Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 604

Chapter 604: So How Did I Scold You?
Chapter 604: So, how did I scold you?
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"Xiao Wei Cheng! You again! Sure enough, you're still as greedy as ever!" Mei Xue Yan's eyes flashed, she said coldly. "Xiao Zong Zhu, if we do battle again today and join hands to kill everyone, it seems like we are bound to win today. I wonder if we should have decided how to split the bounty?"

Xiao Wei Cheng was skeptical. He asked, "Venerable Mei has made a huge mistake. Today's meeting at the Great Golden City is invitation-only. The person in charge today isn't Xiao Mou, it's someone else!"

Zi Jing Hong laughed. He floated 2 steps in front and responded. "Had Venerable Mei probably mistaken something?! The Three Holy Lands took over tens of thousands of years to attain its fame and did it without having any comrades, or maybe he did it with some help of his comrades. Tian Fa's contributions to the Heavenly Battle is greatly evident. All we have is respect for Venerable Mei, nothing else. And today, it's just a desire to be able to compare our skills with Venerable Mei, to improve our skills and prepare for the Heavenly Battle that's coming soon. There's no need to be that hostile."

"Zi Jing Hong, I have once despised you. You didn't even bat an eye when you said those words! I have to tell you that I'm utterly impressed!" Mei Xue Yan's smile stretched across her face. She's seen some thick-skinned people, but none as thick as those of Zi Jing Hong's to lie so blatantly. He even sounded so dignified, as though it was the most appropriate thing to say.

"Venerable Mei, you've praised too much! If I, Zi Jing Hong, a nobody, want to deal with you, there are many good locations to choose to do it. Why did you choose this place?"

Zi Jing Hong pouted. "For example, Tian Guan Lin.. heh. Wouldn't that make a nice ambushing location? There are 3 thousand over guards and their wives and children there too. If we were to kill you there, Venerable Mei would certainly worry. It is my best place to lie in wait to ambush! But I would rather give up than to battle at Tian Guan Lin. I believe that I have already given you enough face!"

Jun Mo Xie took heavy steps forward and spoke. "Zi Jing Hong, you two didn't choose to kill me at Tian Guan Lin, I'm touched; Even though I am standing before my grave, a murderer is ultimately a threat to the human world; But I still have to thank you. But, Zi Jing Hong, you have to understand this, that no matter where you decide to attack me, a rival is still a rival. This will never change! You proved you still had some conscience in you by deciding not to kill me at Tian Guan Lin. But that doesn't mean you would be merciful with me today!"

He sneered, "Zi Jing Hong, a person who hides will conceal what he does not know too. Just ask yourself honestly; even at this point, even if it's at this location, would you still give me mercy? We have already scratched so far beyond the surface. Why are we still playing such pretense acts? Just do it cleanly!"

Zi Jing Hong got serious. He fixated his eyes on Jun Mo Xie and replied, "Jun Mo Xie, I admit that I really do respect your father, but this does not mean that I would forgive such impudence! You're not qualified at all to say such words to me!"

"I agree!" Jun Mo Xie laughed. "Actually I shouldn't be talking to you about such crap, but you've once climbed the mountain to give respects to my father, and even gave my brothers tons of silvers... To think that such a despicable person like you, would actually have some conscience... Which is why I said what I said; Since you failed to appreciate my kindness, why should I waste my time to ridicule myself and my pride? Let's cut straight to the point. In my eyes, the Three Holy Cities are not only unqualified.. but nothing about it is even good!"

"What's more, Zi Jing Hong, you have to understand this." Jun Mo Xie lifted one finger and gently wavered, ridiculing him. "You think too highly of yourself, you're a Third Master, not the Master. So next time when you address yourself, please say, 'I, Third Master.' and never say 'I, Master'. This would create some misunderstanding! I'm reminding you because I'm feeling good today. Who would know that you may cause some trouble next time because of that misunderstanding? I'm pretty kind right? Why don't you thank me?"

Zi Jing Hong was fuming, and fire sparked in his eyes! Jun Mo Xie's sarcasm was too much to handle!"

"Despicable! Jun Mo Xie, what are you? How dare you say such words to me? Don't think that you're all that big simply because you have some support! How about you kneel before me and admit your mistakes? We can spare your measly life! Or else I would send you to visit your dead father and allow both of you to reunite!" a scrawny bald person shouted with a rather piercing voice. His face was a little bruised. It was Gou Bu Huan who was reporting to Zi Jing Hong that day.

Gou Bu Huan glared at Jun Mo Xie as he said those words. His eyes were flickering between a state of total desire to none at all, as he looked at Jun Mo Xie and Mei Xue Yan. His long tongue unknowingly extended out, making slithering sounds like a snake as he licked his lips...

He finished his sentence and looked towards Zi Jing Hong as he cupped his fist with his other hand, honoring his respects to him. "Third Son, I have a personal request which I'd hope you would accept."

