Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 596

Chapter 597: the Fourth Book Chapter 203 Agents Report
Chapter 597: The fourth book Chapter 203 Agents Report
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"So as to speak, only Chu Qi Hun, the subject of the rumour, is capable of doing it! I can't imagine that this rascal, who has not even reach the skills level of Beyond Supreme, had carried out such tactics!"

Zi Jing Hong, who was suddenly concerned of another seemingly big matter at hand, took in a deep breath.

"So to say, when Venerable Mei came to you and your army at the first round, she was not hurt at all? Are your combat tactics complete? Did you and your army even try to stop her?"

Xiao Wei Cheng's face reddened. He slammed the table once, stood up and shouted.

"Zi Jing Hong, do you really have to mock at Old Madam? Based on the given situation, if it was you, would you have stopped her?" His slam on the table was remarkably loud, causing the public in shock and looked to him.

"How would I dare; how would I dare Brother Xiao please cool down." Zi Jing Hong pacified him quickly, but his heart was full of disdain.

Clearly, it was you and your army who lacked the guts when encountering Venerable Mei and Chu Qi Hun, whose presence was not even certain. You realised that your tactics were causing damage to your own and decided to retreat without battling, but Old Madam's replenishment only requires to brush past and say half of a line. Is it a crime to say the truth? Fuck, even if you are fully aware that you will be defeated, you should have risk your life to battle. Even if the whole army is fully defeated, it will be kind to allow us to take an advantage as well

The atmosphere in the room immediately turned awkward.

At this time, the door opened and two of them came in lifelessly. They clasped their fists as a form of respect towards Zi Jing Hong.

"Three Masters, we have come back." The two of them were whom Zi Jing Hong sent to check on the battle situation at the Elusive Land of the Immortals.

"Good that you have returned peacefully. How is the battle situation there?" Zi Jing Hong asked urgently.

"The battle situation is quite disastrous!" One of their faces turned solemn, "Honestly speaking, we did not discover any specific details of the situation. But based on our experience and judgements, the loss of Elusive Land of the Immortals was definitely not small this time! Or even, this is uncertain but their whole army might even be already wiped out!"

"What?" Zi Jing Hong and Xiao Wei Cheng stood up at the same time, their faces were pale with shock.

"What is going on actually? Tell us quickly!" The two of them were almost asking at the same time. Fundamentally, they had hoped for the strength of the army from the Elusive Land of the Immortals to be weakened, it would be happier if the army was totally wiped out! But if this was true, then the party who had won was no doubt Venerable Mei. They would have to face such a strong opponent. How would they possibly not be in shock?

"Once we reached the mountain's opening, the ambush that was set by the Elusive Land of the Immortals, we discovered traces of a disastrous battle at a hundred metres away. Within the space of a few hundred metres, snowflakes that was accumulated was thoroughly removed. On the floor, there was traces of weaponry used to remove a thick layer, at least half of a ten metres deep. The marks left by the swords are clearly visible and lifelike. There were visible blood traces on the floors of the few hundred places!" The person's face turned solemn and he paced himself.

The person is Gou Bu Huan. Before he went to illusory Ocean of Blood, he was an expert in the field of tracking. Now that the situation was mentioned, logical and clear, it allowed people to see it infront of their eyes.

"There are actually hundreds of places with blood traces!" ZI Jing Hong and Xiao Wei Cheng looked at each other, both of them were able to identify how stunned the other party was. How disastrous was the battle to have caused a massive scale of blood traces to be present?

Such an extreme and disastrous battle would mean that

"If this is the case, the subordinate, I, had checked on the blood traces one by one and had identified specifically. Some of the blood traces are bloody-red in colour, had a slight smell, most probably are from bodily liquids of the skin or limbs. Some blood traces are thicker and are dark-red in colour. When it is placed in the mouth, it felt like a solid. They are blood from the organs." Gou Bu Huan rolled out his tongue, licking his lips all over. His thin and long tongue sliding across his upper and lower lips, giving out a sound. It had definitely brought back memories.

The people around him had strange faces and turned their heads around, seemed like they had the need to vomit. Since he had identified, then we had to go along. The rascal had even tasted.

It is fine for you to taste, but why do you have to talk about it? And in such great detail

You idiot, can't you just tell us directly that the blood traces comes from the organ's blood? You could even relish in the speech. That was human's blood. Fuck. What a sicko!

Zi Jing Hong's face had turned slightly pale. He forced a smile and looked down to avoid looking at his lips and asked.

"Are there other clues?"

"If based solely on blood traces, it is normal that nothing can be confirmed. Hence the subordinate, I, had started to search everywhere for bodies, the Three Masters. Subordinate, I, had been trapped at the bottom of the cliff in the past with no replenishments. I had resort to eating the flesh from human's dead bodies, so I am particularly sensitive to the body smell. I thought I could find it easily"

Just before he finished his words, someone from the side suddenly stood up with a sound. His face was pale white. Clasping his fists at once.

"The Three Masters, I had some private matters to settle and I need to take a walk outside. I will make a move first." He lifted off the curtains and walked off, without waiting for Zi Jing Hong to reply, seemed like he's on a run. Instantly, there was a sound of vomiting from the door.

Not sure if it was a chain reaction, but a few of the others followed suit and stood up. They gave strange faces when they were informing to leave, and they leaped out the door. Before they made a move, they did not forget to look at the rascal who reported, with hatred in their eyes. They made a harsh vow to themselves to never eat at the same table with this rascal, who actually ate dead body's flesh

He is a fucking beast!

