Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 626

Chapter 626 Snowing Hotel

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The incomparable influence of the great idol Chu Qi Hun had brought all sorts of places, such as restaurants and hotels, into prosperity

Evidently, the power of idols was indeed infinite

Past or present, on Earth or the Xuan Xuan continent, this was all indisputable truth!

Jun Mo Xie was just sitting there and he had already heard three different versions of the story before he could finish his meal. And each version was enough to trigger his unstoppable laughter!

It was close to the new year and it was snowing heavily. But nothing could stop people from crowding into this secluded little hotel With the heavy snow blocking the path out of the mountains, there could only be more guests coming in and sitting around the bonfire

What was most strange was that the two owners of this hotel were still looking unsatisfied and even annoyed despite having such prosperous business and so much income They were not even interested in receiving money. This dubious phenomenon soon caught Jun Mo Xie’s attention.

Mei Xue Yan’s skill was superb, but she had little social experience, and was thus not very interested in the social interactions of these commoners. Dongfang Wen Xin was also born into a large family and seldom had encounters in the society, so she was even more nonchalant about it. On the other hand, as a supreme killer who had lived two lives, Jun Mo Xie had lots of exposure to this sort of social interaction. He paid attention to even the most detailed things, and the more he did, the more he felt that there was something wrong with this hotel

But with the heavy snow, the hotel was undeniably a good place to stay at. They could even get some dubious, but free intelligence by talking with the guests. So, Jun Mo Xie decided to stay here for the night and would make further decisions based on the weather next day.

After all, Dongfang Wen Xin’s cultivation was not of a high level. Even with the assistance of Mei Xue Yan and Jun Mo Xie, it would still be difficult to travel in such terrible weather conditions. By staying here for one day, they could not only have some rest, but could also gather some information. Even if there was not much important information, the interesting stories were at least quite entertaining

As Jun Mo Xie pondered, Mei Xue Yan delivered a message right into his ear. “The two owners of this hotel are experts.”

“Yes, indeed they are. Also, this hotel is also a bit strange.” Jun Mo Xie held his tea cup, and replied without even moving his eyelids.

“Strange? Where?” Mei Xue Yan was a bit surprised. Looking around, this was an ordinary hotel. Except for the expertise of the two owners, nothing was out of place. Even the waiters and the servicemen were as common as they could be. Also, many experts do like to hide in secluded places without interacting with the outside world. So the fact about the two owners could hardly be called strange.

“First of all, this hotel’s location is weird. We traveled for around hundred miles to reach here from the previous town. Although it is short for us, but for commoners, this could take a whole day. The town before us is quite large; if this hotel opened there, they would definitely have a better profit,” Jun Mo Xie analyzed.

“Right, this place is indeed quite secluded,” Mei Xue Yan agreed as she nodded her head, “There is a mountain range further away. There’s obviously even less people there. But if we say that the two owners just want to leave behind all the troubles of the outside world, then this choice is understandable”

“I’ve thought of that as well, but generally, it is an illogical choice. Secondly, what are their intentions in opening up a hotel in such a place? Or rather, what benefits do they even have? If they want to escape from all the annoyance, why not choose to stay in the mountains?” Jun Mo Xie threw out a few questions.

“Also, why are there so many martial arts practitioners gathered here? When we were here last time, there were no guests at all. From the expression of the two old men, it clearly suggests that this phenomenon only started a few days ago. They look so annoyed; if this happens all year round, I am sure they would have long left. But, apparently they could not become infuriated at the annoyance. The only reason would be that they are afraid of being exposed. But as top experts, what are they afraid of?” Jun Mo Xie carried on.

“Besides that, with so many men from the three Holy Lands appearing near here, I can deduce that Chu Qi Hun is near here. Or why will everyone be gathering here in such a bad weather? All these people must have been guided here by information deliberately leaked by the three Holy Lands.” Everything seemed to make sense as Jun Mo Xie continued with a frown.

