Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 610

Chapter 610 Dual Destruction Battle Technique


Gou Bu Huan was bitten until his soul almost flew from his body in pain. Although he was a cruel person and loved to eat the flesh of other humans, when it became his turn to be eaten alive, it was something that his mind could not accept…

In addition, after hearing Jun Mo Xie’s words, he could indeed feel a few rats moving about his crotch area. The situation seemed to be exactly as Jun Mo Xie said, and it was quickly approaching that outcome. In that moment, his face contorted even more uglily, but at this point, his pain had already reached an extreme level. Even if he had the heart to beg for forgiveness, he lacked the strength to do so!

“The both of us are men, so rest assured, I will not just sit still and watch while they eat your snake. Here, I’ll send a few snakes in to kill the rats and save your little snake… Gou Bu Huan, you need to be thankful! These snakes are supposed to be hibernating, but they’ve agreed to come out and save you! I’m sure you would want to provide a warm and comfortable dwelling place for them right? En, I heard that snakes like living in holes; your body is not only warm, but there’s even a cave for them to sleep in. Food and drinks included as well, what an amazing cooperation. It’s a win-win…”

Jun Mo Xie moved to tear open Gou Bu Huan’s pants again as he dangled the snakes before the latter’s face. The snakes’ tongues flicked in and out rapidly, and their shiny pointed heads waved energetically in the air.

Gou Bu Huan’s body trembled intensely as he finally broke down completely. Suddenly a loud “pu” sound rang out as an abhorrent odor permeated the air. Gou Bu Huan had actually peed and crapped himself in his fear! Piss and scat ran freely down his legs, forming a disgusting yellowish brown patch beneath him. At the same time, his voice rose several pitches higher as snot and tears cascaded from his face, “Don’t, don’t… don’t don’t don’t…” At this point, the way he looked at Jun Mo Xie was as if he was looking at a grand demon: an extremely evil one who’d killed countless people since time immemorial! There was only fear in his eyesutter and complete terror!

“What? Say it clearly!” Jun Mo Xie cupped his ears with one hand and leaned over with annoyance.

“Please don’t do this!… Don’t… Please… I’m begging you… Just kill me…” Gou Bu Huan clamped his legs together desperately as he cried and struggled. He was already terrified beyond redemption…

“I’m quite dissatisfied with your attitude.” Jun Mo Xie furrowed his brows with annoyance. “I told you just now, I need you to kneel down and kowtow to me before I would consider letting you go. You haven’t even kowtowed yet, and you want me to kill you? One must learn to be sincere if they want the help of others…”

Gou Bu Huan who was still twitching in pain suddenly laughed pitifully as his facial muscles contorted. Gathering all his strength, he forcefully prostrated his body and madly smashed his head repeatedly against the ground as tears flooded out of his eyes, “I’m begging you, I’m kowtowing to you… A great man like you has great magnanimity, so please kill me! Kill me ah ah ah ah…”

“Your voice is too soft, I can’t hear you, you piece of sh*t!” Jun Mo Xie harrumphed coldly with displeasure. “Or are you too lazy to even beg for mercy?”

“I’M A PIECE OF SH*T! PLEASE! I BEG YOU, PLEASE KILL ME!” Gou Bu Huan continued bashing his head against the ground with terror as he screamed with all his might. At this point, he could already sense that a few rats were sniffing at his little snake, and were clawing about his crotch area… The mere thought of being eaten alive by rats was so frightening that Gou Bu Huan was nearly insane from the fear. Not to mention, there was the very real possibility that he might turn into an incomplete man at any moment…

“Remember this well! If there’s a next life, please don’t try to act manly in front of me. I detest that kind of stuff! Since this meal was not agreeable with your appetite, let’s end it early!” Jun Mo Xie smiled warmly and said as he instantly killed all the rats in Gou Bu Huan’s pants. Following that, Blood of Yellow Flame stabbed swiftly into Gou Bu Huan’s chest…

Gou Bu Huan’s body shivered as a relaxed expression came over his face. His eyes were fixed on Jun Mo Xie unblinkingly as he passed into the afterlife. There were no hatred nor gratitude in his eyesthey only stared blankly, as if he wanted to engrave this face into his soul forever… Perhaps he wanted to remember to never provoke this person in the future, or perhaps he wanted to seek revenge in the next life. Nobody knew…

Jun Mo Xie drew his sword and as he looked at the the still body of the sword, he asked solemnly. “Was I too cruel?”

