Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 77

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Li Shang Smiled wryly. Heng! If His Majesty was not behind what happened today, then our Li Family would be nothing but a land of corpses by now. Not a single one of us would be left alive! That should have been Jun Zhantians original intention. If that were not the case, he would not have gone to the extent of mobilizing the army! Somewhere in between, something must have happened to change his mind. As for the one who could cause Jun Zhantian to change his mind, there is only one such person in all of Tianxiang, the Emperor! Oh, there is another: his grandson, Jun Moxie. Earlier, you told me that the debauchee had already died. It seems that may not be the case. If Jun Moxie had truly died, then even His Majesty may not be capable of holding Jun Zhantian back. Thus, I conclude that Jun Moxie should still be alive. In addition, Jun Zhantian should have only received this information just now.

Thus, Jun Zhantian actually had very little influence about everything that had happened today. Even though we seemed to have fallen into misfortune for no reason today, I believe there would be others far worse off when compared to us. Li Shang laughed. The assassination attempt on the Imperial Princess has provoked His Majesty. Thus, His Majesty has decided to make use of Jun Zhantians anger to rearrange the power base of the three Princes.

All the families or officials that had chosen to side with the Princes would receive a warning tonight. Some would even be exiled or harshly dealt with. As for those within the Imperial Palace, the rearrangement has probably been finished by now. A pity, all our preparations

Jun Zhantian going mad today was unexpected, but it was also an inevitable occurrence. If we had grasped onto Jun Moxie back then, this old man would probably have gone mad a long time ago! Thus, His Majesty decided to take advantage of Jun Zhantians act of madness to hehe His Majesty would take this opportunity to weaken the Jun Familys military power, and then suppress the powers of the other big families like ours before suppressing this incident! The mastermind behind Jun Zhantian is none other than the Emperor himself! The Emperor is also the one with the most understanding of what had happened tonight! So then, do you think we could do anything to that Old Jun?

Li Youran felt somewhat shocked. He could never have imagined that his grandfathers mind had already seen so far ahead. He had even clearly understood the thought process of those involved, especially the thoughts of the one standing upon the highest position within Tianxiang Kingdom!

His Majesty, the Emperor is a man of great talent. It is only natural that he does not wish for his successor to be an incompetent person. Thus, His Majesty allowed the three Princes to compete, however, His Majesty also does not wish for matters to escalate beyond control. That is why once the three Princes actions went overboard, His Majesty would clear the board and restart everything again for them. This is the biggest reason why the great families with true power within the city would never join the struggle between the Princes!

Remember, let go of everything that had happened today. Until the situation had stabilized, never take action! Just look there, Li Shang pointed at the heavy amount of smoke billowing up into the skies. All those who chose to take actions in advance have all been sent on their merry way to Heaven.

It that is the case, does that mean that we will have to do nothing after everything that had happened today? Li Youran asked.

How can we simply do nothing? Even if we want to, His Majesty would not want to, Li Shang smiled craftily. That is why we must still lodge a complaint tomorrow. Only with that would His Majesty have a reason to suppress the great families, which is His Majestys true intention. If we do not go along, we would be in trouble in the future.

Li Youran entered a state of deep contemplation. He is a smart person, a genius in both civil and military affairs. However, listening to those words, he came to realize just how lacking he was in the understanding of political affairs.

Gently stroking the part of his face that was slapped by Jun Zhantian, his eyes flashed with a chilling glint, just like that of a poisonous snake.

Jun Zhantian, I will never forget this slap of yours.

[TL: Li Youran will remember this]

Meanwhile, the Meng Residence was currently having their dogs jump and chickens fly

When compared with the Li Family, the Meng Family had it far worse. Their homes had been searched to the point of being demolished. And yet, Jun Zhantian felt only depression within him. Because this was not what he had intended to do, nor was this the results he had intended to achieve.

After this incident, the capital will turn calm for a long period of time. At least, that was how it would appear externally.

Since His Majesty had said that Moxie is still alive, then this senior will become a spear for His Majesty. Doing so is quite worthwhile, although the ending is somewhat anticlimactic. This seniors original intention was to kill off all these people. Although a large number of them had been finished off, the most important ones could not be killed

At this moment, a hasty sound suddenly rang out. Jun Zhantian, you you ignorant old man! Stop it!

Jun Zhantians body suddenly shook, as though he could not believe what his ears was hearing. Slowly, he turned around, his eyes staring straight, his face revealed a mad look of joy.

A thin, withered looking old man appeared, his arms carrying someone to his chest. The old man shot out and appeared before Jun Zhantian, panting and sweating profusely. However, Jun Zhantian paid him no attention. He quickly dismounted off his horse and rushed towards the thin old man. Jun Zhantian retrieved the person being held close to the thin old mans chest and spoke in a trembling voice. Moxie?

Coincidentally, these two people returned just as everything was about to be wrapped up

Jun Zhantians expression of surprise clearly showed that he had just escaped from the clutches of absolute despair. He held onto Jun Xie as though he was holding onto the worlds most precious treasure! The deep wrinkles of his face harboured the intense amount of concern he was feeling. This is the ecstatic feeling of finding something that one had thought to be lost forever. His fingers trembled in concert with his body while his eyes had turned red from excitement! Watching all this, Jun Xie felt his heart shaking

This is a commander of a millions soldiers, a resilient iron blooded man who had returned victorious after hundreds of battles! But, seeing his own grandson alive at this moment made him surprised, his bearing suddenly transformed into that of a frail and ailing elderly person.

This is an emotion born deep within a persons flesh and blood

At this moment, Jun Xie felt something well up from the bottom of his heart. It was a feeling, an aching feeling that gave him a sense of warmth and comfort. In addition, he felt his nose turning sour Jun Xie suddenly felt that it had become hard to breath, his nose had seemingly stopped working, a feeling which made him feel a desire to cry out.

Is this the affection that he had once desired in his dreams?

In both past and present, is there any who had shown so much care for him?

In both past and present, is there any who would mobilize the armies of an entire country for his sake?

In both past and present, who could throw away all their concerns for his sake?

Who would have fallen into absolute despair for his sake? Who could become so happy to the point of insanity for his sake? Who could disregard their own reputation, lives and family. for his sake?

Watching the old man before him, Jun Xie had no doubt that for his sake, this old man would even pierce a hole through the skies! Because he is his only hope! The only thing he could hold onto!

Beside, Jun Wuyis crippled body had at an unknown moment descended from his horse, sitting upon the cold ground. Looking at Jun Xie, he was filled with surprise, happiness and satisfaction! His pair of tiger like eyes had unknowingly turned teary. He secretly turned his head, allowing the tears to drop down before turning back, a smile etched on his face

This is my family!

Am I to resist all this?


At this moment, Jun Xie had suddenly accepted his identity, accepted his family! Regardless of ideals or mind set, he had accepted this world!

For the sake of this old man before me, and this family!

From today onwards, I am JUN.MO.XIE! I am a member of the Jun Family! Tianxiang Kingdom, Tianxiang City, Jun Family, this is my family!

Jun Zhantians tears almost exploded with excitement! Even though his grandson seemed grievously injured, he remained alive! In addition, a closer inspection showed that his condition was not as serious as he had been told.

Thank the Heavens!

As long as he is alive, everything will be all right! Everything will be all right! Having become so overjoyed, this old mans eyes became moist, his body trembling and swaying unsteadily. Tonight has been a trying one