Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 593

Chapter 591: Where Is My True Love?
Chapter 591: Where is my true love?
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"This deep emotions overwhelmed his logical mind and thus, caused his brother's entire life of sadness; it will also cause an entire life of sadness for him. This also contributed to the dramatic tragedy today. The saddest is probably not his brother as Ning Wu Qing fulfilled his greatest wish at the last moment. The saddest should be Ning Wu Qing!", Jun Mo Xie said heavily.

"Because of the tragedy his love encountered, he single-handedly caused the tragedy for his sibling! At the last moment, his brother left the greatest regret for him! So, Ning Wu Qing's own emotions caused his heartlessness and also caused a tragedy he can never remedy!"

"But, didn't we cause Ning Wu Qing's sorrow today?", Mei Xue Yan sighed, showing signs of unbearableness.

"You are wrong again. This sorrow will happen sooner or later or maybe it is an issue of who triggered it. Furthermore, we did not cause his tragedy as if it was not him crying over a corpse, it would have been me or you!"

Jun Mo Xie looked at Mei Xue Yan with his high-spirited eyes, "We only need to understand such sorrowful emotions; but definitely, we cannot let him off! It is exactly because we have seen such life and death separation of true love, all the more we need to cherish each other. Do you understand? Xue Yan, if it was me who was slaughtered, what will you do?"

Despite Mei Xue Yan's calm disposure and unlimited composure, she could not help but shivered as though she saw Jun Mo Xie's corpse. Her heart clenched painfully, laughed painfully and said, "There there is no meaning left for me to live..."

Jun Mo Xie sighed and said, "This is the logic. This world is formed by countless of tragedies; If we don't want to encounter tragedies, then we must use all means to cause our enemies' tragedies! This is...the martial arts world!"

Jun Mo Xie turned around and looked at Ning Wu Qing, and said softly, "Or perhaps this is life! Ning Wu Qing's feelings became his heartlessness but it is exactly our feelings which make us heartless. This is true despite our differences with Ning Wu Qing!"

This is life!

Life encompassed lots of sorrow, blood and tears! Countless of fights and hard work, tender sentiments and true love... Mei Xue Yan was digesting Jun Mo Xie's words and suddenly felt unsettled.

Looking at Ning Wu Qing cry and broken, Mei Xue Yan turned to look at Jun Mo Xie's handsome side profile. She suddenly weirdly satisfied: So long...it is not him...lying on the ground, it doesn't matter to me!

At that moment, Jun Mo Xie was speaking from the bottom of his heart although his face was unprecedentedly serious, even somewhat lonely, fluttery...just like a frowning, depressed young master with somewhat pitiful eyes.

Looking at all living things...

Looking at time pass...

His demeanour was that extraordinary, an apogee, so timeless!

Just like a king in total control standing on the clouds looking down on the rest of the world...

Mei Yan Xue was lost in her thoughts as she stared.

At that moment, she suddenly realised that this unique charisma Jun Mo Xie gave off unintentionally was comparable to the demeanour of the Tian Fa's leader and even more natural!

This was innate in him, magnificent and impressive!

Jun Mo Xie turned his head and looked at her weirdly, and asked, "What are you looking at? So much that you are lost in your thoughts?"

Mei Xue Yan barely came to her senses and infatuatedly said, "At you...You are so good-looking..."

Jun Mo Xie was perplexed. He did not expect a proud and cold Mei Xue Yan could say such words! Despite Jun Mo Xie's two centuries of shamelessness, at that moment under no defence, he could not help but blushed...

For a man to be praised as good-looking... Indeed, that was somewhat awkward...

Mei Xue Yan finally regained her senses after speaking and instantly blushed, and lowered her head down.

Although Jun Mo Xie blushed at this sudden attack, he immediately recovered once he saw how Mei Xue Yan was so shy. He playfully said, "Since...its so good-looking, are you willing to get slightly injured tonight?"

Mei Xue Yan's face and ears immediately flushed, feeling shy and embarrassed, she pinched him hardly; suddenly she fiercely asked, "Right, I forgot to ask. Just now you were referring to the martial arts world, discussing about true love amongst human, saying how everyone only have one true love in a lifetime, then let me ask you. Since you have so many girls around you, where does your true love lie in?"

Jun Mo Xie was instantly dumbfounded, stared in shock, not knowing how to reply at once.

He was speaking from his heart and unwittingly, placed himself in a trap. How could he explain? He remained dumbfounded for a while before recovering but he still could not respond to Mei Xue Yan's words as he really did not know how to. However, at the same time, Mei Xue Yan's words finally prompted Jun Mo Xie to consider this on his own.

Yes, I have several women around me. Those that have confirmed our relationship are Guan Qing Han, Dugu Xiao Yi and Mei Xue Yan! Even if it is just the three of them, then, who is my true love?

