Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 622

Chapter 622 Dong Fang Family's Intelligence..

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“I will live well Mo Xie, don’t worry, your mother may be an incompetent mother, but I can still understand your meaning” Dongfang Wen Xin wiped her tears and straightened her back. “Not to mention the trace of hope you’ve given mother today, even if there is no more hope to see your father ever again, mother will not seek death anymore Mother wants to watch you grow up into a man, watch you dominate the entire world with your strength, watch you and your wife start a family and carry my grandchildren Mother also wants to watch with my own eyes, how you take revenge for your father!”

“Revenge! My vengeance has yet to be fulfilled, and my hate has yet to be sated how can I seek death!” Dongfang Wen Xin’s eyes grew red and deep hatred could be seen on her face. Her eyes seemed to be burning as she gritted her teeth, “Your eldest brother and second brother just how did they die?”

Jun Mo Xie closed his eyes lightly and his brows dipped with pain. “Blizzard Silver City’s Xiao Family! Even Third Uncle Wu Yi was plotted against by them, and nearly ended up permanently crippled he had to sit in a wheelchair for 10 years”

“Xiao Family!” Dongfang Wen Xin spat coldly, “Killer of my husband, murderer of my children! This hatred! Xiao Family!”

“When my injuries are healed, I’m preparing to set out from here, directly for Blizzard Silver City! To collect this debt of blood!” The killing intent in Jun Mo Xie’s eyes also blazed like a fire. “What’s the use of a mere promise? Snow capped-peak it’s time you collapse! Xiao Family it’s time you’re destroyed”

“Recover? You’ll go after you recover?” Dongfang Wen Xin was boiling with hatred a short moment ago, but she suddenly became worried again,”Mo Xie, don’t be rash! This matter you can take your time to plan You must have absolute preparation” As she advised, her tears suddenly fell again. “Mo Xie, mother now only has you you must not be rash if anything happens to you too Mother will really have no hopes in life; if vengeance is too risky, mother would rather not have this vengeance”

“Mother, don’t worry, I know my strengths, I’ll work hard to protect myself!” Mo Xie sighed and said emotionally, “If I don’t have absolute confidence, I will definitely not act rashly. Mother only has Mo Xie, but Mo Xie also only has Mother”

“Then, I can set my mind at ease.” Dongfang Wen Xin nodded lightly, her face flushed with happiness, “Mo Xie tell mother the truth, your Father can he really be revived?” Her voice was filled with uncertainty. She was anxious for the revival of her husband, but at the same time, was worried lest she should lose it. Her heart had already reached the limits of her endurance

“I guarantee! If I’m lying to Mother in anyway, then I’ll” Jun Mo Xie raised his hand, seriously swearing.

Dongfang Wen Xin hurriedly placed a hand over his mouth, shaking her head! “Don’t swear! I’ll believe you! I really do” Jun Mo Xie secretly breathed out a long breath of relief

In the next few days, Jun Mo Xie”s body improved steadily, and Dongfang Wen Xin’s mood also stabilized Even the paintings of Jun Wu Hui in the room were taken down one by one and kept away solemnly by her. In her eyes, her grief for Jun Wu Hui had already disappeared greatly, and was replaced with longing and hope

Although the lie he’d told was well intentioned, Jun Mo Xie more or less felt somewhat guilty in his heart. But strangely, he felt even more of an unknown happiness to carry on living with hope in one’s heart even if it’s the faintest of hope is still better than completely losing it all

On this day, in the Dong Fang Family’s main hall.

The old madam, the three Dongfang brothers, Jun Mo Xie, Mei Xue Yan, and Dongfang Wen Xin were all sitting together; Dongfang Wen Xin sat beside her son, raising her head to look at him from time to time. A faint smile of doting hung on her face To her, no matter where her son had been, or how big he’d grown to, he would always be that buck-naked naughty child in her arms

The old madam’s temperament had taken an obvious upturn; her daughter, whom they had given up hope on had awoken with great health and vitality. The visit from her grandson this time had brought them too many surprises. On top of that, he’d even brought back a beautiful granddaughter-in-law, and such a formidable one at that

These days, the old madam could be seen smiling and laughing happily everyday. Her heart’s knot had been untangled, and with Jun Mo Xie using his spirit energy to nourish her body, she felt as if she had grown younger by ten over years even the domineering and fearsome aura that she had in the past had returned!

At this time, she was looking through a report sent from the outside world. It was a thick stack of news, and her brows were furrowed, as if she was looking for something In these years, the Dong Fang Family had relied completely on such news to maintain their connection to the outside world

Finally, with a dry cough, she pulled out a piece of the report. “There are a few things here that are important; everyone pay attention. Although we’re no longer a part of the pugilistic world, some of our people will go out from time to time and bring back news for our younger generation in case they stir up any trouble and offend people they should not offend.”

Dongfang Wen Qing and the other three brothers all nodded their heads. The old madam looked at Jun Mo Xie intently. “Mo Xie, you’re roaming the pugilistic world and you must understand that certain people and certain forces must not be provoked at all costs! There is always a sky above a sky, and a man above a man! Do you understand?”

Jun Mo Xie looked up blankly, not quite understanding what the grandma was trying to say. But since it was an elderly’s advice, he would acknowledge it first.

