Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 615

Chapter 615 Tears Of A Loving Mother


“First Uncle! That’s my slogan! Elder cousin gave it to me! Why can’t I use it!” The little fellow was so anxious that his face had gone completely red as he jumped up and down. In that moment, his prepubescent voice piped up as he protested strongly.

“For a little kid like you, it’s already not bad to have such a domineering name… this phrase shall naturally be left for our Dongfang Family as a clan symbol. Still want to complain? If you keep complaining, you won’t even get to keep the name. In the future, we’ll hold a contest for all the younger generation members of the family, and only the winner will have the qualifications to be named Dongfang Bu Bai!” Dongfang Wen Qing threatened with a cold snort…

In an instant, the little brat shut his mouth and went to one side, pouting lightly.

“Alright, stop creating a din and go inside quickly… Number three, I told you to prepare a guest room, have you done it yet? There better be a guest room ready, come, come, come, let’s go to the main hall first and get some tea to soothe the throat… My grandson has traveled a long distance to get here, it must be tiring! But here, you’re home now… Go and take a rest first, we’ll talk about the other things later.” Old Madam Dongfang held Mei Xue Yan’s hand tightly and shooed everyone in happily.

When he reached the entrance of the main hall, Jun Mo Xie was shocked, and his jaws dropped slightly. Standing before the entrance was a large group of around a hundred girls, all waiting patiently…

“Come, my obedient Mo Xie, I’ll introduce you!” The old madam was obviously a little unhappy as she pointed at the group of girls. “These, are all your eldest uncle’s…wives! This is your First Uncle’s second wife, his third wife… seventeenth wife, fifty-ninth wife… it’s not a lot right?

Jun Mo Xie felt like he’d been struck by lightning as he stood dumbly, staring with his mouth wide open…

Too awesome! Too amazing!

At first, he’d only heard the numbers and as the saying went, words are but wind, but seeing is believing! Now that he’d seen with his own eyes, he’d been deeply impacted… This first uncle of his was a little too powerful! Fifty-nine wives… the most amazing thing was that the 59th wife seems to be only one or two years older than him. It was definitely not the trick of some youth retaining technique either. That look of innocence and tenderness could never be faked…

After getting introduced to them one by one, Jun Mo Xie felt like his legs were growing numb, and his back was beginning to ache. Even his neck felt somewhat stiff… Although he didn’t need to raise his head to look at the girls, just the action of nodding was rather effort consuming…

At this point, he could not help but to look over at Dongfang Wen Qing with amazement. “First Uncle, Mo Xie truly has to hand it to you… You… are really made of metal…”

Dongfang Wen Qing’s stoic face instantly turned red… Behind him, Dongfang Wen Jian and Dongfang Wen Dao chuckled and smiled at each other in a knowing manner…

“Number two, what are you laughing at!” The old madam snorted angrily, “Come, Mo Xie, come here; these are your Second Uncle’s wives… this is your Second Uncle’s second wife, his third wife… his-thirty sixth wife…”

Jun Mo Xie’s eyes widened and he sputtered weakly… his First Uncle has 59 wives, and his Second Uncle has also reached number 36…

Dear Heavens ah, great Earth ah! My goodness! I thought that my fortune with the ladies was already not bad, but to think that when it’s compared to my two uncles, it’s suddenly like trying to compare a firefly to the moon, and a mustard seed to a mountain! Truly praiseworthy!

Looks like I still need to continue working hard! Even if the quantity could not be compared, I must not lose in quality!

“These are your Third Uncle’s wives… it’s a bit less.” The old madam’s face turned slightly better and her expression softened. “There’s only three, but they’re actually the most productive of all, consecutively giving this old woman three grandsons and two granddaughters… Not like your first and second uncle, each of them have a large harem of wives, but not one can lay a single egg. Utterly disappointing things…”

Jun Mo Xie finally understood why the old grandma was so angry. So it turns out that his first and second uncle were both completely unproductive and bad “shooters”… it’s no wonder that the old grandma would feel frustrated. Even the girls felt extremely depressed about the situation. Whenever they looked at the little brat Dongfang Xiao Huai, their eyes would be filled with envy… His two uncles had also lowered their heads in shame…

After a long time, the presents the two received had already formed into a small hill.

Finally, everyone returned, and even Dongfang Xiao Huai was forcibly dragged back to his room. Only the old grandma and his three uncles were left in the room. At this point, Jun Mo Xie could finally lose a breath of relief. Somewhat anxious, he hurriedly asked, “Grandma, my mum’s situation, how is it…?”

The moment this matter was brought up, everyone’s expressions stiffened. Nobody spoke for a moment and after a long time, old grandma sighed and sat down slowly, her expression one of great torment. “I have been trying to steer away from the topic all this while… to temporarily avoid talking about it… Although I knew that you would eventually ask about it, to this old woman, every moment that I can avoid dwelling on the topic is a moment gained…”

Jun Mo Xie’s heart sank, and his voice broke slightly, “Could it be… mum has already…?”

“You coming here now… It’s still in time to see your mother for one last time…” The old grandma turned her face around as a tear fell from her wrinkled face. She forcefully adjusted her emotions and continued, “Actually, it doesn’t really make much of a difference whether you see her or not… she cannot hear, or see anything… even to the point of being unable to feel anything… She, completely does not care about anything anymore… not her son, not her own mother… This unfilial daughter…” The old grandma’s voice choked up again…

Dongfang Wen Qing and the rest also lowered their heads sadly.

