Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 1001

Chapter 1001 The Immortal Demon Cave
Chapter 1001 – The Immortal Demon Cave

Ten red rays swept across the sky like meteors, which disappeared into the distance in the blink of an eye.

“There must be something in that direction.” Chen Buhui said.

There was no clue or instruction since they had entered the Half-God Tomb, thus it was highly possible that the rays served as an indication.

Qin Nan nodded, before flying in the same direction with his crew.

After flying for a hundred li, Qin Nan frowned slightly. As they flew another seven hundred li, Qin Nan immediately came to a stop.

“Buhui, don’t you feel like there’s something strange about the area we’ve passed?” Qin Nan asked.

“Something weird? Now that you mention it, I did feel it too.” Chen Buhui closed his eyes to recall it.

“Let’s take a look from high up in the sky!”

Qin Nan flew upward into the sky with a kick. After reaching a great height, he halted his movement and glanced downward.

“Left eye of the Divine God of Battle, unleashed!”

Qin Nan’s left eye emitted a brilliant glow.

As he suspected, the scenery within eight hundred li had become blurry all of a sudden, as if an invisible force was encapsulating them, preventing anyone from seeing their real appearance.


Qin Nan swung his arm and shattered the force with his saber intent, revealing the ground beneath it.

“Is this…a map?”

Qin Nan’s eyes flickered with astonishment.

It turned out that the placement of the trees, mountains, and rivers etc. had somehow formed a map, pointing at three different locations.

“A map?” Chen Buhui was startled.

“You three, use your method to see which is the best option for us.” Qin Nan memorized the map and said.

The two hounds and one mouse began to dance wildly, causing Chen Buhui to be more confused.

“Master, let’s head east. The south and north are extremely dangerous. Although there’s some risk in the east too, the benefits there are incredible too, so it’s definitely the better option.” The two hounds said with a solemn expression.

Chen Buhui was shocked.

It turned out that these vulgar-looking hounds and mouse were fortune tellers?

“Master, this place is extremely spacious. If this map takes up eight hundred li, the others might be able to find different maps at different places too…”

Qin Nan nodded.

He had realized something after Xiao Hong had pointed it out. The ten red rays were just baits, prompting the geniuses to fly into the sky, so that they would eventually discover the map.

“Let’s head east.” Qin Nan made the decision.

Following this, Qin Nan did discover several maps on the ground, but according to the two hounds and one mouse, they were not as great as the locations marked on the first map.

Three hours later, a huge mountain appeared in their vision.

Loud roars of powerful beasts could be heard from it from time to time.

“Mm? Eighth-layer Martial Progenitor Realm beasts? This is not just an ordinary mountain, follow me…”

Qin Nan said.

Chen Buhui placed his palms together and uttered a few chants, causing a glow to encapsulate their figures, concealing their presence.

Being aware of the crowd’s gaze, Chen Buhui blushed as he blurted out, “Cough cough, I’m a fan of Martial Arts, so I’ve practiced all sorts of them at the Bodhi Temple.”

The two hounds and one mouse glanced at him with disdain.

It was obvious that the monk had learned it specifically to rob people.

The crowd ventured deep into the mountain range. With the left eye and the concealing aura, they managed to avoid stumbling into any beast along the way.

Qin Nan suddenly came to a stop and whispered, “It’s here in the valley.”

He had observed a mysterious aura in the valley with his left eye.

The group slowly moved forward into the valley, before they finally saw the source of the aura.

It was a cave, with a five zhang tall entrance, which was stacked with piles of beast corpses. Each of them had been sliced into segments by some sharp weapon, causing blood to splatter everywhere, resulting in a terrifying sight.

“Amitabha.” Chen Buhui placed his palms together.

“Follow me, be careful not to take a wrong step.”

Qin Nan said with a stern voice as his battle intent arose rapidly, thoroughly awakening the power of his left eye.

The beasts had been slain by the forbidding aura of the entrance, which would not be a problem for Qin Nan’s left eye.

With Qin Nan leading the way, the group entered the cave safely without triggering the traps.

Chen Buhui could not help but smack his lips. The more time he spent with Qin Nan, the more he realized how immeasurable Qin Nan’s capabilities were.

The cave was in complete darkness. Cold breezes howled from time to time, like the cries of a ghost.

A moment later, the temperature in the cave dropped rapidly, as if they had arrived at an icy kingdom.

“Look, a light.” Chen Buhui’s eyes flickered as he exclaimed in joy.

Qin Nan remained calm as he proceeded toward the light. A brief while later, the place lit up as they found themselves in a palace.

Inside the palace hung a giant scroll, on which were written with three giant characters.

仙魔洞 (Immortal Demon Cave)

“The Immortal Demon Cave? The name is quite imperious, but my master was able to solve the puzzle so easily…” The two hounds twitched their mouths.

However, as they finished talking, the three giant characters emitted a brilliant glow.


Several ancient figures appeared from the scroll with shocking murderous intent, charging toward Qin Nan and his crew like a terrifying surge.

“Damn!” The two hounds were extremely frightened.

Qin Nan was startled as well.

The figures were the remaining will concealed inside the scroll. He had no problem dealing with it, but Xiao Hong, the two hounds, and one mouse would have some trouble resisting it.

“One sand particle, one world, one piece of a leaf, one Bodhi… Life is a rush, and yet we cling on to the past… Laying down the butcher’s knife is also laying down the obsession in our heart, which is the key to attaining enlightenment…” Chen Buhui suddenly sat on the ground with his legs crossed and uttered chants while holding a string of glowing prayer beads.


It felt like an invisible barrier had been established in front of them.

Despite the overwhelming presence of the remaining will, the barrier remained firm and unaffected.

Following this, the glow from the prayer beads grew stronger and swept the surroundings, purifying the figures outside the barrier.

A few moments later, the will was completely cleansed.


The prayer beads in Chen Buhui’s hand were shattered too. He did not seem too bothered by it, who placed his palms together and uttered an Amitabha.

“Thanks.” Qin Nan said before glaring at the two hounds.

“Master, thank you!” The two hounds immediately expressed their gratitude.

“Don’t worry about it.” Chen Buhui smilingly said, “It’s only a string of Life-Saying Prayer Beads. I still have more than ten of them here…mm.”

Qin Nan and the others felt their lips twitching as they glanced toward the cave.


The one speaking turned out to be Xiao Hong.