Painting Of The Nine Immortals Chapter 625

625 Dong Fang Yu Admitting Defea
The classroom was utterly silent and even a needle drop could be heard.

All eyes were fixated on the round dial that was freezing in midair. All of them were in disbelief.

The dial was around the size of a palm and was exuding a gentle soft light and spiritual energy of the ninth realm. It looked exactly like the Spiritual Test Dial Qi Testing Dial used during the tests.

The reality was that the object was a Qi Testing Dial.

This craft is a supportive type of craft that can test out a cultivator's spiritual root and natural talent. However, it has a few different ranks based on quality. There were no set realms of this object either. The one used during the test was a fifth realm one.

Since Ling Xian was only a Ninth Realm Craftsman currently, the Qi Testing Dial before him was as low as the ninth realm.

But it was more than enough to get out of his current situation. This was obviously seen by everyone's reaction.

All of them were wide-eyed with their lips parted. Their faces were full of shock and they couldn't believe what was happening was real.

Though none of them were ninth realm alchemists and were mere pupils, they still could identify that the object before them was the Qi Testing Dial of the ninth realm.

They were full of shock. They didn't think Ling Xian was doing more than bluffing and that he could actually make a ninth realm craft!

More than that, he merely used half an hour to make the ninth realm dial. This shocked everyone!

One should know that for a ninth realm craftsman to make a ninth realm treasure it will take a few hours at the very least. Even if the craftsman is of the eighth realm or higher, they can't make anything within half an hour.

Yet Ling Xian had done it. Why wouldn't everyone here be shocked?

After a while, they regained themselves and gulped. Then, the classroom was no longer silent. Instead, it was full of gasps and exclaims.

"What! He actually made a ninth realm craft!"

"He only used half an hour. This is unbelievable!"

"Yeah! The difficulty of making that craft isn't easy. Though it's not the hardest ninth realm craft to make, it is one of the harder ones for sure."

"That's right. Now that this person had just made it, it means he has a very thorough understanding of crafts. He is probably not far away from becoming a craftsman of the eighth realm."

Everyone exclaimed and the way they looked at Ling Xian was full of shock, some jealousy, and some shame.

Jealousy was because though they were repeating students, they were still stuck in the learning stage and could not make any real ninth realm crafts.

Shame was because they were just teasing and taunting Ling Xian, taking him for a piece of trash who could only talk big and had no real abilities.

Yet at this moment, the dial suspending in midair struck everyone hard and they couldn't attack back. Just like a giant slap that landed harshly on their faces. Their cheeks were burning.

They were so embarrassed they had no places to run to.

Facts won in debates.

Obviously, Ling Xian couldn't answer Dong Fang Yu's two questions, which meant he had no understanding of fundamental theories. But this wasn't important. The moment he made that dial, all the embarrassment from not being able to answer those questions disappeared.

All the mockery and disdain people treated him with disappeared as well.

Because the appearance of the dial had proven him to be a ninth realm craftsman and proven that he had the right to not listen to Dong Fang Yu's class!

If anyone here should be embarrassed, it should be Dong Fang Yu.

She was the first and closest person to cause this whole debacle. Currently, her mood was very mixed. One could say she was feeling hundreds of emotions.

There was some shock, there was some regret, and there was some curiosity.

She didn't think Ling Xian would be able to make a ninth realm craft. Or in other words, nobody here thought he could.

This was something obvious. He couldn't even answer the two questions, why would he be able to make a ninth realm craft?

Yet Ling Xian did it, using an illogical speed, he made it. It wasn't just a slap in her face, it created a very strong impact on her.

Try to imagine, someone who didn't know any theoretically brewed a finished product. How unbelievable was this?

Naturally, Dong Fang Yu was shocked. She couldn't understand how this could happen.
Xiang Ru Gu's beautiful eyes were sparkling, and he was unable to comprehend how Ling Xian achieved this.

Compared to those repeated students, Dong Fang Yu and he were of a higher realm and therefore, he was able to see more clearly and was more shocked. Because Ling Xian's technique and speed were extremely different from normal craftsmen's methods. He was basically following a completely different form of art.

This was why Dong Fang Yu and he were so shocked!

"Unbelievable. He doesn't know any theories yet he was able to make a finished good with such a speed."

Dong Fang Yu's expression was very complex. Looking at the white-robed young man, there was only anger in her other than shock.

To have publically overstepped her, questioned her abilities, and now, slapped her in the face. Why wouldn't she be angry? However, no matter how angry she was, she couldn't do anything about it. Ling Xian had used facts to argue. This was evidence that couldn't be argued against!

Other than following the promised rule, there was no matter way!