The sword remained silent, its radiance flowing smoothly along the edges.

“This is the pugilist[a][b] world!” Jun Mo Xie declared as he looked at Gou Bu Huan’s corpse. “Actually, you were wrong; there’s no such thing as a so-called real unyielding man in this world. There are many people who can face death calmly. But the methods that could cause one to live a life worse than death are plentiful! When facing an enemy you cannot defeat and have no hope of escaping from, the best course of decision is to kill yourself as quickly as possible. This is my advice to you in your next life!

“For a person who eats another fellow human… This method of death is still going too easy on you. Perhaps it’s because my heart was too soft in the end. I originally wanted to break all your limbs, then I’ll help you to stop your bleeding, turning you through and through into a piece of crap. In the last moments of your life, I would feed you your own flesh to sustain your life.” Jun Mo Xie turned around swiftly and left.

“Quite a bit of time has passed; Xue Yan should have already familiarized herself with that sword technique by now, right?”

On Mei Xue Yan’s side, they’d already rotated through numerous fighters. The battle had become fiercer and fiercer, and nearly everyone found it increasingly difficult to retain their composure. Seeing their teammates bleeding and injured while their opponents remained without casualty was exceptionally unsettling. Who would not be anxious in such a situation?

This kind of rotation battle seemed to have little effect against Mei Xue Yan. She remained unflustered and calm, switching between long and short distance attacks. The long sword in her hand weaved like a perfect dome around her, not allowing anything past it. At times, she would be facing the combined techniques of 12 people. But despite that, she was defending and attacking together, with nary a trace of exhaustion to be found. Furthermore, the moment her opponents showed the slightest bit of opening, they would immediately face a lethal attack from her! In just this short period of time, nearly 10 people had received injuries of varying degrees.

Even more scary was that the might of her strange sword technique was actually increasing in strength as the battle progressed…

Zi Jing Hong furrowed his brows lightly. For some reason, something seemed to be off about this entire thing!

He watched as Mei Xue Yan’s sword flowed like the gentleness of spring, raged with the heat of summer, turned bleak like autumn, and changed into freezing cold like winter… Over and over again. Unexpectedly, there weren’t any deviations from the basic paths…

“She’s using us to train her sword technique! F*ck!” Zi Jing Hong finally understood, and in an instant, his hair flew into the air with rage. His face turned from white to red rapidly, then from red to purple, before finally settling on a dark, reddish purple. Truly, this fellow lived up to his surname:Zi!1

Thinking that he had set the best and most flawless plan, he joined the battle with triumph, but who would have thought that the person would actually turn around and use his plan as an opportunity instead… Looks like if he want to kill this Mei Xue Yan, it would be impossible to do so without paying an equivalent price!

Zi Jing Hong gritted his teeth and bit down firmly as he suddenly raised his voice, “Blood Ocean Unit, dual destruction battle technique!”

This command boomed out, as loud as thunder from the nine heavens. Even Chu Qi Hun who was standing far away and observing the battle could feel the intense killing intent!

The Illusory Blood Sea experts instantly chorused their obedience. Everyone’s faces changed as they jumped out together; only three people were left, and with a fierce roar, the three’s swordplay became much more violent and heavy as they attacked savagely, without regard for their own defense. At the same time, their bodies inflated slowly like a balloon…

“We’ll be leaving all our unfinished businesses to you! This one shall make a move first! Brothers, let us meet again in our next life!” A fierce cry rang out as a Supreme expert leapt into the air. His sword seemed to have morphed into a blinding streak of lightning, which turned into a round pillar flashing with a frosty chill. Purple lightning flashed around as the sword stabbed towards Mei Xue Yan. Man and sword as one, the sword beam charged forward unyieldingly!

