Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 606

Chapter 606: The Depressing Story Of A Scapegoat Supreme

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The fourth book Chapter 212 The depressing story of a Scapegoat Supreme

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If they had really wanted Old Master to die, then they should have at least let me know why they were doing this? To get pulled out without any clear understanding and then, continuously being on the run and getting chased by killers, scaring to death for a few times every day. This caused Old Master to wait for winter in order to get into this deserted and deep mountain in desperation, and was actually able to meet so many

I am an easy feat! Me!

My god, who had I offended? There was not only Great Golden City, but Fantasy Blood Sea was here too. And there were so many of them? At least 40 and more. Did they had to do this? Could the leader be possibly Zi Jing Hong?!

At this point, this white-shirt person was furiously scolding inside. My god! They thought too highly of me! Employing more than 40 people at once, and the lowest level was a Supreme Expert. Among them there were so many Supreme level and above. An Old Master, myself, even though I was a Supreme Killer, but I would not be able to fight against so many people. What was the issue here? Or was it that these experts from the Three Holy Lands were idiots? They were so generous with their money that they just gave them away.

While Old Master was on the run, he had already met possibly a 100 of them. If Old Master had not successfully breakthrough recently, and mastered the skills of being on the run, it was afraid that he might be already lying on the floor dead, counting earthworms

Although he was feeling indignant inside, he did not dare to show any traces of emotions on his face. He did not even dare to breathe in loudly. He was extremely vexed internally and had wanted to give a few harsh slaps on his mouth. Chu Li Hun, Chu Li Hun! You rascal was your generation’s king of killer at any rate. Having real-world experience, why did you still have the curiosity of a child?

Where the people loved to laugh, and cry was none of your rascal’s business. You insisted on going forward to take a look. Well, this would be fun and lively. There’s a saying that goes It is easier to go but harder to leave, this was equal to the decision to stay here.

If I lay on the floor now , it did not mean that I could fly freely in the air. If there was a slight movement, it would be easily noticeable by the people below. They did not notice it just now as they were laughing. Now that the laughter had ended, their senses would return and grew sharp. Any slight movements would be understood and be seen by them immediately.

And after they had realised

He could feel a bitter taste in his mouth. Did I even need to say further? So many experts who would encircle, hunted me down and murdered me. Even if I used my own abilities, with one time levelled up, it would be of no avail. The rest would be able to swallow up, literally, like how they ate salted vegetable, with ease.

This white-shirt person, was Xuan Xuan Continent’s Scapegoat Master of the generation. No, wrong. It should be the generation’s king of killer, Supreme Killer Chu Li Hun.

Recently, this Supreme Killer could be said to be very unlucky. When it was shut down, there was legends from the martial arts worlds and these stories were given a big upgrade. In the past, at most he was said to be a Supreme Killer and appeared to not have actually killed any Supremes. But now, it was with solid prove that he was a Supreme Killer, and it was not just one Supreme that he wiped out.

What an impressive reputation!

Just like how a saying goes, even though one may not be in the martial arts world, but in the martial arts world, words of one’s reputation will be spread around. But only that almost no one would have known that this Supreme Killer’s reputation was to become other’s scapegoat. It might be said that he was a veritable Scapegoat Supreme and even a Scapegoat Venerable

Recently, anything surreptitious that Evil Lord;Jun Mo Xie;Killer Jun, had done would be all named under Chu Li Hun when no sources could be identified. Regardless if there was a reason or there was not, Chu Li Hun had muddleheadedly helped as a scapegoat, backed by an ounce of energy anyway, and he was having fun.

Under unknown circumstances that he was a scapegoat, at this level, Chu Li Hun was considered as the first since olden history

Only that the wrong-doings blamed on him were unable to be explained.

Who would listen to the explanation of Supreme Killer? Were they retarded? Even if they did not grow a brain, or a mold had been grown in the brain, they would not be that stupid!

So, Chu Li Hun, the rascal, had been terribly unlucky during this period. After a few years of self-seclusion and making successful breakthroughs, he had happily and excitedly ended the period of self-seclusion and was back in the human world with soaring aspirations. He had just wanted to pick up some business deals and was even pondering about looking for a Supreme, for real, or any other person, to build a veritable reputation and to boost his glory. And later on, if there were any chances to find a few experts to exchange and learned from them with regards to his new trick

But it would really have to say that Supreme Killer still had some good luck, as his wishes were almost coming true, although they came true in varied ways.

An example was that the moment he came out from his period of seclusion, he withdrew the decision to get a few business deals as he still had to boost his prestige. He had directly reached his prime point and was victorious compared to the past. He had even fought a Supreme Killer and there seemed to have a few Supreme levels and above under him. It was a complete attainment of his wishes that had exceeded his expectations and was through a baffling way that he was able to attain them!

This was not the end yet. Because he still had another wish. But this wish did not require him to realise himself, as very soon, there would be N number of experts looking to have exchanges with him. And it was a life-and-death exchange, and in successions. Such a strenuous form of exchange had caused the Supreme Killer himself to moan incessantly.

Of course, the all mighty Supreme Killer did not know all the reasons behind his glory at all!

