Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 66

Chapter 65 unexpected
Chapter 065 Unexpected

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As the carriage was destroyed, Princess Ling Meng leaped onto a horse brought over by one of the bodyguards and slowly headed back; the atmosphere was unusually sombre.

Murong Qianjun immediately ordered the army to escort the princess, forming a protection detail with Princess Ling Meng in the middle. He himself rode atop his horse; turning his head, he thought to himself: That bastard Jun Moxie seemed to have suffered from some serious injuries, I wonder if he will make it. It would be for the best if he dies. Every time I see him, I feel like smashing him down. He is just a typical scum waiting for a beating! He wanted to court Princess Ling Meng with that kind of character? He truly is a brat who does not understand his own abilities!

Grunting, he urged his horse forward and watched the graceful figure of Princess Ling Meng who was proceeding before him. He could not help but feel dazzled, his heart absolutely captivated, his soul ascending the confines of his body. He completely forgot to send someone to report the earlier matter to the Jun Family

I say, old man. You have been following me like a ghost for a good three days. Could it be that I am so handsome to the point where you have taken a fancy to me? The old man was carrying Jun Xie, similar to how one would carry a baby in their arms. The old mans body was very withered; it seemed that there was no flesh on his entire body. This caused Jun Xie an unspeakable feeling of discomfort, as though he was lying on a cobblestone ground. Knowing that this old man would not harm him, he threw away all notions of courtesy and started speaking sarcastically!

Pooh! You think this senior was following a prodigal wastrel like you voluntarily? You kept scurrying around randomly every day, I do not even know what kind of hidden tactic you used to escape from my sight. But look at you now! This is retribution! If not for the fact that your grandfather spent a great sum of Eh? How did you know I have been following you for three days?

The old man was indignant; he felt that being together with this debauchee was something shameful. Just as he was about to grumble, he suddenly realized something wrong, something very wrong: How did this useless brat realize that I have been following him for three days? Could it be that this seniors tracking skills have regressed until such a degree? The old man became startled and suddenly stopped. He no longer cared about the disrespectful manner in which Jun Xie used to address him.

Fool! Did you have to ask such a simple question? Naturally, someone told me, Jun Xie casually threw out an answer after thinking it through. Even though this old mans tracking skills was unable to escape Jun Xies senses, it was still first-rate even when compared to his past lifes experiences. Considering the original Jun Moxies abilities, he would not be able to realize it even after training for hundreds of years, let alone escape from the old mans sight.

You are the real fool! You are such a fool; it is only natural that you would not be able to discover this senior eh? Who told you about it? Was that person the one who taught you how to escape from my sight? The old man felt shocked. He was actually unaware that his tracking skills were being countered! In addition, that person possessed the ability to guide this useless being, Jun Moxie to shake him off his tail. This. Was simply horrifying.

How much strength is needed for this feat? If this person is an enemy

How do I know who that person is, Jun Xie continued. I have never met him.

Oh that is only natural. Considering how powerful the other person is, do you think you have the qualifications to meet him? But since you put it this way, you being able to escape from my sight was all due to that persons instructions? That person was the one who taught you? The old man was prejudiced and had already decided that this debauchee had absolutely no ability to discover his existence. After all, he had absolute confidence in his own tracking skills. However, he asked just in case. His heart became alarmed: Could it be that a Supreme Divine Xuan is watching me? That cannot be! Could it be

The more he thought about it, the more his mind became panicked.

Truth be told, this old mans techniques were indeed impressive. Otherwise, it would not have taken Jun Xie, the king of assassins of his generation a good three days to deal with him!

Of course. By the way, old man, are you done talking? Why are continuously asking about all this? Where are you planning to take me to? You should hurry up and bring me home, Jun Xie was feeling uncomfortable and started cursing within: Quickly send me back home so that I can use the Hongjun Pagoda to heal myself. If I were to do it outside and get exposed, what then?

Nonsense! Judging by the amount of injuries you have, I will need to quickly handle it first. Otherwise, you would be dead by the time I reach your home, The old man was feeling unhappy himself: With my level of skill, how could I have ended up being counter tracked? Son of a bitch! If I were to return directly to the Jun Residence, your old head would throw a bunch of depressing complaints on me to the point of death!

