Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 620

Chapter 620 I Finally Have A Mother Who Cares For Me

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With a flash of white, Mei Xue Yan quietly appeared in the room. Seeing that Dongfang Wen Xin had woken up, she was naturally happy. But seeing the fainted Jun Mo Xie with mouthful of blood, she was heartbroken. With her high level of cultivation, the severity of the injury was apparent at a glance. She lamented in her mind,the serious injury should have been a fake, why were you so desperate

He was obviously dying

Nevertheless, she was fully aware of how important Dongfang Wen Xin was to Jun Mo Xie. Perhaps, Jun Mo Xie’s desire for mother’s love at that moment was beyond Mei Xue Yan’s comprehension


What a sacred word! As for Jun Mo Xie, the lack of mother had haunted him for both livesMy mother from my past life, why did she abandon me? Why? Do you know how much I needed you? Even in you hit me and scold me I still needed you

I lived a heroic past life. No one was not afraid of me. I was the myth and the miracle!

But who truly knew my agony? Until death I did not know my real family name

I was like an extra in that world. Despite of my greatness, I had no root

I wanted a mother. I desired her love

Who knew how desperate I was for it? Every time I woke up in the wee hours of the night, every day the autumn wind blew, I thought of her; Every time I could not sleep, every time it was the union day for everyone else, I was thinking of her

I could only walk my path alone Did I really want to be cold-blooded and heartless? I also wanted to be hugged by my mother when I cried as I was treated with injustice

I was not in need of the care, but was craving for the love

In this life, my mother is still alive. But she is so far away from me, and is in an endless dreamland When I recognized my own identity as Jun Mo Xie, my mother was still asking her heart

But I am your son!

And you are my mother

Jun Mo Xie really fainted

The moment Dongfang Wen Xin woke up, he finally allowed himself to faint

To faint in happiness

The sudden appearance of an extremely beautiful girl in white who was so concerned with Jun Mo Xie made Dongfang Wen Xin ask, “Who is this young lady?”

“Young lady? She is your daughter-in-law! She is Mo Xie’s wife,” the old madam said, half scolding. “Wen Xin, you are already a mother-in-law Maybe soon you will have a grandson”

“Daughter-in-law? Mo Xie’s wife?” Dongfang Wen Xin was surprised. She scrutinized Mei Xue Yan and finally smiled in satisfaction, “What’s your name?”

Mei Xue Yan immediately flushed like a red plum blossom. She replied softly, “Mei Xue Yan.”

“Mo Xie’s wife why don’t you call me mother?” The more Dongfang Wen Xin looked at Mei Xue Yan, the more satisfied she was.My son really has a good taste this girl is even prettier than me when I was young

“Mother” Mei Xue Yan greeted, with awkwardness and shy happiness.

“Good good daughter you are so beautiful. You have be more generous to him, because he was always naughty from a young age” Dongfang Wen Xin smiled comfortably. She tightened her grip on Jun Mo Xie’s arm and exclaimed with tears rolling in her eyes, “Ya I have become a mother-in-law I will soon have a grandson If Wu Hui knew about it, wouldn’t he be so happy I should have told him earlier”

The old madam sighed in sadness

“Hmm? I will soon have a grandson” Dongfang Wen Xin frowned suddenly, but it soon broke into a smile. “Mo Xie is the youngest. If he already has a wife Then Mo You and Mo Chou would have gotten one long ago! Shouldn’t they already have a lot of kids? Sigh now I really seem to be an irresponsible mother Eh? Where are the two of them? They didn’t come?”

“Don’t hurry,” the old madam faked a smile. “We are at the Dongfang family. It already took Mo Xie much effort to reach here. I am sure you know that we are living at a very secluded place”

“Oh” Dongfang Wen Xin slowly sat down. Although she still felt ominous, she did accept it. She smiled and said, “Ah, I have forgotten We are 17 thousands of miles away from Tian Xiang city. That’s really far back then, I also went for a few thousands of miles before I met a single person And that person was Wu Hui He was carrying one of his soldiers with a few other mae to find a doctor The soldier had been bitten by a snake. They were lucky that they met me that day”

She continued faintly, “Later did I know that the soldier was one of his close guards. It was blazing hot that day so they sweat a lot and they really stunk but Jun Wu Hui still sucked the poison from the soldier’s wound every hour to sustain his life. That was why they made it all the way to where they met me, or else the soldier would have been long dead. I was really touched back then. How admirable a general he was if he did that for his soldiers”

Dongfang Wen Xin’s eyes revealed her sadness, but her smile was full of inexplicable gentleness, as if she was re-experiencing the past.

