Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 74

Chapter 73 massacre in all directions
Chapter 073

Massacre In All Directions

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Jun Zhantians face was set with iron-like resolution, his entire being radiating killing intent. He left the military stage and went to his horse. There were a few places that he intended to personally see through. He must personally see it burn to ashes; only then could he comfort his grandsons soul in Heaven!

Suddenly, a part of the dark night seemingly moved, and a figure that appeared to be even darker than the night appeared mysteriously. Even though this person was standing before them, everyone was unable to discern the features on his face.

Shadow? Why are you here? Did His Majesty send you? Jun Zhantian turned and asked.

This is a present from His Majesty, Shadow raised his hand and a piece of white paper floated towards Jun Zhantians hand. A smile seemed to appear on his blurry looking face and he spoke out in a peculiar and terrifying voice. The voice transformed into an invisible thread, which then entered Jun Zhantians ears. His Majesty said that your grandson should still be alive! His Majesty also told me to give you this word: Moderation!

His voice placed a certain emphasis on the word moderation. His voice was dry and seemingly laced with a sense of unwillingness, as though he was not accustomed to talking this much.

Moxie is alive? Jun Zhantian became ecstatic as he suddenly recalled that person he entrusted Moxie with: Could it be that he was the one who had saved my grandson? Jun Zhantian stepped forward and asked anxiously. Shadow, how is my grandsons injury?

Shadow had already turned around and was about to leave, seemingly unwilling to stay. Even if the person before him is the most powerful general within the military forces, he had no interest in staying. However, after hearing Jun Zhantians question, he reluctantly answered. Still alive, heavily injured! After saying that, he shook his head. He then stopped to gaze at Jun Wuyi who was beside Jun Zhantian. Giving out a heng, he then disappeared without a trace.

The spark of hope that had ignited within Jun Zhantian was suddenly extinguished by a pot of cold water! Jun Zhantian felt himself shocked senseless. The gaze that Shadow had used when looking at Jun Wuyi had seemed as though he was trying to send a message: Even though Jun Moxie would not die from his injuries, his condition would not be any better than Jun Wuyi.

Jun Zhantians heart, which had been rendered lifeless, had just turned warm, but was now frozen solid! Could it be that the only heir of my Jun Family would end up being a cripple? With these thoughts swirling within his mind, Grandpa Juns heart exploded with raging fury!

If he was not mistaken, the ones who would always go against his grandson back then were the Meng and Li Families!

Screw your granny! I do not care if todays matter have anything to do with you people, I will just throw all of you onto the chopping board! Consider this your unlucky day!

Jun Zhantian cursed loudly within his heart. He jumped up his horse, gritted his teeth and shouted. Soldiers, follow me! We are going on a raid!

The reason Shadow glanced at Jun Wuyi was not for the sake of giving Grandpa Jun any message. He simply had a different reason

This night was destined to become a bloody one!

Jun Zhantians sky piercing rage would encase the entirety of the capital city in a rain of blood!

Within the capital city, warhorses galloped back and forth. One after another, the residences of many high-ranking officials were set on fire. The sounds of weapons clashing and miserable screams filled the air.

Before Shadow had appeared, countless men in black had started moving about in the darkness. Like ghosts, they infiltrated the residences of court officials one after another

Some of the residences had no opportunity to resist at all and the officials fell before their swords, blood splattering all over

Two Assistant Ministers of Justice, Meng Zhiyu and Li Qiao are both members of the Meng and Li factions respectively. They are also supporters of the Eldest Prince. They were usually very unfriendly towards the Jun Family. However, tonight, their two families had to suffer greatly.

As the war drums were still resounding, several men in black leaped into the residences of these two court officials. Beginning with the gatekeepers, these men left a trail of blood as they made their way into the main hall before breaking into their targets bedrooms. The two pitiful court officials did not even get the chance to say a word before having their heads lopped off. Thankfully, their family members were spared. Soon after, their residences were set on fire, their flames burning brilliantly in the night

One of the current Imperial Censor, Tie Yan had always been at odds with Jun Zhantian. His son had followed Jun Zhantian to war but ended up breaking military laws and was beheaded. This incident caused him to become outraged for years. Hearing the sound of the war drums, he thought that he finally had the chance at striking down Jun Zhantian. Quickly getting out of bed, he got dressed and started working on an impeachment petition. Halfway through, his window was suddenly broken as several masked men in black charged in like ghosts. They snatched up the unfinished impeachment petition, glanced through it and sneered. Rolling up the petition, they brutally forced it down this old mans throat before cutting off his neck, the petition also cut in half in the process!

