Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 595

Chapter 594: Please Send Me On My Way
Chapter 594: Please send me on my way!
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There was nothing behind him, not even a shadow of Jun Mo Xie. Ning Wu Qing glanced back and forth continuously. All of a sudden, something showed up and flew out of the rocky area. The flying stone that came out of nowhere just now was so heavy that even though Ning Wu Qing's strength hit new highs, he still suffered from a pretty substantial injury. If he were to do it again, I'm afraid he wouldn't be able to withstand it

A smart man won't stand under a breaking wall. Ning Wu Qing decisively escaped the dangerous grounds!

Greenfields and the woods are just ahead!

Ning Wu Qing's body's condition began to deteriorate. His two feet on the ground, eyes observing, but suddenly his feet went soft. No one knew when the big hole in the ground had formed. Ning Wu Qing was not prepared for this. The next moment his entire body fell through the entire hole. However, he managed to react quickly in time and took one big and ferocious breath. The sword energy formed in his hands, and with that sword energy he aggressively hit. Using the help of the shockwave, it pulled his entire body out of the hole.

Ning Wu Qing's ability to react in emergencies was not too bad, but unfortunately for him, as he pulled his body out, Jun Mo Xie had already appeared in front of him with a solemn face, with a long sword in his hand heading for his eyes! Ning Wu Qing was horrified! He held out his dual sword energy to retaliate, but his slow body eventually fell back into the cave again!

This inexplicable cave was about a full 7 to 8 feet! Ning Wu Qing held himself together, falling through it. Jun Mo Xie was still outside the hole. There should not be any more sneak attacks in this cave. He could just wait for his toes to touch the ground, then use that energy to rebound out of the cave! This little distance above ground can't stop I, Ning Wu Qing! Even if you fill it with sand, I will still be able to rush out!

But in the process of falling through, a sudden lightning bolt shot through the mud wall of the cave! This was a huge shocker to Ning Wu Qing. He was astonished. He tried to dodge the bolt, but his shoulder got struck unavoidably. Ning Wu Qing's anger was through the roof. He roared in agner, He violently stuck out his other hand, and with a bang, a sword appeared and a deep mark could be seen on the ground.

It's coming to the end of it! Another mysterious sword struck through. And this time round, the target was the back of the bran! Ning Wu Qing could not catch his breath in time but was already smashed back into the hole. He had used almost all of his remaining power. He turned over, and crashed the ground head first.

But this was not the end of it!

The moment I touch the ground, I can and will avenge, and immediately! No matter how sly this Jun Mo Xie is, I swear to God I will slay you today!

However, Ning Wu Qing immediately panicked. What is going on? He clearly saw that he was going to land onto the ground, but looking again, why is pitch black? There was miles below his feet before he could reach the ground.

What exactly is going on?

Ever since he began to start falling, as long as Ning Wu Qing inhaled any single moment, a sword would emerge from the soil and take his life. And its motive was his vitalities, and to disrupt his breathing, to the point where he could not breathe! This Ning Wu Qing's face was already flushed red like a ruby!

Even though he was a master of the world, a person's breath could only last so long. But if he was not able to take a breath even in the midst of a battle... He would be afraid to die as well! Ning Wu Qing had been hit hard now, he had almost reached his limit.

What was even more terrible was that he was obviously falling legs first, but in the middle of everything, his orientation was inverted and he was falling head first now!

What is even more exasperating was that as long as he tried to use his arm to pierce into the mud wall to stabilize his body, the mud wall would instantaneously vanish into nothingness... It felt utterly uncomfortable…...

This process was absolutely not what a human could have!

The moment that Ning Wu Qing had feared for long was coming. He could not exchange breaths for so long, that his face, was beginning to turn purple!

The fall seemed to be endless, and it would not reach the end at all. The uninterrupted attacks in the middle of this endless journey, had already reached 15 to 16 times! Every time it happened, he was in between life and death! Now, even if he had the opportunity to breathe, Ning Wu Qing would not even dare to. Because, as long as he exhaled this last bit of breath, he would need to dodge all the bolts. He could only wait and see what happens.

He could only follow his inertia and continue to fall!

Ning Wu Qing even estimated, according to the angle of fall just now, he had fallen at least a hundred feet, but it was not yet the end! God Dammit, even if it's a cliff, this height it enough!


"BONGGG!" Ning Wu Qing slammed to the ground. "Crack". Many bones in his body were crushed. His head was deeply rooted into the hole and he instantly fainted….

Because, the end of the ground, turned out to be a harder stone that that of the mountain rock! The fact that Ning Wu Qing did not have his skull split apart meant that his skull was actually quite strong!

In the darkness, a shadow flashed. Jun Mo Xie appeared beside Ning Wu Qing. He sneered. He shrugged his legs a little and the rocks separated. Ning Wu Qing's head which was full of fresh blood oozing out of it bounced out.

The outcome would be decided like this!

Judging from Ning Wu Qing's strength, if Jun Mo Xie was to hit him hard on, he would be bound to death!

