Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 614

Chapter 614


“How uncanny… You look exactly like Wen Xin when she was young, truly alike…” Old Madam Dongfang placed her wrinkly hands gently on Jun Mo Xie’s face. Her eyes grew moist, and two drops of tears finally fell from them. Although her vision of her grandson was now fogged up, she could not bear to take her hands off his face to wipe her eyes. With a light pull, she tugged Jun Mo Xie into her arms, her body shaking heavily as tears ran down her face onto her grandson’s neck. “My dear grandson… To not be able to see your mother for so many years… It’s been tough on you…”

Jun Mo Xie opened his mouth, wanting to comfort this old grandmother of his, but for some reason, his throat seemed to have choked up, and he couldn’t say anything at all… A kinship as thick and warm as this was like a spring breeze and gentle drizzle which swept through his heart, letting him know that he was actually not alone in this world… There were still so many people who were concerned about him, cared about him, and protective of him…


Blood family!

The old madam’s eyes were filled with tears, and her long, white hair floated in the wind. In this moment, she was only an old lady hugging the grandson whom she’d not seen for a long time. There were no traces of that sword heroine who swept through the pugilistic world, domineeringly slaughtering all who stood in her path. “My darling grandson… Other children your age are still under the protection of their parents, carefully nurtured under their wings. But my poor, obedient grandson actually lost his father at the tender age of seven, and then his mother at the age of eight. Although your mother is still alive, it’s as if you had suddenly been orphaned… Just thinking about it causes this old woman’s heart to feel like it’s being sliced by a thousand knives…”

“Mother… now that Mo Xie is here, it is a happy thing. You should open your heart and not dwell on the sad things… Your body should still be your priority,” Dongfang Wen Qing comforted.

“Hmph, don’t bother me! Since my grandson is here, I naturally need to take a good look at him… Growing up beside that old fool Jun Zhan Tian, how could he not suffer? That wretched old thing has an explosive temper, scolding and beating whenever he feels like it. Could that kind of place provide a good environment to educate my darling baby grandson? This poor child has definitely endured many hardships these few years. If not for the Dongfang Family bloodline in his body, I fear that that impenetrably thick-headed old fool would have already led him astray long ago…”

From the looks of it, this old madam has quite a deep dislike for old Grandpa Jun. The moment she opened her mouth, it was either “old fool Jun” or “wretched old thing”. When she was done with her scolding, she seemed much more placated.It’s a huge fortune that this child has my Dongfang Family’s blood! Otherwise, he would have been completely lost long ago…When she received news of Jun Mo Xie’s debauchery ways several years ago, this old madam almost exploded with rage, and very nearly charged out of the mountain to settle scores with Jun Zhan Tian…

In the heart of the old grandma, her grandson was naturally the most obedient child with no faults… Even if he turned bad, it was because Jun Zhan Tian hadn’t taught him well… That old thing is just a complete block of wood who only knew how to fight, how would he know how to teach a child…

Jun Mo Xie smiled embarrassingly, not knowing whether to laugh or cry…

After a long time, the old madam finally calmed down, taking a handkerchief from a gentlewoman behind her to wipe her tears. Only then, did she turn her eyes to look at Mei Xue Yan. With a bright smile on her face, she asked, “Mo Xie, is this lass my granddaughter-in-law? Hm, she looks really pretty and demure, come… Lass, turn around and let grandmother see…”

Jun Mo Xie nodded his head rapidly like a chicken pecking rice off the ground. “Grandmother has formidable eyesight, this is indeed your grandson’s dear wife! Grandmother, take a look and see if you’re pleased with her? If you’re not pleased with her, I’ll go back and give her a good spanking tonight…” This sentence from Jun Mo Xie was immediately returned with a cold stare from Mei Xue Yan. Snorting lightly, she fumed in her heart.Seeing as there are others here, I’ve left some face for you. Spank me? With just you? It’s not even clear who will be spanking who! See if I don’t take care of you tonight! Do you really think that it’s so easy to take advantage of this woman?

