Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 82

Chapter 81 reason for faking injury
Chapter 081 Reason For Faking Injury

Observing the discouraging look on Sir Fangs face, Jun Zhantian could not help but feel apprehensive. He asked. Old Fang, how is it?

Fang Huisheng looked at Jun Moxie with an expression of pity. He shook his head and sighed. His life in in no danger, but as for the rest, they are in terrible shape.

Terrible? Grandpa Jun was shocked. How terrible?

Stagnant meridians, with faint signs of over exertion, his internal organs are also damaged, this he sighed before raising his head. Did the Third Young Master undergo a rigorously intense physical exercise just before this? In addition, the intensity involved is one that exceeds what a persons body could shoulder!

Jun Zhantian felt a sense of foreboding as he replied. Yes, he had once done that for about seven days. In fact, just the day before yesterday

Theres the problem Fang Huisheng retracted his hands, his eyebrows wrinkling. The human body can sometimes be deficient, and Third Young Masters body was originally weak to begin with. With a deficient body, even if one has the perseverance to endure a high intensity physical training, how could the bodys muscle and veins endure it? If it was only this hidden injury, all he needs to do is to stop the training. With the proper lifestyle, he could be cured. However, it was at this moment that his chest suffered from an impact of over a hundred jin in strength due to the sword wound and the kicks from the assassins, resulting in the injuries to his internal organs. The injury to his internal organs also aggravated the hidden injury from his training. Now that these two injuries have stacked, how could it be managed? Thats not all. The worst part was that after being stabbed by the sword, his wound was not wrapped up in time, leading to the loss of too much blood. For him to be able to stay alive right now is already a great fortune

He shook his head and continued. After such an incident, for Third Young Master to successfully preserve his life and become an ordinary person is something to be highly grateful for. In addition, if he ever partakes in any intense activities in the future, he would suffer from dizziness and painful agony which could even endanger his life.

Jun Zhantians face turned blank and pale. It is actually so bad? Dont Divine Doctor have any methods for restoration? Could it be that there is absolutely no hope at all for him?

Fang Huisheng gave a sigh and said. I can only tell you the same thing. The human body is sometimes deficient. Even though I am touted as the Divine Doctor, I do not actually have divine skills. Now that all these injuries have come together, I fear that not even an immortal could do anything about it. Old Jun, you wish for your grandson to become a dragon, but that is what everyone wishes for. No matter how earnest your desire may be, one must know ones limits.

As he spoke, he produced a writing brush and started writing down a prescription. Follow the recipe stated here and prepare it for him three times a day. Prepare it carefully and he may be able to recover a bit. As for his Xuan Qi cultivation, I believe that is no longer a possibility.

Grandpa Jun was stupefied. Even Tang Yuan who was standing beside stood with a stunned expression.

However, who could dare doubt the words coming out from the mouth of this leading figure in the medical profession? Who could have the qualifications to doubt him?

Jun Zhantian forced himself to smile, his face dark. If he can preserve his life without suffering from any disability and live on like a normal person, that is good enough. As for Xuan Qi there are many other people within Tianxiang Kingdom that have no knowledge of Xuan Qi, however they could still contribute.

Despite saying that, the disappointment within Grandpa Juns tone was clear to even Tang Yuan.

Tang Yuan tried to comfort him. That is true. Just look at our Imperial Courts Grand Preceptor, is he not merely a frail scholar? However, he could still dominate the Imperial Court, standing below one and above millions.

Tang Yuans words were said with good intentions. However, listening to those words caused Grandpa Jun to become enraged, thinking that Fatty was indirectly scolding him. Back then, Grand Preceptor Lis Xuan Qi cultivation was personally destroyed by Jun Zhantian. That incident was the cause of the enmity between these two families, an enmity that could never be reconciled

Scram! Grandpa Jun roared out in anger.

Grandpa Juns roar caused Fatty Tang to tremble and he ran off, nearly crapping himself as he did. Even then, he could not understand what he did to make Grandpa Jun so mad. He was clearly only trying to support Grandpa Juns words.

Fang Huisheng sighed. He packed up his chest and started to leave. Grandpa Jun arranged for a few bodyguards to send him back while he himself sat down beside his grandsons bed.

This action from him caused the Divine Doctor Fang to feel somewhat displeased: What a huge difference in treatment before I came and after!

