Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 599

Chapter 600: Chapter 206: Before Tian Guan Lin
Chapter 600: Chapter 206: Before Tian Guan Lin
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"Impossible,"Zi Jing Hong said repeatedly. He was puzzled and stayed in silence for very long before saying,"there's nothing in front of Jun Wu Hui's grave Nothing! His sword was resting on the altar, and it was extremely clean and shiny. His grave, was not even a cenotaph it was a Marshal tent There were chairs and tables, benches, Marshal desk, command plate Everything was sparkly clean, and Jun Wu Hui's statue was sitting right at the centre."

"There are army camps all around. Everything was placed at where they are supposed to be at, with utmost accuracy. There are three thousand guards, and everyday there would be people patrolling the premise, just like how it was like when Jun Wu Hui was still alive. There was top-level security and everyone entering and leaving would have to undergo a thorough check. There was no exceptions."

"A soldier on patrol would be in proper attire with serious expression, there was no room for jokes! Moreover, their attire is the army attire from a decade ago! These people they are really acting acting like they are not just guarding a tomb, but the Marshal Camp from back in time! Their loyalty really goes deep into their bone! Brother Xiao, it might be possible for one person, a few dozen or a few hundred, but to think this trend extends to the entire army This cannot be possible but for the legendary commander!"

He took a deep breathe, "If Jun Wu Hui was still alive, even I would like to meet him for myself."

Xiao Wei Cheng was really amazed too, and said in response, "Same here. I'm going to pay my respect to this white-shirt Marshall up on the mountain tomorrow."

Zi Jing Hong smiled, and said, "No matter how beautiful the legend is, there will be a full stop drawn to it one day. I think there is none other than this legendary commando who kept his soldiers' loyalty to him even after his death. No doubt you want to pay him your respects! Even though we are juniors to him, it would still mean something to him!

Xiao Wei Cheng's expressions were dead serious, and he nodded with a heavy heart. Heroes appreciated and respected one another, and it was not affected by backgrounds or skill levels.

After a few days with gloomy weather, the sky was finally clear. The sun was bright and shone brightly over the lands. Everything was white under the sunlight, as if the world was chiseled from a block of pure white jade. It was so bright, that if one did not use power to protect his eyes and glimpsed at the sun, one would feel pain in his eyes!

The weather was extremely cold despite the sun.

There were two silhouettes gliding along the path with great agility, as if they were weightless. They moved through the thick snow in a flash, with zero effort.

Even the legendary ability to take flight "Tracelessly"could not match up to their level. One might only be able to match up to their level if they reached the even scarier level of "Travelling through vacuum", but these people did not seem like it either.

Indeed, these two were not using ability to take flight. Both of them had some weird device tied onto the bottom of their feet. If it was ability to take flight, there was no need for this type of burden. They were holding a thin branch in hand, and poking left and right. As much as they looked really absurd, it was making their travelling rather comfortable, easy and fast. They looked like two white meteorite flying across the land as they sailed through the white snow.

At a closer look, one would realize it was a teenage boy and girl. They were really attractive! The guy was handsome and energetic, while the girl was gorgeous and luring. What a match made in heaven!

Clouds were drifting across the sky. Against the white snow covering the numerous mountains and valleys, the duo's black hair and white clothes were lifted by the wind This scene looked like it was taken right out of a painting

There was a split road ahead, where the mountain range was ending.

The path split the hills and at one of the path, there was a pointer: 'Tian Guan Lin! Blood tears from the Heaven! Every word was written with great emotions and an untamed air, but all to the point of conveying the sadness and helplessness of a hero at his wits' end.

Jun Mo Xie saw those few words from quite a distance away. They gave him a strong and overwhelming sense of sadness .

Jun Mo Xie halted from his high-speed movement. He stood in front of the monument and felt a strange feeling welling up inside.

"What's wrong?" His pause let Mei Yan Xue overtook him in an instance, who had to turned back to check on Jun Mo Xie.

Today's Mei Yan Xue was no longer a newbie, and she could control her movements however she liked. Otherwise, it would not have been possible for her to execute that turn, which was actually very difficult. Gliding through the snow was tricky stuff!

Hearing Mei Yan Xue's question, Jun Mo Xie acted as if he did not hear anything and remained in silence for very long, staring hard at the words. His gaze was showing glimpse of his loss, sadness and bitterness, as his scroll of ancient memories was unfolded in front of him at that moment.

