Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 598

Chapter 601: Chapter 207: I Am Jun Mo Xie
Chapter 601: Chapter 207: I am Jun Mo Xie!
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Jun Mo Xie and Mei Xue Yan slowly approached the group. The men seemed to have spotted them as well, one of them shouted a command, and nine people put on their old tattered shirt properly. With one man as the lead, the nine people walked towards the duo in a neat formation. They were very serious and their formation was neat and orderly. This was how army soldiers received guests!

Only nine people came forward, while the rest did not bat their eyelids as they continued doing their work.

The nine people stopped in front of them. The leader was a man who seemed about forty years old. He had a stubbed chin and an obvious scar on his face. He wrapped one fist with his other hand and greeted the duo, "May I ask if mister and miss are here to pay respect to Marshal Jun in the mountain?"

"Yes,"Jun Mo Xie said nicely, "uncle, may we trouble you to help lead the way?"

Jun Mo Xie realized that these people were his father's loyal soldiers. They had been here for a decade just to guard Jun Wu Hui's tomb. He felt that he had to treat the man in front of him with great respect, simply because of his unmovable loyalty and determination.

If this was not a good man, there would be no good man in this world! Even though he had memories from his previous life, where he met great characters as well, it was still extremely previous to meet such good people in this life. Jun Mo Xie's respect was sincere and deep-rooted.

Jun Mo Xie calling him "Uncle" made the man confused. These men all went through wars and a lot of events. They were street-smart and thus extremely sensitive. He turned and exchanged look with a few others. Although he looked less alarmed after turning back, he still asked, "Well, I don't think you need to address me so respectfully. I am but an uncultured man. May I know which family are you from?"

"I am Jun Mo Xie."Jun Mo Xie took a deep breath. As he said his name, he felt a tad of sadness in his heart, as if at that moment, his entire soul had become one with this body Jun Wu Hui's son, Jun Mo Xie!

"You said you are Jun Mo Xie? Really?"The uncle, Wang Meng's face changed drastically. He took a few steps backwards and his look at Jun Mo Xie changed, it was an expression that was very hard to decipher.

There was a mixture of different emotions in his eyes, respect, anger, happiness and even motivation His lips trembled as he said, "We welcome the Third Son of the familyBut, did you bring the family heirloom?"

Jun Mo Xie looked away and he removed a jade pendant that was tied to his belt. He passed the pendant to Wang Meng.

It was a green jade pendant, there was a small blood orchid symbol on top and a gold word 'Jun' written under the flower.

There was also a sentence engraved at the back: Live righteously, never fall to the dark side*! (which is the meaning of Mo Xie)

This was the symbol unique to the Jun Family, and this pendant was the proof of Jun Mo Xie's identity!

As he holds the heirloom of the Jun Family, the uncle's hands began to tremble and tears welled up in his eyes [It's been so long Jun! This word has left us for a decade! A good ten years and now it is finally back to us again.]

Even though Jun Zhan Tian was a healthy old man, he was getting old. So in these few years, he had only been here twice. Jun Wu Yi was paralyzed and his wrongdoings made him too shameful to show up to visit his dead brother's grave. He could only send his housekeepers here for a few times every year.

Jun Family's pendant

The descendant's pendant!

This man in front of him was the only son of their Marshal!

Suddenly, Wang Meng cried and knelt down. His voice was trembling as he said, "Wang Meng hereby welcome Third MasterGod had been kind, you finally grew up and become more understandingIf Marshal knew, he would be proud"It was as if Jun Mo Xie visiting his blood-related father's grave was an unbelievable and rare miracle.

"Wang Meng Uncle please don't do that, Mo Xie is in no position to have you like this!" Jun Mo Xie got a shock. He immediately tried to help Wang Meng get up. Many feelings welled up inside him, and his eyes, too, were turning red.

Since a few years ago, words had got out that Jun Mo Xie was irresponsible and obnoxious. The rumor that he had amazing skills only managed to spread in recent times, but people in the rural areas had yet to know about this, and they still thought of him as the useless boy. However, the fact that his visit had such a big impact on his father's soldiers made Jun Mo Xie really nostalgic and sad.

