Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 89

Chapter 88 i do not have the herb you have it
Chapter 88: I do not have the herb, you have it!

My goal is just a step away now! Jun Wu Yi felt his heart beat faster with excitement and eagerness to know the outcome of the treatment.

Without further ado, Jun Mo Xie immediately left to pay a visit to his beloved friend, Tang Yuan. He was afraid that the idiotic fatty might have wasted the herb or spoiled it. If he had to personally find the herb again, it would cost the Jun family both time and money, not to mention the mental anguish and the ginormous effort required for the search. As for matters such as these, the longer one delayed, the more prone the situation was to turn into misfortune.

Placed on a sedan, stretched and laid back, Third Young Master Jun Mo Xie slowly arrived at the Tang Residence. He came to the door only to be greeted by the sight of a big round meatball-shaped human walking out from within the residence wearing a skin-coloured gown. Today, Tang Yuan, the Tang Clans young master, wore a dress which was characteristic to his physique to such an extent that very few would find something amiss if rice was served in a bowl with him as a meatball dish on the side plate!

Brother, how come you came here today? Has your body completely recovered from its injuries? You probably came over because you were stifled and bored and wanted to play with your brother, right? Tang Yuan looked at Jun Mo Xie with a pleased look and his voice contained a hint of concern, but one could plainly see the joy and sincerity within his actions and words!

I came to see you, Jun Mo Xie lifted the sedans curtain and continued. What, are you going out somewhere?

Ahyes! Im going to the Magnificent Jewel Hall to enjoy and bid on a few items. There is actually some good stuff there today. Grandpa let me go to have some fun today, Tang Yuan reached inside his robes and bought out a big stack of bills and money. He whistled and clapped in excitement and his face was lit up just like a laughing buddha! This time, I was in fact ordered to check things out properly and look out for some exquisite items. I was even handed such a huge pile of money. Jun Mo Xie, I say that we both go there and bid together, what say?

I dont believe youll pawn your wife this time, right? Jun Mo Xie jested.

Hey, dont mention those measly things, Tang Yuans perfectly round and white face had a few black lines and wrinkles all over as he continued to speak. I was framed and set up during that time! If we played under normal circumstances, your brother here is simply the gambling god who is spoken of within the legends!

I wish I could believe that broken mouth of yours. In fact, I might be better off believing in the existence of ghosts in this world rather than that mouth, Jun Mo Xie wrinkled his nose and his face on a whole became solemn. While ignoring the invite made by Tang Yuan, he got straight to the point and asked, Dont be in a hurry to leave and spend away your wealth. There is something important because of which Ive come looking for you.

What is the matter? Let your brother know all your worries! Tang Yuan blinked a few times and said earnestly.

I heard that you bought three strands of Nine Leaf Grass from the Jin Xiang Trading Company? Its something that I need quite urgently because of my current injury. Take it out for me right now! Jun Mo Xie was quite direct with what he wanted and said it straight to Tang Yuans face.

Who actually told you this? This is just treating me unjustly! I dont know what this Nine Grass Leaf is! Tang Yuan shivered while his fatty body flushed red in excitement. Ive bought this stuff? What Nine GrassSeven Grass? I simply dont know what this is!

Jun Mo Xies face fell and he retorted, Tang Yuan, you tell me that you dont know? I, your father, am talking to you now with great difficulty here and you bastard, actually have the guts to say that you dont know? If it wasnt for me, I wonder where your precious sword and piece of jade would have been? I should have flushed them along with you down the toilet!

I really dont know! Tang Yuan was visibly anxious as he jumped about in place and while gnashing his teeth, he began to swear. Brother, would I dare to even attempt to fool or hoodwink you? I surely have no clue about this matter and if Im lying, let I, Tang Yuan, be turned into a toad this very instanuh? Jin Xiang Trading Company?

Just as Fatty Tang finished his oath he suddenly yelled out loud, Dammit, Mo Xie, did you just say the Jin Xiang Trading Company?

You are not deaf, are you. Well, at least that is established now! Jun Mo Xie hummed with displeasure and looked at Fatty, wondering if he was playing a trick on him. Although, on the surface, he didnt seem to be acting out a scene.