"Gou Bu Huan, what humble request do you have? Tell me." Zi Jing Hong twitched his eyebrows. He was personally rather skeptical of him, but since he was against Jun Mo Xie as well, he figured that he could take this chance to act like a hero! Especially when Zi Jing Hong saw that very sly tongue of his sticking out.

"Third Son also knows this urge of his subordinate, I. Hehe, I have been craving for some good food and Venerable Mei is waiting for me to kill him. Who cares about whatever Xuan pill that is. I wouldn't dare to expect too much either, but by killing him you would grant my wish. Such smooth skin and tender flesh, it has to be delicious..."

Gou Bu Huan spoke seriously. But upon saying this, everyone started giving him weird gazes.

Zi Jing Hong vomited in a split second, as though he couldn't help but throw up right at his face; However, after thinking about it, this rhetoric was a great opportunity to fight against Venerable Mei. He tried to forcibly resist it and even squeezed out a smile. "This request is fine. I have decided! If we can actually kill him, and if you have contributed greatly to the kill, you can have her body. You're such a cannibal to be eating humans. This revenge will not be sweet!"

The two of them were not exactly very discrete with what their exchange of words. Everyone could hear them very clearly. Mei Xue Yan initially could not understand what was happening, but after looking at Gou Bu Huan whose drool had already formed a pool on the floor, her face turned white. Even though she was a Xuan Beast, she had been living honestly all the while. Ever since she was born, she had been eating fruits and vegetables as her diet. How could she have known how to eat human flesh? Upon hearing what Zi Jing Hong had said, she was fuming mad! Jun Mo Xie was seething with anger, she looked towards him...

"What the f*ck! Where did this human-looking ghost-looking trash come from?" Jun Mo Xie looked towards Gou Bu Huan, startled. "Who didn't tighten his pants! How on earth did you sneak in? Just look at you, bald head, you really look like some trash! There's even a hoop in the middle, no wonder whatever that comes out of your mouth is full of filth..."

Gou Bu Huan was stunned. He has yet to understand the chain of scoldings that Jun Mo Xie was spurting out. He pondered through several times over what Jun Mo Xie said before he could finally understand it. Those behind who already knew what he meant could not help but laughed.

You have to admit, what Jun Mo Xie exemplified was pretty true. Gou Bu Huan had a slender figure; his totally bald and round head could reflect light off it. There were some loose strands of hair though, but its condition was not very good, it was somewhat curled...

The 2 of them from very different lands originally were not close to Gou Bu Huan, it was just so-so most of the time, but today, Jun Mo Xie said actually said such words. People there, who were all veterans other than Mei Xue Yan, began to find it interesting, they tried hard to control themselves, but some of them eventually burst out laughing.

Only Mei Xue Yan opened up her big eyes to stare suspiciously. She first looked at Jun Mo Xie, then looked at the crowd of masters opposite them. She could not understand what Jun Mo Xie was saying and what they were laughing about.

Gou Bu Huan could not but turned red in the face. He was extremely angry. He opened his eyes wide, and shouted at the top of his lungs, "Jun Mo Xie! How dare you scold me?!"

"Scold you? When did I scold you? You're such a weird dude!" Jun Mo Xie was flabbergasted. He touched his head as though he was trying to understand him. He responded, "In that case, tell me, how did I scold you? What did I scold you? Did I even spurt out a single filthy word? What are you? People in this world are greedy for money and property, but there are actually people greedy for scoldings?!..."

Gou Bu Huan stamped with fury, his nose was almost emitting fumes. He shouted. "You're still denying that you scolded me? You're actually trying to deny what you said in front of so many people! Jun Mo Xie... You... You... You're such a despicable person. I won't forgive you!"

"Oh silly... I'm so silly..." Jun Mo Xie pulled an innocent and muddled face. "Even if you want to kill me you need a reason right? Even if it's a groundless accusation, you still have to try to try to prove it right? You can't just claim that I scolded you with that big mouth of yours. There's something wrong with you! I have seen some people asking for trouble and some courting for death. But it's my first time seeing people like you who want me to scold you!"

"You're still talking rubbish! You clearly said that I was a chicken..." Gou Bu Huan was through the roof, but as he said it he stopped, he could not finish what he said, he became awkward...

"Chicken? What part of 'chicken' did I scold you? Ridiculous!" Jun Mo Xie was trying to make some sense. "I plead you, please don't cut off your speech. This would turn people into 'chickens'... I mean, turn people curious to death..."

"I want to kill you! Ahhhhhhh..." Gou Bu Huan spurted out. He pranced onto Jun Mo Xie with absurd anger. He had fallen for his trap. If he was not careful, he would have scolded his own self...

But the situation had turned out this way, and everyone behind was rolling on the floor laughing...

The people behind were veterans, how would they not understand what 'chicken' meant?!

Even though Gou Bu Huan was not very good in dealing with people usually, but it was never to the point where he hated anyone so much. But today's incident proved otherwise. People seemed to look at him like how vultures looked at their prey. It was a disgusting feeling that could not be described easily; People no longer wanted to walk beside him, not eat with him: he had to eat alone! Others were eating in the hall, and he had to have his meal in his own room...