Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 612

Chapter 612 Amazing Chu Qi Hun


Jun Mo Xie stared blankly into the distance, “Relax, he definitely won’t die; didn’t you see how fast he ran… For an assassin to reach the Supreme realm, how could he die so easily? Besides, that fellow can’t be considered as a good person… Don’t worry about him, let’s leave this place first. Your injuries have only been temporarily suppressed by me; when we find a safer place, I’ll help you treat it properly. Be more careful next time; a self-detonation attack by Supreme realm experts is not any joking matter!”

The two departed casually, happily continuing on their way. Their journey for the next few days was light and leisurely, with nary a sign of their pursuers…

The force that the three Holy Lands had sent out this time could be said to be extremely strong in both power and scale. In total, they had 90 experts who stood at the peak of the current generation! With such a terrifying strength, it was sufficient to rend the skies and shake the ground of this world!

Yet, they had only suffered losses after losses, paying the lives of their generals and soldiers throughout this mission!

The Illusory Blood Sea had suffered the least casualty, but they had still lost a total of six people; 17 experts from Supreme Golden City had died, while the entire group of 30 from the Elusive World of Immortals had been completely wiped out, without a single survivor…

Of the 90 experts that’d set out, only 37 remained! And among these people, three, four of them were crippled in the hands of the Jun Family, while another seven, eight experts had suffered injuries of varying degrees. Even Xiao Wei Cheng’s body was sporting numerous new ugly scars…

With their current strength, if they were still adamant about pursuing and killing Mei Xue Yan, it would be equivalent to seeking death! Thus, Zi Jing Hong and Xiao Wei Cheng simultaneously came to the same decisionto switch to another target: the assassin Supreme Chu Qi Hun!

The Supreme Golden City immediately passed an order: Kill Chu Qi Hun at all costs!

Illusory Blood Sea was not slow either as they issued a Blood Ocean Kill Order!

As long as Chu Qi Hun was not killed, there would be no rest!

When the Elusive World of Immortals soon received news that all of the people they’d sent out had been completely wiped out, and that Chu Qi Hun was actually heavily involved in that affair, they also grew incredibly incensed. Without bothering to investigate further, a kill order was issued immediately as well!

The three Holy Lands was now bounded by a hatred for a common enemy: Chu Qi Hun!

In a very short time, Chu Qi Hun’s name became infamous throughout the entire Xuan Xuan Continent. There were no competition for the illustriousness of his name; his fame was awe inspiring and his notoriety towered to the skies! In just a few short days, the name Chu Qi Hun had already become a well known name throughout every household in the continent!

Everyone could not help but to cluck their tongues with shock and admiration. This Supreme assassin was simply too f*cking awesome! Too f*cking splendid! With the might of a single man, this fellow challenged all three Holy Lands at the same time! Numerous powerful Supreme level experts and even experts above the Supreme level of strength had all met their end at the hands of this savage! What a true ferocious individual! This was too crazy…

Chu Qi Hun’s fame grew with incredible speed, quickly reaching an unprecedented shocking level! All the assassins in history, no matter how glamorous their kill score was, all dimmed in comparison with Chu Qi Hun!

Chu Qi Hun could now be considered as an ancestor level character in the assassins circle! With a single step, he’d somehow realized his greatest dream: becoming the number one assassin in history!

Surpassing the ancients and amazing the world!

For the last 10,000 years, who dared to challenge the three Holy Lands upfront in such a manner? Not to mention provoking all three, just challenging a single one of the Holy Lands was an extremely unthinkable thing! And now, their compatriot, the mighty Chu Qi Hun, had managed to smack three terrifying bee hives with a single swing of his stick!

Even if the battle results were not considered, just that level of courage, that level of spirit, was unparalleled in history and will never be broken again in the future!

[A man needs be like Chu Qi Hun: awe inspiring and matchless throughout the world!

Looking disdainfully upon all; who could stand shoulder to shoulder with him, ancient and modern?

An outstanding assassin in a league all of his own!]

In a short period of time, such a poem had spread through the continent as the common folks eagerly passed on praise of his legendary deeds…

Chu Qi Hun’s name had become a hot topic among all who sit together and convene.

“Hey, are there any latest updates? About the Supreme assassin?”

