Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 80

Chapter 79 a blesssing in disguise
Chapter 079

A Blessing In Disguise

Dugu Zongheng squinted his eyes as he looked on with contempt. Look at this old bastard. Just because his grandson was a little hurt, he became so anxious. He does not have the bearing of a great general at all, how disdainful! For someone like me to be outranked by such an ordinary man, what a worldly tragedy!

Dugu Wudi curled the corners of his lips and spoke out in support of his father while nodding his head. Indeed, indeed, how despicable, a worldly tragedy!

All the ministers shook their heads in unison as they looked at them with utter contempt: A mere scratch would have been enough to cause you people from the Dugu Family to raise a sky shaking havoc. And yet you actually have the gall to despise Jun Zhantian, how shameless! However, the words that Grandfather Dugu spoke today seemed rehearsed. It seemed one of the head clerks must have helped him out with the script

En? Could it be that he had rehearsed this for a long time? That is a shocking revelation! Could it be that something is going on in the Military Division? Thinking about this, all the old foxes in the Imperial Court felt shocked.

Seeing his son supporting him with complementing words, Dugu Zongheng laughed happily. Stroking his beard, he said. In the end, my family is still the best. Producing nearly ten heirs in one go, each of them are skilled dragons and fearsome tigers; unlike the Jun Family which only have a single fur.

Dugu Wudi nodded like a chicken pecking down at grains of rice. Indeed! Indeed!

A wave of contempt burst out from the crowd again: With just one sentence, you started bragging about your family foundation. Producing nearly ten heirs in one go? Do you take that daughter-in-laws of yours as sows? How unrefined! Besides, your three sons have a total of twenty wives but only nearly ten grandchildren; you think you are qualified to brag about this?

Ignoring the prideful pair of father and son, they all shook their heads and left as they headed home.

Let us just assume that everything that had happened in these two days as an exhilarating farce. If only we knew it would end like this sigh.

A while later, the palace guards saw Grandpa Jun triumphantly escorting an old man with white hair and beard who was carrying a medical chest out the palace. On the horse that Grandpa Jun rode on, there was actually another seat prepared!

It turned out that even before entering the palace; Grandpa Jun had already prepared a seat for the doctor

Truly a detailed plan!

What kind of person could be called a master? This is what you call a master!

The great Young Master Jun, Jun Moxie was lying in bed, putting in every effort to appear ill. But in truth, he was inwardly feeling joyful.

The Lolita, Little Ke carefully served him, scooping spoonful of sweet birds nest soup for him. There were also ginseng soup, eight treasures lotus soup as long as it is nourishing, it would be prepared for him. The only thing which made him unhappy was that Grandpa Jun would occasionally prepare a generous sum of Sixth level Xuan Beasts blood. According to him, this was a rare nourishing stuff. But, Jun Moxie would have to cover his nose and pour it down his throat or pour it down the bucket beside his bed

It is simply too hard to stomach! I am not a barbarian! Is it worth it to give me blood to drink? How unhygienic is it? Would my stomach even survive?

Naturally, these were not what had made him joyful. After having suffered from this injury, Jun Moxie realized that the Hongjun Pagoda within his consciousness was constantly rotating at high speed, releasing a rich amount of white, misty Spiritual Qi. The qi swept through his bodys meridians again and again, focusing onto the damaged area. In less than a day, the sword wound on his chest had been fully healed.

After several coughs, some thick black coloured blood came out; the damaged area on his chest had also been reduced considerably. As for the wound on his thigh where one could see through to the other side, it only seemed serious. After the continued restoration effects of the Spiritual Qi, he was no longer in pain from the wound. The only thing that gave Jun Moxie some discomfort was the waves of itchiness and numbness, which occurred every now and again. However, Jun Moxie still felt comfortable. After all, there is the saying: No pain, no gain

