Painting Of The Nine Immortals Chapter 485

Chapter 485: Insane Array Breaking Speed
Chapter 485: Insane Array Breaking Speed
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Inside the mysterious gold room, Ling Xian's expression was calm. He remained collected as usual and did not have a change of expression in the face of the powerful array.

On the contrary, he looked somewhat happy.

Based on his guess, everyone was probably transported to a room like this and every single room has a unique treasure. In other words, if they want to get their hands on more treasures, then they must break the array and go to the next room.

Arrays, to Ling Xian, who possessed the inheritance from the Immortal of Ancient Arrays, was nothing.

If everything matches his prediction, then every single room would have a treasure inside. This means, more than half of the treasures in the Imperishable Temple will soon be inside his pocket. Thus, how could he not be excited?

"It seems like the Imperishable Temple is tailored for me." Ling Xian's lips curled up. He mentally called out and the sixth rank spiritual medicine flew inside his storage pouch.

Even though to him, a sixth ranked spiritual medicine was worth nothing, as an alchemist, he needs to take whatever he encounters. It may be useful in the future.

"Okay. Now, about this array." Ling Xian faintly grinned. He manipulated his Qi to investigate the shapeless array hidden inside the room.

As he searched the room, he found that the ancient array inside the room is a prohibition array with no other abilities. Its only purpose was to lock down this place. It was because of the Imperishable Temple did the array increase in strength. Even if Ling Xian attacked it right now using all his strength, he will not hurt this array a tiny bit.

In other words, everyone who entered the Imperishable Temple cannot use force to get out of the room, they had to break the array.

"This is interesting. An array that cannot be broken by force means I have so much advantage."

After realizing the special properties of the array, Ling Xian's smile brightened. He knew all about ancient arrays and didn't find this particular one challenging.

However, the rest of the cultivators here were not as capable. Other than the humankind, the other beings only knew how to cultivate and very few learned ancient arrays.

Thus, Ling Xian was all smiles.

"I better hurry and break the array so I can take some treasures. I can then find the leaders of the other beings and kill them." Ling Xian wiped off his smile and focused on the array.

The array itself is not very high in ranking, but it was extremely difficult and hard to break. For any other array masters, it will take a few days at least. To him however, it won't take long.

Once he started breaking the array, even himself was scared by his insane speed.

It was all because he found a few loopholes in the structure of the array. Thus, he formed his hand seals and began displaying the array techniques learned from the Immortals of Arrays.


There was no then.

Of course, the array was broken, nothing happened after.

"I is it supposed to be this easy?"

Feeling the pressure on him slowly disappear, Ling Xian was completely dumbfounded. He didn't think this array would be so easy to resolve.

Based on his initial assessment, he truly could break this array relatively easier. But he thought it would take at least a few hours. Yet, it only took a few breaths for him to get rid of this array. How could he not be shocked?

Luckily, there was nobody else but him around here. If anyone else was here, their eyes would've fallen out from shock!

"What is it? Logically speaking, I shouldn't have been this fast" Ling Xian frowned and pondered left to right. He searched for a reason why he was able to break the array so fast.

Very quickly, he found his reason. It wasn't that the array itself was too easy, it was that his array knowledge have once again refined.

Yes, when he was on the islands, his array knowledge was already pretty profound. After all, he had the inheritance from the Immortal of Array and he had great enlightenment. Thus, anything array related was easy to him.

Even though during the few months he was here, he didn't study arrays in particular, during the three months of his leisure living, his mentality strengthened.

The strengthening of his mentality brought great transformation to himself. First, his enlightenment with ancient arrays increased. This was why he was able to break this array within breaths.

Even though this array was not high in rank, it was very complicated. Very few people can find its weakness and use it to their advantage. Thus, what he did was not an easy task.

Even if a real and experience array master was here, they would not have been able to perform better.

"It seems like my level with ancient array can soon complete with the masters." Ling Xian's lips curled up, revealing a proud smile.

He has only been in touch with arrays in the past few years. Within these few years, he has grown so much. This in itself was extraordinary.

If this was anyone else, their tails would be wagging up to the sky. It was natural for him to be somewhat proud.