“A few days ago, there was a series of large battles. The three Holy Lands collectively sent out 90 of the strongest experts of the current era to surround the strongest figure of Tian Fa, the Venerable Mei. But ultimately, their troops were defeated, and they were forced to retreat with heavy losses. The Tian Fa Beast Queen Venerable Mei’s strength is indeed shocking; I believe that even the leaders of those three Holy Lands are probably only comparable to her at most”

When the old madam spoke to here, Jun Mo Xie suddenly choked and coughed wildly Mei Xue Yan also opened her eyes wide, and her entire face flushed red as she lowered her head

Jun Mo Xie was half suspecting that it couldn’t be that this old grandma of his was purposely teasing them right? The Venerable Mei that you are talking about was sitting shyly right before you ah, everyone is already family now, surely there’s no need for such praise

The old madam stared at him sternly and continued, “This matter, is a huge whirlpool of trouble remember! If you step into this whirlpool, don’t mention the Dongfang family even if all the great families of the world gathered together, it would be difficult to avoid being completely annihilated!”

“Mother, is the quarrels between the three Holy Lands and Tian Fa Forest really that important? I know about the existence of the three Holy Lands, and it’s even because of that trip to Tian Fa Forest that time that I found out about them. I’ve also seen a few high-ranked experts of the three Holy Lands the three Holy Lands are naturally formidable, but, to say that they can oppose all the great families of the world combined together that’s a bit too much isn’t it?”

Dongfang Wen Qing asked with some perplexion. “Besides, that Venerable Mei seems like a very reasonable person; the last time, at the Tian Nan battle, the result was already set and Tian Fa clearly held the advantage; however, they ultimately chose to pull their troops back. It’s obvious that they did not wish to fight with humans. They could even be said to be broad-minded and magnanimous. I simply don’t understand; why would the forces who all carry the same name of Three Holy and One Ferocious Lands, fight like that?”

“What would you know! Firstly, the strength that you’ve seen of the three Holy Lands is just the tip of the iceberg! The true strength of those three Holy Lands are far beyond your imagination, and so much more terrifying! Secondly, there is definitely some large factor that caused them to fight like this! A battle of that level is definitely not something that regular Xuan cultivators can influence; those who get too close will die, and those who come in contact with it will have their entire family wiped out! Do not think that the situation looks fine just because you are looking from a distance! Let me tell you, if you encounter something like this, run as far as you can! Keep that pitiable misplaced sense of righteousness of yours away! In a battle like this, your sense of righteousness will be nothing but a joke! An extremely useless and laughable joke!” The old madam berated mercilessly.

“The same goes for the two of you!” The old madam’s eyes shone coldly as she looked at Jun Mo Xie and Mei Xue Yan as she warned. “Although your current strengths are extraordinary, but matters like the three Holy Lands trying to kill Venerable Mei, it’s better if you stay farther away!”

Jun Mo Xie and Mei Xue Yan looked at each other and smiled bitterly; if there’s a choice, we would of course love to stay away from such troubles but we’re directly involved in it, ah how can we stay away?

However, just where did they get this information from? How come it only mentioned Venerable Mei, and nothing about Jun Mo Xie and the Jun Family? This intelligence network of theirs is a little too dull isn’t it!

“Also, the assassin Chu Qi Hun is currently with the Venerable Mei, and is jointly chased by the three Holy Lands. An order was passed down to resort to every conceivable means to hunt him down and repay the debt of blood!”

The old madam sighed and continued. “That Chu Qi Hun, also known as the Supreme Assassin is a freak genius of an era. He comes and goes like a ghost, and kills without leaving a trace! But to go up against the three Holy Lands like this, it’s somewhat an overestimation of his ability! So what if he could have an advantage once in a while! With the sturdy foundations the three Holy Lands have accumulated for tens of thousands of years, how could it be something that just a single Chu Qi Hun could withstand? Rushing in so recklessly, it’s just purely gifting them his life”

If Chu Qi Hun could hear the old madam’s evaluation of him right now, he would definitely bawl with unresignation. “Dear Heavens ah, great Earth ah! What kind of idiot son of a tortoise would willingly invite trouble like this? Even I myself am still not sure what is going on disaster had simply dropped from the sky onto my head ah! This daddy has already been pursued for such a long time, but still hasn’t figured out the reason for it”

“Still, since Venerable Mei has already left Tian Fa Forest, following the battle against Tian Nan, half of the conditions that our Dong Fang Family has been bound with have been fulfilled! The only one remaining now is to crumble the snow capped peak” The old madam said in a low voice. “The condition of driving the Xuan Beasts out of Tian Fa Forest has been fulfilled coincidentally, but the snow-capped peaks have stood for tens of thousands of years; how could it be so easy to crumble? That condition is simply too harsh!”

“It might crumble tomorrow! Grandma, you can set your heart at ease. Heaven always opens a door for the kind-hearted!” Jun Mo Xie said confidently.

“Scram to the side! What would a child understand? This kind of matter, can it be done so simply? Our Dongfang family is not a benevolent family in the first place; if someone gives us a punch, we’ll pay him back with ten swords! Kind-hearted? Just how did Jun Zhan Tian that old thing teach you?” The old madam huffed angrily as she lectured in her Dongfang family style.

“Mo Xie your grandmother and your uncle are discussing serious matters; a child like you should not speak out of place.” Dongfang Wen Xin chided gently before continuing in an unhappy voice, “Mother Mo Xie is still young, you’re speaking so loudly, what if you scared him? When he grows up”

The moment this sentence came out, both Jun Mo Xie and the old madam looked up stupidly, as if they had been struck by lightning!