Painting Of The Nine Immortals Chapter 627

627 The Two Fakers
Before the Tower of Tomorrow's Moon, Yu Wu Xiu looked as if she was sent here by the gods, with her beauty so stunning that an entire nation's men would fall on their knees.

Her beauty was extremely rare and it could be said that she had outshone every single goddess that was known for their appearances. Her temperament was even more out of the world. Quiet and spiritual she had the aura that she was untouchable.

However, other than what was on the surface, there was somewhat a softness to her. It made people want to protect her from all harms.

Perhaps it was because of this softness that Ling Xian was so drawn to her.

He and Yu Wu Xiu exchanged glances and time stopped.

Then, Ling Xian became delirious. The moment he saw this woman, he lost control of his complicated emotions and the fusion of love and hate. A demon was being created.

Yes, what he was most worried about ended up happening.

The mind demon is normally created by people's thoughts. Once it forms, it's very hard to get rid of it. It is a problem that every single cultivator is terrified of. Unless the person is a saint or a gracious Buddha, there is always no way to get rid of these demons once they appear.

Because once these stubborn thoughts appear, the cultivator's heart cannot calm down. If the cultivator cannot snap out of it, then the cultivation journey before them is pretty much over.

Currently, a demon was forming inside Ling Xian.

He thought he could treat him calmly. He thought he could see Yu Wu Xiu coldly. But they were all assumptions. The moment he saw this woman who caused him so much pain, he realized he had been wrong.

The love he felt was hard to forget, and so was the hatred he felt.

Therefore, the moment he saw Yu Wu Xiu, the hidden emotions in his heart finally exploded and turned into a powerful force that was known as the demon.

"Am I really that alluring? Just one look at me is making you lose all your composure."

An angel like voice arose from afar, like pearls hitting plates or water splattering down from above it was a wonderful sound.

Yu Wu Xiu had a faint smile on her lips as she looked at this ordinary looking man before her. Her eyes were full of curiosity. She was fully aware of how beautiful she was and how most men are defenseless before her. There were many men in her life who lost themselves before her like Ling Xian.

She was also fully aware that the person before her wasn't reacting in such a manner just because of her looks.

"One look at you?"

Ling Xian's lips cured into a self-mocking smile as he oppressed down his emotions. He reverted back to normal. However, since the love and hate he felt had already taken shape, this calmness was temporary.

He gawked at the magnificent woman before him and felt like a million years have passed, yet at the same time, he felt like he saw her yesterday.

That year, Yu Wu Xiu wore a blue robe and landed before Ling Xian like a goddess. Today, this woman was wearing a blue robe as well. In almost the same manner, she descended before him today.

Her actions caused the same reaction from him both times.

The first time, he fell down the cliff. This time, a demon was created inside him.

"I originally thought I could treat this calmly, which is why I came. I cannot believe I ended up acquiring a demon."

Ling Xian sighed, knowing how powerful these mental demons are. If he cannot get over it, his cultivation journey is pretty much over. The way to do this is to get closure and snap out of it.

There is a saying that whoever tied up the bell has to untie it. There were only two ways to make the mind demon disappear.

One was to make Yu Wu Xiu actually fall in love with him and uproot the entire problem. For him to acquire what he desired would naturally make him break this spell. Two was to unleash all his anger towards this woman and make her taste hopelessness.

By doing so would help his anger disappear, which naturally stops the mind from wondering.

Of these two methods, one was called yin, the other was yang. Neither was the best way, but they were the only ways. Before Ling Xian arrived, he originally wanted to end things with Yu Wu Xiu.

He was prepared to display his heavy natural talent and test against Yu Wu Xiu. He wondered if she would do what she did in the Hidden Territory where she moved his talent onto herself.

If she didn't do what she had done in the Hidden Territory and did not strip away his talent, then his hatred would definitely disappear. But if she did do what she had done in the Hidden Territory, then he would no longer have any feelings for her and could finally find closure.

After his inner demons formed, Ling Xian was more decisive with this plan. Because he had to resolve his issues and his cultivation journey couldn't just end here.

Therefore, he pretended to be completely head over heels for her and smiled, "You are just so pretty. You are totally a top beauty of the nation. It is normal for me to lose myself."

"You sure know how to speak."

Yu Wu Xiu's lips curled up but ignored Ling Xian's flattery. She smiled gently, "Tell me, what your intentions in coming here are?"

"You have misunderstood."

Ling Xian shook his head with a smile, "I just found this place so beautiful. Plus there are so many arrays around. My hand itched and decided to come in. I have no intentions."

"Don't you know that my Tower of Tomorrow's Moon is a restricted area of the Shang Qing Sect?"

Yu Wu Xiu frowned slightly and coldness flashed across her eyes. Very quickly, however, her gentle self returned.

"Restricted area?"

Ling Xian pretended to be surprised and explained, "I am one of the newly admitted pupils and I didn't know this is a restricted area."

"A newly admitted pupil?" Yu Wu Xiu's eyes flashed with an unusual color.

Originally, after seeing Ling Xian's insane speed with breaking the arrays, she thought he was an almighty array master. She didn't think he would be one of the new pupils.

This astounded her. She knew just how powerful the arrays were and how normal masters of arrays could not overcome them. Yet Ling Xian so dominantly broke the arrays, why would she be shocked?"

"What an array genius. You have opened my eyes today." Yu Wu Xiu's eyes flashed with color as she complimented.

"Thanks for your compliment." Ling Xian smiled, thinking of using his array talent as a bait.

Therefore, he made himself appear like he didn't care, "Perhaps my talent with arrays is one of my strong suits. I didn't think those arrays were hard. I got over them with a wave of my hand."

"You didn't think they were difficult?" Yu Wu Xiu's eyes flashed with shock.

All the arrays in this area were extremely powerful and normal array masters could not even break them. Yet Ling Xian was saying that it wasn't difficult. The reality was that they weren't hard to lift for him. Of course, this surprised her.

As much as she was shocked, her brain was beginning to work.

A newly admitted pupil probably wasn't old in age. Yet his knowledge with arrays was much more profound than some grandmasters. Just how genius of a pupil was he?

Yu Wu Xiu didn't know the answer. But she did know that he must have an insane natural talent and enlightenment skills. Or else he wouldn't be able to acquire such glory at such a young age.

After she inspected that Ling Xian's cultivation level was only of the tenth level, her untamed heart was getting impatient. Her face was also starting to flush from the possibilities.

It was obvious that she had her eyes on this seemingly innocent young man.

Noticing Yu Wu Xiu's unusual behavior, a hard-to-see cold smile found its way to Ling Xian's lips.

The fish has taken its bait.