Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 87

Chapter 86 terrible instinct
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Due to the huge gap in cultivation that existed between Jun Mo Xie and Guan Qing Han, even if Jun Mo Xie managed to hit her anywhere else on her body, he would most likely be unable to cause her any injury. However, the human throat was extremely weak, so it was a very crucial and vulnerable point of the body. Not only that, the human elbow was one of the best parts of the body to use as an offensive weapon because of its ability to bear and disperse stress. By striking the weakest part of your enemy using one of the strongest parts of your body, it is definitely possible to overcome an enemy that is much stronger than you. Especially in this case since it was simply a one-hit kill!

This single strike was enough to land a fatal blow!

So, Jun Wu Yi was extremely shocked and surprised!

Was Mo Xie really so clever? Or maybe it was just a simple coincidence? Jun Wu Yi cleared his mind and watched the spar in front of his eyes with concentration and rapt attention. He carefully watched each and every move that was made and though it seemed like move after move would only hit Mo Xie and served to beat him up, in Jun Wu Yis eyes, a completely different scene was being played out! Just before each of Guan Qing Hans moves would hit Jun Mo Xie, Mo Xies body would make slight actions and all it needed was put force behind it and that would have been enough to kill Guan Qing Han! Sometimes, this occurred more than once between her moves..!

Jun Wu Yi stayed silent and carefully observed the scene in front of him,

This move, Mo Xie dodged to the right and has clearly raised his middle finger a bit while forming a fisthmmif you trace where that is pointing towards, that isGuan Qing Hans brain! That was another one of the weakest parts in the human body!

This move, the position and movement of Mo Xies kneethe action is sharp and swift. If he had not retracted it in time, it would have hit her vagina! Another fatal weakness of the human body


The temple!


After that, the eyes, throat, ears

Guan Qing Han seemed extremely spirited and happy at the fact that she got to beat up this perverted brother-in-law of hers. Jun Mo Xie was trying to strenuously avoid her moves while moaning and groaning, but Jun Wu Yi who was watching from the side was completely stunned while sweating in fear from head to toe!

While he was sweating profusely, Guan Qing Han continued on with her onslaught of blows without stopping at all. Every few moves, Jun Wu Yi would slightly cringe with fear on the side. With his superior eyesight and knowledge, he could easily see the danger in which Guan Qing Han was in with each passing move. The pitiful Guan Qing Han who had unknowingly faced death a countless number of times was still enthusiastic about beating up Mo Xie without a clue of what could have happened to her.

Jun Mo Xie was constantly releasing a subtle killing intent, so it was understood by him.

Plainly horrible! Even Jun Wu Yi, who was an Earth Xuan Qi Realm expert, with all his powers of concentration could barely keep up.

This! Just like the saying goes: like father, like son. A dragon would not birth a sheep and an observer who could see this would be scared to death!

He did not even dare to interrupt this delicate, little game of death! Lest his own words prove to be a form of distraction to Jun Mo Xie and he accidentally lose control over his concentration leading to Guan Qing Hans death! These movements of Jun Mo Xie were too sharp and fast, so even if Jun Wu Yis legs were intact and perfectly functional, he still would be too late to stop the inevitable.

Finally, it was only after Jun Mo Xie was knocked down ten times before Guan Qing Han decided to come to a halt and did not continue to pursue him any further. From start to end, she had not said a single word. Without talking much, she simply picked up two pots of wine before she left for her own courtyard. Also, she had no expression of anger, her face was precisely the same as before: extremely cold. In spite of all that intense action, she did not have a bead of sweat on her while Jun Mo Xie looked completely beat up. This task for Guan Qing Han was practically one of no difficulty. After all, he had a pitiful cultivation level, so it was quite reasonable!

Jun Wu Yi stared blankly at the departing figure of Guan Qing Han while his mind was still reeling in shock! According to his calculations, in the earlier fight, if it was a real life or death battle, Guan Qing Han would have died at least 47 times by now! And every single time, Jun Mo Xie actually forcefully withdrew!

What kind of a frightening battle strength was this?! A person who was at the Fourth Level of Xuan Qi was capable of fighting with a person at the Ninth Level Xuan Qi. Not only that, this person was also about to break in the Silver Xuan Qi Realm!

To overcome the level and realm difference and to still be able to fight on an equal grounds, would this record be broken by his nephew!?

No, it was already been broken by him!

And the most terrifying part was that all those movements by Jun Mo Xie were instinctive reactions and were completely controlled by his subconscious! But, what he did was actually forcefully withdraw his strike each and every time! What did this show? What did this mean?

Jun Wu Yi was completely drenched in cold sweat.

This showed that the act of killing had already been ingrained to his very bones, so he could make these moves even if he was completely unconscious or asleep!

Even without thinking, even without considering, he would be able to attack naturally by identifying the enemys weakness and issuing a fatal blow!

Killing was already an instinct!

Only in this way would such be the case!

Thishow many people has he killed to hone this skill and perfect it to this extent???

Even Jun Wu Yi who was a veteran of many wars was afraid to think any more of this matter.

He was used to seeing blood and gore on the battlefield caused by the soldiers, experiencing numerous assassinations of cold-blooded killers, but all of those people had been personally trained and raised. Even then, those people with so many kills under their belt were quite insignificant when compared to his third nephew who could act without even thinkinghe had never seen someone who was so adept at killing!


There were no simple strikes within his moves. Each move would have only resulted in death! Killing had been completely melted into his bone until it had become his first reflexive action!

And this terrible, cruel, demonic monster who was so strong was actually his nephew!

The one the whole empire had termed and recognized as a waste.

Jun Mo Xie!

Jun Wu Yi groaned and slowly closed his eyes. What the hell am I seeing? I must surely be dreaming! If its a nightmare, please let me wake up from it quickly!

Nightmare? If Jun Mo Xie can have such powerful strength, why would it actually be a nightmare?

It was at this moment that Jun Wu Yi remembered that Jun Mo Xie had urged his father to stop the sparring matches by saying, I am truly unable to fight.

The grandson of the General cannot fight? At that time I heard these words, the first reaction that Father had was to kick his ass severely and then point at the door screaming, Get the hell out!

At that time, when I also happened to hear these words, I almost burst out laughing. It was simply too funny.

Unable to fight, of course! It cannot just be understood as an inability to fight, but it might also be thought of as

And now completely understood the real meaning behind those words. Jun Mo Xie was unable to spar. He would kill!

There was purely due to the extreme killing techniques incorporated onto his blood, soul, every inch of his body to every inch of his bone, muscle and every nerve!

If military soldiers had such skill, even when facing a million troops, as long as he had strength left, he would not fall down. And his enemies would become nothing more that a pile of bodies which could be lined up to form a mountain!

If assassins had such techniques, it would only give rise to the rumors of the mysterious killer in the continent.

Whichever person had that kind of skill could transform it to preserve life and usurp death!

To such a person, killing was already an habit. An instinct or a pinnacle of art and even a supreme achievement! Just like a grand-master artist would be able to blend in all what they see and capture the feelings within, a martial artist could also do so.

This was the dream of all warriors and assassins, but no one had ever been able to reach the pinnacle of killing! However, Jun Mo Xie, his nephew, could do it? Was that even likely?

Jun Wu Yi had a lot of questions that he wanted to ask, Where was it that this brat learnt to kill? How did he even practice? More importantly, what did he practice?

Jun Wu Yi felt that his nephew was so mysterious and he was unable to see through him. Although his current cultivation was only at the Fourth Level of Xuan Qi, from his earlier performance, one surely couldnt look down on him!