Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 73

Chapter 72 dugu family
Chapter 072 Dugu Family

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The great general Dugu Wudi headed back home, his heart feeling suffocated and his mind confused. When Dugu Wudi who was at the military barracks outside the city heard the sound of the war drums, he quickly brought a group of soldiers with him and rode towards the city. The first thing he did after entering the city was to go to the Imperial Palace and request an audience with the Emperor.

He had already issued the command for his soldiers to make preparations for war. If Jun Zhantian were to rebel, then his Dugu Familys military forces would be the only one in the city capable of protecting the Emperor. They were also the only ones capable of going against Jun Zhantians forces!

However, His Majesty had maintained his normal, secretive attitude regarding this matter. This caused Dugu Wudi to become perplexed.

The current situation had escalated into a very serious level. A drastic change may happen to Tianxiang Kingdoms ruling power at any moment, the Imperial Palace itself may end up being occupied. But His Majesty only said four words to him: Do not be impatient! After which, His Majesty sent him home to find his old man. His Majesty did not allow him to return to his barracks and even obstructed his attempt to organize the defences for the Imperial Palace. All of these events were simply too inconceivable.

Dugu Wudi felt himself going dizzy

A dispirited Dugu Wudi finally reached his home. Before returning to his own courtyard, he immediately went to find his father, Dugu Zongheng. The end result however, left this great general in command of hundreds of thousands of soldiers extremely embarrassed

You PIG! Damaged goods! You dragged this senior out from my bed all for the sake of this little problem? You unfilial son! Disobedient animal! How could I have brought up such a worthless thing like you? Next time you leave the house, dont you dare claim that you are my son! I cannot afford to lose so much face!

Grandfather Dugu was extremely furious, his voice rose to the point where everyone in the residence could hear him. His spittle was sprayed all over his sons face while his finger harshly nudged Dugu Wudis head, each nudge pushing his head backwards. Cant you use that pig head of yours to think? Or is it filled with dog poop? Rebel?! Your mothers fart! Let this senior enlighten you, even if our Dugu Family were to rebel, Jun Zhantian would never rebel! Even if the Emperor himself wants to rebel against himself, Jun Zhantian would also never rebel! Get your sorry ass back to bed and sleep! I dont even have the strength to deal with you anymore, you downright pig! Idiotic pig! Son of a bitch!

In the end, the great general Dugu Wudi was kicked out. Grandfather Dugu angrily turned around and went back to bed, but a fierce voice instantly spoke out. You old thing! What did you say just now? Son of a bitch? Who is Wudis mother? If Wudi is a pig, then what kind of animal are you?! Is there nothing in your head but dog poop?! You pig! You utter, downright pig! Following that, the sound of several forceful slaps could be heard.

The great general Dugu Wudi massaged his buttocks, his face filled with resentment. He shouted inwardly: Give him a vicious beating! Serves him right!

Still feeling confused, Dugu Wudi returned to his own courtyard only to find it filled with noise and brightly lit. His wife and his third lesser concubine were still awake. Seeing him return, they quickly went up to him. After asking about it, he was informed that his daughter had ran back home while crying, her tears gushing down like a waterfall, and no amount of cheering her up was effective. After that, she locked herself up in her room, not stepping out at all until now. From the looks of it, someone must have bullied her.

Dugu Wudi who was feeling highly dispirited suddenly turned furious. Why is everything going awry today? In addition, who in Tianxiang City could have the guts to bully my baby girl? Watch as I mobilize my army to exterminate you! Accompanied by his wives, he broke into his daughters room and started to coax her. After coaxing her for a long time, she finally stopped crying. After drinking a bowl of soup, she finally calmed down.

Who exactly was it that dared to bully my daughter? Tell me their names! This senior will wipe them all out! A ferocious expression could be seen on Dugu Wudis face. Watching his dear daughter cry to the point where her eyes had become swollen, he could not help but feel his heart aching. A sound roared within him: I want to vent this fury!

Father, Dugu Xiaoyi stared at her father and continued. You must help get justice for me.

Dugu Wudi was suddenly beset by a sense of foreboding: Could it be that my daughter was He could not help but become nervous. Who is it?