All three of them are out-of-the-worldly gorgeous but who did he love most?

Jun Mo Xie felt unsettled, wondering if he was too much of a playboy. If he had to choose amongst the three of them, who would he choose?

Mei Xue Yan? She seemed like the one he was most loyal to!

However, Guan Qing Han was coldly pretty and have given her all for the Jun family. She willingly gave up her innocence to save him and have sacrificed for the Jun family all these years with no complaints... Jun Mo Xie naturally felt that he owed her a lot and also had irreplacable feelings for her. How could he bear to give her up? If he gave her up, Guan Qing Han would probably lose all support and courage to live on, and might choose to end her life... This guilty conscience would naturally haunt him for the rest of his life!

Could he give up Dugu Xiao Yi? Dugu Xiao Yi was innocent and cute, and was faithful and true to him; when he was in his worst, she already unregretfully fell in love with him. For him, she even went to Tiannan. In fear that he did not want her anymore, she even chose to use aphrodisiac for things to happen; although she did not succeed due to her ignorance, the fact that she was willing to give her all to him was undeniable!

She even walked into Tianxiang City pregnant even though she was unmarried despite the fact that the city was extremely conservative. She did not leave any escape route for herself! Who could bear to and really give up such true love? Could even the most heartless person bear to?

There was also Mei Xue Yan who he could not give up even more! Mei Xue Yan was an Extreme Supreme of the Tian Fa. They got to know each other through fate, she had been staying by his side, they worked together in-sync, and both their hearts have long beat for each other; himself, he had also changed from the initial jokes and flirting to the present inseparable feelings! Mei Xue Yan remained a virgin her entire life and this was her first time in love. Furthermore, she considered him in every aspect. How could he bear to leave her?

If he really did so, Jun Mo Xie would belittle himself!

Not mentioning how Mei Xue Yan single-handedly prevented two Supremes from the Fantasy Blood Sea, defeated the Yellow Sun and even swore to live or die with the Jun family when the three holy cities attacked them... Which of these did him any wrong?

If he really gave her up, Mei Xue Yan would probably not collapse nor commit suicide but she would definitely lose hope, leave the Tian Fa Forest and never return to the martial arts world again! This was for sure!

Jun Mo Xie thought hard but he could not give up any one of them, in fact, he could not bear to give up any one of them!

To Guan Qing Han, he felt love in the respect he had for her. In front of her, he was always warm and comfortable; he always seemed as though he needed someone to care for him, desired for someone to protect him. This feeling became even more obvious after they slept together in Tiannan. Although Jun Mo Xie was not willing to admit it, deep inside he knew that he had such a desire.

To Dugu Xiao Yi, he felt familiar and wanted to pamper her. More importantly, he felt she was a soulmate...

After all, he hated himself so much back then, upset with himself but yet, only Dugu Xiaoyi gave him the consolation he needed!

Although he could have pulled through on his own, that sincerity was like an oasis in a desert! It was the only pillar of support he had other than his family!

To Mei Xue Yan, Jun Mo Xie felt extraordinary. It was the feeling of his heart beating faster, having telepathy with her and a sense of mutual support!

Such feeling was endless yet warm; satisfying yet joyful! If he had to seek love amongst the three of them, it would be Mei Xue Yan! However, how could he bear to give up the other two? Did he really not have love for Guan Qing Han and Dugu Xiao Yi?

There was!

It was just that it was not as obvious as his feelings for Mei Xue Yan.

Was I really so unfaithful? Jun Mo Xie questioned himself and forgot to reply Mei Xue Yan! It was the first time he really thought hard... Who exactly do I love?

Just as he was considering this tough and awkward question, Ning Wu Qing who was mourning over his brother's death, stood up. He carried one-half of his brother's mutilated corpse and stood up as his white hair flew messily in the wind. His stature was as usual, straight and upright, but he lost his charisma!

He slowly turned around and lifted his head. The remaining experts from the Xunshi Immortal Palace suddenly yelled - shocking both Jun Mo Xie and Mei Xue Yan!

They saw Ning Wu Qing's originally blushed face turned pale and layers of wrinkles appeared. Ning Wu Qing's Xuan cultivation was extremely impressive and he had always his looks. Although he was almost 200 years old, he looked like a middle-age man, around forty to fifty years old but at that moment, he aged so much, looking as though he never practised Xuan cultivation and was an old farmer who have sloughed his entire life, with a full face of wrinkles, so frail as though a passing wind could blow him away!

Extremely frail and weak!

Ning Wu Qing's eyes looked as though they came from the burning fire in hell, glistening with black rays. It was a representation of the extreme hatred. He stared at Jun Mo Xie, gritted his teeth but yet, his words sounded out of the ordinarily calm as he enunciated every word clearly, "Nice to see you, Jun Mo Xie!"