Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 60

Chapter 59 sky xuan
[TL: I have decided to change the Supreme God Xuan rank into Supreme Divine Xuan rank. I will change those in the earlier chapters later on.]

Chapter 059 Sky Xuan?

Regular Chapter

Seeing the assassins heading towards him earlier, Jun Xie had already thought of a method to get out of this situation. As he was falling down in a seemingly miserable manner, he exercised every ounce of skill and focused it upon his chest. Through the empowerment of his internal energies, his outer and inner robes bulged forward, forming two delicate layers of protection. The heavy kicks from the assassin seemingly connected with Jun Xies chest, but was in fact interfered with by the pulsing outer robe, causing its momentum to dissipate by a large margin. Next, the pulsing inner robe acted in concert to further shave off another layer of momentum off the kicks.

As such, the amount of force behind the attack was only at less than one third of the original. By the time the kicks landed on his chest, the momentum behind it had been mostly spent, leaving only a minor force behind it. Despite that, a sword wound and two kicks were not something the present Jun Xie could easily endure. It was in fact quite difficult. At the same time, Jun Xie channelled the Art of Heavens Fortune to force all the blood from his injuries into a mass of blood which he then sprayed out. It seemed like a scary amount, but was in fact nothing severe.

The sword wound was cocooned by the powers of the Art of Unlocking Heavens Fortune. With the Arts mysterious prowess, the wound could only be considered a flesh wound. The two kicks on the other hand was a different matter, causing him no small amount of pain.

If these men had waited for Jun Xie to leave before dealing with Princess Ling Meng, or perhaps if they had ignored Jun Xie in their assassination mission, then Jun Xie would have simply walked away in a calm manner by now. At best, Princess Ling Meng was only Jun Moxies dream lover and not Jun Xies. Thus, this senior had no scruples at all about not caring for her. Heroes will step forth to protect beauties, but in order to obtain and protect beauties; one must first have a sufficient amount of strength. It just so happened that strength was what the Third Young Master Jun was lacking at the present!

Instead, these assassins decided to include him in the target list, causing the Evil Monarchs fury to rise to the skies! Disregarding the possibility that something like this might happen again in the future, Jun Xie would never forgive them for what they did this time around!

Against all those who harmed me or those who attempted to harm me, I have always dealt with them pre-emptively! Since you wanted to kill me, then you better watch it! I may not be able to kill you now, but I sure can disrupt this plan of yours! Even though this would be a non-beneficial transaction, I will still have to do it for once!

Therefore, Jun Xie who should have left decided not to. Witnessing Princess Ling Meng in her critical situation, he utilized his unlocked meridians to mimic the qi of a Sky Xuan ranked expert. He poured the qi into his flying dagger before shooting it out with a swirling manoeuvre.

The two assassin leaders were about to push their swords forward and finish off Princess Ling Meng when they suddenly felt something off. A blue radiance flashed before them, causing everyone to squint their eyes due to its extremely dazzling brilliance!

Dark blue!

A small flying dagger which had seemingly appeared out of nowhere, struck down in between the two swords of the assassins and Princess Ling Mengs body!

This small flying dagger had seemingly brought with it the entirety of the dark blue aspect of the night down upon the ground. The dark blue colour upon it caused everyones soul to palpitate with fear!

Amidst the darkness of the night, this dark blue radiance was simply dazzling!


Sky Xuan expert!

The two masked men in black cried out in fear, an expression of extreme horror flashed within their eyes. They lost all thoughts of killing Princess Ling Meng, hastily retracted their swords and retreated quickly in an awkward manner. Their expression after seeing the flying dagger was akin to seeing a deadly viper!

That was a strength that they simply could not defy!

Indeed, when facing Princess Ling Meng who had the strength of Silver Xuan, the two of them were like an adult fighting a child. However, in the face of a top existence known as the Sky Xuan ranked expert, a Gold Xuan expert were at best a baby, if not an ant!

There were not many Sky Xuan experts within Tianxiang Kingdom, how could one suddenly appear at this crucial moment?!