“Haha, you brat, how can you say that? Wives are meant to be doted upon, how could you hit her… Besides, such a fairy-like girl, are you really able to lay hands on her?” The old grandmother smiled as her eyes measured Mei Xue Yan’s body carefully. As she did so, she continuously nodded her head, and her eyes squinted together in delight, “Mo Xie, your eyesight is not bad, this lass is not only good looking, but her front and back are big as well, which is very good for bearing children… You must not lay hands on her…”

Mei Xue Yan’s entire face grew red hot, and she almost stamped her feet in embarrassment. This lady is the number one Xuan Beast King in Tian Fa, even if you’re the grandmother of this young thief Jun, how could… you actually… say that…

Jun Mo Xie smiled and nodded happily. “Grandmother is absolutely right, I have absolute confidence in giving birth to a son… There’s no problem at all…” At the same time, he could not help but to wonder about the state of the Dongfang Family. Is their information network really so bad? They actually didn’t know that Mei Xue Yan was Venerable Mei?

“En, if you have a child, feel free to send him here… Grandmother will teach the child properly and bring him up well for you; your grandfather is rough and uncouth, how would he know how to look after children? It’ll already be a mercy if the child wasn’t led astray… You are the prime example, if not for your mother’s blood in you, it’d have been really be hard to say how you’ll have ended up. If that old thing does anything out of line again, this old granny will go and scold him…” Whenever she thought about Jun Mo Xie’s previous debauchery reputation, she would still feel deeply concerned.

Ah? Send the child here? Not to mention grandpa, even he wouldn’t be willing to do that! Jun Mo Xie’s face twitched lightly as he looked around him. My god, this place is even more desolated than Tian Fa Forest; the mountains aren’t magnificent and the waters are not clear…

“This is your First Aunt, this is your Second Aunt… This is your Third Aunt… Come and greet them…” The old madam’s face was wreathed in smiles as she took out a small, white jade box from her sleeves. The jade box was entirely made from the same piece of jade, and just the value of the box itself was extraordinary. Inside the box, was a small phoenix standing proudly. The phoenix’s body was vibrant in many colors, and its feathers looked extremely life-like, as if the phoenix was alive and could spread its wings and fly off at any time.

“This Grandiose Rainbow Phoenix is actually a complete piece from the heart of a rainbow jade crystal. This crystal was naturally formed with seven colors, and is completely flawless. Even more amazing was that the heart of this crystal was naturally in the shape of a phoenix. Back then, a famed artisan spent three years before finally retrieving it. It’s a rare treasure, one of a kind in this world. When it was discovered back then, this thing had caused a great commotion through the world… It was the dream accessory of countless young girls, and a sea of blood had been shed in large scale fights over it… In the end, it was obtained by me. I’ve never bared to take it out, but today, I’ll gift it to my granddaughter-in-law as a greeting present. It’s so perfect, keke…”

The old madam smiled and personally took out the Grandiose Rainbow Phoenix and fixed it onto Mei Xue Yan’s silky hair. After adjusting slightly, she nodded with satisfaction. “Only a celestial beauty like my granddaughter-in-law can make this Grandiose Rainbow Phoenix look even more gorgeous…”

The colorful little phoenix jade hair pin glimmered beautifully in Mei Xue Yan’s inky black hair, interweaving with seven different colors in a mystical way, enhancing her beautiful face further and causing her to look like an otherworldly fairy…

Mei Xue Yan’s face turned beet red as she stammered out a word of thanks. When she saw this Grandiose Rainbow Phoenix the first time, she’d fallen in love with it instantly. Mei Xue Yan was a Beast Queen of Tian Fa, but she was still a girl at the end of the day… There was no way she could resist the beauty of this phoenix hair pin…

Following that, it was the three aunts’ turn to bring over their meeting gifts…

In a short time, the great beauty Mei was hugging several boxes, her face red and shy. However, a hint of joy could be seen on her face…

“This… I should call him elder cousin right, grandma?” A lively little boy ran out and beamed at his grandma. The boy was only about 10 years old, and was white and tender, appearing extremely cute. His eyes were jet black, and they glistened as he stared at Jun Mo Xie.

