Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 605

Chapter 605: A Well Stamped Fingerprint
Chapter 605: A well-stamped fingerprint!
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The fourth book Chapter 211 A well-stamped fingerprint!

If Gou Bu Huan did not go in by himself, he would have met with disagreements from the ground. This rascal had already suffered a few punches in the past few days and was feeling unhappy about it, especially when he did not know what he did that had completely offended everyone.

Fuck, I was forced to eat human flesh back then and did not want to do it either. If not, would you rather I starved to death? But later on, I thought that human flesh really tasted special and was quite delicious, so I Who wouldn't eat delicious food? Everyone had their own food preferences, carrot-lovers or vegetable-lovers, you could not control the taste buds of people.

Jun Mo Xie dodged off and sprinted off. He defended himself as he ran.

"I did not mean to scold you but I'm saying the truth. If you don't believe me, you can go back and look into the mirror. You really look like it. Didn't you see that I almost pulled down my pants to see if I had lost my crotch ? If 'that thing' suddenly popped out and spouted a stream of empty rhetoric, then I would have lost my face. Luckily it isn't me"

Gou Bu Huan got too angry that he was shouting hysterically. He was boiling with rage; his anger had reached its peak and was he unable to control. His thin hair was curling up and flowing. This was quite a good representation of him bristling with anger. Although his hair seemed a little thin and slightly curly

This was quite an image!

Gou Bu Huan was still jumping around and chasing after Jun Mo Xie, looking like a giant monkey. Jun Mo Xie was running off in shame. He suddenly looked back and was momentarily shocked and shouted loudly.

"Wow! With the curls on your hair flowing, you looked even more like it. Can you not be so alike as the image?

At the moment, Gou Bu Huan was obviously mad with anger. He felt that his lungs were exploding and was growling and roaring, screaming and shouting loudly. He was showing his skills recklessly. Making a wrong move by placing both fists wrongly, a fierce wind, like a whirlwind, was blowing in with great intensity towards Jun Mo Xie.

Jun Mo Xie shouted loudly in panic. With a dodge, he suddenly disappeared.

Gou Bu Huan's eyes reddened as he was madly bombarding, no doubt he was an expert, the level of a Supreme. The big pile of snow that surrounded was broken up into snowflakes and even the floor was rolled over. Snowflakes were falling from the sky and soil from the ground was everywhere. His influence was really appalling.

At this moment, the top of his head suddenly hurts. He was appalled, and his face went colourless. He quickly leapt forward and when he looked back, he realised Jun Mo Xie was at his back. Realised that he had turned his head, Jun Mo Xie shouted.

"Oh My God!"

And he turned his back and run. How will Gou Bu Huan be willing to let him off? He weirdly howled as he approached him. As he chased and escaped, it seemed to have returned to when they both had confronted, right at the middle of their original position.

Suddenly, Jun Mo Xie stopped running away. He retreated in order to gain advantage to advance later on. He rushed off and in a split second, he was in front of Gou Bu Huan. His bodily movements were fast to a maximum. Gou Bu Huan was rushing and chasing with all his might. But Jun Mo Xie was in front of him all of a sudden, and he was taken aback momentarily, almost gasping in shock, it was immediate and a surprise. He thought to himself, you rascal is finding your own death. With his palms together, he gave a sinister laugh.

At this time, his legs weakened at a sudden, it seemed like there was a trap at the bottom, a sense of danger. He was instantly shocked. He gathered the energy and sprinted. But as soon as his legs left the floor, Jun Mo Xie was already targeting his lower part of the body and running towards it. He gave four kicks on his lower legs' joints continuously and was even able to seize the opportunity to switch his tactic. With his right toe at his ankle, he tripped him off aggressively.

Gou Bu Huan shouted loudly, and went straight forward, like a wooden pile. The moment before he rushed forward and exhausted his energy, the snow-pile on the floor was unusually smooth. It seemed like he was boarding the escalator instantly and was gliding towards his own territory.