Turning around, Grandpa Jun found Jun Moxie smiling. He sighed and said angrily. What are you smiling at, you brat? This senior spent so much effort to invite an expert tracker to protect you. Instead, you decided to be a smart aleck and used some methods to get rid of him. Now look at you! Tell me what should I say to you now! Sigh!

Grandpa Jun shook his head and sighed. He felt that his lifetimes worth of sighs had all been used up today.

Grandpa, please be at ease, Watching Jun Zhantians face frowning due to concern, Jun Moxie felt his heart turning warm and could not bear to hide it from him any longer. The diagnosis for Sir Fang earlier was simply a result of my tampering. Truth be told, the state of my body is nowhere near as bad as what he had described. Having said that, he activated his bodys xuan skill and his sickly face was suddenly replaced with a radiant complexion.

En? Jun Zhantian was startled and an expression of ecstasy washed over his face. However, before the expression of ecstasy could spread over his entire face, a look of doubt appeared, followed by a look of realization.

I want to hear your reasons! I want to hear every single one, and even your plans, Jun Zhantians gaze turned sharp as he stared at Jun Moxie, as though he was trying to examine this grandson of his and what he was thinking of doing. Jun Zhantian immediately turned around and shouted. From this day onwards, I forbid anything that has ears to enter within thirty zhangs (91.2 m) from this room! Anyone disobeys, kill without mercy!

A sound of affirmation came from the outside. Following which the sounds shua shua could be heard in succession.

In only a few moments time, the outside had turned silent, not a sound could be heard.

Hiding the truth from the Imperial Doctor meant fooling the Emperor! Thus, Jun Zhantian was being very careful!

Jun Moxie who had been lying flat on the bed suddenly sat up. Wearing only his pajamas, he tightened his cloth belt and walked off the bed. He sat down onto the chair in the room, his face facing Jun Zhantian who was seated just opposite him.

This action from him caused Grandpa Jun to become surprised. It would appear that Jun Moxies body was indeed fully healed. This grandson of his truly has some good techniques. He had even managed to fool the great Divine Doctor Fang!

However, Grandpa Juns face turned solemn. He could feel that what Jun Moxie planned to say would inevitably be something very serious. It might be something that he had no desire to listen to; it could even be something outrageous! Thus, Grandpa Jun had acted to cut off any possible leak in information. As of now, the only one that could eavesdrop on them without being detected by Grandpa Jun would be the legendary Supreme Divine Xuan expert.

Judging by how long his grandson had hidden his talents and how he had faked his injuries, Grandpa Jun could sniff out the unusual atmosphere that was currently brewing. He felt that he could even guess what it was that his grandson was going to say, leading to him becoming particularly serious.

As of now, our Jun Family is in a really dangerous spot! Thus, I have no choice but to step up. Otherwise, I would have followed my original plans of living the rest of my life as a prodigal debauchee! Jun Moxie spoke. His first move was to slap himself in the face. Unfortunately, I am now the only one left in the third generation of the Jun Family. Even if I do not wish to enter the stage, I no longer have that choice. As such, I must not allow myself to garner the attention of the great families or their precautionary measures!

This much I understand. It is also one which I have already guessed, Grandpa Jun stroked his beard. On this point alone, your action of faking your injuries has been very successful. I am also pleased with that.

In addition, there is the previous action taken by grandpa. In one night, you shocked all the great families within the capital city. But by doing so, our Jun Familys forces have been revealed. Regardless of whether it is your power in the Court or the military or even in terms of hidden forces, they are all much too powerful. Such a kind of power is not something that the Imperial Family could tolerate. At the same time, your actions were actually a great crime! However, it just so happened that your actions complemented His Majestys plans, leading to His Majesty yielding on that in order to complete his plans to re-shuffle the balance of power within the capital city. Secondly, His Majesty was probably taking into account of the past friendship between you two and your countless contributions to the Kingdom. Thirdly, grandpa is already old while Third Uncle is paralyzed. As for this grandson of yours, I am but a worthless debauchee. All this allowed His Majesty to not feel any doubts towards you.

However, this is something that could only happen once and never again. We are already pushing our luck with this, the next time we may not be so lucky! If His Majesty were to find out that grandsons debauchery ways are but an act or if His Majesty were to find out that the news of my heavy injuries* were false, then the suspicion within his heart would double. Such an occurrence would cause a calamity to descend upon our Jun Family! This is the biggest reason for me to fake my injuries!

[* The Emperor had received news of Jun Moxies injuries from his daughter Princess Ling Meng who reported that Jun Moxie was seriously injured.]