Otherworldly Evil Monarch Chapter 97

Chapter 96 so powerful
96: So Powerful!

What a pity! Jun Mo Xie had some regret in his heart. After the last time, that old fellow had some urgent matters that he had to take care of and had left saying that he wouldnt return for another six months! If he was here, then his incredible tracking skills would surely have come in handy at this point of time

Jun Mo Xie looked over at this own guards. Firm and strong, these were the men that Grandpa Jun had himself selected personally. They had varying strengths of at the Gold and Silver Xuan level and could be considered as quite good. In the Tian Xiang Imperial City at least it was sufficient for them to be able to protect Jun Mo Xie against all dangers and threats in broad daylight. When Jun Mo Xie would need them, they would be there ready to serve!

But, Jun Mo Xie knew that it would make no sense to have him command these men to follow and track the movements of those killers.

Even if these men managed to keep up with them and catch up to them, then only in a very short period of time, all there would be left would be eight corpses! According to Jun Mo Xie, each of the three men, had a cultivation at the pinnacle of the Gold Xuan realm and in addition to that, they were killers by profession!

Threat once discovered, it must be wiped out and stopped at its very root! To allow the tiger to grow up and create a disaster would be an extremely foolish thing to do.

In any case, there had to be a way to track these back! At least if I cannot get my hands on those Xuan Beasts tendons, I should at the very least destroy them! After all the consequences of the weapons made out of them is extremely terrible!

Jun Mo Xie with the thought of killing, involuntarily let out his spiritual sense which was filled with awe-inspiring killing intent!

Just at this time, Jun Mo Xie suddenly felt an enormous spiritual pressure descend upon him cutting off his own spiritual sense. The goal of this pressure of extremely clear, it was Jun Mo Xie himself. Not only that, it was extremely accurate, even Tang Yuan who was at his side was not affected in the slightest manner!

This imposing manner was much more formidable than the previous two mysterious characters!

This extremely strong spiritual sense gave Jun Mo Xie a real surprise! This mysterious master from the Magnificent Jewel Hall seems to be far stronger than my Grandpa Jun! Is this actually the legendary Divine Xuan level master?!

Jun Mo Xie even managed to slightly guess the reason for this spiritual sense to come out. When those three killers had left the auction hall, he had his spiritual sense spread out wanting to track them down but then he let out a hint of killing intent which led to the change in the fluctuation of his spiritual sense. And, this little bit of feeble fluctuations, the slightest intention to kill, was immediately spotted by this mysterious master!

Because of the special mysterious gas that he had, the experts bellow the Divine Xuan realm simply could not detect his spiritual sense! So, Jun Mo Xie simply used it without a seconds thought and did not expect that this time he would be caught red-handed! The strength of this man hidden in the dark was completely evident and he did not expect for such an expert to be here!

However, the Magnificent Jewel Hall had always been concerned about its auctions and for Jun Mo Xie who had been tracking them, to have been found out is not surprising. Especially considering what kind of an expert this man was with such strong spiritual pressure!

Jun Mo Xie was however sure that this man had only found out his spiritual sense and he couldnt identify that it had been him! That is because, to identify the spiritual sense, they had to be similar! But, Jun Mo Xie firmly believed that his Art of Unlocking Heavens Fortune, in this world, was completely unique! So, he is confident that though his killing intent had been exposed, he had not yet exposed his identity!

But, at this moment, Jun Mo Xie was clearly feeling a strong oppressive pressure bearing down on him and it was making it difficult for him to hold on. He thought, If I do not fight back, then Im afraid that my own mind would be greatly affected. But, if I use my soul to fight back, though mine has my magical and mystical effects, his opponents was far stronger than his! What could he do?

While he was hesitating, the strong spiritual sense had already started to oppress his body and cover it completely!

At the final moment, deep inside Jun Mo Xies consciousness, the Exquisite Hongjun Pagoda suddenly started rotating at full speed and at the same time started emitting a multicoloured radiant light and completely covered his soul. He could feel this new type of force slowly meet the one that was oppressing him.

As the strong spiritual sense came crashing down on him, the light from the Exquisite Hongjun Pagoda met with it and it was akin to have a little snowflake falling on a red-hot stove, the pressure was eliminated without a trace! It completely disappeared, not even the slightest trace of shockwaves were left.

