Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 592

Chapter 590: What Is True Love?
Chapter 590: What is true love?
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Even the Xunshi Immortal Palace people did not know that amongst these three Supreme experts whose bodies split into two, one was Ning Wu Qing's half brother from a different mother, Cheng Feng Yi!

Although the two of them had different surnames, they were blood siblings!

Ning Wu Qing spent a lot of effort on helping this brother of his to become a Supreme then to enter the Xunshi Immortal Palace.

The two of them had been together their entire lives but no one would imagine that he would be chopped into two, allowing life and death to separate the two of them!

Close to two hundred years of siblinghood had disappeared after this slash of blood!

Ning Wu Qing had gone insane!

He hollered, "Jun Mo Xie! I know it is your doing, come out, come out if you have the guts to!", he suddenly thought of Jun Mo Xie's secret disappearance, it had to be in preparation for this move!

He hollered, "Jun Mo Xie! I know this is your doing, come out, come out if you have the guts!", he recalled Jun Mo Xie's mysterious disappearance and thought that it had to be in preparation for this!

He already knew this but still could not stop it from happening!

At that moment, Ning Wu Qing was filled with regret, hatred and sadness. He felt his heart clenching and his anger grow claws as though it was about to tear open his stomach then remove all his internal organs to release his anger!

"Jun Mo Xie, you are such a despicable bastard! Come out! You come out! You, this scumbag, rubbish thing! You only know how to ambush us, murderer, executioner!! You are a beast with no morals, you deserve to be struck by lightning and die a horrible death!"

Ning Wu Qing was hollering crazily without a single trace of his usual calmness in his shouting. The two experts who had also been chopped into two were still standing but after swaying a bit, their eyes shone of despair and their entire face were flushed red.

One of them had a squarish face with big ears and was tall, it was easy to tell that he was a handsome lad when he was younger. This, was Cheng Feng Yi, Ning Wu Qing's half brother!

Cheng Feng Yi softly sighed, slowly turned to look at his comrades then calmly said, "I'll leave first..."

All of their faces expressed their sadness!

He calmly looked at his own abdomen. It had stopped spurting veins but continued to pump fresh blood out gushingly and flowed down along his clothes, beneath his feet was a puddle of thick blood. He lifted his head and said slowly with a low voice, "Take care, everyone!"

He then turned to look at Ning Wu Qing. Ning Wu Qing started shivering; he extended his shivering hands, wanting to embrace his brother but was afraid that any movement would seize the slightest chance of his brother's survival so he did not dared to move! He extended his hands to in front of his brother yet did not dare to touch him...

Cheng Feng Yi looked at Ning Wu Qing and suddenly, a smile emerged from the corner of lips. He forcefully held on to his last breath and and slowly said, "Brother... This life, I have relied on you entirely to bring me up and mastered a skill... My only wish is to call you my eldest brother in public... Although I can't…...but I really want to…...really…...big brother…...I have been working hard..."

Ning Wu Qing was filled with desperation and his tears could not stop flowing. His entire body was shivering, his eyes was blurred by his tear. He shakingly said, "Brother... My blood brother... I am now announcing to the entire world that you are my blood brother! Good brother! You are also a Ning! Part of our Ning family!"

Cheng Feng Yi smiled and satisfaction emerged on his face. His eyes gradually lost their glimmer and softly spoke, "I am going...to heaven now to serve Dad and Mum...big brother...you must live well...don't let us...worry..."

Suddenly his body bent, his upper body fell forward heavily and Ning Wu Qing dashed forward to give his body support but Cheng Feng Yi had stopped breathing and no longer had a pulse, leaving only a face filled with satisfaction.

Ning Wu Qing suddenly started bawling, shedding buckets of tears!

Although his name "Wu Qing" meant heartless and he had cut ties with so many people, destining to grow old alone but he extremely cherished his only alive blood-related family! His younger brother's death to him, was as painful as tearing his heart apart into two!

"Brother! ...You are supposed to have the surname 'Ning'... You are a Ning...", Ning Wu Qing hollered towards the sky as his heart was filled immensely with regret and hatred! All these years ever since the tragedy occurred, causing his family to change, his step-mother used her life to escape with his younger brother and his entire family was massacred, his fiancee was raped and killed; since then, Ning Wu Qing hated everyone!

Including his step-mother and brother! He stubbornly thought that his step-mother could have brought his fiancee along to escape but she only brought her son!

So Ning Wu Qing was unable to forgive her!

Although he doted on this younger brother, he was unwilling to admit that he was part of the Ning family!

Feng Cheng Yi knew his elder brother could not let go of his hatred and so, unwillingly took on his mother's surname...