"Tian Guan Lin! Blood tears from Heaven!"Mei Yan Xue read the words out, suddenly it rang the bell in her head. Her eyes opened wide in surprise, "Here lies your father Uncle?"

Mei Yan Xue was too shocked to speak coherently. Judging by age and power, she really should not be calling Jun Mo Xie's father 'Uncle'.

"Yes, it's my father."Jun Mo Xie did not care about the inaccuracy in her words. This reply flowed out naturally. His expression was serious as he slowly said, "This place was his last battlefield, where he would forever rest in."

He stared in sadness at the words, emotions mixing aand crashing around in his heart. It seemed that this was the first time for both the previous Mo Xie, or himself after his travel through time and space into this world. Jun Mo Xie really wanted to grab the old Mo Xie's soul and give him a good beating!

Jun Mo Xie used to think that this brat was just wasteful, but it now seemed like he was also unfilial! No matter how far it was, as a son, he should have visited his father's grave for at least twice every year! But he did not come here in ten years, not even once!

"Let's take this path." Jun Mo Xie's voice was low as he looked towards the Tian Guan Lin's direction.

Mei Yan Xue agreed softly and never spoke again. She quietly followed behind Jun Mo Xie, and neither of them used the travelling technique again, or snow sled for that matter. They walked, step by step. Thoughts were drifting away from them and everything seemed intangible at that moment.

Even though the path was covered by a thick layer of snow, it was obvious that it was cleaned usually by many people. It was sparkly clean everywhere, and even the flowers and bushes along the cliff were trimmed perfectly.

"There might be people from the Illusory Ocean of Blood along this path to ambush us!"Jun Mo Xie was walking with his hands behind. His slow stroll and his drifting voice made it seem like he was saying something irrelevant, "If they were really going to ambush us, I, Jun Mo Xie, swear here and now that no matter what it would take, I would murder all of the Three Holy Lands. Everyone, every plant, every soul and their civilization's work and success earned from thousand years of hard work would all be crushed in my hands!"

His tone was light and indifferent, but Mei Yan Xue could hear the immovable determination inside.

"I don't think it would happen. Even though the Three Holy Lands have problems against us, the Tian Fa forest. They should know how important this place is, so I don't think they would do something so inhumane"Mei Yan Xue said lightly.

She knew what Jun Mo Xie was thinking. To ambush a person's son in front of his grave was utterly inhumane and cruel. No matter how evil the person was, he would think twice before doing things like this.

Not only would it be inhumane, it would even cost him his credits for the Underworld!

This, would be a taboo!

"Hopefully, it would be their blessings from their ancestors if they don't do it. You touch a dragon's scale, you would be presented with death instantly. You touch my scale, all your ten generations would die in my hands."Jun Mo Xie said, his eyes sharp despite his calm voice.

Mei Yan Xue was speechless. She followed closely behind, and dissed him in her heart: seriously, who do you think you are. If the Three Holy Lands chose not to ambush us, it just means that they know their standards. Blessings from ancestors? Ten generations would all die? Who do you think you are

Nothing could sound wilder and more untamed than killing more than nine generations of a person. Ten generations

However, Mei Yan Xue believed that Jun Mo Xie would do it and he could do it! Even if he did not have enough power at the moment, he would be able to do it in the future! She was sure of this.

The two sped up, they looked like two meteorites moving forward. The path ahead was getting broader, and on the next turn, both of them stopped short and looked at what was in front

In the distance, there was a group of about a hundred shirtless men, shoving snow in this cold weather. All of them were hot and sweaty from doing work, and all their hot breath seemed like fog. All these grown men did not have very high Xuan Qi level, at most Silver Xuan level. In this cold weather, they must have spent quite some time to get things done..

The people at the front were shoving away snow, piling snow up. At the back, there were people pushing small cart and carrying the snow into the snow cart to be transferred away. This would be followed up by someone with a special large broom who would continue sweeping away the snow until the soil and rocks could be seen. No one was talking, everyone was hard at work. This job was extremely holy

It could be seen that the road behind them was very clean without any snow. It was as if the workers shaved off a layer of the ground. The winding path disappeared into the distance.

With this place being so inaccessible, even if it could be used to travel, there would be very few people who actually would use it.

Jun Mo Xie felt that his nose was uncomfortable. He knew just what was wrong with this place.

This people looked like they were above thirty years old. Some were even older, but none was over forty years old. They all looked crazed and orderly, which was a little strange.

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