Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 600

Chapter 599: Chapter 205: The Plan At Tian Guan Lin
Chapter 599: Chapter 205: The Plan at Tian Guan Lin!
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"But if at this time, say if someone injured Jun Mo Xie, Venerable Mei would definitely fight them to the death! But this injury must have been very serious" Xiao Wei Cheng cautiously suggested, "Light injuries wouldn't have triggered that level of killing intent from Venerable Mei, and she even used the Tian Fa Heavenly Sword skill So it must have been a heavy injury! Or perhaps even death"

"Yep, that's highly likely! If that's the case, that'd explain Venerable Mei's rage. In that state, it's obvious that she'd ignore all consequences But, even if Venerable Mei has the power to decimate the entire Elusive Land of Immortals' 29 elite warriors What about herself?" Zi Jing Hong's gaze reflected a cold glint, "She can't have escaped unscathed, right? Wouldn't that make her practically a god?"

"Naturally, that's impossible! Killing 9 Beyond Supreme ranked warriors and 20 Supreme ranked warriors without a single injury Bro Zi, that's a complete joke! And it's not even funny." Xiao Wei Cheng laughed, saying, "I'm guessing that the Venerable Mei right now is, at most, at half of her strength, and that's already the best case scenario."

"Yep, that's logical Right now, Venerable Mei must be heavily injured, and, after rampaging like that, her Xuan Qi must be equivalent to nil Without spending some time to recover, there's no way she can return to her original condition!"

Zi Jing Hong' eyes glinted as he said, "This is our chance!"

Xiao Wei Cheng also got excited and said, "Agreed! It might be the best time to kill the Venerable Mei now! It's a one in a million chance, we have to take it!"

"So, we're betting on Jun Mo Xie being alive right, hahaha" Zi Jing Hong's obnoxious laughter resounded.

"Why do we have to hope that he isn't dead? If her beloved has left this world, she must be in both physical and emotional pain and mourning over his death. Her will to fight must be very weak too. Isn't that better for us?" Xiao Wei Cheng found it a little strange.

"If Jun Mo Xie really died Would Mei Xue Yan still walk on this path?" Zi Jing Hong scoffed.

"Oh! So that's it. But since Venerable Mei is still around, unless Jun Mo Xie died on the spot, she would definitely have pulled out all the stops to save him, even at the cost of her own life." Xiao Wei Cheng laughed too, "If my guess is right, Jun Mo Xie is definitely alive!"

"How would you know that?" This time, Zi Jing Hong was confused.

"If Jun Mo Xie really died Even if Mei Xue Yan did not destroy the bodies in despair, she definitely wouldn't have been so considerate as to take care of those corpses, right?" Xiao Wei Cheng proudly smiled as he said, "If our guess is right, and the entire squad from the Elusive Land of Immortals was wiped, then the one who took care of the bodies must have been Venerable Mei! And she did it by using one of the secret techniques from Tian Fa sect, which is why no traces were left behind. Don't you agree on this, Bro Zi?"

"Agreed! That is very reasonable! Hahaha" Zi Jing Hong laughed heartily.

"But Bro Zi, if Venerable Mei is injured now, her whereabouts must be unknown! If we stay here, isn't that too If they get away like this what do we do?" Xiao Wei Cheng said worriedly, "We need to know that a chance like this is too rare to let go. If we let this slip, it'll be a waste."

"Bro Xiao, calm down. Do you know why I steered away from the main road and chose to wait here?" Zi Jing Hong smiled in a secretive manner.

"I didn't think about that. But please, enlighten me, Bro Zi."

"Haha, there's a mountain not far from here; you could even say that it's very well known! As long as Jun Mo Xie is here, even if it's a roundabout path that is 100 miles away, he'll have to go through this mountain. And we'll be there to ambush Jun Mo Xie and Venerable Mei! This ultimate plan is free from loopholes! I can guarantee that!"

Zi Jing Hong smiled proudly as he said slyly, "Once they show up, that'll become Venerable Mei's death bed!"

"Mountain? What kind of mountain would bring them there?" Xiao Wei Cheng got even more curious. How could a mountain bring Jun Mo Xie and Venerable Mei here, like bees attracted to honey? What logic was this?

"Tian Guan Lin!" Zi Jing Hong's eyes unwittingly revealed a few hints of slyness. And even some hint of respect. "Tian Guan Lin, the place where the ultimate generation of military gods of the Country of Tianxiang buried the White-Robe Army General, Jun Wu Hui. That is the burial grounds of the most valued White-Robe General, Jun Wu Hui ; On that day, Jun Wu Hui was ambushed. The White-Robe Army Generals protected him to the end, sacrificing themselves to do so. Even though Jun Wu Hui was heavily wounded by the first blow, but when he died, he was the last one to fall!"

"The White-Robe Army? The General of the White-Robe Army?!" Xiao Wei Cheng's eyes also shone with admiration, "To live and die together and to enjoy glory and luxuries with my brethren; The White-Robe Army, with their white robes stained in blood, they walked on the rainbow path with Wu Hui. With the one who shed the most blood on the mountains! So, this was where he" In his voice, there was a tone of casualness, but even more so than that, his voice was overwhelmed with awe!

"Not bad! After Jun Wu Hui died, this became his resting place. This was where the Military General of the century fought, and it's the place where you can find most of his traces. Even more so, it was also the place where he fell. In the year when Jun Wu Hui fell to the ambush, 3000 of his closest guards gave up their armors and returned here to stay and protect his grave! How could Jun Mo Xie not come here?"