That was contacted by one of our branches! Tang Yuan, his cheeks puffed up and eyes wound up in a way that they were perfectly circular, continued to speak. I gathered all the precious herbs that I could find and with the help of Grandpa, I even procured a lot of them from places far away from here. I actually bought all of these for you, that is. I plundered every chemists shop to collect them in a box and sent it over to your familys estate

Talking continuously without pausing, Tang Yuan continued, There were a lot of herbs that I had found and packed all of them together in the boxes that I sent over. I have no clue to what in the world were the exact contents of those boxes. Anyway, if youre telling me that I actually bought all of this Nine something herb, it would surely be in your house inside the box.

Uh..?! Jun Mo Xie lightly coughed while speaking. Thatdidnt you just send some Hundred Jin Hoist or something?

[TN: Hundred Jin Hoist is Viagra! You guys are 16, ED so soon?]

[Editor: The image is very disturbing, but I wonder, can you destroy a builder using only your family jewels]

Brother, it isnt your fault. Your brain is probably very confused, right? Tang Yuan rolled his eyes while continuing to speak. I sent a lot of things to you. Actually, the things were divided into two layers and in the first layer, within the hundreds of herbs were many which have amazing qualities, but not so rare. It was beneath them that I hid all the precious and rare herbs that I had to spend an extensive amount of money to acquire. Before I could explain everything to you, I was actually scolded by your Grandpa. I was even worried about the herbs getting spoilt without being taken care of properly. Brother, those were something which I had to strengthen my heart to part with

Then, Fatty Tang concluded, So, I do not have the herb. You probably have it!

Jun Mo Xie reeled from shock after learning this and almost fell of his sedan. He pondered for a while before letting out three words from his mouth, Ihave it!

Suddenly he held no more interest in interacting with Tang Yuan and wanted to head home as soon as possible. In case the box really did form molds and the herb got spoilt, it would be the most terrible outcome! Damn, this fatty causes a lot of trouble!

[Editor: I support Fatty. Who was the smart assassin that got rid of them?]

Tang Yuan pulled a long face and said, What are you so anxious about? Youre still recovering from your illness and rarely do come out. Since you have finally come out, lets go to the Magnificent Jewel Hall together. I heard that they have a lot of good things over there today. You and I can go in and take away all the good stuff! Fatty then pulled out a sheet of paper while licking his fingers to twist open the paper. Then, he pointed at the contents, shouting excitedly, Looklookjade ornaments, jade glass flowers, seabed jade coralthese are all extremely good items!

I dont have the time to horse around with you! Jun Mo Xie rested back onto his chair, but just as he said those words, his head turned back reluctantly and then suddenly stared back at Tang Yuan before swallowing a mouthful of saliva, which made him seem like he was swallowing a chickens egg whole as he made a noise, uhuh, and suddenly said, Well, sure! Lets go to the hall together and see what we two brothers can acquire at that place!

He then arranged for a bodyguard to go home immediately, so that he could inform Jun Wu Yi immediately about the two boxes gifted by Tang Yuan and shift all the things out while carefully putting away each of the items within. He also instructed him to bring over some money for him to spend at the Magnificent Jewel Hall.

This sudden change in his attitude was because he, the Third Young Master, had found out that in this auctions list of materials, there was an impressive item which he wanted: the Blazing Heart Meridian!

Fu*k! This is really beyond being lucky anymore! Its like being blessed by the Heavens themselves. Coming all the way over here was not a waste of time after all!

Magnificent Jewel Hall

It was a place which could even make the majority of the Tian Xiang Kingdoms highest officials dream in fantasy and go crazy! It was a place which was for the consumption of nobles.

This was Tian Xiang Kingdoms largest auction house, but it was much more than a simple auction.

In the Kingdom, to find the best treasures, it would be an extremely tough challenge which would almost to never succeed even in decades to come. However, whatever treasure you could think of, this place would certainly have it!

As long as you had enough money, even gods and demons can be your slaves.

These words, whether in Jun Xies past life or the present, were very suitable!

Food, drink, playthings, killers, robbing tools, mysterious beasts hide and fur, superb magic weapons, the best decorations and even men and women as slaves!

One could find everything! It was too much. You just had to think about it and it was impossible not to find it.

Just after walking into Magnificent Jewel Hall, no matter how luxurious your original lifestyle and how rich you were, you would realize that you still lacked many things in life! One would realize that there were many things that they had yet to try! They would feel that their spiritual and material life had been extremely barren!

So, in order to not spend all that you own and become completely broke, the average person would want to come out and not let his thoughts or judgement get clouded by this treasure paradise!