Path Of Blood

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Path Of Blood
By Emeraldragon
Path Of Blood

In my world, there are only idiots who know nothing of the true workings of the world. They only see what is shown to them, only accepting and not questioning anything. They brag about the strength given to them yet do not know how or where that power comes from. Sick of this competition for power that is unfair to all who participate, I’m tired of being given choices that seem fine to others but don’t make any sense to me. Others are blessed with supreme talent, others are born crippled; the world is unfair and that is a fact. But what if you could see? What if the world was open to you and only you? Would your life change forever? Would you become a King amongst men? OF COURSE NOT! For the heavens are fair and they shall maintain the balance of the realm, no matter what the case. Did I ask for the knowledge I was given? NO! Did I ask for the abilities I was given? NO! So then why make me different? Why turn me into a monster who sees all yet cannot participate in the competition for power that you have arranged? WHY HAVE THE HEAVENS FORSAKEN ME? From birth I saw everything, nothing could escape my sight. However, the heavens made me a cripple, they put me in the shadows and I can’t help but yearn for the light. Why am I still of the living then? Well, why should I give the Heavens the satisfaction of seeing me give up? I will not submit to the heavens nor will I submit to the bastards that wish to use me. All I can do now is continue to rebel against everything. All I can do is continue to battle the Heavens in my heart. I shall carve out a new path for all those like me, a path that will go against the very constitution of this world. How will I do this? I do not know. But I will! Cover Art Designed by JFB