Suddenly, a rascal could not help but burst out laughing, clutching his stomach. He laughed with tears in his eyes, right hand clutching his stomach, left hand wobbled as he pointed at Gou Bu Huan, who is gliding towards him at high speed. He was laughing so much that he was almost out of breath.

The public could not help but to burst out laughing as well. The few commoners who were not on very good terms with Gou Bu Huan were laughing so hard that they were squatting on the floor and was slamming the floor hard with their hands, causing cramps throughout the body. They did not possess a single look of Supreme experts' magnanimity.

Even leaders such as Zi Jing Hong and Xiao Wei Cheng could not help but laughed out loud at such situations. His shoulders shivered and his whole body cramped up. They had lost the composure to be stern and calm.

That was because what was happening at the moment, before their very eyes, was too hilarious!

Gou Bu Huan was seen lying flat on the snow-piled floor and gliding towards, making effort to lift up his head. On his bald and shiny head was wool-like thin and curly hair that was neatly flowing. It was not sure why there was an additional red-marked fingerprint on his circle-shaped head.

His scalp was originally white, and the handprint was made more obvious. It was like a cinnabar mole that was stuck on top. The public then recalled Jun Mo Xie's metaphor previously, and they were overwhelmed with joy. This was portrayed even more realistic now.

Actually, Jun Mo Xie had already stamped a fingerprint on his head at a random time and the position was unusually narrow. The fingerprint was done really well!

Jun Mo Xie was shocked when he saw it.

Surprise, it was definitely a surprise!

The gods can prove that Young Master Jun had really not intended it to be. He had wanted to use a little bit more strength to stamp that fingerprint such that the rascal would die from it. He had not known that this fellow was rather instinctive to sense danger and he pounced on him desperately when he sensed something was on his head. Young Master Jun was not able to react in time to launch an attack, and was only able to leave a rather clear and dubious red fingerprint.

If the fingerprint was stamped on any other person's head, it would not be such big a matter. It was merely a fingerprint, what else would there be? Since there was a large number of people who had drops from hair! But to be stamped on Gou Bu Huan's bald head at the moment, this would imply that the drop from the hair was stretched too far and it was up to one's imagination

Inside the depression, on the snow-piled floor, the laughter was filling the air. Those who did not know would not have expected the place to have a life-and-death killing but would have thought a celebration party was being held. How much laughter and joy were there, this show was definitely exciting!

Gou Bu Huan, who did not know the concrete details of what had happened, leapt out from the snow-piled floor, and his face was mad with fury. He had thought that the bunch of people were laughing at his embarrassing fall. His face flushed red with anger and his neck stiffened, defending himself loudly.

"What are you laughing at? Success and failure are common! Old fellow like me had not yet been defeated, only merely fell due to carelessness. Jun Mo Xie, come and battle if you have the guts, using the traditional way of "the Three Hundred Round Battle"!" As he was saying, he was sticking out his long and thin tongue, a habit of his, and was licking up and down his lips.

The laughter from the surrounding was even louder momentarily. Everyone was staring intently at his bald head and was surveying with interest. There were a few who even spread out their legs and glanced at their own crotch without realizing. Their laughter then became even more creepy

From far, there was a shadow of a figure coming towards at high speed. He was soon passing this place from ten or more miles away but was attracted by the sound of laughter.

The person wore a snow-white shirt which was no different from the colour of snow, impressively. His body was drifting and in a split second, there was not a single trace left. To conclude based on the speed shown, it may not be that the person was showing off the mastery of Ying Yang Escape to Jun Mo Xie. The skill appeared mysterious, appearing and disappearing creepily. It seemed like he was on the left, but he was actually on the right. He was taking care of his front and back and being extremely cautious. Compared to Jun Mo Xie's martial arts, there was seemingly an air of strangeness.