“Little brat, go and greet your elder cousin.” The old madam smiled and pinched his chubby face as she turned to look at Jun Mo Xie. “This is the youngest of your Second Uncle’s family, Xiao Hui Hui…”

“Elder cousin!” The little boy came forward and puffed out his chest, “My name is Dongfang Xiao Hui, not Dongfang XiaoHui.1Actually, I don’t really like this name, but on the day that I was born, my mother dreamt of a pagoda tree, so I was named after it… The name Xiao Hui was already not very nice, but everyone just likes to call me Xiao Hui now… I’m actually not naughty at all, for real…”

“Dongfang Xiao Hui… Hello, little cousin Xiao Hui.” Jun Mo Xie rubbed his nose and laughed. From the look on this little fellow’s face, it was obvious that he was up to some mischief.

As expected…

“Big cousin, look at how many presents you got just on today… I’m even smaller than you… And it’s the first time we’re meeting, shouldn’t you give me a present too?” Little Rascal Dongfang held his hands out excitedly.

“That’s simple; didn’t you say that you’re not satisfied with your name just now? This elder cousin shall gift you with a better name, one that’s guaranteed to be cool! In the future, whoever hears it just once will definitely be shocked, and unable to forget the name forever. It’s the kind of name that speaks of the awesomeness of an unrivalled expert!” Jun Mo Xie chuckled with a glint in his eyes.

“Ah? What name is it? I happen to want to change my name… But father and mother is against it, Elder Cousin, if you can help me pick a dashing name, that’ll be the best!” The little fellow had completely forgotten about the matter of his present, and grew excited.

“En, Dongfang Xiao Huai… is indeed not very domineering. The pagoda tree is also the ghost amongtrees2, and has a slightly inauspicious meaning; how about this…” Jun Mo Xie smiled suavely and continued, “What do you think of changing your name to Bu Bai (Undefeated)? Dongfang Bu Bai! Dongfang Family, forever undefeatable! What do you think? Is it domineering enough?”

“Dongfang Bu Bai! Fantastic! That name is truly too awesome!” The little fellow’s face lit up like a christmas tree. Taking a step back, he jumped up and did two somersaults proclaiming loudly: “From now onwards, I shall be named Dongfang Bu Bai!”

“Not bad! However, you need to work hard to not let down this name, undefeatable! On top of that, I’ve actually thought up a trademark phrase for you to go with the name as well…” Jun Mo Xie continued in a mysterious tone.

“What phrase? Dongfang Xiao Huai’s eyes were red with fervor.

“In the future, when you roam the pugilistic world, and others ask you for your name, you can say this…” Jun Mo Xie puffed out his chest, placed one leg before the other and raised his head proudly as he proclaimed in a loud and lofty voice, “Unfailing… as the Sun that rises from the East; I… am undefeatable!”

“Unfailing as the Sun that rises from the East, I am undefeatable!” Dongfang Xiao Huai… No, Dongfang Bu Bai cried out as his mouth formed into a huge ‘O’ shape. In that moment, his eyes were filled with adoration as he looked at Jun Mo Xie. “Unfailing as the Sun that rises from the East, I am undefeatable! This is simply too domineering, too amazing… Wahahahaha… wow! Elder cousin, you’re simply too talented! I hereby declare, that from now on, you are this Dongfang Xiao- no! You are this Dongfang Bu Bai’s idol!”

After settling the matter of Dongfang Bu Bai, Jun Mo Xie smiled proudly with a sense of achievement. As he observed the faces around him, everyone seemed to have approved. They were obviously very satisfied with the name “Dongfang Bu Bai” that Jun Mo Xie had chosen…

The mighty Dongfang Family should at least have this level of domineering demeanor!

Unfailing as the Sun that rises from the East, I am undefeatable!

For their grandson to receive such a tyrannical name, this was a very large gift for the Dongfang Family!

“Very good!” Dongfang Wen Qing’s eyes lit up as he praised, “This phrase is truly extremely domineering, however, this brat Xiao Huai is still not fit enough to bear it! This name shall belong to our entire Dongfang Family! Later on, I’ll send someone to engrave these words onto a large piece of rock and erect it before the gates of ourDongfang3Family where it shall stand forever!”