Son paying respect to dead father, this was such a natural thing. But now that he was there, Wang Meng was so excited and impressed. It was obvious that their expectations for him were really low This also showed how low of a person Jun Mo Xie was before

With his face wet with tear, he turned back and shouted, "Every one assemble! Great news, Jun Third Master is visiting our Marshal! His third son! Everyone gather at once, come welcome him!"

The crowd started boiling, all the people threw their shovel and ran towards them without shirts. Everyone was super hyped up, one of the older men were running and crying, "Finally you are here, the Marshal must have waited for you to visit him for very long. The gods finally answered our prayer and his son is visiting him! This must be one wish fulfilled for our Marshal"

As much as Jun Mo Xie was a calm and composed person, he could not help it but tear up. Their sincere happiness was making Jun Mo Xie feel guilty.

They crowded around Jun Mo Xie and Mei Yan Xue. Everyone's expression was the same, pure happiness. After they got over their excitement, they started chatting non-stop with the duo, "Third Master is indeed the son of our Marshal, look at these eyes, just as wise as that of Marshal's."

"No, I think the mouth is the part that looks most like Marshal. This was exactly how Marshal would gently purse his lips together, with a little cruel but determined vibe. He was dead serious and would look like this every time he gave a command. There was once I lifted my head discretely as he was giving us command, and I got a shock when I saw his serious face"

"Your eyes are all failing you! Look at his eyebrows, typical sword-shaped brows! Back when Marshal defeated Sword Soul Zhao, as he gave the main command, his eyebrow was raised like this. I felt that we were bound to win at that moment."


As they chatted on and on, somehow their voice gradually got softer as it faded to silence. It was all reduced to the same mumbling, "You really look like Marshal"Slowly, all of them had teary eyes.

Suddenly, one of them started bawling, he sounded extremely sad as he stuttered, "I feel like I just met Marshal again. Your face I will see it in my dreams every day Finally I feel like I just met Marshal himself again today. Why didn't you come earlier, Marshal and we have all been waiting for your arrival"

With this man to start crying out loud, all the others too pursed their lips and clenched their jaws. They were all trying hard to stop their tears from flowing, but they all failed in the end as their tears fell nonstop.

The face they had been dreaming of for a decade

Sadly, the person was no long Marshal himself!

[He's the son of Marshal. As for Marshal Seems like we will never see him again]

Tears were raining down!

These manly people were all bawling their hearts out!

[Who says real men don't cry. They just have not been at their saddest times!]

True and sincere men would cry their emotions when they were at their saddest state.

This strong emotion even got to Mei Yan Xue. The pretty lady turned to the side but she could not hide her sadness.

This was the first time Jun Mo Xie saw other people's tears, and he tried really hard to console everyone. With this, everyone finally stopped crying and were all wiping their face in embarrassment, as if they just did something shameful

In an attempt to change the subject, Wang Meng wiped off his tears and gave a weak smile and said, "Third Master, who is this miss?" With this question, everyone's eyes fell on the beautiful girl who was together with Third Master, and got excited: could she be

"Uncles, this lady here is my wife, her surname is Mei. HahaToday's trip was also for Father and for you all to get to meet her. How do you all find her?"Jun Mo Xie smiled and introduced Mei Xue Yan.

"Really?" Wang Meng jumped in joy and laughed, "You have such a pretty and nice lady as your wife, if Marshal was to know, he would be really happy!" Everyone was smiling from ear to ear and looking at Mei Xue Yan with a doting look. They seemed like it was their own son who got married.

With so many eyes on her, the confident Venerable Mei also became shy and blushed profusely, her heart was racing non-stop

"Come on brothers, move aside. I have to hurry and bring Third Master and wife to meet Marshal now. Marshal must have waited for very long. It's been a decade since Marshal last saw his son. Him being here with his wife is great news for all of us!" said Wang Meng, with his face flushed in excitement and his arms raised. Even though Jun Wu Hui already passed on ten years ago, when this bunch of soldiers brought up his name, they still used words such as "meet" instead of "paying respect" to him.

Those words were not for them, they were meant for people that were not closed to their hearts. To them, their Marshal never would never die! He was still alive! The camp tent and the flag, everything reminded them of him! Jun Wu Hui!

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