Painting Of The Nine Immortals Chapter 655

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Inside Ling Xian's memories, there was an isolated and remote place that nobody ever visits.

Every time that place was mentioned, everyone's face would change color. Even the Supreme Headmaster of the Shang Qing Sect wouldn't dare to step foot inside the place.

It was named the Volcano of Demons.

Just like its name suggests, there is a volcano. The fire inside however, isn't the legendary Godly Fire, but its temperature is extremely terrifying. Even those of the original level wouldn't dare to spend too much time inside.

What could they do. The temperature was far too high. Even the best weapons would burn into crisps within minutes.

Therefore, every time that place was mentioned by someone inside the Shang Qing Sect, their expression would change and they wouldn't dare to get close.

Therefore, of course, it was a great place to be isolated.

Of course, this only applied to Ling Xian. If others found out that he dared to go into isolation at the Volcano of Demons, people would swear at him for being a deranged person.

Don't forget, he once acquired half of a Fire Taming Pearl at the auction inside the City of Sin. Though it was an imperfect treasure with decreased effects, it would allow him to hold on for a while at the Volcano of Demons.

This was why Ling Xian thought of going into isolation there.

It was noon already and a yellow round moon hung high in the sky. Accented by the countless stars, the moon appeared more lonely than usual.

Beneath the moonlight, Ling Xian flew while still relatively low in the sky. He carefully oppressed his Qi in case it would alert some powerhouses.

After all, he didn't belong to Shang Qing Sect. If some powerhouses saw him, what would happen to him isn't difficult to imagine.

Luckily, it was nighttime and the entire sky was black. That, coupled with his oppressed Qi, made his journey very stable. Nobody discovered him.

Just like that, Ling Xian traveled like a shooting star and glided across the sky. At a dashing speed, he headed towards the Volcano of Demons.

After around half an hour, he finally arrived right above it.

The moment he stepped near the volcano, Ling Xian felt an extremely high temperature. He had never experienced such high temperatures. As the flames shot up to the sky, his skin was beginning to look flushed.

One has to admit that the Volcano of Demons was truly terrifying. He was above the tip of the volcano and he was rather far away. Despite this, his skin still turned red and his sweat began pouring.

This made it obvious just how terrifying the Volcano of Demons was!

"It is no wonder this place terrifies even the original leveled cultivators. The high temperature of this flame is no joke."

Ling Xian manipulated his golden Dan and unleashed a barrier that was made out of his spiritual energy. It helped shield him away from the heat. Then, with some curiosity, he shifted his gaze to the volcano below.

Though he has lived at the Shang Qing Sect for many years, he had been in isolation for the majority of the time. Therefore, he has only heard of the name Volcano of the Demons, but he has never been.

Now that he was personally visiting, of course he was somewhat curious.

Below him was the tip of the volcano. The lava was pouring aggressively and the flames were breaking through the cloud. The terrifying temperature was expanding slowly and engulfed everything within three miles. Though Ling Xian was up in the sky, he could still feel the temperature of the lava.

"It is no wonder nobody dares to get close to here. It sure is terrifying."

Ling Xian softly sighed. He has never been here before, so he thought people exaggerated the danger of this place. But right now, he realized that people weren't joking.

Though he had set up a barrier, he was still so baked he was sweating. There was an annoyance boiling in his chest because of the heat.

To know that he was suspending in midair right now and was far away from the volcano itself. Despite that, he still felt something tighten in his chest. Just how terrifying would it be to be inside the volcano!

As he exclaimed, he also complimented this place. He was very satisfied with the high temperature.

He came here to be in isolation and the one thing he wouldn't want is to be disturbed by others. Especially to an outsider like him, he would hate to be found out by those from the Shang Qing Sect.

Therefore, to him, the more dangerous the place is, the better it would be for him. Because it would mean nobody will come bother him.

The Volcano of Demons was the best choice.

This place was far too terrifying and there weren't many treasures there worth stealing. Therefore, nobody would ever go there. Even if he does think about this conservatively and he was unlucky enough to have visitors, nobody could step inside the volcano that easily.

In summary, the Volcano of Demons was the safest place.

"Not bad. This place will have to do. It is safe and I won't be bothered by others." Ling Xian smiled in satisfaction and decided to stay there for isolation.

Luckily, nobody knew of what he was thinking. If they did, they would be stunned.

What kind of place was the Volcano of Demons?

It was the place that everyone inside the Shang Qing Sect calls the death trap!

Yet Ling Xian was treating it like it was the safest place possible. If this news gets passed around, many people's world view would crumble.

A place that even those of the original level would be terrified of how could it be the safest place? What a joke!

Yet to Ling Xian, the safest place really was the Volcano of Demons.

What could he do? He had half a Fire Taming Pearl after all. As long as he has the object, no volcano, no lava could hurt him!

"Let us go. Let us use our time efficiently and bring my original self to the peak of the original level."

