Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 72

Chapter 71 heart of the emperor
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Heart of The Emperor

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As Princess Ling Meng started describing what happened, His Majestys face slowly became more serious, a chilling coldness accumulating within his eyes. His Majestys head was lowered as he listened quietly without making even the slightest movement.

This matter involved the safety of His Majestys own daughter. In addition it had also dragged in another crucial person. This person had often remained indifferent to political affairs, but his influence and the consequences that would result from his actions were simply too huge, so much so that the Emperor himself may not be able to bear it. It could even be said that the Emperor was unwilling to face it!

As an Emperor, at a time when His Majestys own daughter had suffered from an assassination attempt, His Majesty would instead have to be concerned about a playboy debauchee. Could there be no love amongst the royal bloodlines? How sorrowful!


According to your story, Jun Moxie had went to deliver a warning to you before the assassination attempt occurred? The Emperor pondered.

Yes. Although I cannot be certain, I believe that there should not be any suspicions regarding Jun Moxies movements. Maybe he found some clues regarding this incident, Princess Ling Meng firmly said in a low tone.

Clues Considering Jun Moxies worthless character, how could he have any ability to find any clues Never mind, these are all minor details now. At any rate, another master appeared and saved Jun Moxie before taking him away. In other words, Jun Moxie did not die, correct? The Emperors eyes turned mysteriously profound.

That is so, Imperial Father, Princess Ling Meng knew that His Majesty had purposely avoided speaking about Ye Guhan even though he knew of his existence. She herself chose not to mention his name.

If that is the case then why is Jun Zhantian losing his mind? He even chose to disregard the consequences of drumming the Generals Summoning Drum! The Emperor pondered about it. His grandson is still alive and the Jun Family had yet to fall to the point of having no descendants. Why then would he act this way? This action of his is simply

His Majesty stood up and slowly stepped forward two paces, his fingers gently tapping on his forehead. His Majesty slowly continued. His grandson is not dead, but Jun Zhantian inexplicably went mad, en One thing is clear, Jun Moxie has yet to reach home. Hmm, I believe that Jun Zhantian must have received news that his grandson was in danger, but after Jun Moxie did not return for so long, he became mad. Hehe, it seems I have underestimated them. This stone how many birds will it hit? His Majesty gave a cold smile.

Princess Ling Meng suddenly remembered something, her beautiful face turning pale. If it was truly as she had imagined, then the consequences resulting from this misunderstanding would be something beyond her ability to bear!

Since Jun Moxies life was no longer in danger back then, why did you not send a message to the Jun Family? Menger, you were too careless this time Menger, did you remember something else? Seeing Princess Ling Mengs face turning pale, the Emperor smiled as he tried to suppress his anger. However, his eyebrows and eyes have already started showing some signs of his fury. His daughter had always maintained herself in both manner and conduct, why would she suddenly make this mistake today. Could it be that the assassination attempt had shaken her heart that badly?

Imperial Father, before Jun Moxies corpse was found ah, I meant during the time when we were unable to find his body, I had I had sent someone to inform the matter to Senior Duke Jun. It was only after the messenger had left that the old man appeared and carried away the injured Jun Moxie, Princess Ling Meng stammered in an awkward manner, seemingly having difficulty speaking.

And then? The message has been sent. But since Jun Moxie was found to be alive, did you not take any steps to remedy the situation? The Emperor looked at his daughter with a look of disappointment. At the same time, his heart was shaken: Old man? Could it be that there are others protecting my daughter besides that Ye Guhan? If that is the case

His Majesty, the Emperor contemplated about it, his face remained passive.

Considering how much impact this news has, steps must naturally be taken to rectify this misinformation. However, all my bodyguards were injured back then. Thus, I had entrusted this matter to Murong Qianjun to send a message to Senior Duke Jun to inform him that Jun Moxie is still alive. If the Senior Duke have yet to receive the news that Jun Moxie is still alive, then the only possibility

That is not a possibility, but clearly, Murong Qianjun did not send any messenger to report this matter to the Jun Family. Otherwise, this would not His Majesty let out a sigh. Traces of savagery suddenly appeared on his clear face before disappearing instantly. I have no more questions, you should go take some rest. After saying that, he stroked Ling Mengs hair. A pair of empty eyes gazed over the Imperial Palace. His Majesty suddenly felt that this bright yellow colour that represented nobility was an eyesore and discomforting for the heart.

