Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 92

Chapter 91 big trouble
Chapter 91: Big Trouble

In the next room, Meng Hai Zhou and Li Zhens face instantly grew unsightly as they heard this. Say hundreds of thousands of taels of silver, although not a small number, for them it wasnt too much either! It was a number that they could afford without much difficulty!

And after the loss that they took in the Thousand Gold Hall, these kids pants were taken down and were beaten till their asses turned black and blue. And this trip that they made here was under specific directions. Their aim was to acquire this Jade Sea Coral at any cost!

Magnificent Jewel Hall, three days before each auction, it would routinely send to every major family in the Tian Xiang Kingdom, a list of all the items which were to be auctioned on that particular day. And, when Li Youran reviewed this list and saw this Jade Sea Coral up on the list of items, he immediately sent out an order, The Li Family must get hold of this Jade Sea Coral at any cost!

In fact, this auction listings, was regularly sent to the Jun Family too. But, the Jun Family never seemed to participate in any of such occasions and over time, they stopped sending the list to the Jun Familys residence. Besides, Jun Mo Yis intention to collect herbs for his treatments were extremely secretive. In fact only three people in the Jun residence knew about the whole situation. If it wasnt for the coincidence of me running into Tang Yuan today, Im afraid that we surely would have missed the chance to obtain this Burning Heart Meridianthought Jun Mo Xie.

This particular Jade Sea Coral, although valuable and has excellent properties, it is but secondary and only serves as an auxiliary item for cultivation! However, to Grand Preceptor Li Shang, who had a broken dantain, this was a magic treasure which could ensure longevity! There was hope for re-cultivation! Because, Li Youran had found out from a reliable source that, using this special type of Jade Sea Coral along with some special methods, it was even possible for one with a broken dantain to cultivate again! How fortunate would the Li family be if Li Shang could cultivate again?!

And this effect, only a select few in the entire Tian Xiang Kingdom knew about it. Li Youran had been long looking for this secret, but, it had always eluded him!

If Li Shang could prolong his life by a few more years or decades, to the Li Family, how much of a benefit would it be? So, this piece of Jade Sea Coral might just be an expensive piece of decoration but to the Li Family, it directly affected their future!

Now that this has appeared in the auction, it was a great opportunity! So, the Li Family was determined to obtain this Jade Sea Coral and Li Youran had ordered Li Zheng and Meng Hai Zhou to obtain this item at all costs. If Li Youran knew that his meticulously thought out plan would be broken down today, he would surely have taken this issue up personally and would not have left it for his lackeys!

The Meng and Li family teaming up with these two familys extreme prestige if they bid early on, with a huge amount they would be able to intimidate all the other interested parties.This was the big plan that they had come up with in order to acquire this item without much difficulty. How would they have expected that they would encounter this fatty today? Their old enemy!

Not only that, Jun Mo Xie with this spiritual power spread out, had already realized their intentions completely. But, this was something which no one knew!

Though the old man on the stage was a well experienced auctioneer, the loud shout by Tang Yuan still managed to startle him completely.

For a long time, there was complete silence in the hall when suddenly one could hear the gnashing of teeth and a shout, I bid 1.2 million.

Li Zhen really braced himself to let out this bid. In reality though, this was not the maximum of their budget, and they could go more as much as 2 million, but it was just in a hope that it might scare Fatty Tang away!

Without even faltering a beat, Tang Yuan roared at the top of his voice, Fools! Are you trying to scare me away with this pitiful amount?! I bid 2 million!

Fatty really and truly shouted out with all his heart! This activity to make those annoying guys bleed, was an especially fun and enjoyable activity!

Li Zhen and Meng Hai Zhou next door almost vomited blood as they heard this!

For this bidding war, Li Youran had handed them about 2 million taels of silver. These guys had estimated that though that piece of Jade was rare and precious, it would go for about 1 million in the worst case scenario. 2 million was definitely a lot of money and totally excessive! The two of them even were plotting on how to seize some of the leftover money and pocket it. They were planning on taking it as a compensation for their losses in the Thousand Gold Hall. Now, all of their plans were spoilt as this damn Fatty had been calling ridiculous prices and forced them to go even beyond than what they could.

As for asking Li Youran for reimbursement for the money they might be spending extrathey did not even dare to imagine that!

2.4 million! This was Li Zhens voice. He was already extremely angry with his face turning green to blue to purple from the rising frustration and anger and shouted, Tang Yuan! Do you really want this Jade Sea Coral? This stuff is absolutely of no use to you. Just give it up!

