Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 594

Chapter 592: Attacking The Heart With An Edge Of A Blade
Chapter 592: Attacking the Heart with an Edge of a Blade
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The moment Ning Wu Qing opened his mouth, everyone realised that his voice had become abnormally hoarse.

His tone was calm, but everyone knew, that Ning Wu Qing's heart was already dead.

The sorrow he felt was greater than the pain of his broken heart. The younger brother whom he had depend on for close to two hundred years suddenly disappeared from the world. Ning Wu Qing had no desire to continue living, all he had in mind was revenge.

Whether or not he could successfully get his revenge, Ning Wu Qing did not want to continue living in this world. From his haggard face, everyone could tell one thing: Ning Wu Qing, had moved all his spiritual energy and concentrated it at his dantian. He even took energies from his bones and his five internal organs that should be used to protect himself. He had even taken the spiritual energy that was used to live.

He no longer maintained his youthful look or his graceful demeanour. Whatever charisma he had, whatever appearance he had, it was not important anymore. What he wanted was revenge.

By concentrating his energy, he could increase his powers by at least a level. The moment he released all his powers, he would burn out and die. Even if a deity was to save him, he would not be able to revive.

He was putting in his all and betting on his only chance.

It did not matter if Jun Mo Xie died or not, Ning Wu Qing would still die. Ning Wu Qing had prepared himself for death, which showed how eager he was for revenge.

Ning Wu Qing gently placed the dead body of his younger brother on the floor and slowly stood up with a face full of regret and vengeance.

Jun Mo Xie sighed and looked at him with sympathy, " Life and death is just a cycle. Everyone would have to go through it. Ning Wu Qing, you need to restrain your grief and accept the inevitable changes in life. After all, once you die, you cannot revive… for what had happened, I am so sorry."

After what he said, even Mei Xue Yan wanted to smack his mouth. He was the one that caused the death of his younger brother but here he was asking Ning Wu Qing to move on with life...

Ning Wu Qing laughed bitterly and furiously said, "Jun Mo Xie, you killed my younger brother and now you want me to just move on with it? Don't you think, what you just said is ridiculous?"

Jun Mo Xie snorted, "Ning Wu Qing, with your intelligence, it's hard for me to talk to you. You don't even understand what I'm trying to say."

Ning Wu Qing bellowed out of rage, " Do you think I can remain calm right now?! Jun Mo Xie, I do not need your fake sympathy!"

Ning Wu Qing actually understood what Jun Mo Xie meant. He only needed to calm down and have a fair fight with him. But, understanding was one thing, he would not accept Jun Mo Xie's pity on him.

What Jun Mo Xie said, could be interpreted as being kind but it could also be interpreted as an ill intention, which was even more cruel. Rather than a reminder, it was more of adding oil to fire and making him even more enraged.

After all, the one who's speaking was the murderer.

When Jun Mo Xie put himself in a good light as if he was innocent, it made Ning Wu Qing even more despondent and could not calm down.

When facing an enemy, he would stop at nothing. Even if the opponent is his lover as long as both of them had drawn their sword, they will be his enemy. Against his enemy, Jun Mo Xie had never been lenient.

Jun Mo Xie sighed, he had achieved his goal and had no intentions to continue mocking him, " Ni Wu Qing, I know you want revenge from me. Come and get it! I will be waiting here for you!"

He paused for a while before pointing out, "Ning Wu Qing, you want revenge only because your brother died. But have you thought about it? How many people have you killed in this life? How many people actually wanted revenge from you? You being so reluctant and emotionally attached to your dead brother is so ironic that I want to laugh. Those people that died under your hands, their family, they are equally as heartbroken as you. Aggrieved? You actually have the face to say that you feel aggrieved?"

"What about you? Jun Mo Xie! You think you are so high and mighty?! Don't tell me that you have never stained your hands with blood before! Where's your conscience? Aren't you the same as me?" Ning Wu Qing crazily yelled, "What means do you have to say me? You murderer!"

"Me? I had never said that I'm a gentleman or a good person. I'm like you, in fact, worse than you, crueller and more heartless! But, I would not be like you and act as if I was wronged. I killed people, others naturally can come to kill me, it is a matter of course. Just like how I killed your brother, and you sought me for revenge!"

Jun Mo Xie stared at him coldly, "Ning Wu Qing, since you have already prepared yourself for death, then I will not give you more time to recover from your loss. You got yourself so miserable just because someone died, living further would just be pointless for you. Come! The date today would be your death anniversary next year!"

Jun Mo Xie words were as sharp as a knife. His words caused Ning Wu Qing to be even more confused and his eyes started to waver...

"Leader Ning! You are now mentally disoriented, do not be influenced and get caught in Jun Mo Xie's stimulus plan! If we combine our strength we can easily kill this pair of adulterous couple!" someone from behind shouted.

Ning Wu Qing laughed bitterly but did not reply. He flicked his wrist and a long sword appeared. A wave of light shined in his hand.

