Painting Of The Nine Immortals Chapter 626

626 The Tower Of Tomorrows Moon
The Shang Qing Sect was wide, and, in terms of size, it was relative to a small country.

Therefore, even the cultivators who had lived here for decades did not dare to make the claim that they knew this place like the backs of their hands and could easily find their way to places.

However, Ling Xian found his destination without making a single wrong turn. It wasn't that he knew every single area of the Shang Qing Sect, it was because this place was called the Tower of Tomorrow's Moon.

It was a place that contained a lot of his happy memories.

Of course, the word memories is a wrong word to use. After all, the events that incurred were inside the Hidden Territory. Other than the people being real, everything else that happened to him was fake.

It was just that despite knowing that nothing was real, Ling Xian still couldn't let it go.

Therefore, after he walked out of the classroom, he searched his memories and arrived here.

The most special place in the Shang Qing Sect was without a doubt, the Tower of Tomorrow's Moon. Though it wasn't the most important place, it was the most special.

At least it was to Ling Xian.

This was a flat area surrounded by mountains. In the middle were hundreds of flowers and streams of water. It was extremely scenic.

On the flat ground, there were open pavilions, fake mountains, and small bridges. The most attention snatching one, however, was the three floored tower. It was ancient and very unique.

This was the Tower of Tomorrow's Moon, a place he lived at for many many years.

"I am finally seeing this tower again in the real world."

Sighing, Ling Xian stood behind a bush of flowers and stared at the ancient look tower. He then softly said hi.

"The Tower of Tomorrow's Moon, it's been a while."

The emotion in his tone was extremely complex. He was exclaiming, he was joyous, and a hint of fear that was difficult to hear.

Yes, normally he feared nothing.

It wasn't that he was scared of this tower itself. He was scared of seeing the person inside the Tower of Tomorrow's Moon the woman who once broke his heart.

Yu Wu Xiu.

A name that was imprinted on his heart, a name he would never digest his entire life.

Though the name made her sound like a weak woman, in reality, she was a ruthless woman who would do anything to achieve her goal.

Back then, she attempted to get herself close to Ling Xian with the cover-up excuse of wanting to help him transform. Yet in the end, it was she who enjoyed the glory that he brought on. Sadly, everything was a plot.

It was a plot that caused the downfall of Ling Xian.

That day, before the eyes of all forces in Yuezhou, he fell. Fell like a weak ant of a person. While she was enjoying the power everyone bestowed onto her like she was an undefeatable Goddess.

The pain she caused him was something he would never forget.

However, Ling Xian didn't hate her. After all, he was once deeply in love with her.

The love he felt was just as hard to forget.

"I cannot believe that I would be able to meet you again in the real world."

Sighing softly, Ling Xian's expression was complex and was even showing traces of fear. He wanted to lift his legs to walk towards the Tower of Tomorrow's Moon, but they felt like they were injected with lead and he couldn't move an inch.

"All of those things, they weren't real. But why can't I get over what happened?" Ling Xian once again sighed and his expression darkened.

Nobody could answer that question for him, only he could. Or else he might be trapped by this question all his life. Even worse, he might become possessed by the darkness inside him if he didn't snap out of him. Even his cultivation journey might be affected.

"Will it make me possessed?" Ling Xian softly sighed. It was a possibility.

Before, he did his best not to think about it, which was why he was unaffected. Yet now, he was inside the Shang Qing Sect and he could not avoid thinking about Yu Wu Xiu.

In other words, the demons in his heart might be born this way.

"Inside the Hidden Territory, you threw me down a cliff back now, you may cause me to become possessed. What a kind of fate do we have with each other?" Ling Xian sighed longingly and his gaze became determined.

No matter whether Yu Wu Xiu became his demon or else, he would not allow it to happen. If it did happen, he must break free of his possession and he would not let this woman affect his cultivation journey.

This was why he was here today. He came to get his closure.

"This is a step that I will have to take soon or later. I need to stop hesitating."

Switching his expression to a determined one, Ling Xian got rid of his bad thoughts and slowly stepped forward. His chest was held high and his strides were large.

The gentle wind was blowing up his hair softly and his white robe, yet it could not push him back. Though he walked slowly, his steps were steady.

However, the moment he stepped into the garden, he encountered an array.

All the flowers around him turned into strange plants that were of human-height. All of the plants opened their leaves as if opening their mouths to swallow the invader whole.

However, against the giant flowers' sudden attack, Ling Xian's expression remained calm and collected.

He had already predicted that getting himself into the Tower of Tomorrow's Moon wasn't going to be easy. There would be many obstacles.

To know that Yu Wu Xiu's identity was of the rich and wealthy. She was one of the direct descendants of one of the original pioneers of the Shang Qing Sect. Even the leaders today had to treat her with much respect.

Why wouldn't there be defensive arrays where she lives?

Even those of the original level could not just step into her living space without knowing about these arrays!

However, Ling Xian didn't care.

Don't forget, though his understanding of arrays couldn't match up to his master's just yet, he was pretty close. These small tricks couldn't stop him.

Or else why would he dare to visit the Tower of Tomorrow's Moon?


After uttering out a word, Ling Xian formed a hand seal and the giant flowers around him immediately disappeared.

Then, he marked towards the small stream before him. Instantly, they turned into angry waves that were heading towards him!

Sadly, Ling Xian still remained unfazed.

With this clone's cultivation, under a normal circumstance, even 100 of this body couldn't defend against this move. But if he used what he knew about arrays, then it's a different story.

Therefore, he easily saw through the fatal flaw of this water attack and he destroyed it with one strike!

Then, he encountered more and more strange arrays. Such as a small pavilion turning into an army to kill him, or an ancient tree having the strength of a giant every single flower or grass was a form of an array.

Some were attacking him, some were trying to trap him, others were defending against him. All of these arrays were powerful and even normal completion leveled cultivators would've died under these attacks.

Sadly, before Ling Xian, this Master of Array, all arrays that were weaker than the Immortal of Arrays' arrays was useless!

Therefore, after merely half an hour, Ling Xian destroyed everything that was in his way and arrived before the Tower of Tomorrow's Moon.

After so much chaos, the owner of the tower had noticed him a while ago. However, Yu Wu Xiu didn't come out to stop Ling Xian, perhaps it was because she wanted to test and see just how capable he was.

When he was near the Tower of Tomorrow's Moon, Yu Wu Xiu was looking somewhat shocked. Perhaps she didn't expect him to be so skillful with arrays.

Then, she floated her way down the stairs and like a fairy landing, she softly arrived before Ling Xian.

Her skin was flawless, her eyes were sparkling, her light blue robe was tussling in the wind. It was as if she was sent here by the gods, with her beauty so stunning an entire nation's men would fall on their knees.

Instantly, the two exchanged glances.

Ling Xian's jet black hair began to wrangle in the wind deliriously. The moment he saw Yu Wu Xiu, he lost all his composure and the demon in his heart began to peek its head.