“In these years, we’ve already tried our best, inviting countless doctors and procuring countless spirit herbs… all to wake her up… That year, the number one doctor in the world at that time, Xin Hui Chun, also came and looked at her before. The doctor said that this was a disease of the heart; she already closed the door in her heart tightly… As long as she did not want to wake up, she would remain in a coma till her death…”

The old grandma shook her head, her eyes filled with tears. Her tone was extremely agitated, “She hadn’t even considered that by lying there like a dead person, what wouldn’t happen to me, her mother… My heart is hovering on the edge of a precipice every single day! Two of her sons had passed away, and her only remaining son is still young… Yet, she could harden her heart and leave him behind. Neglecting her filial duties toward her own mother and parents in law; as her mother, this daughter is the blood of my blood! How can I not think about her every single moment… Could it be! Could it be that without Jun Wu Hui in this world, the sky would collapse?! Why? Can’t she just be a little stronger, a little tougher for the sake of her mother?!”

The old grandma’s words were no longer coherent towards the end. Yet, she cried aloud with her hoarse and raspy voice, “For the sake of taking this vengeance, our Dongfang Family battled through the heavens, commencing a grand slaughter across the continent. Our warriors poured forth, and the souls of the dead surpassed tens of thousands. As the sayings go, killing a thousand enemies comes with a price of 800 soldiers! How many of our talented followers and disciples went forth valiantly, forever losing their lives on the battlefield! Some of their corpses were left in the wilderness, some did not even have a body remaining… Even… even the two brothers of her deceased father perished together, taking down six Spirit Xuan experts with them! These… are these not blood relations too? Are they not our family kin? All of these people… and that endless stream of blood, in her heart, could it be that they still could not amount to a single Jun Wu Hui?!

The old madam’s voice was agitated, and her tears flowed freely with her emotions!

“But this silly girl! This wretched girl… she… she, she…actually chose this path of no return, turning the sacrifices and efforts of countless people into such a meaningless thing…” The old grandma was sobbing so hard that she could hardly articulate her words. “On top of that… she still chooses to torment this old bag of bones every single day… Wen Xin, ah, you question the romantic love in your heart, but why do you not question the filial love in your heart? You are truly worthless ah… WenXin…”1

“Perhaps… in Mother’s heart… Father is her entire sky… her everything… When Father died, her sky collapsed, and her everything disappeared…” Jun Mo Xie muttered in a hoarse voice, “When one’s feelings reached such a level of deepness… It’s already to the point where their life and death are tied to each other! Grandma, you are a woman yourself, so you should be able to understand… this feeling too…”

“It’s precisely because I understand that it’s so painful for me!” The old grandma gritted her teeth, tears pouring down her cheeks. “What use is there of her lying there? I… I… I… Countless times, I’ve wanted to… take a sword and stab down, ending her torment and granting her her wish! B-but… she’s my daughter, my darling daughter! I’ve raised her from a little girl, holding her close to my heart in fear that she would fall… She… she is my heart, and my liver! Ah… how could I bear to do it? How could I bear to do it! Even just the thought itself brings unbearable pain to my heart! But, if I don’t do this, how long must she live in her torment for? How long will she take before she dies of her own heartbreak!!!”

Everyone fell silent, not knowing what to say. Dongfang Wen Qing and the rest lowered their heads, their eyes red and shimmering with tears.

“The Exquisite Treasure Tree we’ve been using to sustain her life has already used up its essence energy, and is slowly wilting now… She… it’s time she left… You’ve come in time to see her for one last time and it’s still possible to send her on her final journey together… This can be considered as having descendants give the final farewell…!”

The old grandma sat down weakly, her eyes blank and lost. Her white hair floated lonelily, and her spirit seemed to have disappeared… It was as if all she was left with were her tears and cries from earlier…

“Mother… You should know little sister’s character well; she had always been extremely stubborn and passionate. You know that better than anyone, so why are you tormenting yourself so?”

Dongfang Wen Dao wiped away the tears on his face and continued. “Throughout life and death, only loving one person… Mother, little sister’s character is exactly like yours… That year, when Father passed away early, didn’t you also want to leave us behind and follow after him yourself? At that time… little sister was only three years old. We all accompanied you day and night… afraid… afraid that you might just… leave, but even so, you attempted to end your own life on so many occasions… all of us were scared silly back then too…”

The old grandma sighed a long, forlorn sigh, as if she’d remembered something. A smile that contained a trace of warmth appeared on her aged face. “That was different… it was completely different… Your Father was a hero of a generation, a mighty man who upheld the heavens and earth. He’s the best man in the entire world!… As for that brat Jun Wu Hui… how can he be compared with your Father?!”

“Jun Wu Hui naturally cannot be compared with Father, but in little sister’s heart… Brother-in-law Wu Hui also meant as much for her as how Father was to you ah…” Dongfang Wen Jian’s tears flowed freely as he lamented. “Little sister… has suffered enough these few years… Although she’s been sleeping constantly, it should be easy to imagine that her heart is ultimately buried in sadness ah…”