If I do not clean this brat up, going back like this would be too humiliating!

While talking, they arrived at an inferior looking house. Holding Jun Xie, the old man rushed into it and placed Jun Xie onto the ground. After that, he carefully checked the wounds on Jun Xies body from top to bottom. He could not help but be astonished!

On Jun Xies chest, a sword had nearly pierced straight through him. In addition, two purple bruises could be clearly seen. This was obviously the result of two kicks aimed at his chest. Considering the strength of the two Silver level assassins, an attack by either one of them should have been enough to send him off. Yet, after having suffered from a stab to the chest and two kicks from them, Jun Xie was able to preserve his life and still talk casually! This was not even the most astonishing point! What was truly outrageous was that not a single rib was broken! The old man sent his xuan qi into Jun Xies meridians to carefully check, Jun Xies internal organs had received no damage, internal injuries were lacking, causing him to stare with bulging eyes.

This sword stab was simply too skilled! It actually went through the intercostal area between ribs! This brats luck is simply too good!

Brat, did you by any chance hire those assassins? If that werent the case, why would they take so much care when dealing against you? Just by looking at your wounds, I highly suspect that you guys planned this in advance. Were you planning on playing the hero saving the damsel in distress? You wanted to win the favour of that beautiful little girl? The old man stroked his beard, his eyes slanted, his face turning highly obscene.

The old mans whimsical words almost caused Jun Xie to choke to death. He laughed bitterly. Old man, you sure have an imaginative mind. I nearly died earlier, how was I supposed to play the hero saving the damsel? Why are you staying still? Quick, help me bandage my thigh, cant you see that it is still bleeding? Jun Xie was somewhat rendered speechless. This old man was already an aged senior, but why was his actions so disorderly? Why did his grandfather hire someone like this to tail him?

Pooh! You useless little brat, you think this senior needs you to instruct me on how to do things? The old man stroked his beard. Brat, you are a lucky one, you wont die! You also wont become crippled! Having said that, he patted Jun Xie on his thigh and continued. Everything is fine now.

Jun Xies thigh had just been pierced with a sword. Even though his bones were not harmed, the sword pierced through his muscles. One sword, two holes, to be patted by the old man on the thigh at his current situation caused him to feel a heart rending pain. Jun Xie bit his teeth, sucking the air and hissing, beads of sweat dripping out from his forehead. As he continued hissing through his teeth, he asked. Old man, do you have a granddaughter?

The old man suddenly stared at him with vigilant eyes. What do you want to do? He forgot to think why this brat had asked him to treat the thigh first. By his observation, the wound on the chest took precedence!

If you have a granddaughter, I will rape her and then kill her! I will send you to your death by breaking your heart, you old bastard! Jun Xie cursed inwardly: Cant you see that I am seriously injured? Yet, you actually violently slapped down on my wound!

Oh, I meant that it would be better to let a woman do this kind of job.

The person was just before him, how could he not lower his head!

Unacceptable! The old man shook his head. You are a pervert, this is something known to everyone in Tianxiang City!

Jun Xie was completely speechless: Why are you calling me a pervert, the real pervert is Jun Moxie, not me

By the time the old man finished treating Jun Xies wounds, it was already late at night.

Of the two, one of them wanted to use the Hongjun Pagoda to heal his injuries so that he could get better immediately. However, he did not have the opportunity to do so, and was endlessly irritated. The other one kept thinking to himself: Who exactly was it that could discover my existence and counter my tracking skills? These two insensitive creatures actually forgot to report this matter to the Jun Family.

As for Murong Qianjun who had vowed to Princess Ling Meng that he would send a message to the Jun Family, he had long since thrown this negligible matter out the window

Neither of them considered the fact that Princess Ling Meng had, before the old man appeared, sent a message to the Jun Family, bringing the news of Jun Moxies disappearance (death)

They did not consider that this delay could lead to Grandfather Jun Zhantians fury soaring all the way to the Nine Heavens, almost causing the entire capital to become a sea of blood!

Incidentally, just when night arrived, the same time that Princess Ling Meng had encountered the assassins, the forces within the Tang Residence began moving.