Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 91

Chapter 90 jade sea coral
Chapter 90: Jade Sea Coral

Those two boxes belong to whom? Jun Mo Xie pointed out to the boxes that the two groups had just entered and asked.

Bro, do you have a fever or something? Is your head really muddled? Tang Yuan stared at him and said, Those boxes belong to the second and third prince of our Kingdom. All the three Royal Princes have their boxes in a line, side by side, dont you even know this?

UhI, your father asked you a question and you dare be disrespectful? Do you even remember what happened at the Thousand Gold Hall? Jun Mo Xie rolled his eyes and stared at him.

Tang Yuan grinned and his face resembled a buddha as he thought, Ive never seen this guys over here at the Magnificent Jewel Hall, but he recently did help me out in my time of need and did a big favour. He can be arrogant because of that and I owe him one! He patted his own plump cheeks and said, Im the one who has fever and am confused as my head is muddled!

Jun Mo Xie stared at him, he knew that he was a crafty bootlicker and simply closed his eyes ignoring him completely. He was then contemplating in his heart, the people who went into the two princes boxes unexpectedly were releasing killing intent and were seemingly assassins! Thisthis was really weird!

Did these men by any chance have anything to do with the assassination attempt a few days ago?

If so, I must verify this account very carefully, after all, I also suffered at the hands of those fiends and was not only stabbed and kicked mercilessly but was also left a step away from death. I did not even have a chance to repay the damage done to me, as a man, I cannot live in this world after suffering from such humiliationhowever, which emperors son was the one who orchestrated that assassination attempt? In the case of accusing a good man of wrongdoing, it is wrong, but, it does not matter much as these men have wronged their own flesh and blood!

Mo Xie, Li Feng and his accomplices have also come and next door to us is the Meng clans box. Tang Yuan whispered while gnashing his teeth: Those bastards, sooner or later, I want to take special care of those bastards!

Since that day where he realised that these boys had played a trick on him and he had almost lost his wife in the game, his heart filled up with hatred and he clenched his fist in anger. But, recently, in the capital, Grandpa Tang had warned everyone that one cant easily make black white and vice versa and itd be best to not provoke his most precious baby grandson.

Oh? The adjacent box? So close eh? Jun Mo Xie let out an involuntary smile and said, Fatty, today, I shall promise you one thing, if you agree to one of my conditions, I shall help you vent out your frustrations. What do you think?

The humiliation I experienced in that gambling game was something Ive never faced before. As long as you can help me with this resentment of mine, whatever your conditions may be, I shall agree to them!

Today, in this auction, I have a few things that I absolutely must win. But, I do not want people to know that it is me who has bought it. Jun Mo Xie said bluntly: I do not have much money right now, I want your help to outbid others and give me the products later on. As long as everything goes goes down well, Ill also let few of those mongrels make wish that they were dead instead!

What is this? Tang Yuan retorted with anger and visible displeasure. Is this how you treat your brother? If you want something, Ill buy it for you, we two are brothers! What is the need to talk about all this? You are so serious that it tarnishes the relationship that we share!

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Thats not the case! We sure are brothers, but, that comes later. I never would take advantage of others and would never let others take advantage of me! Jun Mo Xie grunted. This sentence was a code that he lived by in his past life and he staunchly believed in it.

Okay, I agree to you! As long as there is some retribution to those bastards, Im all yours!

Jun Mo Xie smiled, and then closed his eyes to concentrate on letting out his spiritual awareness. His target of course were the adjacent box and the boxes of the two princes. Using the Art of Unlocking Heavens Fortune, he could disperse his spiritual awareness out and would be able to notice even the slightest fluctuations in his surroundings. Although he was not using his eyes to see, this was infact much more effective than him using only his eyes to observe as nothing could escape his notice under his spiritual awareness.

Then after a moment, this exceptionally silent hall, became even more quiet and one couldnt even hear the sound of a person breathe. The curtain on the stage slowly opened up, revealing a colourful stage and there appeared to be a purple coloured stone on it. This was inlaid with hundreds and thousands of colourful precious stones and light was shining and reflecting off this, completely covering the stage. When people glanced at this, they would feel like theyve entered a dreamland and feel extremely comfortable in an ethereal state. The whole look was magnificent to the extreme!

An old man was standing in front of a purple table and behind him stood two dazzling women holding a tray. The two women were wearing a silver coloured body fitting dress and as a man would lay their eyes upon them, they couldnt help but have nefarious thoughts within their brains irrespective of how strong headed they usually were. Under the bright lights of the stage and coupled with their stunning innate beauty they did not look like humans but rather like two fairies who had descended from the heavens to grace everyone with their presence!

After a few polite words of greeting, the old man did not continue to bother with the pleasantries and immediately came down to business without beating about the bush. This man was this auction houses seasoned veteran, he knew that no one was interested in him expressing his thanks, or his greetings and welcoming message, all they cared about was him to drop his hammer down and begin the sale of items.