Zi Jing Hong sighed imposingly, "It was 3000 of his closest guards! Bro Xiao, these people, any one of them could have become a main pillar in the military! As long as they returned to Tian Xiang, even though they may not enjoy a life of luxuries and riches, but they could definitely make a living. Instead, they collectively gave up everything they had in their careers to protect this barren, destitute land with their master's grave And with that, they did that for 10 years' worth with no regrets! And, they even brought their families here to settle down Jun Wu Hui's charisma Exactly how influential was he? For them to make such a decision?"

Finishing his words, Zi Jing Hong closed his eyes as if he had transported back in time, reminiscing about the legendary White-Robed General...

"He was truly a great man!" Xiao Wei Cheng cheered, "Listening to you say this, I can't help but be filled with respect for this White-Robe General; A character like this is definitely worthy of our praise!"

Zi Jing Hong sighed, "To Jun Wu Hui, people like us are only considered younger apprentices! But he has never lost a battle and has always fought relentlessly. In the country of Tian Xiang, and maybe in the entire mainland, he's a legendary character that's equivalent to have walked out of a book! It's a pity that even the most honourable legends will have a day when they fall! But, his decline was disappointing and unworthy"

He paused, saying, "Even though the mountain is far from the city, but in a land filled with the history of bloodshed, there is also Jun Wu Hui's legend. Even though he did not train his Xuan Qi to an especially high level, but he was resilient, composed, and wise. To his subordinates, he was generous and loved his army like his sons. To the residents, he was compassionate. But at the same time, he was vicious and killed decisively; He served the people generously; Loyal, brave, decisive and daring, he had a lot of pride; With his belief in justice, he was also easygoing. He was simply a legendary character that came once in a thousand years! Even when he dueled with the generals, all of them put their hands up, surrendering to him! And some of them even held heartfelt, genuine respect to him! From the past till today, there has been no other general like Jun Wu Hui in this world, not even in the ancient times!"

Xiao Wei Cheng also heaved a deep sigh of relief, saying, "Not bad, Jun Wu Hui, if we were to mention him, I myself am filled with overwhelming respect for him too. But it's a pity that for such a hero of a lifetime, for him to have fallen to a bunch of rogues from the Silver City of Wind and Snow; that was something that made us despair!"

Zi Jing Hong sneered as he said, "Speaking of this, just as I was about to attack the Silver City of Wind and Snow! Su's family was simply overwhelming, it really is a waste. It was definitely a waste then, that I missed a concert to see the legend in action!"

"Since that's the case, we're intending to lay waste to his own son and daughter-in-law in front of his grave; isn't that disrespectful? After all, for military personnel like them, men like him are scarce! Considering his position, should we reconsider?"

Xiao Wei Cheng's eyes flashed as he said imposingly, "How about, we intercept them at the foot of the mountain? After all, in Tian Guan Lin, there are also about 3000 of his foot soldiers. If they see the way we are going to treat their son, how could they not fight to the death? Even though these people were not well-versed in martial arts and their Xuan Qi was weak, but it was still a force after all. And, they were all hot-blooded men. Killing many people, the end is a waste! And it would destroy the balance of peace too!"

"Venerable Mei isn't Jun Wu Hui's daughter-in-law yet. Also, we weren't going to kill Jun Mo Xie right from the start. After all, the consequences of killing him are way too severe" Zi Jing Hong stood up and paced around for awhile, using his hands to rub his temple, "As to those 3000 close soldiers, forget it. We'll intercept them after they leave the mountain. Taking the White-Robe General's position into account, we'll let them have a chance to pray and visit him."

He exhaled a deep breath, mumbling, "Jun Wu Hui Jun Wu Hui For a human to be able to achieve this much in this world, it's never before seen; it is indeed a legend The entire mainland spread his achievements, and even we who are from the Three Holy Lands still respect him as a junior"

He shook his head and laughed mockingly, "In my entire life, I, Zi Jing Hong, have never had a person I've looked up to. Unexpectedly, I've complimented a legendary oldie general so much."

Xiao Wei Cheng also heaved a sigh of relief. To him, dealing with Mei Xue Yan in front of Jun Wu Hui's grave was nothing, but the key lay in those 3000 close soldiers. They were great men with nerves of steel! For these people, he really did not want to kill them.

Even though Zi Jing Hong and Xiao Wei Cheng were planning to kill Mei Xue Yan, but the both of them were not rotten to the core. It was just that they were a bit manipulative, and each of them had their own positions on the matter. In life, men always retained their humanity!

Even in the Three Holy Cities, the Heavenly Battle was their own personal missions Even though the way the matters were handled over the past few years was haughty, but they still protected the mainland for tens of thousands of years Out of all their achievements, it was hard to say. But no matter their evaluation, their work would always be more important than their past achievements.

"Bro Zi, if that's the case, then have you gone to Tian Guan Lin before?" Xiao Wei Cheng asked.

"In fact, I've gone up before to look at this White-Robed Army General and I've presented 3 joss sticks to him! I also left 10000 silver to sponsor those close guards of his." Zi Jing Hong laughed self-mockingly as he shook his head. On his face, it reflected distress. "Come to think of it, it's really funny and even I thought that it was unpredictable. I'm thinking up of a plan to deal with his son and future daughter-in-law But, I've unknowingly done something like this That is really unexpected!" (To be continued, to find out more details, please enter www.qidian.com, for more chapters, support the author by reading the original!)