Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 1014

Chapter 1014 The Shocking Result
Chapter 1014 The Shocking Result

Times up? Qin Nan glanced at the disappearing darkness and immediately gathered the will of the Art of Destruction in his hand. He then swung his arm, firing several rays of light toward the genius of the God Ranking, Dao Qianzhong, and the others.


The figures of the geniuses shuddered as their defensive Monarch Arts were shattered by the incredible impact.

The darkness soon disappeared completely, as the dojo was illuminated once again.

At that instant, apart from Qin Nan, everyone immediately glanced at each other on the dojo.

Hua Dichen was lying on the ground miserably as his body was covered in blood. The faces of Huo Wulong and his crew were swollen, their clothes torn apart, totally losing their appearance as sons of Martial Monarchs.

The genius of God Ranking, Dao Qianzhong, and the others wore pale expressions, signs that they were injured in the battle too.

Who was that! Dao Qianzhong, was that you targeting us three! Huo Wulong and his crew glanced at Dao Qianzhong with their eyes spitting flames of anger. They would never forget the humiliation they had received within the hour.

Dao Qianzhong, genius of the God Ranking, I did not think you two would conceal your strength so well. Im telling you, Ill find the truth Hua Dichens voice was icy even though it was weak.

Damn it! Dao Qianzhong, was that you, or him?

If it wasnt Hua Dichen, it must be them!

Damn it, youve broken the rules!

The other geniuses glared at Dao Qianzhong and the genius of the God Ranking.

The two geniuses were startled, who immediately glanced at one another with a cold look.

Well done, Dao Qianzhong. Ive completely underestimated your strength!

Stop the act, dont think Im afraid of you just because youre a genius on the God Ranking with a sixth-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit!

The two geniuses argued with one another. They would most likely attack if it werent for the pitch-black mans presence.

At that instant, the atmosphere of the dojo intensified, as the genius of the God Ranking, the three Martial Monarchs sons, and the rest of the crowd assumed Dao Qianzhong to be responsible for what had happened, but Dao Qianzhong assumed the genius of the God Ranking to be the culprit instead.

As for Qin Nan?

That was impossible, none of the geniuses had suspected him.


At that moment, the pitch-black man suddenly snapped, suppressing the crowd with a formidable aura.

The genius of the God Ranking, Dao Qianzhong, and the others could feel their hearts shuddering, not daring to speak a word.

The trial has ended. Its time to pick the winner. The pitch-black man calmly said.

The genius of the God Ranking, Dao Qianzhong, and the rest of the crowd became nervous, with their expressions changing rapidly. They all knew how poorly they had performed in the battle, thus it was unlikely that they would win it.

Hua Dichen and the three Martial Monarchs sons wore dark expressions, as they clearly knew that they had no chance of winning at all!

The winner would be getting the Nightless Half-Martial Gods succession and the treasure left by the Heaven-Shattering Martial Monarch.

They had no choice but to watch someone else receiving such tremendous benefits.

Dao Qianzhong, well done. Your performance has exceeded my expectation. The fifth box is yours. The genius of the God Ranking has done well too. The fourth box is yours. The pitch-black man flicked his finger, firing the fourth and fifth boxes into their hands.

Dao Qianzhong and the genius of the God Ranking were astounded, and the same went for the rest of the crowd.

Normally, they would be happy after receiving the reward, but judging from the pitch-black mans reaction, it felt like they had only come third and second in the trial?

If they were only ranked third and second, who had come first?

Could it be Hua Dichen? Hes been acting this whole time?

The eyes of Dao Qianzhong and the genius of the God Ranking widened.

The atmosphere of the dojo froze too.

The winner of the trial is The man paused before raising his tone, Qin Nan! Qin Nan has come first in the trial. All the remaining boxes are his!

The man swung his sleeve, causing the five boxes to fly in Qin Nans direction.

Thank you, senior. Qin Nan was overjoyed as he let out a relieved sigh in his heart, as he had retrieved what he had aimed for after unleashing his full strength!

However, the atmosphere of the dojo became extremely strange.

Dao Qianzhong, the genius of the God Ranking, Hua Dichen, the three Martial Monarchs sons, and the rest of the crowd were stunned.

It wasnt Dao Qianzhong?

Neither the genius of the God Ranking, nor Hua Dichen?

It was Qin Nan?

Are you f**king serious!

Qin Nan was only a fifth-layer Martial Progenitor. Even if he could survive the attack of a ninth-layer Martial Progenitor, how was it possible for him to come first in the battle?

Didnt that mean he was able to ignore the difference of four or five layers of cultivation and suppress them all?

That was impossible!

That didnt make sense!

No way! No f**king way! Senior Nightless, you must have made a mistake. How did Qin Nan stand a chance against us all? Are you manipulating the outcome Hua Dichen rose from the ground and yelled with a flushed face.

Thats right!

I wont believe it!

The other geniuses reacted too.

Is that so? The pitch-black man remained calm seeing this, who flicked his finger to reveal a screen.

On the screen, Qin Nan held the Beast-Hitting Stick in his hand as he beat Hua Dichen.

However, Hua Dichenwho was ranked thirteenth on the Monarch Rankingstood no chance against Qin Nan, whose figure was struck down to the ground, causing him to cry out in agony.

The scene on the screen stopped.

This allowed Qin Nan to let out a relieved sigh too. He had guessed it right.

The Nightless Half-Martial God did not plan to tell the crowd about him having nine Martial Trees.

Thisthisthis Hua Dichen took a few steps backward as if he had been struck by lightning, unable to believe what he had just witnessed.

He never thought that Qin Nan, whom he assumed he could crush into pieces anytime, was the mysterious genius that had completely overwhelmed him in the battle!


The genius of the God Ranking, Dao Qianzhong, the three Martial Monarchs sons and the rest of the crowd inhaled deeply with astounded faces.

They could not help but believe it!

The Qin Nan whom they had never treated seriously actually possessed such terrifying strength!

They clearly remembered how they were completely suppressed by him in the battle!


Qin Nan stepped forward with a smile as he glanced at the crowd, Peace."