Laughing, Ling Xian didn't take out the Fire Taming Pearl right away. Instead, he manipulated his Flame of Purity to test himself and see if he could embrace the ocean of fire using his personal abilities.

Silver flames dashed out of his sleeve and engulfed him. He looked like the God of Fire, powerful and extraordinary.

Then, he turned into a ray of light and plunged himself into the volcano.


Immediately, the Volcano of Demons boiled. Terrifying flames rolled up and trapped Ling Xian in the middle.

The reason why there is the word "demon" in this volcano's name, was because it behaves demonically. As if it has a consciousness, it automatically attempts to trap whatever or whoever enters it, and tries to burn it into dust.

This was why people call it a death trap.

"It sure is fearsome!"

Ling Xian's heart fell. Though he was shielded by the Flame of Purity, he still felt a wave of agony like never before. He felt like his entire body was being cooked.

What could he do? Though the flame from the volcano was no Godly Fire, its temperature surpassed the Godly Fire. The Flame of Purity also wasn't going to raise in temperature, thus it was difficult to fend against the volcano.

Luckily, he had another trick up his sleeve.

"I will have to use the Fire Taming Pearl." Ling Xian grinned and took the Fire Taming Pearl out of his storage pouch.

Immediately, a flaming red pearl appeared in his hand, emitting a soft and gentle reddish light that engulfed him.

In the next second, something miraculous happened.

It was nicknamed to be a rare treasure that could avoid all types of fire in the world. The moment it appeared, it displayed a tremendous amount of strength.

The fire around him was behaving as if they saw something terrible and split into two halves. In the blink of an eye, there were no more flames around Ling Xian.

"This Fire Taming Pearl is no joke. How mysterious."

Ling Xian complimented. The power of the Fire Taming Pearl threatened away all the flames. This made him feel safe. Then, he slowly marched forward. The soft light from the Fire Taming Pearl followed him and divided him away from the surrounding flames.

A cleared path appeared before him.

This path was formed through the heavenly power of the Fire Taming Pearl. There was not a single flame in sight on this path. This alone proved how miraculous this treasure was.

At this, Ling Xian finally stopped worrying. He then marched forward and stepped onto the path.

Then, an eerie image began to appear inside the Volcano of Demons.

Ling Xian, with his gentle smile and his pearl, was pushing away all the flames around him. This image made him look like an ancient God of Fire and made it seem like he controlled all the fires in the world.

He was strolling around as if he were in the garden inside his home. He was absolutely at ease.

Luckily, there was no other living beings there other than him. Or else they would be shocked dumb at this scene.

To know that this was the Volcano of Demons that everyone was terrified of. Even if the Supreme Headmaster, Ji Qian Bai, personally visited, he wouldn't be able to step so deep into the fire. Yet Ling Xian was walking on this flat ground with absolute ease. Why wouldn't everyone be surprised.

"The Fire Taming Pearl sure is a great treasure. It's a pity that I only have half and its effects is halved."

Ling Xian continued to walk on the path. Sensing the powerfulness of the Fire Taming Pearl, he felt a little pitiful. But very quickly, he reverted to normal.

Treasures like the Fire Taming Pearl were treasures you could ever only encounter by luck. To have acquired half of a pearl was something extremely fortunate. Though it was only half as effective, it was enough for him to go into isolation for a while.

Therefore, what's there to be unhappy about?

"I should be fast and enter isolation."

After making his decision, Ling Xian injected his Qi into the Flame Taming Pearl. Immediately, the pearl emitted an even brighter light that spread in all directions and scared off all the flames in sight.

Just like that, he began to pace forward and after a while, he finally arrived at the base of the volcano.

Just then, the temperature began to increase. If he weren't under the protection of the pearl, he would be burned to crisps by now.

"With this as my protection, it's time for me to shut down."

Ling Xian had a faint smile on his lips. He then placed the Fire Taming Pearl above his head. The Pearl shed down gentle light that surrounded him. Then, he sat in a lotus position and decided to go into isolation.

However, just then, a calm voice suddenly rose right before him. In the middle of such a silent environment, it sounded particularly crisps.

"It's been 800 years and I cannot believe the first person I encounter is someone from the completion level."

At this, Ling Xian frowned, but didn't react with shock.

Then, he focused his gaze to the place before him. It was full of flames there and nothing could be seen. When he investigated using his Qi, he still couldn't spot any sign of life.

"It's useless. There is only flames around me. I have divided myself from your eyes and your Qi." The voice rose again.

Ling Xian smiled, "It is no wonder when I descended I couldn't tell someone else was in here. But, since I was shut out by the fire, then all I have to do is part the fire."

Just then, the Fire Taming Pearl exuded even brighter lights that immediately diminished the flames before him.

Just then, a human shaped being appeared before his sight.

The person was sitting on the ground in a lotus position. His head was hanging low and his frame was extremely skinny looking like a skeleton.

Shock flashed across Ling Xian's eyes. What made him even more surprised was that there were two black chains shackling the man's arms. They were made out of the legendary Dark Immortal Gold!