“No, but that fellow is truly quite something… To actually have the guts to f*ck all three Holy Lands in the a** at the same time! This courage, this handsomeness… Big brother here is impressed to death!”

“If there’s no news, that means that he isn’t dead… Even the three Holy Lands can’t do anything about him?” The speaker’s voice grew hushed all of a sudden.

“What would you know? Supreme Chu is the number one assassin in history! The three Holy Lands are very formidable, but… are they comparable to their ancestors? Indigo blue is extracted from the indigo plant, but it is bluer than the plant it comes from. Chu Qi Hun is a man who’d surpassed his predecessors! Even water is not as cold as Grand Assassin Chu…”

“That’s true… When one reaches Chu Qi Hun’s level of strength, there’s indeed nothing to be fearful about…”

“A truly formidable man… This big brother has never heard of such a savage person actually existing in this world! This is too f*cking satisfying…Challenging the three Holy Lands alone, ah! Just thinking about it is enough to cause this big brother to shiver with agitation…”

“Exactly, Chu Qi Hun truly has guts, he truly has too much guts! How manly!”

“En. Do you all know why Chu Qi Hun wanted to kill the three Holy Lands’ people?” A middle aged man asked in a secretive manner…

“Why? Hurry up, tell us…” Everyone grew excited.

“You guys, ah, you’re truly ill-informed… This secret, looks like I’m the only one who knows… Ai, after rushing for such a long journey, my tongue is so parched, and I’m almost starving to death… how tiring ah…” That person sighed and moaned as he sat down arrogantly…

“Waiter! Quickly bring me some of your best dishes and wine! If you’re slow, this daddy here will wring your neck in two! Give me the most expensive and tasty stuff!” With a loud bang, several men slapped the table together and shouted to the waiter, fighting to treat the meal.

“Seeing that you guys are so sincere… I’ll let you in on the secret.” The man narrowed his eyes mysteriously and stuck out two fingers. “There are actually two reasons behind this matter… First, Chu Qi Hun had a childhood sweetheart… She was extremely beautiful, but somehow, her beauty was discovered by the people of the Illusory Blood Sea. Thus, they sent someone to take a look themselves. With that one look, they were instantly mesmerized…”

“So that’s how it is…. it’s actually a conflict over a beauty…” Everyone gasped with realization.

“…so they moved and snatched her away… But after bringing her back, everyone realized that there was only one girl, and so many of them… how would they split her among so many people? Even if they had the patience, she might not be able to endure… As a result, a fight broke out… If it was just a fight, it wouldn’t be a big deal. But even the Holy Land’s Lord had to come out to stop the fight. In the midst of doing that, he happened to glance at that girl… Ai, the beauty of the girl was really too moving, enough to stun even the deities! One had to say, that beauty is truly a source of disaster!” The man shook his head and sighed…

“What happened after that?” The crowd urged anxiously…

“After that? She was naturally taken away by that Lord and kept for himself… Every night, there would be strange sounds coming from his chambers…” The man smiled perversely, his voice low and thin, causing everyone to lean inwards catch his words. The circle of black heads was clustered together like a basket of vegetables in the market, with countless flies sitting on them… Regardless of whether one was a man or a woman, humans were gossipy creatures by nature. Their spirits were also filled with curiosity…

“But… for some reason, news of this scandal was leaked, and the other two Holy Lands came to know of it as well… The other two Lords of the Holy Lands paid the girl a visit out of curiosity… Ai, one really has to admit… That girl’s beauty was truly too charming… Beauty truly invites troubles, ah… After that… hehehe… What do you all think happened?” The man leaned back comfortably on his chair and smiled slyly.

“They fought?”

“No, they didn’t fight, I don’t know the details of what went down as well, but… The three Lords all left happily together, and from what I heard, they had a very good time as well… Things were very calm and peaceful after that…”

“Oh…” A chorus of gasps rang out as everyone looked at each other in understanding…

“Finally, Chu Qi Hun came to know about this matter… Everyone, if something like this happened to your loved ones, what would you do?”

“Is there still a need to ask? I’ll take my weapon and hack them all apart! A man can be anything, but he must never be a cowardly turtle! As long as one is a man, there’s only one option!”

