Painting Of The Nine Immortals Chapter 687

687 Enlightenmen
The undefeatable realm represented the ultimate level of achievement of a stage.

This was why people call this realm the ultimate realm and the undefeatable realm.

Those who enter this realm were deemed to be undefeatable. Even when up against opponents within the same stage of cultivation, those in the undefeatable realm would have the upper hand. This was why everyone wanted to get into this realm.

Ling Xian was no exception.

His dream was to rise above to the highest point in Taoism and peer down on everyone like an undefeatable God.

Therefore, he vowed to reach the undefeatable realm of every stage he was at. Because that would be the only way for him to walk on his road to being undefeatable!

However, the undefeatable realm is not that easy to get to. Only those with insane natural talent can enter that realm.

This criteria also only applies to those of the meditational level. For those in the foundational level, unless they are assisted by external objects, it is next to impossible to break the bottleneck and enter the undefeatable realm.

Ling Xian, for example, only reached the undefeatable realm of the foundational level after taking the Yellow Fruit of Mystery.

Because the undefeatable realm was changing the fundamental laws of the world. To defy the laws of nature was something that was next to impossible to achieve.

The undefeatable realm of the completion level was proven to be even more difficult. At the very least, Ling Xian had no way of breaking through yet. He couldn't even sense himself getting closer to the undefeatable realm of the completion level.

This meant that reaching the undefeatable realm of the completion level was more difficult than climbing up to the heavens!

However, no matter how hard it is, Ling Xian refuses to give up. He had already vowed to pave a path that's never been walked before. The undefeatable realm was one of the first things he needed to accomplish.

Thus, he was hoping to find some advice regarding this undefeatable realm of the completion level inside the Cliff of Enlightenment.

Currently, he saw a series of words on the walls of the mountain. The content of it was related to the undefeatable realm of the completion level. Why wouldn't he be excited?

On the mountain's wall, there were large paragraphs of carvings. Though the words were nothing but ordinary words, in his eyes, they were hidden gems and treasures.

"I finally found you!"

Ling Xian's eyes were bright and lively. His face was full of excitement.

However, he was no ordinary being. After moments of exhilaration, he returned to his normal calmness.

"I finally have found the beginning of the thread."

Ling Xian grinned. "I hope this won't disappoint me."

Then, he shifted his gaze towards the writing itself. To even better understand what the paragraphs were trying to say, he even began to use his Qi.

Just like that, he began to read the passages slowly and carefully. After some time, he finally finished reading. Happiness flashed across his face.

This passage was left behind by an original leveled cultivator from 700 years ago. He said his biggest regret in life was to not breaking through to the undefeatable realm of the completion level. Thus, he studied for half of his life and carved down his finding here at the Cliff of Enlightenment.

His intention was for the next generations to learn from him and break through to the undefeatable realm of the completion level.

However, his findings were not complete nor perfect. He had no technique that could help one break through right away. What he wrote was merely a summary and conclusion of what the undefeatable realm of the completion level truly was. It gives one more of a clear understanding of the realm itself.

To Ling Xian, his findings were exactly what he needed.

Because he had no idea what the undefeatable realm of the completion level was. He was utterly clueless. This finding, without a doubt, provided him with some ideas.

"Though it didn't offer a technique that would send me there straight away, it has given me some insight. This is somewhat helpful." The corner of Ling Xian's lips curled up, revealing a joyous smile.

He never counted on finding the easy and perfect way to break through to the undefeatable realm of the completion level. Thus, to have gained more of an understanding had satisfied him.

"No matter what, I now have some hazy ideas. I have to thank this senior."

Ling Xian chuckled and stared at the passages written. "I appreciate you leaving behind your findings. If I ever reach the undefeatable realm, it would be thanks to you."

Then, he stopped paying attention to this passage and began to look around more.

Immediately, his eyes lit up. It wasn't that he saw more findings of the undefeatable realm, it was that he found someone's written experience with clones.

This, to him, was also useful.

Thus, he calmed himself down and studied the passages written on the mountain.

After he gained a thorough understanding of it, he didn't stop and right away looked for more relevant passages others have left behind. He drowned himself in the knowledge passed down by the generations before him.

For one, he wanted to find ways to get to the undefeatable realm of the completion level. For two, he wanted to gather some knowledge and experience.

After all, he only had four days at the Cliff of Enlightenment and there were a limitless amount of knowledge to be acquired. He had to be fast and quick.

Just like that, he focused his energy on observing the words on the mountains. On average, he was taking three seconds to finish one passage.

He wasn't just reading. He was also completely comprehending their meaning.