To kill someone, everyone would have done before, and have killed quite a number of times. But to find someone who eat human flesh, especially the flesh from a dead body, HMPH! How disgusting how can this be

Within a short time, there were only three people left in the room, Zi Jing Hong, Xiao Cheng Wei and the rascal who self-proclaimed that he eats dead body's flesh. Even the few who accompanied him to survey the terrains were the last to leave in a scurry.

It was actually Zi Jing Hong and Xiao Cheng Wei who remained calm even when they were in shock. Although their faces had gone pale and their body were trembling. They even felt something lodged on their throat. It was moving up and down and it seemed like there was something in there to swallow. But they were able to stay calm eventually. They were no doubt the leader figures from the two Holy Cities. They were capable indeed

"The three masters, are both of you alright?" Gou Bu Huan looked at his figure-heads strangely.

After a while, Zi Jing Hong gurgled with a pale-white face. He seemed to have swallowed something. With eyebrows furrowed, and a face of disgust, he waved his hands restlessly.

"Can you talk directly to the point, pick the important points. Leave out the unimportant details and talk us straight to the conclusion."

"Yes, The Three Masters. Subordinate, I, had the experience and could naturally understand how dead bodies work. The period not long after his death, there will be a strange smell. It is a special smell, like the smell of the pig flesh that was filled with water, it tasted slightly sour and it is chewy, especially at the thighs which is fleshy and tasted the freshest"

"HMPH!" Zi Jing Hong could no longer tolerate and threw a kick. The rascal who was still eyebrows furrowed and in deep thoughts got a boot, causing him to tumble. Zi Jing Hong went forward to step on him and gave him a few punches continuously, 'Peng, peng, peng!'.
He could not control his anger and retorted.

"Laozi, I, had asked you to speak to the point, and talk about the conclusion. But fuck you to reminisce endlessly over eating those dead bodies! Did you not have ears or do not grow any brains? Can you not understand the human language? PFFFTT"

Like how a person's strength may grow weak, a person still has its limits, and there is no exception regardless of what status you are!

The usual Zi Jing Hong was self-possessed and graceful, having a poised demeanor. He had actually maintained such grace and charm for his entire life, but who would have known that today, he would actually throw a fit and spoke a torrent of vulgarities. His usual demeanor had disappeared without a single trace. Not only did he mention Laozi, but profanities were tumbling out of his mouth and he spoke so loudly as though he was afraid that the others could not hear him. His punches were heavy and deadly, every punch was going against the wind, and the rascal was beaten to a pulp.

At the moment, the person with the lowest ability in the inn was the Supreme expert. Everyone was sharp and was instantly straining their ears for gossips. Zi Jing Hong went mad. This was really indeed a rare case that had not been seen in a hundred years!

Why is that really so?

To be honest, Xiao Cheng Wei's face was really awful at the moment. Or maybe this person here did not belong to Great Golden City? Or maybe he should not have crossed the lines to handle other people's matters? When will it be Zi Jing Hong's turn to take the matter to his own hand? He should have left North and South to fight! Now as he was witnessing Zi Jing Hong lecturing the rascal, as an outsider not only did he refuse to dissuade them from fighting, but he was exhilarating with joy as he chanted in his heart, 'He deserved to be punch! Fuck, this is so exciting!'

Gou Bu Huan was screaming pathetically, but he did not dare to fight back or take a cover. His eyes were filled with hopelessness and anger.

"What did I do wrong? Why did you have to beat me up?"

You scum, up till now, you still do not know where did u do wrong?

After a round of flaring up, Zi Jing Hong, who have vented his anger, finally stood up and released him. He finally recovered his usual demeanor after he took in a deep breath and angled his mouth to drink a sip of tea. He said plainly.

"Get up on your feet. Then, talk about the important points, the conclusion You shall not say things that you should not say."

"HMMPPHH, HMMPPHH" Gou Bu Huan had a face of woe after being forceful tussle. He scrambled to his feet in exasperation. Although he belonged to the Supreme class of experts, but, Zi Jing Hong was the top-ranked superior, and had the practice as a Beyond Supreme. The punch was not light at all, but it was met without resistance and any feelings of vengeance

"Your subordinate, I, had looked thoroughly within and entirely, but had not came across that smell." He just suffered a few punches, and had definitely analysed a few reasons roughly, thus he himself did not dare to continue talking about the specific words especially. Although in his heart, he still hoped to talk about it.

But the moment Zi Jing Hong and Xiao Wei Cheng heard the word 'smell', their faces tensed up and Zi Jing Hong involuntarily clenched his fists tightly. He stared into his eyes with deep hatred.

"This is absolutely strange, when people just died, it is a definite for them to possess the smell. The smell from the dead body, even though it is buried deep in the ground, is still identifiable and distinct. But there is absolutely no smell coming from that place. You're your subordinate, I, had sniffed so hard that it had started to ache, but I am still not able to discover any sort of smell. But the only thing is that the number of people who died from this battle is definitely not less!"

Gou Bu Huan was in deep thoughts while he spoke, a little confused and unable to comprehend. How would he know if some dead bodies may have been cleaned up by Jun Mo Xie using the Power of Earth and were buried in the ground metres below? Separated, heaven and earth, neither a human nose nor a dog nose will be able to identify the smell.

Gou Bu Huan's nose was previously beaten with a punch by Zi Jing Hong. When he was in deep thoughts, blood was flowing from his noise and down his lips. Unnoticeably, he stuck out his thin tongue and gave a clean lick. Then he kept his tongue with a sound and smothered around his lips.

Xiao Wei Cheng's anger was rising, increasing in extent till he could no longer endure, but he still forced himself to turn his back. He was afraid that if he continued looking, he would really at that moment, cannot help but to pluck out the rascal's tongue and threw it away.

If that is the case, then the Great Golden City and the Illusory Ocean of the Blood would have a big feud