Chu Li Hun never had once thought that when he came out of the period of self-seclusion and the moment he entered the mortal world, he was instantly caught by the others, and was followed with having a few Supreme Experts knocking at his door. Such a big battle, Chu Li Hun battled against heavy odds and fled after defeat. He had thought that the matter had rested, if he had muddleheadedly lost his advantage then he would just let it be, since they were from the Great Golden City. An independent killer like myself would not dare to offend them

How would he know that not only did the matter had not ended, but it was just the start to a nightmare! The ‘exchange’ had been upgraded, and it was no longer a one-to-one duo, but was a direct mass attack on a weak. After a few rounds of battle continuously, Chu Li Hun had noticed something was wrong What was actually happening?

At the start, he was still able to manage with ease since he had just made a few breakthroughs, and he felt even more familiar as he battled more. But he had to flee directly when the number of Supreme Expert increased from 2 to 4. And later on, it got beyond his measure as there were 8 of them employed to encircle and to kill him off! This was not just excessive but ruthless! They employed experts that are above the level of Supreme, and not just one of them!

The Heaven! The Earth! Why was my life so torturous? Who had I offended?

My goodness, I did not even dig into the Great Golden City’s graves. Chu Li Hun counted once all the evil deeds that he had done and was really puzzled. Whose ancestors did I offend such that they did not want to spare my life?

At this time, Gou Bu Huan was so angry that he was already unable to catch his breath in the battle. He had finally understood why the public was laughing. When he turned his back, he pointed at Jun Mo Xie with his wobbly finger, almost seemed like a male duck whose feet was being stepped on and was grabbed by the throat. He was in deep sorrow, his heart was aching as he spoke, “Jun Mo Xie, you despicable rascal, Old Master, I, and you, one of us shall not live!”

Jun Mo Xie twitched his mouth, “Definitely both of us cannot co-exist. Weren’t you lying on the ground just now? How do you stand? You think that you are standing straight just by straightening your neck? Let me tell you, this is too far-fetch! You are still missing your chest and your stomach. Never feel too good about yourself. Your kind of game is not needed in the field. Even if you have the heart, you still need someone to tolerate you and this isn’t possible”

He pondered about it carefully, thinking it through, and spoke in a definite tone, “It is definitely impossible with person. Even if it is with an elephant, I’m afraid it is not possible. Your Mighty, you are too overbearing.”

Gou Bu Huan was so mad that his mouth was wide open and was not able to speak for a long time. But his long tongue was hanging off his mouth like a hanging corpse, bloody corpse that was hanging and swaying. He was panting heavily.

Zi Jing Hong coughed loudly for a few times, looking at the public with a stern eye. What he meant was All to stop laughing at him, he is our own!

The public then was forced to stop laughing. There were a few who held on a strange face but tried their best to control, and there were others who, eventually, could not control and chuckled. They quickly used their hands to cover their mouth, but was met with Zi Jing Hong’s cold stern gaze, shot through like a bolt of electricity.

The few of them quickly put on a stern look, silently cursing in their hearts.

What were you staring at? Were you really that serious? Weren’t you laughing with joy just now? Only the magistrate was free to burn the house, but the commoners were forbidden to even light a lamp! If you chose not to laugh, then you went as far as to forbid us to laugh as well. You were really taking bureaucracy seriously

Turning to look at Jun Mo Xie, Zi Jing Hong spoke in a stern manner, “Jun Mo Xie, we treat each other as foe. But for the people on my side, which of them are not well-known and reputable figures? Your unrestraint insult is too much to handle! And to say that Gou Bu Huan is your senior.”

“Too much? Senior?” Jun Mo Xie opened his mouth wide, “Please speak clearly, who is the one that was overmuch? And he, a senior? Is this how a senior act chasing after me and beating me all over? Does that mean that I should not hide and fight back? Zi Jing Hong, if this is what you meant, so should I stand obediently to allow your subordinate to kill me in order to not count as overmuch?”

“Jun Mo Xie, you! You obviously know that that is not what I meant. How could you confuse the right and the wrong?” Zi Jing Hong was raging with fury. This rascal was being unreasonable, sharp with his words, and was really hard to handle.

“How did I confuse the right and the wrong? Isn’t what I just said the truth? Then you speak, what do you actually mean? I retreat a million steps back and let me say this at most I only took advantage to escape. Do you even think that I can defeat him?”

Jun Mo Xie reasoned out, “You allow me, an immature being who is less than 20, to battle with a weird being who is 100 years old or more, and you actually said that I am too much? Zi Jing Hong, how did you even dare to put this into words! I really felt sad for you. What a person you are, having such thick-skin isn’t a good thing. Does someone become unformidable when he is not ashamed of himself?

Zi Jing Hong was angry to the point that his lungs felt like bursting and bellowed, “He had no doubt lost his magnanimity as a senior by laying his hands on you. But what intentions do you harbor when you humiliated and caused him to be a laughing-stock?”

“How did I humiliate him?” Jun Mo Xie was infuriated, and he stood up, “So ultimately, who is the one who humiliated him? Zi Jing Hong, regarding this matter, you have to explain it to me clearly! It was how he looked, could you blame it on me? I had only merely spoken the truth! Could it be that you disagree? The person who truly humiliated him Erm you have to ask his dad and his mum! They had bad genes, do you understand that? How could you blame me? Could it be that you think I am his dad?”

Jun Mo Xie spat, “Fuck, if I had such a son, my god, I would have stuck him on the wall directly, and never would I bring him out and humiliate myself. Look at how he looks, he was born a tortoise brain, how will this affect the appearance of the city? Even if he participates in Heavenly Battle, the people from the other race will be proud of themselves when they see him. Compare to him, they actually look handsome and dashing. Looking ugly is not his fault, but when he gains attention, it will be his fault. You say, is this reasonable?”