Everyone could clearly see that in this strike, that Supreme realm expert’s body had expanded abruptly as he moved through the air!


This was no longer just a simple Man and Sword as One. This was a strike that embodied all of the Supreme realm expert’s life, spirit and strength! It was a suicidal strike that used one’s life to attack one’s enemy!

The most standard art of perishing together!

The most terrifying way of perishing together!

The three people were originally responsible for controlling the opponent, using their lives as the price to restrict Mei Xue Yan’s movements. Following that, another person would be the main sword, flying in, Man and Sword as One, and self detonating for good measure. The four people all worked together seamlessly, trading their lives and self detonating together at the same time to blast their opponent to death!

Four Supreme ranked experts, self-detonating together!

Mei Xue Yan had experienced many battles and naturally also sensed the danger. Not daring to be slow, her long sword swept out like an avalanche, the sword Qi erupting with unstoppable momentum. The Illusory Blood Sea expert beside her completely disregarded the fact that his self-detonation process was not completed yet, drew out his sword and slashed towards Mei Xue Yan. With a loudHONGsound, his sword shattered apart. Without sparing a glance at his broken sword, he directly blasted out an intricate and profound palm strike, directing it upwards[c][d] to meet Mei Xue Yan’s sword without regard for his own life.

Pu pu pu… Mei Xue Yan’s sword instantly stabbed 33 times into the expert’s body, entering through his chest and exiting from his back. But as if he could not even feel the wounds, the expert simply smiled sadly as he delivered his body forward…

“The Blood Ocean is invincible! May the Holy Land shine forever!” The two other experts made the same choice as they threw themselves towards Mei Xue Yan, leaving her no space to dodge. Blood and flesh flew everywhere, but each person seemed as if they’d gone crazy as they cried out loud and charged forward!

Right behind them, that dazzling sword light followed swiftly, flashing brightly!

There was no space to dodge!

Mei Xue Yan roared with rage, and the long sword in her hand abruptly slashed down flagrantly. The tip of her blade trembled intensely as a huge wall of light appeared before her, stretching from the ground to the sky, blindingly dazzling.

“Tian Fa Heaven’s Sword!”

Two similarly dazzling swordlight then smashed into each other!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Three loud explosions rang out. In an instant, the three experts’ bodies turned into a mess of blood and gore which flew around Mei Xue Yan! The force of the explosions was powerful, directly causing this 20 zhang area of land to rise and break apart in the air…

A low grunt rang out as Mei Xue Yan appeared from within the dust cloud, rapidly retreating. A section of her white dress had been torn away, and a line of blood flowed from the corner of her mouth. Her face was also as white as a sheet of paper!

This dual perishment attack had caused Mei Xue Yan to suffer heavy injuries as well!

At this point, Mei Xue Yan finally understood!

Quite obviously, these experts from the Illusory Blood Sea had trained in this kamikaze battle style for a long time already. Otherwise, it was impossible for them to have this level of coordination! Why would these experts go and train in this kind of crazy battle style for no good reason? It was naturally planned in advance to deal with her! It turns out that even if the Elusive World of Immortals had not done anything, the Illusory Blood Sea would still have taken action!

Mei Xue Yan screamed with rage, her heart filled with extreme pain!

At that time, the Three Holy Lands had yet to cast aside all considerations of face, but they had actually all been preparing to deal with her! These were all her battlemates in the War for Seizing the Heavens… Where was their conscience! What happened to justice!

Mei Xue Yan finally saw the truth in Jun Mo Xie’s words now: These people had been determined to deal with Tian Fa Forest no matter the consequences. There was no room for any mistakes! Tian Fa Forest, in the eyes of the three Holy Lands, was an even more frightening opponent than the strange races!

Mei Xue Yan’s shrill scream broke through the air, reverberating around the mountains and valleys. Loud booms rang out seemingly near and far away, like the rumbling thunder! The snow on the tall peaks in the area shuddered and fell, bringing an avalanche with large pieces of rocks and snow!

A single shout from Mei Xue Yan had triggered a massive avalanche, one that caused even the sky to change color!


[b]how about pugilist?