Until today then Ning Wu Qing realised that he had committed a grave mistake! He always knew what his younger brother yearned for and even understood but it was only until his younger brother died in front of him then he fulfilled his last wish! His greatest wish!

However, even if he did, what use was there?

Looking at Cheng Feng Yi's face filled with satisfaction, Ning Wu Qing suddenly felt sharp pain as though his heart was being torn apart! It was as though his salty tears had flowed into his heart... His brother's entire life, he had only been waiting for these words but he had always stubbornly deprived him of them...

Ning Wu Qing suddenly felt the entire turn dark. He slowly looked up and everyone was shocked to see that the tears in his eyes were red, blood tears!

Mei Xue Yan was standing afar. This was the perfect moment to take action, a great opportunity to kill her enemy but she did not. Instead, she only looked at him with sympathy.

Jun Mo Xie also did not take action at that moment although he knew that that moment was even better than the previous but in face with true kinship in this world and deep remorse, Jun Mo Xie would give even his enemy the chance for a last farewell!

This was not being traditional!

This was...human nature!

Jun Mo Xie was an emotional person. He would rather give his enemy some time to mourn!

However, Jun Mo Xie did not regret causing their life and death separation!

Facing each other as enemies, it was a survival of the fittest! There was no room for regret nor empathy.

If he felt empathy or even regret, that would be being too emotional and even digging his own grave!

However, in face of natural human emotions, no matter how heartless this Evil Lord was, he would not intentionally interrupt this moment. He only quietly appeared beside Mei Xue Yan, looked at Ning Wu Qing and the rest immersed in sorrow with his cold eyes!

Now you are in sorrow, I can give you a chance to remorse and mourne all you want; I understand how you are feeling so I will wait! However, when you recover, we will have a battle!

I will give my all!

The Evil Lord naturally had his own morals!

Ning Wu Qing rested his head on his brother's chest, gently rubbing against it as he kneeled on the ground shivering. He mumbled, "Brother...My good younger brother...Ning Feng Yi... You are Ning Feng Yi, always Ning Feng Yi... I was wrong, it was all my fault, I deserve to die... I made you wait painfully your entire life... I have let you down... I am so sorry..."

Ning Wu Qing said slowly, with an extremely deep voice. His initially grey hair turned silver white in that short amount of time, not leaving a single trace of colour.

His entire head of hair had instantly turned white!

Cheng Feng Yi quietly laid in his embrace with a bit of anger and regret showing on his face but what was more was a sense of peacefulness and satisfaction...

Mei Xue Yan softly sighed and said, "I didn't expect Ning Wu Qing to be such a stubborn person when it comes to relationships."

Jun Mo Xie gently asked, "Why so?"

Mei Xue Yan turned to look at him and questioned, "Isn't it so?"

Jun Mo Xie seriously said, "I believe that most people are stubborn when it comes to relationships; all have the best impressions. Even the cruelest murderers or evil and greedy assholes or rapists and prostitutes, everyone has their own sage in their hearts! This sage's presence is true love!

Jun Mo Xie softly sighed, releasing a tight breath and said, "True love is something everyone can only experience once in their entire life! Once is happens, it will never change! So, even playboys have their one true loves; even the most popular prostitutes who have slept with thousands of men have that one person they will never forget... That's why so many people lose sleep at night and that's why there are so much regrets in this world..."

Mei Xue Yan frowned, "This is different. How can playboys and prostitutes have true loves?"

Jun Mo Xie laughed gently and said, "How do you know so? Playboys are the result of their environment's influence, gradually becoming such a person; isn't prostitution an occupation for the desperates? If a lady grew up in a well-off family, without any big changes, would she have to become a prostitute? If someone grew up in poverty, never had a full meal, would he become a playboy? So, all these are a result of the circumstances!"

He sighed and said, "So the Emperor of Tianxiang could disregard all else and massacred Ye Gu Han's whole family; and Ye Gu Han, for his true love, had not changed his heart till now, willing to let down the rest of the world except her! Also, my third uncle has been waiting blindlessly for his wife and my third aunt-in-law has been living in the snow mountains for ten years for her true love... My mother willingly allowed herself to go into a comatose for my father... All these are the result of true love..."

"True love can make things happen but yet, true love can also breed sins!"

"Good people have true love but bad people also have true love! Although Ning Wu Qing's name means heartless, innately he is an emotional person, more than anyone else; if he was not so emotional and sacrificed too much, how would his heart have died, how would he stay single his entire life for a woman? How would he not let his dearest brother for hundreds of years enter his house for a women? Ning Wu Qing's heartlessness is the result of being too heartful! It is just that he is being too extreme."