At this, the middle aged man clapped his hands and his face lit up with an excited smile, “Isn’t that right… actually, to reach such a point today, it was because Chu Qi Hun had no other options. But one thing that we can conclude is that Chu Qi Hun is truly a valiant man, a real man! That much is without any questions…”

“Right, right, he’s a real man!”

“So, what’s the other reason?”

“The other reason… it’s actually already quite clear. At Chu Qi Hun’s profound level, he’d already surpassed his predecessors, and there will not be any like him in the future. A powerful man like that, how would he be afraid of even the chilly wind atop the tall mountains… Ai, you guys won’t be able to understand even if I talk about this kind of profound stuff with you… Come, drink, drink…”

The rest also nodded, their faces filled with satisfaction. So it turns out that the truth behind the scenes is like this…

“Chu Qi Hun’s childhood sweetheart… No matter how one calculates, she should at least be a hundred something years old now right? A wrinkled old women… Can still be so enchanting?” A youngster asked with confusion.

“Che, you’ve seen too little of the world and thus think like that. What an ill-informed country bumpkin…” The middle aged man’s face turned ugly as he sneered in disdain, “Don’t you know that a woman matured in years is even more charming? Do you know that?! Do you know about youth retaining techniques? Have you heard of it? Eternal youth? Do you even know what that is? There are even techniques to steal Yang to nourish Yin. Understand? How about… Hm? Do you understand now?”

Knocked silly by the barrage of words, the youth hurriedly took a step back and nodded like a baby chick pecking grains off the ground, “Many thanks to Sir for the teachings… There’s more profit from one conversation with an experienced man than from ten years of reading… Today has been a huge eye opener for me… All the clutter in my mind has been swept away…”

Stories like this was just a single version of the legend of Chu Qi Hun. The number of stories circulating the continent was not just limited to this one version; there were at least several hundred different accounts of the story being spread everywhere. Every single one claimed to have logic and proof and was extremely realistic and captivating…

Chu Qi Hun had truly taken his place as the most famous character in the continent since ages past till now!

His name was well known under the heavens, and everybody knew of his deeds…

That poem had even been recorded as one of the classics to be sung for a thousand years…

Of course, at this time, the culprit behind the chaos, Young Master Jun Mo Xie was still completely oblivious to the storms he’d stirred up. The very person who bestowed the infamy and sins to Chu Qi Hun’s name was currently pulling a beauty by the hand and traveling leisurely through the deserted snowy forest… There was no way he could know that on the outside, the great name of Supreme Chu had already reached such an exaggerated level…

If he knew, this Young Master Jun would definitely feel…

Very comforted in his heart!

Or, perhaps he might become jealous instead! The title of the number one assassin in the world, how come it’s suddenly gone just like that?! There was no telling what he would feel… After all, this fellow’s brain did not run in a logical manner…

There was still 200 li till the Dongfang Family! This area could already be considered as the Dongfang Family’s territory…

Finally emerging from a dense forest, Jun Mo Xie stood atop a tall mountain peak and looked out at the tall mountains before him. In that moment, he could not help but to sigh softly. “It truly was not easy for my old grandpa to find a wife in this kind of place back then… I’ve walked for so many days already, but apart from the noise of birds and beasts, there isn’t even any sight of a human’s footprint…”

“What do you mean by that?” Mei Xue Yan who was following behind him with a sweet smile suddenly paused her steps and looked at Jun Mo Xie with wide, unfriendly eyes.

“Ah? Err… f*ck!”Jun Mo Xie only remembered now that he’d unintentionally offended a beauty… This was a… err… Xuan Beast… Sh*t, this brother needs to add a lock to his mouth…

“Err… I meant to say, that apart from us, there isn’t anyone else…” Jun Mo Xie wiped the cold sweat from his brows and hurriedly executed the Topic Changing Grand Technique. ” Xue Yan ah, actually, I truly adore you too much, so these few days, I’ve been staying up without rest to write a poem for you… Would you like to listen to it? This is a heartfelt confession of mine.”

“Recite it and let me listen to it,” Mei Xue Yan’s interest rose. She knew that although this fellow’s reputation was one of an uncultured man, he would occasionally utter some beautiful sentences and graceful poems in unexpected moments… Seeing that he’d specially made a poem for her, her curiosity was naturally aroused.

“This poem is called, ‘If”…” Jun Mo Xie cleared his throat as a mysterious smile appeared on his face.