Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 1000

Chapter 1000 A Mysterious Expert
Chapter 1000 – A Mysterious Expert

“What’s happening?”

The elders and geniuses were taken by surprise.

Every Two-Starred Faction had made a deal regarding the Half-God Tomb, who all had sworn an oath. Why was there someone else too? Did some faction end up breaking the oath?

In the midst of their confusion, the boat vanished from their sight.

“Speed up!”

Hua Lie demanded as he collected his thoughts. The elders performed hand seals respectively, boosting the speed of the Worriless Boat.

As for the geniuses, they seemed to be troubled.

“Those four…”

Qin Nan’s eyes slightly squinted.

Although the boat overtook them at an outstanding pace, Qin Nan had managed to catch a glimpse of it with his left eye of the Divine God of Battle and saw four figures.

He was extremely familiar with three of them, who turned out to be the three Martial Monarchs’ sons whom he had bumped into at the Righteous Ancient City.

As for the other young man, the aura emitting from his body was more terrifying than Dao Qianzhong’s, even stronger than the Sorceress’, indicating that he was not from the Monarch Ranking.

“Could it be that the three Martial Monarchs’ sons have teamed up with some genius on the God Ranking of the half-God region?”

The thought crossed Qin Nan’s mind, causing his lip to curl upward.

The adventure of the Half-God Tomb was getting more interesting.

A few hundred breaths later, a hundred zhang tall ancient bronze gate appeared in their vision. Its surface was carved with countless mythical figures. A white glow could be seen flickering at its center.

“It’s highly possible that they have entered the Half-God Tomb. Let’s not waste any further time!” Hua Lie yelled.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

Dao Qianzhong, Hua Dichen, and the rest of the geniuses immediately made their move toward the white glow, resulting in a shocking impact.

“Let’s go.”

Qin Nan glanced at Chen Buhui before following the crowd with a flicker.

As the disciples left, the First Elder of the Fallen Demon Villa said with a sinister voice, “I’ve told the master that someone has intruded on the tomb. He will investigate into the matter!”

“I’ve told our Sect Leader too.”

“We must find the person behind this!”

The elders said furiously.

It was as if the boat that had appeared out of nowhere had nothing to do with them.

…Meanwhile, inside the ancient bronze gate…

As Qin Nan stepped into it, he was dragged to another place by a mysterious force in the form of a vortex.

“Mm? It seems like everyone’s location is randomized?”

Qin Nan opened his eyes.

In front of him was a battlefield that had existed for quite a long time, entirely deserted without any sign of life.

“Master Qin Nan, Master Qin Nan…”

The two hounds and one mouse blurted out.

Qin Nan immediately triggered the Sumeru Ring and released Xiao Hong, the two hounds, and one mouse from it.

“Huh, are you in the Half-God Tomb?” Xiao Hong checked her surroundings.

“Do you know the person it belongs to?” Qin Nan’s eyes flickered.

“Nope.” Xiao Hong poured a bucket of cold water on Qin Nan’s head, “I only sensed the aura of the half-Martial God Realm.”

“Damn! A Half-God Tomb! Master, are you preparing to rob the place? Wait, give us some time to check which direction we should be heading in first…”

The eyes of the two hounds glistened. Even the Heavenly Fortune Mouse seemed to be excited.

After finishing a strange dance, the two hounds immediately pointed towards the left with great anticipation.

“Master, this way, you will surely find something great.”

Qin Nan nodded as he led the way to the left. However, he suddenly frowned along the way.

Normally, the opening of the Half-God Tomb was a sign that the half-Martial God Realm expert had left his succession there, waiting to be discovered.

Why didn’t they receive any clue or instruction after entering the place?

Did he plan to let everyone search for the succession with luck?


Qin Nan halted his movement and looked ahead.

They arrived at a forest after passing the battlefield. At a concealed corner of the forest lay a small pond. The water was red in color, with a faint immortal aura.

It was an Immortal Qi Pond, each drop of the Immortal Qi Water was extremely precious, as it would bring great benefits to the consumer.

“Master, look…” The two hounds and one mouse were proud of their find.

“Well done, you three.” Qin Nan smiled and gave them a stream of Vital Qi each, “Let’s split the Immortal Qi Pond equally.”

Following a wave, he split the pond into four.

“Since we’re on our own, let’s make use of the time to absorb it.”

Qin Nan opened his mouth and drank the Immortal Qi Water, causing a powerful immortal aura to explode inside his body as it was being nurtured. The Nine Martial Trees glowed brightly, with leaves growing out on the branches.

“Master, let’s head to the next place!” The two hounds and one mouse did not drink it straight away. They gave Xiao Hong a challenging gaze before they began to dance again.

“Wait.” Qin Nan suddenly interrupted.

He just saw two figures appearing from the woods with his left eye.

The one in front was a genius from the Wuji Alliance. His cultivation was not too outstanding, only at the seventh-layer Martial Progenitor Realm. The one behind him was Chen Buhui.

“Qin Nan?” The genius of the Wuji Alliance soon discovered Qin Nan’s presence. He let out a cold grin after a slight hesitation, “Hand over your stuff. Otherwise, I won’t let you go…”

Qin Nan was about to make his move when his expression suddenly became strange.

“Mm? What’s with your look? Let me tell you, I’m the core disciple of the Wuji Alliance, you better…AH!”

The genius suddenly opened his eyes wide before he fainted with a shocked expression.

The two hounds and one mouse were scared by his sudden yell. They raised their heads and were terrified once again by the sight.

Chen Buhui was standing behind the genius with a huge glowing stick in his hand.

Qin Nan had witnessed how Chen Buhui had followed the genius with some outstanding concealing art. His expression had become strange when he saw him taking out the stick.

“Amitabha, Cultivator Qin Nan, I located you through the badge, and saw him yelling at you as I made my way here…”

Chen Buhui held his left palm firm, who swung the stick in his right hand with great might. Following a loud impact, the genius of the Wuji Alliance was struck right into the ground.

Following this, he skillfully searched his body and took out his storage bag, stunning Qin Nan and his crew.

“Cough cough, I believe I’ve embarrassed myself in front of you.” Chen Buhui said with a sense of righteousness, “My master once told me that it’s our job to uphold virtue and condemn evil. He also told us not to waste any resources, as it’s the key to achieve Buddhahood.”


Qin Nan’s lip twisted.

If he wasn’t mistaken, the concealing art that Chen Buhui had practiced, as well as the stick, were specifically used for robbing others. After all, the storage bags of cultivators at their level would be destroyed in battles most of the time.

The scene he had just witnessed entirely toppled his understanding, as he did not expect Chen Buhui to be an expert in robbing people.

“Mm?” Qin Nan’s eyes flickered as he suddenly glanced into the sky.