Although the flying dagger was imbued with an azure blue colour, it seemed to be lacking any force behind it. It gently fell to the ground, inserting itself between the two men in black and Princess Ling Meng. The thin flying dagger stood like a willow branch, swaying gently. The azure blue radiance upon it remained without dispersing. After a moment, the flying dagger was finally restored to its original colour!

Many of them at the scene were shocked and simultaneously stopped whatever they were doing. Their eyes were all focused on the small flying dagger inserted upon the ground, their expressions filled with astonishment!

In their eyes, the small flying dagger had transformed into an insurmountable moat!

Upon the flying dagger was the deep blue colour, which was maintained from the moment it was shot out until way after it had stopped! Judging by these events, this Sky Xuan experts level of cultivation must have reached the pinnacle stage! The gap between this expert and the Supreme Divine Xuan realm was probably only half a step!

In addition, this flying dagger was shot out without any sound, seemingly without any force behind it. Yet, the high level of precision involved in controlling the trajectory of the flying dagger declared something to them. It declared that this flying dagger was meant as a form of deterrence; the Sky Xuan expert had not issued it with the intention to kill! This act made it appear that this expert had no worries and simply did not view the nine assassins highly. It was obvious that the expert had absolute confidence in his ability to kill them all in an instant if any of them tried to make a move against Princess Ling Meng! To say that a Sky Xuan expert could wipe out these nine men with a wave of his hand was not an exaggeration.

Everyone there were highly capable individuals possessing vast amounts of experience. How could they not understand the intentions of this secretive expert?

As the two assassin leaders were about to stab Princess Ling Meng, a figure draped in blue clothing suddenly radiated an oceanic blue glow. This person who was hidden within the dark eaves of a house situated beside the street was about to make his move when he saw the flying dagger appear. He became startled and his body which was about to fly out abruptly stopped, his eyes covered in shock.

Within the eyes of this man in blue was a light blue shine, signifying the beginner stage of the Sky Xuan rank. Even though he could be considered a top-level existence, compared to the Sky Xuan expert who issued the flying daggers, his level of cultivation was somewhat inferior.

Behind their masks, the nine assassins faces were filled with fear and a little bit of dilemma. Even though they were assassins by profession, they were still men who valued their own lives. If there were a chance to win, they would certainly choose to duke it out. However, when facing an impossible task with a hundred per cent death rate, everyone could only choose to retreat!

In contrast, Princess Ling Mengs bodyguards all became relieved and delighted! With such a legendary existence protecting Princess Ling Meng, Her Highness safety was assured! If the princess were to be assassinated here, then even if they were able to protect their own lives from these assassins, they would not be able to escape the Emperors wrath. Once His Majesty launched an investigation into this case, their wives and children might end up being harmed.

Princess Ling Meng opened her eyes and bore witness to this scene. Looking at the small flying dagger on the ground, she felt thankful. If not for this flying dagger which had appeared in such a dominating manner, she would have perished by now!

Which senior has arrived? Do you have any instructions? Please show yourself, The leader of the masked men in black stood straight, his hands cupped respectfully towards the sky as he said in a courteous voice. Trying to pull wool over the tigers eyes, this man pretended to not understand the experts intention and tried to feel him out. If this assassination attempt were to fail, they would not have anything good awaiting them. Thus, he could only hold onto the possibility of a what if and give it a try!

If it was determined that this hidden Sky Xuan expert truly desired to protect Princess Ling Meng, then they would have no hope of accomplishing their mission even at the cost of every one of their lives! Should that be the case, they could only choose to retreat!

However, even if Princess Ling Meng was the princess of the kingdom, the most adored daughter of the Emperor, how could someone like her have a pinnacle Sky Xuan expert as a bodyguard? Only the Emperor of Tianxiang Kingdom could qualify to have such a kind of bodyguard!

The street remained still, not a sound to be heard.

It was only natural for this mysterious Sky Xuan expert to not give these minor characters any acknowledgement.