"Professor Dong Fang Yu, I have made a ninth realm craft. I hope you will keep your words." Ling Xian had a faint smile and his expression displayed how happy he was.

It wasn't fully because he wanted to strike back and slap all of their faces. A lot of his joy came from the fact that he successfully made a craft.

Don't forget, this was his first time making a craft. His success naturally made him very happy.

If anyone here knew this was his first attempting, they would fall into a state of shock again. What could they do? This entire ordeal was far too shocking. Using merely half an hour to make a craft? Even succeeding in making it itself was unbelievable.

"Hmmph, I will count it as you did well!" Dong Fang Yu hissed. Her expression was unnatural.

She was a famous teacher here. None of her students dared to ever displease her. Yet before her eyes, Ling Xian argued against her and slapped her in the face. How could she remain collected?

Pity though, no matter how enraged she was, she had to suppress her anger. Or else her reputation would be ruined.

Therefore, Dong Fang Yu suppressed her anger but said something that astounded everyone.

"I admit my defeat. From today on, you can choose not to come to my class."

Just then, everyone was stunned, and then finally realized the meaning behind this statement.

From certain angles, this meant she admitted her loss. The famous Devil from the East admitted her loss against Ling Xian.

One should know that she was the prominent Dong Fang Yu! Even elders treat her with the utmost respect. Yet at this very moment, she was admitting her weakness before a brand new student. Why wouldn't everyone be shocked?

Then, the way they were looking at Ling Xian changed. More respect and admiration appeared.

Someone who can win against the Devil from the East is someone who deserved their respect and admiration!

"Thank you for understanding." Ling Xian grinned, satisfied with this result.

Though he wasn't purposely disregarding Dong Fang Yu's power and he never questioned, to have someone acquired this result made him very happy.

After all, Dong Fang Yu's materials were useless to him. First-grade classes were mainly for ninth realm students and he was already a ninth realm craftsman. Why would he waste his time here?

Now that Dong Fang Yu had agreed that he didn't need to come to classes anymore, it meant he had more time to do his own thing. He was naturally happy at this.

"Hmmph, the word 'thanks' sounds very fake."

Dong Fang Yu's face was cold and she glared at Ling Xian. "The class has ended, you all may leave now."

Then, she turned around to leave, her walk was crisp.

She had no more face to stay. Every single second she stayed here, the heat in her cheeks turned a degree hotter and the anger in her heart grew stronger. She really thought that if she kept on staying, she would lose her logic and attack Ling Xian.

Therefore, she had to leave in a hurry.

At this, the repeating students cheered and began their discussions.

"Haha, how interesting. There really exists a day when the Devil from the East loses."

"Yeah, her complex expression made me want to laugh. If she wasn't so powerful, I wouldn't laugh out loud."

"Interesting. I cannot believe there would be a person who would win against the Devil from the East this year. This is unbelievable."

Everyone chimed in their opinions. They had all tried to play tricks on Dong Fang Yu but were all harshly punished by her. Therefore, they didn't like her all that much. Now that she'd been humiliated, they felt avenged and satisfied.

All of this should be thankful to Ling Xian.
If it weren't for him, none of these people would've seen the day the Devil from the East faced such humiliation.

"It is no wonder he would reject the four peaks and choose the Path of Crafts. He is rather talented with crafts."

Xiang Ru Gu's eyes flickered and she murmured to himself, "It seems like I won't be too lonely these next few years."

Hearing everyone's chitchats, Ling Xian shook his head with a smile. He didn't think that so much would happen just because he chose not to listen in class.

What he gained from it was pretty worth it. At the very least, he earned himself more time to plan out his own path.

"I am guessing that by tomorrow, what happened today will be spread all over the institution." Ling Xian softly sighed and couldn't help but to frown.

He could feel the emotion and the hint Dong Fang Yu left him before leaving. He knew this wasn't over. Plus, if what happened circulated, then she would never let it go.

In other words, much trouble would await.

"It is the first day and I have wronged a teacher. I will have a hell of a time in the future." Ling Xian shook his head with a soft sigh. However, he merely felt annoyed, not scared.

She was merely a teacher, not enough to make him pay too much attention.

"I will put a stick in this for now. I have more important things to attend to." Ling Xian decided not to think about this anymore.

Then, he waved his hand and the dial flew into his hand, still emitting bright light.

To others, this dial was perfect. But to him, it was flawed. After all, it was his first ever craft. There definitely were areas of improvement.

"Whatever. I will let go of this dial first. To me, it will serve as a memory. Rather than spending my time to perfect it, it's better if I leave it imperfect."

Smiling, Ling Xian placed the dial inside his storage pouch and left the classroom.

He was about to do something that was very important to him.