, he successfully managed to defeat Ning Wu Qing. But at that moment, Jun Mo Xie was also at his limits! The energy he had left in his body was near to nothing!

If he wasn't afraid that Mei Xue Yan would be worried, Jun Mo Xie would have dived into the Hong Jun Pagoda and come out only after he recovered. After all, that place was safest...

Sensing Jun Mo Xie's voice, Mei Xue Yan erupted in joy. Before this, she unleashed her Tian Fa ultimate skill in succession to finish her battle. Searching everywhere to find traces of Jun Mo Xie and Ning Wu Qing's whereabouts, she did not find any and could not help but panic. While she was looking for them, she was near despair… After all, Ning Wu Qing's health regeneration abilities were shockingly high, and at such a critical moment, she had a breakthrough and her abilities levelled up further. Fighting against such an opponent, Jun Mo Xie was in a precarious situation!

If it weren't for Jun Mo Xie's voice message that he had sent beforehand to tell her not to worry, saying that he had a way to get out alive, Mei Xue Yan would have dropped everything in her way, abandoning her opponent to go after him. But till the very end, her worries continued to hang heavily in her heart...

At this moment, when she could finally hear Jun Mo Xie's voice once again, her anxious heart could finally be at ease.

A white shadow flashed as Mei Xue Yan appeared before him. In the moment she saw him, her beautiful features finally revealed a glimpse of warm happiness. On Mei Xue Yan's body, there were several places that were dyed red, and there were even some wounds where fresh blood was still flowing from it. But evidently, without even taking care of her own injuries, Mei Xue Yan rushed to look for Jun Mo Xie...

Jun Mo Xie sat on the ground, devoid of strength as he looked at Mei Xue Yan. Softly, he murmured, "You're injured?" Even Jun Mo Xie did not realise that an endless amount of tenderness and heartache permeated through his voice! Compared to the words he had spoken before, there was a world of difference.

Without question, Jun Mo Xie had killed many people before this. Perhaps, he had killed so many that he had become numb to it all. But there had been no one who had given him as large of an emotional impact as Ning Wu Qing had today.

From being concerned to unconcerned; Because of his concern, he became unconcerned, and at the very end, Ning Wu Qing created the biggest tragedy and regret. That made Jun Mo Xie very emotional.

Jun Mo Xie had never felt like he did in that moment; to care for the people around him, and his closest kin! In his heart, he quietly made a promise: For anyone who is a part of my family, I'll make sure that they live peacefully and happily. I won't let their lives have a single ounce of regret!

Like Ning Wu Qing who had regrets that made him a live as though he were dead, that was what made Jun Mo Xie feel emotional. For something like that, Jun Mo Xie decided that he definitely would not let it happen to him, nor to his family!

"To take care of those people, how would I be able to do it without paying a small price for it?" Mei Xue Yan laughed sheepishly. Without a care for her own injuries, she asked concernedly, "How about you? Are you okay? What happened to Ning Wu Qing?"

"Since I'm still alive, of course he's met his end. Don't worry, I've just used a bit too much strength. Maybe feeling a little weak now, but there aren't any problems." Jun Mo Xie laughed, saying, "It's better than Ning Wu Qing, who's deeply buried into the ground, right?"

"Ah? Burying his bones in the soil? You mean you've killed Ning Wu Qing?" Mei Xue Yan widened her eyes in shock. In her imagination, Jun Mo Xie could only use his ghostly, lightweight moves to hold Ning Wu Qing back, and that would be good already. As to obtaining victory and killing Ning Wu Qing, Mei Xue Yan could not even imagine how Jun Mo Xie would be capable of such a feat.

"To be accurate, he died under the weight of his own regrets!" Jun Mo Xie said, deep in thought. "He was in too much of a rush to kill me, that's why I had an opportunity to take advantage of that. If he fought calmly and strategically, as to the consequences, even though I have a way to survive, killing him would have been impossible."

Jun Mo Xie recalled the moment when he intentionally ran down the cliff. It was obvious that there was no path ahead of him, and he was running towards that direction. If he had full confidence and continued on, wouldn't that have been certain death for him? As long as it was something that someone could obviously see , then it meant that there was a trick behind it; but Ning Wu Qing was blinded by revenge and lost all rationality. Without a second thought, he followed and chased after him. And it was because he managed to unleash enough energy to cause the soil to rise up into a mountain shield the first time that protected Ning Wu Qing from any injuries, causing him to lose a huge part of his battle power, which led to Ning Wu Qing's loss at the end.