This times assassination attempt was strange, hehe how unexpected. His Majesty slowly deliberated, his eyes suddenly turning sharp!

En, I supposed the time has come to wash the palace.

I wonder, after using human blood to wash it, will it become even brighter?

In the distance, the pounding sound of the drums of war went silent. The entire world was flooded by a suffocating sense of foreboding.

Jun Zhantian, I hope that you do not make things too difficult for me

A complicated expression flickered across the Emperors eyes and disappeared almost instantly.

Watching the back of his departing daughter, His Majesty crossed his arms and pondered for a moment. Suddenly, he spoke. Shadow, go and have a look. Do not interfere unless it is necessary and tell Jun Zhantian that his grandson is still alive. If he wants to throw a fit, that is fine, but he must not cross the line! Hmm, while you are at it, help me pass something to him. En, things have been too peaceful since this old soldier was holding it in all these years

After saying that, His Majesty picked up a writing instrument and wrote a few words. Rolling up the note, he turned around and said. Go.

A gust of wind blew and a figure, which seemed imaginary, floated out into existence. In just a moment, the slip of paper that the Emperor was holding had disappeared while a faint shadow could be glimpsed shooting out of the Imperial Palace.

I will allow you to be presumptuous. However, in return, I will be borrowing your sword! The Emperor whispered softly, a meaningful smile spreading out upon His Majestys face.

The Emperor had always been thorough in his plans. However, he had underestimated the extent of Jun Zhantians fury! In addition, this message of his was somewhat late

Men, send in the Great General Dugu Wudi, The Emperor sighed loudly: En, for now, I will let things remain in a state of chaos. Hopefully, there will be those who understand and choose to restrain themselves. As for those who cannot understand, then there would be no reason to keep them. Rather, they have no qualifications to be kept.

It is not that your father is not allowing you to duke it out. Rather, only those that could emerge victorious could be considered a capable person! However, you must toe the line! Those that cross this line will be inviting a calamity upon themselves

After Princess Ling Meng left the Emperor, she returned to her own bedchambers. It was only then did she realize that the only things that her Imperial Father had questioned were all regarding the Jun Family. All of them were questions pertaining to Jun Moxie. Instead, not a single question was spared for His Majestys own beloved daughter who had been the main target of the assassination attempt!


This assassination attempt had simply too many suspicions within it. This assassination attempt had involved herself, an Imperial Princess and was possibly a sinister product of the other Princes. Could it be that in Imperial Fathers heart, this attempt was no less important than the Jun Family?

Otherwise, was Imperial Father avoiding something?


Recalling the mysterious look in her Imperial Fathers eyes, Princess Ling Meng could not help but tremble for a moment. Thankfully, Uncle Ye and that mysterious expert are protecting me

As she was feeling distressed, Princess Ling Meng reached into her bosom and retrieved the three small and exquisite flying daggers. Handling it with her hands, she observed that the flying daggers are only as big as her palms; they are slightly curved in a beautiful manner and as thin as a layer of onion. Even when all three were stacked together, their added thickness remained thin. Princess Ling Meng felt curious. How could this little flying dagger radiate such a powerful presence, to the extent of forcing a group of murderous assassins to retreat without a fight!

The flying dagger laid in silence, its body reflecting the light of her lamp, emitting a crystalline radiance, colourful and dazzling to the extreme. If one were to see such a flying dagger, they would naturally assume that this was a toy belonging to one of the kids hailing from rich families. Who could have imagined that this was a weapon used by an absolute master?

However, I would definitely recognize this unique flying dagger if it should appear before me again! Princess Ling Meng thought happily to herself, her heart filled with a sense of longing: This absolute master is one that even Uncle Ye respects. What kind of person could he be?