Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 86

Chapter 85 i really cant fight.
It was bought? Jun Mo Xie warily asked. He sat up straight and said, Unless it were for healing blocked meridians or injuries to the meridians, one should not need this herb. But, how is it that, now, at this critical juncture, it was bought? Was it because someone from our residence released the information and someone is trying to plot against us?

It is unlikely, Shaking his head, Jun Wu Yi remarked. The fact that the Jun family has been looking for this herb is known by only a few and even fewer know that it is me who has been looking to obtain it. It is impossible for anyone to make a connection with us purchasing this herb to the fact that it is crucial for my recovery. Alas, it is only a fateful coincidence! Dont tell meis the will of the heavens attempting to hinder my efforts to restore my health and heal my injuries?!

Jun Mo Xie frowned and bit and started to pace around in the room in an unhurried pace. Just like in cooking, there are five flavours namely: sweet, sour, bitter, spicy, and salty. It is possible for numerous ingredients to bring out a similar flavour, but it would be possible for me to find a suitable replacement for this herb to concoct the medicine. Its exactly the case with this medicine. If I replace it, the effects of the medicine might be at a lower level and in the worst case, lacking in the requisite strength and nothing more. But yet, to make a medicine which is not optimalhmm

Third Uncle, I would like you to order your men to find out who was it that stole this herb away from us!

I have already launched an investigation into this incident. But, this happened just recently and not much time has passed since then. Hence I have yet to uncover more details on the buyer, Jun Wu Yi said with a light smile. He did not seem in much of a hurry and to comfort Mo Xie, he said, Third Nephew, it has been so many years since Ive lived like this! It does not matter to me much if my recovery is postponed by few more monthsits all goodits all good!

Jun Mo Xies face grew solemn and he lifted his cup to slowly sip wine while seemingly in a dazed state. It was as if he was pondering something and Jun Wu Yi had no clue what this scheming nephew of his had immersed himself in. Jun Wu Yi decided to not to disturb him and proceeded to entertain himself and enjoy the amorous wine.

Suddenly, the sound of footsteps could be heard approaching the room, breaking the tranquility within the room. Hearing the familiar footsteps, Jun Wu Yi broke out into an involuntary smile.

Guan Qing Han slowly walked in, dressed from head to toe in a pretty, white dress. She looked just like a snowflake, wafting in with a beautiful appearance that seemed to be extremely pure. But as she slowly neared Jun Mo Xie, he felt a huge pressure weighing down on him as if a massive iceberg was pressing down on him. Not only that, this tender, looking sister-in-law of his let out such a cold aura that one could feel their bones freeze up till their very marrows!

When people would look at this beautiful woman who had skin like jade and with such a cold disposition, they would even feel her heart had become cold a long time ago

As for the sparring sessions with Guan Qing Han, Jun Mo Xie had tried to protest against this arrangement many times, but it was to no avail. Jun Mo Xie knew his own fighting capabilities and it wasnt that he had a lack of skill. In fact, when talking about skill in which one could kill his enemies, in his previous world, if Jun Mo Xie claimed that he was second, no one would ever dare to claim to be first!

But, this was something that his Grandpa did not know and he wanted to keep this secret from him. So, despite all his attempts to avoid the daily spar, Grandpa Jun had firmly rejected him. Especially on the first day, when Grandpa Jun observed the absolute abuse that his grandson faced in the hands of his granddaughter-in-law, he left saying only one sentence.

This sentence simply was, I am extremely satisfied. Continue to beat up this brat to an inch of his death without any mercy!

For Jun Wu Yi, today would be the first time he would get to see his nephew beaten up. For this past month, this nephew of his had always been outsmarting him each time, leaving him extremely frustrated. Hence, Jun Wu Yi had absolutely no intention to let this opportunity to vent his anger and frustration on his nephew escape. After all, such perfect opportunities were few and rare!

I really cant keep fighting with my sister-in-law! I dont want to keep up with this pointless charade and get beat up every single day. Also, its extremely embarrassing to get beaten up by this beauty all the time. So, what do I do? Go all out? I dont know how to hold back and I attack with the intention to kill! Impossible! She is my sister-in-law! Although she does hate me, this alone cant justify her death if I kill her, right? Also, the one she hates is Jun Mo Xie and not me. That lecherous bastard sure deserves this and even some more!

There are some things that a man should never do! Unless a man has an enmity with a woman to the point of no return where it would only end with one of their deaths, one should never lay a hand on a woman.

By deciding to not use vicious methods, the Evil Monarch did not have many ways to deal with his opponents, especially when facing opponents like his sister-in-law who had a cultivation far above his own. Having a much higher skill in martial arts when facing such opponents, even if they would give him a handicap, the difference in strength was something that Jun Xie could never overcome using wits and tactics alone. This made him whine constantly.