Who else if not that stinking brat, Jun Moxie from the Jun Family! Today, he provoked me to the point of death! Father, you must help me exact justice! Dugu Xiaoyi pouted and said in an aggrieved manner.

Holding it in for a whole day, Dugu Xiaoyi had been waiting for her father to come back so that she could complain to him. After that, she would ask her father to bring her brothers together to beat up Jun Moxie and take back the Meteoric Iron while they were at it. She knew that asking these of her mother was pointless, as her mother would not agree. Thus, she did not.

After hearing Dugu Xiaoyis words, Dugu Wudi gave out a sigh of relief: It turned out that I was worried for nothing. Ah, I feel much better knowing that did not happen. After that, he frowned and said. Hehe, my good daughter. if it was someone else, this senior would have no fear at all. Even if it were one of the Princes, I would still go catch him and give him a beating for your sake. But if it is Jun Moxie, that would be rather difficult considering the current situation. Of course it would be difficult. As of right now, not even Jun Zhantian could tell the whereabouts of his grandson. How could Dugu Wudi locate him? Even if he successfully manage to locate him, he may not have the courage to lay his hands on him! That old thing had thoroughly lost it this time

Could it be that father is afraid of the Juns? My life is so bitter! Argh, I am so angry I could die! Dugu Xiaoyi started crying again. She turned her body and turned her face the other way. For some unknown reason, whenever she recalled Jun Moxies face, she felt an urge to beat him up. An inexplicable fury would rise up from within her heart, giving birth to the desire to beat away that detestable smile off his face.

Sigh! That is not the case, Watching his daughter cry out again, Dugu Wudi felt helpless and quickly tried to explain. The truth is, this brat Sigh, we do not even know if he is still alive or not. We cannot even find him. Lets wait until he is found before we proceed. Later on, father will definitely help my dear daughter get her revenge! We will take good care of that brat!

Ah? You do not know whether he is alive or not? What happened to him? For some unknown reason, Dugu Xiaoyi felt a stabbing pain in her heart. She turned around, her wide-open tear filled eyes gazed at her father. At the same time, a sense of fear welled up within her What am I feeling fearful for?

I heard that Princess Ling Meng had suffered from an assassination attempt tonight. That bastard who does not know his own limits tried to send a message to the Princess. In the end, the Princess was saved but that debauchee ended up becoming the scapegoat.

Dugu Wudis face was a mask of exultation. He did not take note of the pale face on his daughters face after she heard his words, her small hands clutched tightly together. Dugu Wudi continued. His chest was stabbed once. After that, a Silver Xuan assassin kicked his chest several times. In the end, someone took him away. As of now, we do not even know where he is. The way I see it, that brats life is hanging by a thread.

Dugu Xiaoyi gave a light moan as she became petrified. She suddenly felt as though her heart had turned into a void of nothingness. Her mind became a complete mess; not a single word from Dugu Wudis mouth registered within her mind. Even his voice had seemingly become distant and unclear

There is no need to worry! If that brat is still alive, father will catch him and bring him here for you to personally beat his buttocks! Beat it till it is broken, hahaha Dugu Wudi laughed happily. It was then that he realized something was wrong with his daughters expression. He extended his hands before her and waved about. Xiaoyi? Xiaoyi!

Ah? Oh! Dugu Xiaoyi became startled, as though she had just been awakened from her dream. Her face became calm as she slowly lied down upon her bed. Father, I feel tired. I want to sleep

Very well, have a good sleep. Once you wake up, everything would be all right. Father needs to go drink some wine to wash off this unpleasant feeling. Today has been a very bad day Dugu Wudi shook his head and exited, absolutely oblivious to the fact that something was very wrong with his daughter

Dugu Xiaoyi pulled up her blanket, keeping her entire body concealed beneath it as she lay motionless. Her mother and some of her concerned aunts softly spoke a few words to her. However, Dugu Xiaoyi was not able to hear what they said at all. Her heart was in a state of chaos. She could not understand what was going through her mind, nor could she understand the reason for her inexplicable desire to cry. Her nose felt sour and her heart was throbbing irregularly. Tears flowed out silently from her eyes until the bed covers turned wet. She did not even realize when her mother and aunts left the room

Could he be, Could he actually be dead? But But I, but I have yet to