Actions were the best reply. Ning Wu Qing straightened his back and for a moment, it was as if he had restored his charming old self, like a glistening sharp sword but with strong intentions of destruction.

At that moment, Ning Wu Qing's hurried gasp suddenly became peaceful.

It was not because Ning Wu Qing had calmed his anger but rather he forcefully pushed down whatever displeasure he had which caused blood to rush up his face.

Ning Wu Qing slowly raised his long sword towards his chest and slowly caressed the sword with his left fingers, from the base to the tip. He muttered to himself, "The sword that I used to use, was named Dragon Water Sword. After getting that sword, my skills improved quickly, I was able to save those that I wanted and also kill those that I wanted to. Since then, my sword was stained with the blood of my enemies and I have written an oath: As long as I have my sword, I stay alive. When my sword is gone, so am i. "

He took a deep breath and reminisced, "That sword had accompanied me through stormy days and good days, and carried the title of a hero for a lifelong. As I weaved my sword, there was nothing I was afraid of. Brought down the God of War, ceased Supreme Masters, killed Extreme Supreme Masters and dominated the Martial Art World. The sword was me, I was the sword! A person, a sword, our soul had been blended and can no longer be separated."

"During that very fight at Jun's house, the Dragon Water Sword was broken into pieces by Extreme Supreme Mei. At that moment, I felt myself reaching my own limit! Extreme Supreme Mei had to die to erase the nightmare I was feeling." Ning Wu Qing actually calmed down as he spoke, but as he continued, the surrounding atmosphere around him became more intimidating.

Jun Mo Xie knew Ning Wu Qing was not mentally disabled, but at this critical point, he was saying useless stuff not because he was reminiscing the past but he was using it to remember his glorious past and honours to motivate himself and gain more confidence for the fight. More importantly, it was giving him a reason to win the fight!

" Today, my younger brother died a horrible death and I, have also walked to the boundary of my death." Ning Wu Qing slowly lifted his head and his hair subtly moved even though there was no wind. On his wrinkled face, his deep eyes glowed, emitting scary stares. He fixed his gaze on Jun Mo Xie, " Luckily, there's still a young and handsome guy to accompany me on my journey. At least I would have some amusement as I walk through the underworld. As long as you die, I believe Extreme Supreme Mei will not be able to continue living. If I can use my life and bring the two of you along with me then it will be all worth it!"

Jun Mo Xie smiled, "Ning Wu Qing, your brother had his long-cherished wish realised and died with no regrets. Your death is already confirmed. But, if you want me to accompany you on your deathbed then it will just be your wishful thinking… I'm not saying that your abilities are weak, but honestly, even if the Three Holy Cities leaders were to combine forces, you might not be able to win us."

"Whether I can or cannot, I will not be able to see it." Ning Wu Qing laughed coldly and suddenly carried his sword to his chest. He sternly faced Jun Mo Xie and bowed. He straightened his back and said, "Just now, I was lost and confused, if you had attacked at that time, I will not have the chance to take my revenge. I owed you another one. But, I cannot forget about the revenge for my brother. Jun Mo Xie, after this bow, I will not owe you anymore! I will let fate decide whether I live or not!"

Jun Mo Xie laughed ridiculously at him as he thought Ning Wu Qing had gone mad. Previously, when he wanted to kill Mei Xue Yan, he used all kinds of ways and methods that were cruel and mean to kill her. But now, towards the person that just killed his younger brother, he actually thanked him just because he did not attack him when he was vulnerable...

He had his order reversed! When he was supposed to maintain his demeanour, he was more evil than anyone, but when he shouldn't care about his demeanour, he actually considered about his honour and grace...

Ning Wu Qing is such a weirdo!

I could not understand!

"Jun Mo Xie! Please!"

Ning Wu Qing became serious as he drew his sword. He bent his elbow, shrink his sword and the tip of the sword brushed against his own rib. At that moment, he was like a whole new ruthless person becoming an invincible sword.

The atmosphere became ominous and the surrounding became cold.

Even his white hair that was fluttering seemed menacing.

Jun Mo Xie felt a menacing aura looming over him.

Such an intimidating aura, he really should not underestimate him.

The remaining seventeen members from Xunshi Immortal Palace stood forward together causing the ground to shake. All of them looked furious and shouted together, "We are going to get revenge for our brother and we vow using our leader's life!"

Ning Wu Qing stood still but his eyes were firm and clear and his aura became more imposing like dashing waves rushing to hit the shore. Finally, he had reached his peak condition.

The peak of his power!

This might be Ning Wu Qing's best form that he had presented in his whole life!

His power was released from his body and burst into the surrounding. The sword that he pressed against his rib shattered into pieces and the energy from the sword immediately when back into his body in large concentration.

From the perspective of others, it looked as if Ning Wu Qing was no longer just one person.

He combined the sword with himself!

The sharpest and unstoppable sword!

Before, he was just like a sword.

Now, he actually is a sword!

A real combination of human and sword!

The sword was him, he was the sword!

Breakthrough! At this critical moment, Ning Wu Qing had made his largest breakthrough!