This ancient treasure, a relic, it was simply amazing with supernatural capabilities! Its blessing was even comparable to the energy of a Divine Xuan realm experts! Im afraid even if all the powerful experts in this world came together, yet, for this Exquisite Hongjun Pagoda, to handle them would be an extremely simple and easy matter!

The light from the Exquisite Hongjun Pagoda slowly rescinded back down. During this whole period of time, Jun Mo Xie had his eyes completely closed and was concentrating on his consciousness and soul.

But, everything that occurred was only understood by Jun Mo Xie. Even the mysterious expert who had been counterattacked would have no clear idea on what had exactly happened!

Within the Magnificent Jewel Hall, in an underground chamber, there sat on old man cross legged with his eyes completely closed. He suddenly shook his head and opened his eyes fiercely. One could see and incredible look in his eye and a trace of fear flashed past in his facial expression, Even beads of sweat started to flow down his forehead.

No matter what, he was an Divine Xuan realm expert. But, his spiritual sense when it had been oppressing someone, the other person without even the slightest of difficulty, simply and effortlessly resolved it. In comparison, it seemed as if his souls power was just a speck of dust when compared to the other person. What did this show?

Peak of Divine Xuan realm! Only a person at the peak of the Divine Xuan realm would be able to receive my spiritual pressure with such ease and would be able to nullify it so quickly and effortlessly. It is the only possible way to explain this situation! The whitehaired old man was completely stunned and blurted out, Thishow is there such a supreme figure in the Tian Xiang Imperial city? Is it that something big is about to happen here?

Jun Mo Xie! A clear and crisp voice sounded from behind abruptly, and Jun Mo Xie turned to look and was surprised to find Dugu Xiaoyi over there. She came over with a savage look plastered over her face and said, Ahso you haventah! She was just about to say, you havent died but couldnt bring herself to say it. The word died itself seemed morbid and she and extreme reluctance to add that word in the same sentence as describing Jun Mo Xie even when it was just in the context of a joke.

So, it is Miss Dugu Xiaoyi. Jun Mo Xie said smiling and looked up and down at her appearance before saying, Im seeing you after many days. Miss Xiaoyi seems to have become all the more beautiful! IT is simply giving me a psychological itch.

Tang Yuan who was standing on one side was totally taken by surprise! He could not help but turn and stare at Jun Mo Xie: My Ancestor! Jun Mo Xie, how is it that your guts grew so much that you even dare to take liberties with this angry little sister! Is it that all the beatings that you received previously are not enough?

In Jun Mo Xies heart, even his grandpa, his who was a Sky Xuan realm master and an expert at fighting only held a second place in his heart, but his sister-in-law was the one who truly held the most cherished position in his heart. This was something that Tang Yuan knew very clearly.

However, a series of events that happened next, let Fatty Tang to believe that he was yet dreaming and had not woken up yet

After listening to the words of Jun Mo Xie, Dugu Xiaoyi actually was surprised and not angry, but, also slightly blushed! Her fierce expression completely disappeared and she started blushing and lowered her head while whispering, Really? Do I really look better than before? I look at myself everyday in the mirror and I do not think so!

What?! Tang Yuan let out a groan and felt his mind crumbling down, Ahhell it is broad daylight! Is the person in front of me not Dugu Xiaoyi but, her twin sister or something?!

Jun Mo Xie also started to sweat a bit and suddenly felt a bit creeped out. This sister today, what has gotten into her? Nodding slowly he said, Yes, yes! It has dropped. Definitely dropped!

It must be effective then, to lose weight! Then Ill go home and continue to lose weight! Dugu Xiaoyi said excitedly as she was jumping about, and then suddenly stopped as she remembered something adn then started at Jun Mo Xie with those beautiful eyes viciously before saying, Jun Mo Xie! What did you say a moment ago? You dare make fun of me slyly? Your head has sure got muddled! Youve really got bold!

Jun Mo Xie was more and more sure that something was wrong with this girl today and she was totally not acting like her usual self!

Just then, from Dugu Xiaoyis bosom, a small snow white head stuck out. It had small eyes, small ears, a small nose and a lovely small pink tongue which it was wagging and completely wet. It also had small little paws which it was flailing about and trying to grasp at something with small nails at its ends. It was a really cute small little animal.

A Xuan Beast! Oh My God! Tang Yuan screamed and then staring at it he said, An Iron Panthers cub!