As proud as he was, he was also somewhat impatient. Think about it, if an array that takes others days to solve only took him a few seconds, what did this mean?

It meant it's possible for him to completely raid this place!

"Alright, since I can break the array so fast, then who, other than me, deserve all the treasures in this place?"

The corner of Ling Xian's lips curled up. Thinking about the possibility of getting his hands on all the treasures, his heart felt heated.

Then, in big strides, he passed through the gold walls and left this place.

Then, just as he expected, another gold room surrounded him.

"So it's true."

Ling Xian smiled and did not hesitate. He walked to the box in the center of the room. There, he saw another sixth ranked spiritual medicine.

He was happy and somewhat disappointed. But thinking about how many more rooms are waiting for him, he became extremely motivated.

"Let's go! I will run this place empty!"

With this goal in mind, Ling Xian once again displayed his insane speed and started his unimaginable raid.

To a rare talent like him, the Imperishable Temple was like a little sheep right now. It was hard for the Temple to stand straight in front of the ferocious lion.

Every time Ling Xian acquired a treasure, he would break the array then transport to the next room. Then, he takes the treasure and breaks the array again.

Just like that, he was stuck in a repetition. Nobody knows how many rooms he passed through or how many treasures he got. All that was happening was that his speed was increasing and from the few moments of breaths it took him in the beginning, now it only took him a mere second to break an array.

By now, he was too lazy to even look at the treasures. He waved around his hand and stepped into the next room.

This made him speechless and impatient. After so many rooms, none of these treasures were high in rank or of great value.

Thus, Ling Xian decided to investigate the entire array surrounding the Imperishable Temple and to acquire all the countless treasures at once!

One has to admit that this was a crazy and an ambitious thought. A thought that was harder than climbing up to Heaven!

If he succeeded, then he would be a pioneer.

"The array in every room is different, but similar in design." Ling Xian leaned against a wall and drew out the array structure in his mind. He mumbled, "What I should do now is to think of these arrays as a group rather than as a singular one. I need to break it from the root."

"This is a very difficult feat. But if it was too easy, then there would be nothing challenging and it wouldn't be fun"

The corner of Ling Xian's lips curled up. He knew that it was impossible to complete this extreme task. But, he was too lazy to repetitively break this cycle. Thus, he decided to try it out as a way to spend time.

Thinking about all the arrays he has broken, Ling Xian fell into deep thoughts. In his mind, a blueprint of all the arrays formed. There were millions of lines and millions of patterns in this blueprint of his. Even if a real array master saw it, they would feel a headache.

However, Ling Xian had a positive attitude. He never aimed to break this array as a whole, he simply treated it like a puzzle he could do for fun. Thus, he didn't get a headache. On the contrary, he was very interested.

Just like that, he concentrated and imagined the entire design of the Imperishable Temple and seriously studied it.

But, right off the bat, he ran into trouble. Because he couldn't be sure if the Imperishable Temple in his imagination was accurate.

To know that the Imperishable Temple has existed for centuries. There have been many array masters who came and tried to break the array. But without exceptions, all the array masters were helpless against it.

From this, one could conclude that it was a difficult task to try and figure out the Imperishable Temple!

"Whatever. Just assuming my imagination is correct, I should try to find a weakness from it." Ling Xian nodded and shoved his messy thoughts to the back of his mind. He started studying the array in his imagination.

Just like that, time went by little by little.

Ling Xian shut his eyes tightly and focused on studying the array in his mind. He tried to figure out the weaknesses from the picture in his brain.

Without a doubt, this was a difficult mission!

If this was any other array master, they wouldn't even be able to picture a blueprint of the array in their mind!

Yet, Ling Xian was able to do this. From this alone, he had outdone most of the array masters!

Just as he focused on solving the array, the wall before him suddenly shook. A water ripple was created and the entire room dissolved.

In the next second, a lady with skin white as snow trespassed through the walls. Like a fairy landing from above, her beauty was out of the world.

The temperament given off by the woman was like a real immortal, terrifying.

Ling Xian frowned and slowly opened his eyes.