If it weren't for that, even if Jun Mo Xie created an endless number of traps with his Power of Earth, Ning Wu Qing who had overwhelming power could have broken through these traps in an instant, and would still have enough power to forcibly attack him. With the amount of energy he had at the moment, there was a limit to it; The Power of Earth was something he had just learnt as well, and it was not as easy to master as the Power of Metal! The outcome was really hard to confirm.

Since Jun Mo Xie had Yin Yang Escape, he definitely would not have died, but Ning Wu Qing should not have lost his life either!

About Ning Wu Qing, Jun Mo Xie was not willing to talk more about him. He asked, "What about those people?"

Mei Xue Yan's face revealed a cold hardness to it as she said, "Killed them!" She tilted her head slightly, looking at the direction she had come from, and said in a low voice, "All of them attacked like they were suicidal, so I could only take care of them using my full power; Also, I was worried about your safety. Anxious, I ended the battle quickly. In about 15 minutes, I used the Tian Fa Heaven's Sword ultimate skill, and used it a total of 3 times before I could finish the battle…"

"Finish the battle? They're all dead?" Jun Mo Xie could not help but widen his eyes. But those were 6 of the Beyond Supreme tiers, and 11 Supreme warriors! And all of them fell to Mei Xue Yan's hands...

Why was this girl so vicious today?

"Even I didn't expect it. After I got rid of my old injury, I've gotten even better than before I got injured. Especially in terms of speed, I've reached a level where I could not even dream of before! And in this time, my progress in training is a lot faster than before. So, this battle was unexpectedly easy!" Mei Xue Yan ruminated as she said, "Looks like those 3 pills you gave me were more useful than I thought."

Jun Mo Xie laughed as he said, "Don't let your guard down. This time, they only had 6 people of Beyond Supreme tier. And, they didn't prepare a strategy, and they were definitely shocked out of their mind by your level-up. And your alarming speed also gave them no time to react. Since they did not have a leader to lead them, and 3 or 4 of them were injured at the Jun Family gathering, so they were not at their full power… If they aligned all of these conditions, how would you have such an easy fight; but if there is a next time, it's better to stay vigilant."

"Ok." Mei Xue Yan gently nodded her head, and raising her delicate eyebrows, she said, "This time, they really crossed the line! Otherwise, I wouldn't be so harsh on them! After all, most of the people here have the ability, chance and qualifications to join in the heavenly battle.

"You're saying… They're talking about after we get married… About our kids?" Jun Mo Xie, in that moment, understood why Mei Xue Yan was so ruthless.

"Yes!" Mei Xue Yan blushed, but soon after her face turned pale, and she asked meekly, "Mo Xie, If… If it really were the case, what do I do? Wouldn't I be hurting you? This problem, even though we can choose not to care, and ignore it, but we still have to face it!"

Jun Mo Xie replied confidently, "Xue Yan, relax. I definitely won't let that happen. I have faith! You just have to trust in me;" He recalled the legend that was passed down in legacy, didn't Liao Zhai's only daughter marry a human and ended up giving birth to a son? Bai Su Zhen married Xu Xian, and still gave birth to a fat boy. Since it was a human mother, how was it possible for them to give birth to a Xuan Beast?

Even if it were true, and they gave birth to a Xuan Beast, with his and Mei Xue Yan's genes, he could definitely learn to shapeshift into a human in a very short of amount of time. And his looks were not a big issue, at the very most, in his infancy, he just had to not meet anyone. Anyway, their entire family was going to live in Tian Fa Forest, that was a place where more beasts than humans resided.

Taking a step back, based on his Hong Jun Pagoda's unbelievable abilities, there was no way he would let Mei Xue Yan have any regrets… These words were not something that Jun Mo Xie would dare to affirm before he fully understood the true capabilities of the Hong Jun Pagoda. But ever since he saw the Getting Started menu, he was filled with confidence! For humans or demons, they could both modify and shapeshift, and Xuan Beasts belonged to the demon tribes. Xuan Beasts could shapeshift like the demon tribes to humans, and there was practically no difference between them!

Mei Xue Yan was still worried, frowning as she asked concernedly, "But what if in a one in a million chance… What if something like that happened, then I, Mei Xue Yan, won't be able to show my face to Jun Family, and even more so to you?"

"Xue Yan you can rest assured; I really have a method. For an issue as huge as this, how would I dare give you a half-hearted answer?" As he said this, Jun Mo Xie pressed his lips to Mei Xue Yan's ear, and spoke a few words; Mei Xue Yan face turned red, then feeling reassured, she said, "Then that's great!"

"Oh? Xue Yan my dearest, you asked such a question so excitedly, is it because you're in a rush to give a baby boy to me? Don't rush; Wait till tonight, we'll seriously explore and meticulously experiment this matter… Um, what exactly was it again?" Jun Mo Xie laughed strangely, with a laughter that was filled with wretchedness.