Bullshit! How do you know that this is useless to I, your father! Even if it is useless to me, why are you spouting this rubbish? What is it to you? You believe you are very smart and intelligent? Tang Yuan grunted and stamped his foot down making the whole box tremble and shouted, 3 million!

Even though the walls of these boxes were soundproofed but with all the yelling, everyone could hear the commotion that was taking place.

Meng Hai Zhous voice sounded out a bit stammering with anger, 3.5 million!

After he called out, he jumped out and came to the door of the Tang Familys box and shouted, Fatty Tang, before, because of the incident at the Thousand Gold Hall, you already extorted my family of 2 million taels of silver far beyond what your losses were. What do you want now? Your behaviour here is clearly unreasonable! Ill be sure to remember this in the future!

Huh? You two are really strange! Tang Yuan was the first to bid 1 million on this piece of Jade. No other person was interested, There was no haggling. He clearly had won the bid. But, it was clear that you deliberately bid later on to increase the price of this item. It is you who has malicious intentions against him, this, everyone here can see and testify too. Now, how come you accuse my good friend here of your crimes? It wasnt Tang Yuan who said these words but Jun Mo Xie. He continued, Now you tell me, isnt it your Li and Meng family which is being unreasonable?

As Jun Mo Xie said that, in the opposite box of the Tian Xiang Royal Kingdom, there sounded a girls soft voice which sounded pleasantly surprised, Jun Mo Xie is. This voice was full of joy, excitement, full ofrelief.

Jun Mo Xie! This is none of your business. Dont poke your nose into this! Meng Hai Zhous voice sounded with his face livid and voice full of anger. The last time he had seen him, it was when he was out to teach this debauchee a lesson and swindle him. But, the whole plan blew up in his face, with him losing all of his money. Because of this, he had to face a family discipline action by the elders at his family. But, this did not end there as, Tang Yuan had come back later and then blackmailed him for additional 2 million taels of silver! The injuries he had faced after the beating had not healed yet and seeing these two together now, it did not really bring pleasant feelings to his mind!

My affair is his affair! Now, cut the crap. If you want something, then take out the money! If you have no money, then get the hell out! Tang Yuan shouted like a madman with his belly fat rolling all over the place. I bid 4 million! Would you dare fight? Your father, I, is filled with money! Ill tell you something, Ive so much money that I cannot simply burn it away fast enough! Now, do you dare?

Everyone in the hall was looking up astonished. On one side was Li and Meng Families together, while on the other you had the Tang and Jun families! This clearly had become a fight between these four major families to vent out their grudges and resentment and ceased to be a simple bidding war. Everyone simply watched on discretely with their mouth closed.

Grandpa Jun had just caused a bloodbath in the capital recently and the blood on the streets had not even dried up yet. Who would have the courage to cause trouble?

Fiercely swearing, Meng Hai Zhou was trembling with anger standing outside the box. He really wanted to walk out of this whole mess but in the end did not dare to go against Li Youran as he would have his teeth broken and would also have to swallow it back down with his blood. With frustration, Meng Hai Zhou shouted, I bid 5 million! 5 million taels of silver! Tang Yuan, do you have the guts the compete with me?

Jun Mo Xie squinted slightly. With his spiritual awareness spread out, he could easily pick up every fluctuation in emotions of the people surrounded by his souls power. He could make out that Meng Hai Zhou was close to the point of hysteria. He also knew that this was probably the highest number that Meng Hai Zhou and Li Zhen would be able to scrape out! For Tang Yuan to bid any further, it would simply result in drilling a hole through their pockets and having to take home that piece of Jade.

Tang Yuan understood and laughed, Young Master Meng really has a deep pocket eh? 5 million taels of silver! Paying 10 times more than the 500,000 that this piece of Jade is worth, I really admire you. Admire you from the bottom of my heart! Actually, this Young Master has not enough money to continue, and Im willing to give this piece of Jade to you. He then leaned over and whispered into Meng Hai Zhous ear mysteriously, Young Master Meng. in fact, I did not have any money at all today. I was just bidding for fun!

Meng Hai Zhous eyes suddenly became round and wide, staring at Tang Yuan with a pale trembling finger pointed at him he stood there for a few breaths of time before coughing up blood and staggering back!

Young Master Meng is extremely weak eh? Fatty just casually said that he had no money Jun Mo Xie repeatedly shook his head as he looked at the shivering Meng Hai Zhou as he fell to the ground and then contemptuously said, You cannot even stand such a simple sentence eh? Real contemptuous!