Another Imperial Censor Zhou Mengcheng had come forth after Jun Wuyi lost the war and ended up becoming a cripple. Back then, he had charged Jun Wuyi with the accusation of being an inept commander, leading to Jun Wuyis dismissal from military duties. Tonight, he had drunk some wine and was sleeping together with one of his concubines. Unexpectedly, he would end up being snatched up in his birthday suit. Next, his prized possession between his two legs was cut off before being stabbed in the heart. After which he was hung naked from one of the great trees within his residence. His eyes, which had remained open onto death, stared silently at the flames devouring his residence

Another two families which had once been part of the Jun Familys faction but had turned coat and joined the Second Princes faction felt a sense of foreboding after hearing the sound of the Generals Summoning Drum. Qian Wanguan and Wu Yun, these two men were well aware of how Grandpa Jun usually acts. Even though their residences were slightly far from the city gates, they made a wise decision: Leave the city immediately! They quickly tidied up some of their belongings and proceeded towards the city gates, planning to escape in the middle of the night and lay low. However, when they arrived at the city gates, they found themselves surrounded by an army!

The officer leading the soldiers shouted out orders to catch assassins, signalling for the archers to let loose their barrage. He did not give anyone the chance to explain themselves! At the South Gate, over a hundred members of the Qian Family were transformed into porcupines, their faces becoming unrecognizable

At the West Gate, the nearly sixty members of the Wu Family were all killed, their corpses rendered into a bloody pulp. After which, their bodies were doused with oil and burned. The stench of burning corpses immediately rose up to the Nine Heavens

Beside the corpses of the two families, two tall wooden signs were constructed: Assassins retribution!

An unfortunate Imperial Censor had woken up in the middle of the night and entered the toilet. The next day, he was found with his bare buttocks hanging in the air, his head shoved deep into the excrement pit. One could only guess how long he had to suffocate before dying

These officials who held high positions had at this moment in time turned into a flock of lambs surrounded by a horde of ravenous wolves!

On this night, it seemed as though the end of days had descended upon the entire capital! The raging flames of Grandpa Juns fury completely engulfed the capital! The extent of what transpired had gone beyond what His Majesty expected. When His Majesty received the report, he immediately became furious to the point of smashing anything he could lay his hands upon

The Jun Familys secret forces rampaged about just like a pack of bloodthirsty ghosts. Under the chaotic night and the unbelievable amount of bloodshed and death, the show of force from the Jun Familys secret forces had shaken the prominent members of the capital city. Many of them were badly hurt while even more were shaking in fear! Every one of them shared one line of thought: Against such an unstoppable force, what can they do? Perhaps they should consider organizing a new group of defenders for their homes.

This was especially true for the three Princes. Each of them had summoned their allies and called for an emergency meeting. The massive power held by the Jun Family had caused the three Princes eyes to turn blood red: If only they were able to grasp such a kind of power

However, in the midst of their discussions, their residential palace suddenly caught on fire. Following that, countless number of decapitated heads were thrown inside, their blood staining the grounds. The three Princes were scared out of their wits and immediately ordered their palace guards to search around. However, nothing was found. In addition, when they tried to search outside, they were forced to return by the patrolling soldiers

Naturally, there were exceptions amongst the many big families. For example, the Li Family, Meng Family and Song Family. Their foundations were deep and strong. When the masked men in black started their attacks, their familys experts quickly reacted to stop their attacks. However, the fire attacks on their family continued

In the Li Familys secret chamber, there were several people who had wanted to head out after hearing the cries of battle occurring on the outside. One of them was dressed in white robes and over thirty years in age. His face was cold and prideful. Just by looking at his bearing and manner, one would be able to deduce that he was the Sky Xuan expert who had killed off Qin Hu in front of Old Master Tang Wanli.

The door of the chamber opened and the Young Master Li, Li Youran walked in.

Youran, let me go out. Among these men, the strongest should only be at around the Jade Xuan level of cultivation, what is there to fear? Anyone of us here is enough to put a stop to them. I really cannot understand. These mens attacks have reached your own doorstep, and yet you choose to remain indifferent about it. Since these men have a death wish, then we might as well help them fulfil it! The white robed man frowned, his face expressing indignation. He had always been a proud and arrogant person. Since when did he become a coward that needed to hide away in a secret place?