Guan Qing Han stood there motionless, looking as if she was a lovely snow lotus flower. Refined, lofty, and unattainable, but at the same time, she was also aloof, cold, pure, and noble!

Can we not fight today? Jun Mo Xie made a pitiful expression and continued, I can give you two more pots of wine as compensation. What do you say?

NO! Guan Qing Han glared at him coldly. Her fine hands, which seemed to be carved out of jade, shot out in front of her and they glowed with a blackish colour! 9th Level of Xuan Qi!

Are you ready?? Guan Qing Han looked at Jun Mo Xie with an apathetic look within her eyes. There was neither anger nor joy within her expression. She just simply viewed him as an extremely durable sandbag!

Bah! If not for the wine that I give you, would you be as enthusiastic about this? Heavensyou dont actually spar with me. All you have found is a justifiable reason to beat me up! I truly am unable to fight back! Ready?! Jun Mo Xie was extremely furious.

Jun Mo Xies plan to conceal oneself deeply and hide their true potential surely had a positive effect and this was the cause of Grandpa Juns hope. But, it also also had a negative effect along with it. The grandson of his hiding his abilities from him certainly made Grandpa Jun extremely unhappy and this sparring session with Guan Qing Han was completely arranged by him to get revenge against him for hiding his abilities! Or to put it into better words, Open Revenge!

This was something he could only say within his head and curse, but never out loud! The most annoying thing was that he had more than enough means that were required to deal with this puny woman, but he could not use them as he had to restrain himself!

He could easily settle this situation, but instead he chose to constantly deal with this tyranny and abuse. Was he becoming a masochist? The most tragic thing in all this is that I dont know when Grandpa will end this punishment?

If admitting something could end this punishment, I would honestly say three words to Grandpa, I am sorry!

If this punishment had a deadline, I hope with all my heart that it is the very next second itself!

Just as Jun Mo Xie was letting his imagination run wild, he unexpectedly saw a light, soft, snow-coloured hand which was covered with Qi, flying straight at him. This punch, seemingly out of nowhere, was actually Guan Qing Han cheating in order to finish up the task of beating this brat up in the shortest possible time and then carrying back two pots of his fine wine to drink in leisure. She had little interest in spending any more time that she had to with this perverted guy!

Although this guys behaviour had seemingly changed recently, it could very well be him trying to put up a front. No matter, she had no interest in spending a second longer than she had to with him.

As the fist came flying forward, making a whistling sound in the air, her muscles were also making a light noise along with her moments. Pa pa pa. It was just akin the sound of the light, falling rain on a summer morning: very compact, crisp, and sweet! Jun Wu Yi only raised his cup of wine, savouring its taste and watching the scene being played out in front of him. He couldnt help but laugh when he saw the disparity in strength that was being displayed in the spar.

Fathers idea for punishing Third Nephew is truly wonderful! Ahwhat!?

As Jun Wu Yi was leisurely thinking, his eyes suddenly constricted. His earlier expression of boredom and casualness suddenly turned into a solemn one. His gaze was firmly fixed on Jun Mo Xie and he did not even bother to put his cup down.

Jun Mo Xies sudden movement caught his complete attention!

Before Guan Qing Han had thrown a punch, she had also planned to follow it up with a decisive kick. These two moves were performed one after the other in an almost fluid motion as if it had been practiced a countless number of times. But, in the face of these moves, Jun Mo Xies body slightly made a small turn before his elbow shot out. Just as this happened, Jun Mo Xie retracted his elbow back and then, at the very next instant ,he was knocked to the ground by the punch-kick combo!

This small action seemed extremely insignificant and also obscure, but Jun Wu Yi was someone who had been a general and had faced countless of enemies on the battlefield. To him, this was an extremely thrilling observation!

In the battlefield, one had to pay an extremely high attention to his enemys moves. Even a second of carelessness could result in instant death! Jun Mo Xies subconscious reaction to Guan Qing Hans move, although it was quickly pulled back, who was Jun Wu Yi? He was an Earth Xuan Qi rank expert. He could clearly see every move of Jun Mo Xie and he clearly saw that, elbow was directly aimed at the larynx of Guan Qing Han! If Jun Mo Xie had followed through with that move, it surely would have been Guan Qing Hans doom.

What was more important was the timing of that action. It was placed exactly between the interval of the two moves. One should know that Guan Qing Han had been practicing cultivation since she was a child and her moves were performed almost at the same time. The almost fleeting moment between those two moves was practically insignificant, but it was still a flaw in her move! Jun Mo Xie had capitalized on such a small flaw that barely existed!

If he had actually carried out the move, Guan Qing Han would have had no opportunity to react to this unpredictable blow that was timed perfectly with her only flaw!