That was not all, the Hongjun Pagodas Spiritual Qi kept gushing forth as though saying that it would not stop until the wounds on Jun Moxies body have disappeared. Naturally, Jun Moxie would not miss out on such a good opportunity to cultivate his Arts. He quickly activated the Art of Unlocking Heavens Fortune, leading the near solid form of Spiritual Qi as he channelled them through his meridians. While he was exercising the Arts, he realized something different this time. The Spiritual Qi turned into a semi-solid existence as it pummelled the area of the meridians that were suffering from blockages due to the sword wound. Almost instantly, the blockage was burst open. After that, he could clearly feel the qi flow within his meridians expanding bit by bit, becoming thicker bit by bit

Under such circumstances, the Hongjun Pagoda would usually stop releasing the Spiritual Qi. At this moment however, it did not show any signs of stopping at all. Jun Moxie became elated. He gave up on his plans to restore the damage from the sword wound and focused obsessively on leading the Spiritual Qi in order to increase his qi flow, secretly becoming joyful over this fortunate event.

Jun Moxie suddenly felt that his behaviour was similar to those of scammers Others were being kind to help you treat your injuries, and yet you took advantage of this opportunity to increase your own strength. This was just like the act of making profit from other peoples kindness


Such a type of scam, I would very much like to commit a few more! I am already addicted to it! Who would not want to do this kind of fraud? Jun Moxie cried out inwardly as he grasped onto the opportunity provided by this scam.

Otherwise, what would he do when the Spiritual Qis intensity dropped down to its former level after his wounds were fully healed? He has now become accustomed to this high quality delivery service of Spiritual Qi! Once his body has been fully restored, he could only cry: Or perhaps I should stab myself again in order to gain such a suitable condition for cultivation?

Unfortunately, some of the Spiritual Qi would still move towards the wounded areas and slowly began restoring those parts. During the moments when the wound on his thigh was being restored, the feeling of itchiness started to appear as well. The emission speed of Spiritual Qi from the Hongjun Pagoda began slowing down. After a few more moments, the speed of its rotation also slowed down and finally returned to its former state of silence within his sea of consciousness

Jun Moxie woke up with a start and gave a sigh within his heart: I still have not had enough this fast rate of cultivation is simply too alluring. Activating his inner eye, he could see a transparent qi flow slowly moving through his meridians. In the short span of just one night, the size of this qi flow had doubled! If one were to use the Xuan Qi cultivation as a standard of measure, then his current level of strength was at least at the Eighth level Xuan Qi! In addition, his qi had a high grade of purity!

In this world where Nine and below are but ants, Silver and Gold Xuan experts were aplenty. No matter how pure his Eighth level Xuan Qi may be, he was still not someone worth discussing. However, do not make light of Jun Moxies speed of cultivation. Just in case anyone had forgotten, he had only arrived into this world roughly a month ago. Within this one months time, he successfully improved his body, which was only at the Third level Xuan Qi up to the Eighth level Xuan Qi! If those old Supreme Divine Xuan geezers witnessed this practice speed, they would be shocked to the point of having their old teeth drop out!

If this world has an Institute of Anatomy where they dissect things in their studies, then upon learning of Jun Moxies speed of cultivation, they would likely move out to capture him and dissect him for studying purposes! Jun Moxie gave a pleasant sigh of relief. He suddenly felt that the injury caused by the sword was too bloody darned worth it! He had begun to seriously consider if he should just stab himself again!

A bodyguard entered and reported. Young Master, Young Master Tang is here to visit you.

Jun Moxie gave an oh, then he suddenly remembered something. He calmly picked up something that was wrapped up with a cloth beside his pillow and stuffed it into his blanket. Then, he used a feeble voice to speak. Invite Young Master Tang in.

Following that, the sounds of heavy footsteps could be heard. Fatty Tang panted as he stepped into Jun Moxies room, his face expressing exertions. At the same time, the vast room suddenly seemed much smaller. Third Young Master, you scared me. Tang Yuans face was a mask of shock. I heard that you were killed and cried for the whole night. If we brothers were to be forced to part ways forever, then how am I supposed to live?

Jun Moxie stared weakly at the fatty before him. He had the urge to jump out and kick him out! However, he was currently playing the part of a heavily injured person. He will have to spare him for now. His eyes on the other hand was spouting flames