Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 1029

Chapter 1029 Crimson Ghost Badge
Chapter 1029 Crimson Ghost Badge

The old man wearing a mink coat standing beside Zuo Qianshou was looking at Qin Nan with a look of pity.

He was well aware of the Three-Formed Gravity Waters power, as it took the eighty-third ranked genius of the Monarch Ranking all of his capabilities to finally nullify it while suffering some injury in return.

In Qin Nans case, he would surely be severely injured.

Qin Nans gaze became cold.

He did not expect this Zuo Qianshui to attack him straight away.

At the last moment, he quickly scanned with his left eye and observed the secrets of the Three-Formed Water. It contained a great pressure that was capable of crushing a giant mountain.

Forget it, I shall let you know that you should not mess with your leaders brother.

Qin Nan made up his mind and immediately reached out with his left hand, grabbing at the Three-Formed Gravity Water.

Using his hand?

Zuo Qianshui and the old man were shocked.

The Three-Formed Gravity Water possessed a great power, and Qin Nan was trying to grab it with a single hand?

Was he trying to kill himself?

However, an astonishing sight took place.

The instant Qin Nans left hand grabbed the Three-Formed Gravity Water, a huge pressure was unleashed, but his left hand seemed to be unaffected.

Following a loud crash, the ground under Qin Nans feet began to have cracks that spread into the surroundings, which filled the entire room like a giant spider web.

Diddid he just nullify it?

Zuo Qianshui and the old man stared with their eyes open wide, unable to believe the scene they had just witnessed.

If Im not mistaken, Peak Leader Qin Nans left arm is more than it seems, right? As expected of the vice-leader of the Blood Scorpion, who was able to recover quickly and exclaimed, Impressive, very impressive, I have never seen anything like it before

However, before he could finish, Qin Nan suddenly spoke.

Im sorry, I dont really like your gift.

Saying this, Qin Nans fingers clenched into a fist.


The Three-Formed Gravity Water suddenly exploded, causing the room to be covered in mist, as if they were currently under the ocean.

Zuo Qianshui and the old man were thunderstruck!

Send my words, nine nine eighty-one, come and get the faceless. Qin Nan glanced at the two before he turned around and left.

A few moments later, Zuo Qianshui and the old man finally gathered their thoughts and inhaled deeply.

That was the Three-Formed Gravity Water!

Even nullifying its attack would require a great effort!

And now, Qin Nan had just pinched it into pieces just like that?

How terrifying was the strength his left arm possessed?

Little did they know that Qin Nans left arm was the left arm of the Divine God of Battle, and he had yet to unleash its full potential.

This friend of our leader is no ordinary person. I finally understand why he would give him the scroll. His true strength has far surpassed his ranking!

Zuo Qianshui could not help but exclaim, before he demanded, What are you waiting for? Quickly, go and send someone to tell the leader the message! Forget it, Ill go myself!

He immediately walked out from the room, leaving the dumbfounded old man behind.

Meanwhile, on the street of the Crescent Sun City

Qin Nan subconsciously shook his head as he recalled something.

The reason that Gong Yang had purposely told him the information about Huo Wulong and his crew and the half-Martial Monarch of Misty Immortal Sect was most likely because he was aware that they were looking for him.

That guy, he has been silent all this time and prepared such a great gift for me.

Qin Nan murmured as his Divine Sense entered the scroll once again.

He had not had time to take a closer look at the map of the Desolated Battle Ground previously.

Since the ancient era, this Desolated Battle Ground has had some kind of Battle Qi, which no one knows where it came from. The entire place is split up into the outer, middle, and inner parts, where the deeper parts have a greater presence of the Battle Qi, which has a stronger impact on cultivators.

The Desolated Battle Ground also has a Colorful Golden Path without any presence of Battle Qi. It appears that it is the way to the half-God region.

Mm? These places are known as the forbidden areas of the Desolated Battle Ground. Even the Martial Monarchs in the past did not dare to enter?

Qin Nan inspected the map thoroughly. After the period it took an incense to burn, he finally understood all the information that was given.

I should go to the place in the middle sector first. If it really exists, then Ive made the right choice coming to the Desolated Battle Ground!

Qin Nan made his decision and proceeded forward.

The thing that had captured his attention was something known as the Ownerless Martial Trees.

Due to the countless epic battles that had taken place in the past, the corpses of the fallen experts had mutated due to the presence of the Battle Qi, turning them into demons, etc. Some had even turned into Ownerless Martial Spirits, rare phenomenon Monarch Arts, and Ownerless Martial Trees.

Unlike other cultivators, it was extremely difficult for Qin Nans nine Martial Trees to improve any further.

Therefore, if he could refine the Ownerless Martial Trees, it would increase the pace of their growth.

Little did Qin Nan know that after he left the Crescent Sun City, a masked woman wearing a monarch robe appeared at the entrance to the city.

That lady is such a beauty!

How do you know that when shes wearing a mask?

Her aura and physique are enough to tell that. Why dont we go and have a try?

Are you out of your mind, didnt you see that shes wearing a Monarch Weapon?

As the masked woman entered the Crescent Sun City, many cultivators nearby became extremely excited and whispered among one another.

Hey, those from the Shadow Pagoda, come over here. The masked woman suddenly spoke.

The cultivators standing by the road were startled, but they remained in place.

How ignorant. The masked woman appeared to be displeased, who took out a crimson badge and waved it in the air.

The cultivators were left with blank faces.

Crimson Ghost Badge?

Why did this masked woman have the Crimson Ghost Badge?


While being astounded, the cultivators reacted swiftly. A great gust of black Qi emerged from the ground and changed their appearances.

They quickly went forward and knelt before the masked woman.

Greetings, senior

The cultivators said simultaneously.

The remaining cultivators were startled. They could tell how extraordinary the identity of the masked woman was judging from the reaction of the cultivators.

Before they could finish, the masked woman asked, Where is Qin Nan? I know hes here somewhere.

Qin Nan? The disciples of the Shadow Pagoda were stunned before replying with utter respect, Senior, Qin Nan has just left the Crescent Sun City for the Desolated Battle Ground.

The Desolated Battle Ground? The masked woman clenched her teeth furiously and snapped, He always leaves when Im around. Is that how he treats his master? Humph!

Saying this, she immediately left in the direction of the Desolated Battle Ground.

After taking a few steps, she paused her steps and transmitted her voice to the disciples.

Go back and tell your master that Qin Nan is with me. No one is allowed to harm him!