There was a piece of white cloth covering the person's face and his face could not be seen. But merely judging based on his hair colour, he could be around 40 to 50 years old

Hearing the unexpected laughter, the person quickly turned around and stopped in the air for a split, almost one-tenth of a second and disappeared. The next moment he appeared, he had already went ahead ten or more miles into the air, lying behind a piece of rock at a corner high up, without any sound.

Just like a large and light piece of snowflake, he was stuck on the big piece of rock without any sound and blended with it. There were experts from the Three Holy Lands below, 50 to 60 of them, not a single one of them was a loafer. But among the many experts, no one could detect that there was an additional passer-by in the wild jungle.

Although no one from the Three Holy Lands could detect, that did not mean that there was really no one who was aware. At least there were two of them who were sharp to realise the odd situation Jun Mo Xie and Mei Xue Yan!

After Jun Mo Xie was besieged by the army from the two Big Holy Lands, he had long ago, quick to launch the Exquisite Hong Jun Pagoda's knowledge. The Exquisite Hong Jun Pagoda's knowledge was really strong and detailed! Within such wide and vast land, many things have been witnessed and seen. If there was any living being we had left out, even any corners that had just seen a fallen piece of snowflakes, a cockroach that had just scurried by, it could be felt and seen clearly.

This had already surpassed any type of super-human capabilities, and it was not a matter of one's level of capability.

And Mei Xue Yan had already attained the level of practice as a Venerable personally and had divinely viewed herself as a sensitive super-hero. Even more so that just before the big battle, she had already used all her concentration. Although the person's martial arts skill was extraordinary, with a profound understanding in Xuan Gong, but he was still unable to surpass the level of Xue Mei Yan. How did one escape from legendary beauty Mei's whole-hearted search?

At that moment when they discovered who the person was, Jun Mo Xie and Mei Xue Yan looked at each other and darted a glance, conversing secretly using their own telepathic language.

"There is someone here! He had a wise ability, but would he be a foe or a friend?" Jun Mo Xie said.

"This person right here, his ability is definitely not weak, and his martial arts appeared to be wise, may be of a lower level than two of us. At the moment, he is still observing and did not show his face, his intention was not any obvious and was hard to guess. There may be a possibility that it is an ambush set by the Three Holy Lands" Xue Mei Yan was giving a serious consideration about it.

"I do not think so! If it was really an ambush by the Three Holy Lands, how could they only send one person? And even more so when he was here, he chose to be invisible and hide in concealment. Looking from this way, this seems rather interesting." Jun Mo Xie's eyes were filled with a strange joy.

"So, I would say that the person was not a friend, but neither a foe?" Xue Mei Yan's eyes lit.

"Play by ear. The person right here, his ability is not weak, and his martial arts skill was wittingly extraordinary. If it was at the most critical moment, might as well drag the rascal down for a few rounds of 'threading though muddy water'. You have to know there are less than a handful who have such a level of martial arts skills in this world." Jun Mo Xie had an evil laughter and Mei Xue Yan cannot help but to roll her eyes at him.

At somewhere a distance away, behind a rock, that person quietly looked out. When he looked down, he stared hard. Looking from his veil, his mouth formed an unexpectedly round shape.

Then, he was even more meticulous as he curved in and went back to hiding, his forehead was already trickling with beads of sweat. He could only feel his mind drifting away, he was almost dizzy.

What the hell? He was actually an expert from the group who belongs to the Three Lands! And was among the many who trained with the army.

My God! Could it be possible that he is an Old Master that is setting an ambush here? Who did Old Master had a feud with? Why are the rascals from Great Golden City all looking for Old Master like mad men? After they found him, there would be a big battle ahead. They seemed like they had a death feud with Old Master, comparable to seeking a revenge for killing a father or stealing a wife.

What on earth is happening? Someone for god's sake please explain to me. Which deserted world was Old Master hidden in? When will this finish, is this intended to trick him to death?