Although Dongfang Wen Xin had been sleeping for ten years, her thoughts remained unchanged during all those years. She had no idea that in those ten years, much had changed, especially for the people around her. For her, all she had were still painful memories which were still so intense

The old madam sighed and opened her mouth to speak. But she did not know how to comfort her daughter. She stood up and said, half-blamingly, “Take care of your son first. He almost lost his life saving you. We will talk about the rest after he has recovered.”

Dongfang Wen Xin was pulled back to reality. She looked at her son lovingly. It was a familiar face, similar to the one that had taught her love. But of course, it was much younger. She gently bent down and touched Jun Mo Xie’s face with hers. Then she said softly, “My dear son Wu Hui’s son I must help Mo Xie recover My third son My third son”

The old madam let out a sigh in her mind. She signaled at a few guys in the room, and Dongfang Wen Qing and a few others exited unwillingly.

The old madam stood up last and said, “When Mo Xie has recovered, Dongfang Wen Xin, you unfilial daughter, you better apologize to me properly. For so many years, you sigh” She left after the long sigh.

Now only Dongfang Wen Xin, Mei Xue Yan, and Jun Mo Xie remained in the room.

Within the body of the unconscious Jun Mo Xie must be unbearable pain. But in his mother’s lap, all that was on his face was happiness

Jun Mo Xie felt like he was living in paradise for the next few days

Dongfang Wen Xin took care of him with almost no rest. Even at night, she would build a small bed beside her son to sleep. She fed him every meal, which was initially awkward for Jun Mo Xie, but she insisted, he quickly gave in, soon starting to enjoy the endless care from his mother in her lap.

As he smelled the nice and familiar scent of his mother and felt the joy of reunion, it was the first time he really knew happiness and dependency in his two lives!

How great was it to have a mother! Cozy, comfortable, joyous it was as if no adjectives in this word could even slightly describe the satisfaction of this moment.

I I, Jun Mo Xie I, Mo Xie, I, the evil monarch finally have a mother! I am finally someone that can enjoy mother’s love!Jun Mo Xie was inexplicably excited.

For these days, he talked to his mother every day. He talked about all those years’ experiences, how he had misbehaved, and how he was totally spoiled how he made people angry. It seemed that nothing, even the most ridiculous, could not be said. He would then enjoy the scolding and the gentle reprimanding from his mother

Then he would listen to his mother about how he had always been naughty when young, even when he was still in his mother’s belly. Then she would talk about how she met his father, and how they began to know each other, fall in love and so on.

Jun Mo Xie would always listen quietly. Mei Xue Yan would also sit at the side and listen with a smile.

Strangely, Dongfang Wen Xin never talked about anything sad. She only picked the happy moments. Even her two other sons were seldom mentioned The first time she mentioned them, Jun Mo Xie skilfully changed the topic. She was at first stunned, but stopped mentioning them afterwards

Although her grief and sorrow could still be seen in her face and eyes but she never revealed it in front of her son. She cared for him to the most detailed extent; she would even take care of a single hair on Jun Mo Xie’s head. It was as if she wanted to give all the absent mother’s love to Mo Xie in a single day

She was devoted to her son

Jun Mo Xie even thought,How wonderful would it be if this can continue forever?’ He was reluctant to leave this experience behind

The people from the Dongfang family would visit everyday. But, they quickly left every time, and even the old madam was not an exception. They were afraid to see the grief and doubt in Dongfang Wen Xin’s eyes. Even the old madam could not tell her the truth

Every time, they would leave Dongfang Wen Xin by the door still pondering. And the concern and the ominous feeling only grew as she pondered on

The immense pressure and the great grief of his mother was still felt by Jun Mo Xie. Although she tried very hard to cover them, he could still detect them!

So, Jun Mo Xie finally decided to unveil the truth

It was better to let out the truth than for everyone to keep it. The pain would soon be washed away by an outburst of tears and it would be much better than having his mother depressed everyday.

Of course, what really encouraged him to do so was what Mei Xue Yan had said unintentionally when his mother was not around. She said that she could not bear seeing their mother suffer like this and how good it would be if the dead could be revived

Jun Mo Xie was moved!