Painting Of The Nine Immortals Chapter 896

893 Equally Divided
Inside the parterre, Ling Xian smiled gently but he did no react to Fairy Wu's words.
Fairy Wu's eyes flashed with unusualness. If he was any other male cultivator, her compliments, or even a few sentences from her lips would excite them to an extreme.
Yet Ling Xian remained so calm. This made her feel surprised and she even admired him. But after thinking about it for a while, she understood. If he wasn't so worthy, would she be forgetting her status and doing her best to please him?
"Honestly speaking, your treasure is truly out of the world… to have the ability to inhibit beings' spiritual energy… even people like the Goddess of Battles cannot fight against it."
Ling Xian shifted his gaze towards the dim gold dial in the sky. His eyes appeared intrigued.
Since his spiritual energy is dormant right now and he can only use his physique, having this treasure meant he would be able to dominate the world.
Though this treasure does not work on those of the fifth level, it can at least make him undefeatable amongst the original level. Therefore, he naturally felt his heart waver.
"This is named the Qi Inhibition Board. It is a treasure I acquired years ago from a ruin. To inhibit the spiritual energy of all those of the original level and below makes it a rare treasure."
Fairy Wu laughed. "I cannot believe there would come a day where this item would be useful."
"It's not just useful. Paired with the indestructible physique, it is an unparalleled treasure."
Fairy Wu bitterly chuckled. "If this item can be repetitively used then of course it deserves the treasure title. Sadly, it can only be used once and it can only last for two hours."
Hearing this, Ling Xian frowned. He looked pitiful.
If this item could be used repetitively, or even two to three times, then he would give up everything to acquire it.
After all, the ability of this board was far too tempting. Paired with his indestructible physique, he would be able to kill any God who stands in his way and hurt any Buddha who tries to stop him!
Sadly, this item could only be used once. So there was no point for him to exchange anything for it.
"I can tell that you want this item. Sadly, after two hours is up, it will self destruct."
Fairy Wu's expression was a pitiful one too, "If I wasn't in such a desperate need for the Stream of Life, I wouldn't have used this."
Then, she turned to Ling Xian, "Luckily, you didn't disappoint me."
"When you invited me to the gathering of the Heaven's Favorites, you were planning this weren't you."
Ling Xian smiled softly. "I was wondering why you would show such friendliness right off the bat. If it wasn't for this, it would be because the Library of Fortunes wants something from me. Or else, Fairy Wu, you wouldn't treat me this way."
"You're right. Luckily, I made the right bet."
Fairy Wu played with her bangs. Without any embarrassment from her, she grinned. "You made the right bet too."

"Of course, this was a very good result. A good ending for both of us."
Ling Xian continued to smile. He didn't think it was worth getting mad at Fairy Wu for having an intention to get close to him.
First of all, the ending was a good one – both parties win. Second of all, he had proven that he has enough capability for Fairy Wu to drop her status and actively seek him out.
Remember that despite Fairy's kind and gentle exterior, she was actually as proud as an immortal. She didn't even react much to male cultivators of her own level, let alone ever dropping her status.
Ling Xian was probably the only cultivator who has been able to acquire her liking so far. "Now, it's time to check out our winnings."
Fairy Wu smiled brightly and she moved forward elegantly. Her body was alluring and attention snatching. She arrived beside the Stream of Life and stared at the flowing water in there. Her eyes appeared passionate.
Ling Xian did the same.
He had worked hard and even started a fight against 8 Heaven's Favorites just for this item. Now that he had finally acquired it, of course he was over the moon.
To have gotten this item meant the Tree of the Warming Tree may be revived. Once that tree is restored, it will be able to call out to the Mountain of the Healing Soul and create an exponential effect.
Then, the sixth immortal can wake up soon.
"What a great winning. Based on my estimation, the amount of water inside can fit into a basin."
Fairy Wu's eyes were heated. To have a basin of the Stream of Life! The word invaluable cannot describe its worth.
Remember that even one drop of the Stream of Life cannot be easily exchanged. A value of a basin of it cannot be estimated!
"We sure have earned big. Even if we split it evenly, it's still an invaluable treasure."
Ling Xian grinned in satisfaction. Even with his calm mentality, he couldn't help but feel the heat.
"This is all thanks to you. If you didn't have such a strong physique, I wouldn't have been able to get this Stream of Life by myself," Fairy Wu praised.
Ling Xian softly smiled. "If you want to thank me, then you might as well divide more of the stream to me."
"Brother, you are joking with me. We have already agreed to evenly divide this." Fairy Wu continued to smile brightly. Though she appeared calm, deep within her eyes was caution.
She suddenly remembered that she was within the area where Qi was prohibited. If Ling Xian breaks his promise, she would have no strength to resist.
"I am merely joking. There is no need to be nervous."
Seeing Fairy Wu's hands turn into fists, Ling Xian shook his head and forced a smile. Breaking a promise wasn't something he'd do.
Before coming here, the two have agreed that if they were to get the Stream of Life, they would divide it evenly.
Therefore, both parties gave in a lot. Without Fairy Wu's inhibition board, Ling Xian wouldn't have been able to defeat everyone else.
On the other hand, without his indestructible physique, even if Fairy Wu used her inhibition board, it would've been useless. Ignoring the almighty Goddess of Battles, she couldn't have won against the purebred foreign kinds.
In other words, they needed each other to succeed. Therefore, an even split was the fairest.
"I knew you are not the type of person to do something like that."
Fairy Wu sighed in relief. She was actually scared that he would break his promise and kill her.
"Alright, let's take the Stream of Life and get out of here."
Ling Xian brandished his hand, "Based on my estimate, those people won't give up just yet. They might be in hiding and waiting for the right moment to attack."
"That's true. Inside here, they cannot fight against you. But without this item, any one of them is just as good as you and me."
Fairy Wu nodded and formed a hand seal that sucked up the Stream of Life. Then, she divided it equally and placed it into two separate glass vases.
At that, Ling Xian rolled up his sleeve and sent one directly into the Painting of the Nine Immortals.
"Alright, we have achieved the goal of our mission here. Next, where would you like to go?" Fairy Wu asked with a grin.
"The Great Mausoleum activates only once every 200 years. Of course I will use this opportunity to walk around. Perhaps I can get more fortunes." Ling Xian smiled.
"That was my plan as well. I also know of many mysterious places inside the Great Mausoleum."
Fairy Wu's eyes flashed with anticipation. "I wonder if you would like to travel with me?"