“The three Holy Lands want to consolidate their authority! For ten thousand years, no one dared to defy and humiliate the three Holy Lands. Chu Qi Hun did not only do that, but also killed many of their men. So the three Holy Lands were trying to ameliorate the situation. And the best way is to kill Chu Qi Hun publicly. That’s why they deliberately publicized what Chu Qi Hun had done. They want to kill him in front of a large crowd so that they will gain a more indisputable authority and reputation! This is the true intentions of the three Holy Lands!” Jun Mo Xie said, with a short laugh.

“But wouldn’t this be redundant. At first, only they knew about what had happened. They could have killed Chu Qi Hun silently and there would not be a negative impact to their reputation in the first place,” Mei Xue Yan said, puzzled.

“You’ve missed the key part. The two of us knew as well. If they hid the truth and we leaked it, then they would be more passive. That’s why they decided to actively publicize it to the whole continent, so that they are at least in control!” Jun Mo Xie raised his eyebrows and said. “They are really measuring the stature of great men with the yardstick of small men”

“You are great?” Mei Xue Yan rolled her eyes at Jun Mo Xie and said, “If the three Holy Lands did not publicize by themselves, I am sure you were going to do it.” Jun Mo Xie touched his nose and let out another short laugh.

Mei Xue Yan had gained a deep understanding of Jun Mo Xie’s mischief ever since they had gotten together. She was exactly right. If the three Holy Lands did not react in this manner, Jun Mo Xie would definitely use Chu Qi Hun again to humiliate them terribly, and even worse, the one in control would be Jun Mo Xie

So, Jun Mo Xie was obviously unhappy with this perfect reaction from the three Holy Lands.

This was a small hotel. There were a total of seven tables, and they were now all full. Jun Mo Xie and his companions were sitting at the innermost table, and were able to see the whole room

But the best seat was originally not theirs. There were five men here at first. Jun Mo Xie simply walked up, gave them five silver pellets and poked a hole in a extremely thick saber of one of the five men with a finger. He then pointed at the door and the hole.

There was no conversation. The five fierce-looking, buff men left without any complaint. They even helped them clean the table

This definitely made Jun Mo Xie receive a big scolding from his mother

But after doing so, the effects were surprisingly good. After seeing this, all the other guests at their tables went on talking as if they hadn’t seen it, but they obviously showed more restrain. All of them would rather squeeze at the other tables than share a table with this young guy. Everyone knew that their necks were not as hard as steel

But Jun Mo Xie was in fact very proud of himself and said, “This is the reality of the worldwith wealth and authority you are simply great; I have no authority now, but I have money, and fists. Aren’t fists equal to authority? The authority to control life and death! Girls, you better learn it, this is wisdom!”

Mei Xue Yan rolled her eyes many times and Dongfang Wen Xin was really unsatisfied by what her son had just said. But the two of them could not counter.

On the other side, a table a little farther away, there was a guy talking loudly, “Speaking of that Chu Qi Hun, he suddenly let out a long roar and launched his body to boldly rush into the Illusive World of Immortals like a hero. He yelled ‘return my wife’ as he fought fiercely”

Jun Mo Xie held the cup and listened with relish. He then put on a serious face and analyzed, “What a real man! That Chu Qi Hun! He even directly killed his way into the Illusive World of Immortals! So domineering, so daring” Mei Xue Yan giggled as her body shook.

The two owners who were sleeping on the counter also raised their heads sleepily. One of them moved his lips as if saying something. The other nodded sympathetically, then dropped his head and continued to take a nap.

Jun Mo Xie and Mei Xue Yan could hear clearly. The old man said “idiot!” No one knew whether it was Jun Mo Xie or the other man they were referring to

The more Dongfang Wen Xin listened, the stranger it was. She couldn’t help asking, “What are you two laughing at? The supreme killer Chu Qi Hun is that funny? What exactly is it so funny?”