The first item for auction is.

Six consecutive items were auctioned out. Though each one of those can be considered as rare and exotic, but most of them were merely decorative items. These items were something that Jun Mo Xie was obviously not interested in. In the adjacent room and the boxes of the two princes, also displayed an extreme lack of enthusiasm when these items were bought out and there was no noticeable activity. These items, all of them fell into the hands of some rich businessmen seated in the halls down bellow.

But, going with this trend of sky high prices, Jun Mo Xie felt somewhat weary. After all, the Burning Heart Meridian although rare, it is just another herb with good healing abilities and decent efficiency. It is not a particularly life saving herb and could not even be placed on the list of top ranking herbs. But, if this trend continues, by the time they bring out the Burning Heart Meridian, Im afraid it will fetch an astronomical price!

[TN: In traditional auctions, the items were bought out in the ascending order of the value they might fetch]

How can this be? Dont tell me that Id have to employ some other trick?!

To make up for things, his guards had bought back a few million taels of silver, Jun Mo Xie frowned thinking of all this.

Suddenly, Jun Mo Xie felt some discussions happening in the room with the Li and Meng family members with his spiritual awareness and he opened his eyes to look at Tang Yuan and said, They really want whatever is next it seems and both of them want the same article. Moreover, the Li Family seem to be more interested in it and are looking quite concerned

Jun Mo Xie could clearly understand from the fluctuations in their room that the people in the room were experiencing the feelings of being elated, anxiety and excitement! It seems that the next item is something that theyve long waited for!

The next article of this auction, I believe each and every one of you have heard of the Jade Sea Coral! The amethyst and mixed corals are something which we have seen and cannot be considered as truly being rare, but the strain of Jade Sea Coral that we have here today is something which has appeared for the first time in the Tian Xiang Kingdom! Even in the whole continent a few might have seen such a high grade coral, at least until today, this old man here has never seen such a precious treasure! The old man smiled gently and the silver clad girls behind him walked forth, carrying a tray in their hands. With a slow action of their hands, they unveiled the tray which was covered in a red silk cloth which made the whole hall sit at the edge of their seats and await in anticipation!

Fatty, those guys want this stuff! Make the starting price as a big one and immediately shout it out! Do not give anyone else an opportunity to bid at all! Jun Mo Xie smiled and called out. With his spiritual awareness spread out, he could clearly feel that when the Jade Sea Coral appeared, those peoples hearts heated up quite a bit and combined with the fluctuations that he felt earlier, he was completely sure that their trip to the auction house this time round was simply because they were determined to win this piece of Jade Sea Coral. With such a good opportunity being presented to him in a lovely silver platter, how could he not help but intervene and mess up things for them?

Are you sure? This stuff if we bought it, it is at most a beautiful decoration piece! Ah! Tang Yuan exclaimed with eyes becoming completely round.

Im sure! Jun Mo Xie nodded his head and continued, Rest assured. There is no need to worry!

Tang Yuan without the slightest bit of hesitation said, Understood!. He never even took a moment to consider if what Jun Mo Xie said was reliable or if he had hidden intentions. Tang Yuan chose to directly belive his brother completely and unquestionably!

As the red silk cloth came off, the whole body of the winterberry coloured Jade Sea Coral was revealed in front of everyones eyes and it issued a crystalline brilliance but at the same time gave off the effect of being extremely soft and delicate. The Coral was a foot in breadth, three feet in length and was four feet in height! Such a large piece of Jade Sea coral, even if it was of the ordinary kind, it would have fetched a lot of money, not to mention this rare winterberry one!
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Winterberry Jade Sea Coral, a foot in breadth, three feet in length and four feet in height with the earth element force. When placed at home, it would help in the process of cultivation of Xuan Qi and also strengthen your spirit! The starting price of this would be a hundred and twenty thousand and each increase in bid is to be of ten thousand. Please place your bids now!

Just as the Old Mans voice faded away, a voice rang out in the auction hall, echoing and booming throughout, I bid one million!. This voice belonged to none other than the Tang Clans Young Master, Tang Yuan!

All of a sudden the audience made no movements nor any sound! Almost all at the same time, a pair of hundred eyes turned to look over and there stood Tang Yuan trying to stand straight with a lot of effort, his big belly staring at all proudly.

Are you kidding?! Starting price of one one hundred and twenty thousand but you went ahead and called the first bid at a million? Dont you even want others to bid? Even if you are determined to win, you do not need to be so extravagant! One ought to slowly increase the price and maybe for this, it might reach a price of half a million. But, to directly call a bid of a million on the first bid, isnt that a bit too much?

Argh! This is sick and evil! Everyone had these thoughts ringing in their heads and looked over at Fatty with annoyance!
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