One has to admit that his speed was really fast. To be able to be enlightened under minutes was already extraordinary. Yet he was comprehending passages every few seconds. How terrifying.

This was all because he had great enlightenment ability. After all, all those immortals couldn't stop complimenting him.

Under this terrifying speed, he very quickly read through all the passages at this height of the mountain. Though he never found what he wanted, he had gained a lot from his trip.

Don't forget, all of these passages were passed down by powerhouses of the Shang Qing Sect. Even the worst of them were of the completion level. Naturally, he had much to gain.

At the very least, his knowledge level had improved and his entire being exuded intelligence.

"Phew, no matter whateven if I don't end up finding the way to the undefeatable realm, this trip wasn't a waste."

Ling Xian's face was flushing with happiness. After moments of rest, he moved upwards and once again indulged in the sea of knowledge.

This time, his reading ended up being very fruitful.

After moments of enlightenment, his peripheral vision caught a sixteen character learning point. This caused him to frown. After he saw the characters clearly, his pupils dilated into giant Suns.

The mountain before him had the carving of 15 fly sized characters. Though they were short, they were hidden with riddles.

The completion level, the ultimate realm, to be completely undefeatable, break down before you rise.

These small words were carved on top of a rock. The juxtaposition to the hundreds of words around them, these characters looked out of place and could easily be missed by others.

However, the moment Ling Xian saw these words, his eyes brightened and his spirit lifted.

What excited him weren't the first words, because to him, they were trash. What excited him was the last few words.

Break down before your rise.

These words had something meaningful about them. There was some kind of magical power around it that enticed Ling Xian's focus.

He stared at these words and his eyes became brighter and brighter. By the end of it, his pupils were as large as the Sun.

Because he found a trace of hope from these words.

He's found a method that was realistic and doable for him in his current state.

In the Taoism community, breaking something down before rebuilding was a mysterious state that was comparable to the rebirth of a phoenix. For example, there was a heavenly technique in the Taoism community called The Robbery of the Nine Deaths.

This technique allows a cultivator to reconstruct his or her body at the moment of death in order to increase capabilities. Legend has it that after nine deaths, the cultivator can be reborn to a new state that makes them utterly undefeatable!

Of course, this was just a legend. To die before you improve was not something anyone could do.

Too many people have tried this method after being stuck at the bottleneck for far too long. Without exceptions, however, they have all died or became handicapped.

Because all of those people were not able to rise above again after breaking down nine times. They had no talent like the Phoenix, they could not be reborn after death.

Therefore, nobody has succeeded in rising again after breaking. It was basically impossible.

Only those with talent, luck, and fortune, had the slightest sliver of hope for success.

"That's right. I forgot about the method 'breaking down before rising'. Why did I forget." Ling Xian squeezed out a faint a smile, his eyes flickered with anticipation.

To others, this method was extremely difficult and was next to impossible. But to him, there was a little bit of hope.

Because he had a clone.

Different than most clones, there was absolutely no difference between his original self and the clone. It basically meant he had two lives. In other words, his clone could also try to get to the undefeatable realm of the completion level.

If he uses this clone to try and break through, then even if he fails, there would be no harm done to his original self. If he succeeds, however, then both his clone and his original self would be at the undefeatable realm.

Therefore, Ling Xian immediately made up his mind. He will attempt a breakthrough using this method.

Without a doubt, this method was the least farfetched method he could think of right now. Even if he fails, his original self wouldn't be harmed. At the very most, he would be sacrificing a clone. But if he succeeds, then his gains would be shocking.

The ultimate realm of the completion level!

Once this level is reached, then he can truly be undefeatable amongst the completion. To him, who has vowed to walk the undefeatable path, this was a tempting suggestion.

"Then it's decided. I might as well try since I have nothing to lose." The corner of Ling Xian's lips curled up as he made up his mind.

Before attempting, however, there was much preparation to be done. After all, he had no intention of failing. He planned on succeeding on his first try!

"After I leave the Cliff of Enlightenment, I will hurry and do this." Ling Xian continued to smile as he muttered to himself, "Next, let me enlighten myself with the techniques left behind by the seniors."

Then, in a flash, he arrived at the top of the mountain.

He had inspected it already. All of the findings and reflections were carved on the outside of the mountain. The techniques were all hidden inside caves.

Since he had already made up his mind about what to do to have his breakthrough, he saw no more value in spending more time reading what was on the outside of the mountain. He decided to investigate what kind of techniques were left behind.

"Let's go. Let me look inside the caves and see what's hidden there."

Ling Xian softly smiled and marched forward into the caves.

The moment he entered, a shot of coldness attacked him.