However, Jun Mo Xie had innumerable tricks up his sleeve! Like, dragging on Ning Wu Qing by his nose and run around madly, or to one by one, use his five elements of strengths to set a deathly trap, and make Ning Wu Qing dash for his own life. He was about to make this pro player collapse in front of him.

The ruthlessly slaughtered but still living Ning Wu Qing came to his senses. He looked around, only to realise that his whole body was lying flat onto the ground. Every single part of his body was crying pain. His head was itchy, but there was this thick liquid flowing out of it endlessly. He strenuously used his hand to touch it, and all he felt was pain! His consciousness gradually returned. It was difficult to move about. He had at least 10 bones broken within his body. His combat power definitely diminished.

He could see a blurry silhouette standing in front of him, but Ning Wu Qing closed his eyes. He took a deep breath and said with a hoarse voice, "Jun Mo Xie? Is that you?"

"Why of course! Ning Wu QIng, seems like you haven't been made muddle from the fall." Jun Mo Xie deeply voiced.

Ning Wu Qing resentfully sighed. He faintly asked, "Jun Mo Xie, this time round this old man lost. But, you… are you even human? Or... Are you actually a ghost?" He paused. "Are you able to control earth?"

Control earth!

This was the magical power of legendary talents! This kind of thing has never happened in this real world. Even before this, if someone talked to him about it, Ning Wu Qing would sneer! But at this moment, through his personal experience, he subconsciously asked him!

After experiencing so much, if Ning Wu QIng still could not see any bit strange about Jun Mo Xie, he's just too foolish…...

Jun Mo Xie thought and responded. "What do you think?"

Ning Wu Qing thought that he had admitted it. He laughed, "No wonder you don't care about anything… No wonder you're so bold… You have the magical powers to control heaven and earth… You're such a person, yet we were still made to fight with you endlessly. To force you step by step to walk a path of ours. We were just so foolish… Not knowing just how big and how vast the ocean is. My Three Holy Lands are just ants who sheltered the world, yet we are not aware of how high the sky is and how deep the well is for the frog that we are…"

Jun Mo Xie kept silent for a long time, then replied. "Our situation has long been clear. Your Three Holy Lands, even if they did not make enemies with me, I would find you guys either way! You should know what I mean."

Ning Wu Qing coughed and laughed. "Yes… For Supreme Mei… You would do that." He tried to raise his head with much effort, but his neck bone had broken. "Jun Mo Xie… The words I said today, although it was a provocation, it is also the truth... I... hope you can consider it carefully..."

Jun Mo Xie said in a cold and serious tone. "About that, you don't have to worry; I already made plans."

Ning Wu QIng laughed. 'Seems like I can't exact my revenge?"

Jun Mo Xie remained indifferent. "What do you think? Do you think that in this state, you have the strength to kill me?"

"Nothing!" Ning Wu Qing laughed, tears and his snort coming out. He laughed tauntingly, but this ridicule was for him. He stopped his laughter, then said softly. "Jun Mo Xie, I beg of you this one thing."

"What thing?" Jun Mo Xie probably guessed what it was.

"Send me on the road… I really want to leave, at this point in time where my brother can still recognize my broken body. "Ning Wu Qing's eyes gradually disappeared. "My brother is waiting on the road for me, I can see it. He's waving at me… Jun Mo Xie… You don't know, that although my brother's powers are strong, he's pretty timid… When he was young, he would be afraid when walking alone on the road in the dark.... I want to hold his hand…"

Jun Mo Xie took a deep breath, and did not say a word.

He could only hear Ning Wu Qing muttering "This road… it's really dark.. and cold… If you didn't have me… My brother… How would he dare to go? He's alone, and will be lonely… and afraid... I'm his big brother, and will always be…. I need to go accompany him… I will tell father and mother, I have sent Feng Yi home already… He's one of us Ning's now, Ning Feng Yi… Father and mother don't know of this yet…" Full of warmth, his mouth was dripping blood. His white moustache was turning red.

Jun Mo Xie sighed. Ning Wu Qing, even though he was not a good person, but, considering his attachment to his family… it's really touching!

"And also Xiao He… My Xiao He… After a hundred years apart, we shall reunite again today. From this day on, no one will bully you ever..." Ning Wu QIng's face was flushed with red. And in his eyes, one could see an array of colours of happiness. But his vision was already blurred. "Reunion… I'm coming home..."

Suddenly, his body straightened. Not knowing where the strength came from. He could even sit up properly. His broken neck, even, with a 'crack' sound, became reattached magically. "Jun Mo Xie, send me on the road… They are waiting for me… Xiao He's eyes are full of tears. She's waited for me for 170 years… I can't wait any longer. Quick… Hurry… I beg of you…"

Ning Wu Qing's eyes shined in the darkness. His face was full of bliss, as though his loved ones were really waiting for him, to return for reunion…...

Jun Mo Xie closed his eyes, and with the Godly Sword, Blood of Yan Huang, he pieced through Ning Wu Qing's heart with no mistake. He said in a deep voice, "I wish you all, to finally reunite!"